Salvation is coming on September 6. Treyarch’s fourth DLC Pack for Black Ops 3 delivers four pulse-pounding multiplayer maps, including the studio’s reimagining of Black Ops 2’s Standoff as a rough-and-tumble Western town, and World at War’s classic Outskirts reborn as a fortified high-tech facility. Two brand new environments round out the collection: Citadel’s ancient, haunted medieval castle, and the miniaturized patio table combat zone of Micro.

In addition to four new MP maps, the Salvation DLC Pack includes Revelations, Treyarch’s thrilling climax of the Origins Zombies saga.
Salvation is available first on PlayStation 4 on September 6, 2016. Pre-order the Salvation DLC Pack today and get an exclusive PS4 Dynamic

  • Clowns

    Can’t wait!

  • Commander Wolfe

    I love how they had a Wilhelm scream. Also, I hope we get to ride on those robots since this is supposed to be a World at War map remake that had 3 tanks to drive.

  • HenryDF

    That’s actually a really, really good trailer. Looking forward to it. Gonna miss BO3.

  • I really like how they’re advertising it just as the “fourth DLC pack” and not the final, I really think they might be doing more DLC, ik this is just weird assumptions, but yanoe..

    • 1. Fake Dumble

      2. Yep

    • Qwayze

      No chance of DLC 5
      PS4 DLC 4 = September
      Xbox DLC 4 = October
      That would mean
      IW and MWR release
      PS4 DLC 5 = November
      Xbox DLC 5 = December
      It’s not happening bro

      • How does that mean it isn’t happening? More releases = more money, from a business perspective it makes sense to happen.
        Doesn’t mean any time soon or in a few months, could be the beginning of the year for all we know

        • Qwayze

          Activison will be focused on IW they will release DLC for that not an old game, plus the season pass only grants 4 DLC packs, they plan for 4 DLC packs as it speads out the release. Maybe if there wasn’t a PS4 priority and we all got it at the saem time we could have 5 or 6 DLCs

      • They can even release it when IW is out, cos it’s a 3 year cycle, bo2 released DLC like 2 years after it’s release

        • Qwayze

          I know but there’s a difference between camos and a full fledged DLC, they won’t bother because they will focus on their next game

        • Yeah camos…highly doubt another map pack is coming out after this one

  • Yay more burgers for jordan to eat

    jk jk jordan dont roast me

    • jordan’s a fatty confirmed

      • Suroz

        eyy, thats not pc, it’s actually big boned (jordan i luv u pls no kill)

        • jordanxbrookes

          Yeah, big boned, we’ll go with that 😉

      • jordanxbrookes

        y u do dis 2 meh :'(

    • jordanxbrookes

      Thanks mate!

    • FazalGaming

      You know nothing.

  • CodPointsRuinedCod

    Dlc 5 confirmed by Harambe himself

    • Ethan Sluga


  • ScOott

    I haven’t got dlc 3 as after the first two i wasn’t botherd.. But that micro map .. I know it looks fecking stupid but i wouldn’t mind giving it a go.. Looks good..

    • My eyes are bleeding

    • Ak74u

      DLC 3 is the best so far and probably dlc4 as well. Gorod Krovi is very fun and the raid remake feels very good plays the same old way

  • Mick

    Wow, this was actually a great trailer to watch. Imagine if the stunts that they showed in the trailers would happen in reality… That would be so sick.

  • Gamerazor247

    ∞W DLC already, daammmnnnn… Seriously though, Who the fuck did they hire to put this trailer together, it’s… I don’t know how to put it… “Good”?

    • GinsuVictim

      This isn’t IW.

  • Qwayze

    Off topic but is anyone pissed off with these YouTubers such as TmarTn, ChoasxSilencer etc who just use CoD as a meal ticket. It’s quite clear they don’t give a shit about CoD when at the end of the year they have less than two days played and aren’t even 2nd Prestige, it’s disgusting these are seen as CoD VIPs when they don’t even play the game. The only serious player is PrestigeisKey and he sucks the devs <-3, especially when it comes to AW

    • Mick

      I don’t care, cause I don’t give a fuck about them. Let them be, I feel sorry for the people that can’t see through their bullshit acts as a person. They sure as hell don’t care about their subs that’s for sure. At the end of the day, it’s all the money they make from vids.

    • I don’t see the entertainment value in those guys honestly. They’re honestly shit and they put zero effort into their videos and most of them are shady as fuck lol.

      Prestigeiskey is the only one I actually think is alright though. He comes off more honest than guy like CSGO I dont know about the site MarTn.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I agree, Ryan or PrestigeIsKey is the only legitimate big CoD YouTuber imo unlike ScaMartn who just wants his monthly payroll.

    • Montana Maxx

      Exactly how I feel about NoahJ456. He just comes off as arrogant to me for some reason. Now MRROTFLWAFFLES…I can tell he takes zombies serious as hell nd I appreciate that.

      • Dickmissle


  • CoDforever

    As much as people hate on this game, I’ve always loved Bo3. By far the best CoD in years, I will miss this game once IW comes out.

    It could do with less dabs and nae-naes though.

    • Siftblade

      Definitely the best in regards to zombies and the zombies storyline imo

      • Whitneygreyes4

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        • Siftblade

          It’s $97 not 97$ you retard.

    • Bo3 is a great game, well rounded and a lot of fun, the only thing that lets it down is the people that play it.

      I’ve never raged so much as how fucking useless people are in objective gamemodes, fannying around sniping and soloing when your team is getting dominated. 90% of the time I play objective modes it’s me repeatedly dying trying to capture objectives while the rest of the team run around like retards. It gets boring so fast.

      Still, love the game, just ughhh.. the players.

    • tuby

      Agreed. I loved the mp. I hope Iw will be great and we still have mwr

    • ccrows

      Agree with everything you said, except that I plan on playing it on and off for “at least” another year. (& that’s with IW/MWR)

      Hands down the most fun that I’ve had since BO2…

  • All the maps look fantastic but micro, because obviously fuck gimmick maps. I originally hated Citadel, but after watching that trailer it looks good. Reminds of Pod from Black Ops 2 DLC4 which i really liked. Also vehicles in Call of Duty again??? Fucking awesome! Can’t wait to play that Outskirts remake.

    • TMZ Censored Me

      I’m actually looking forward to micro. As someone that’s been playing the franchise since COD 2, it’s nice to see a fresh idea 11 years later.

      • I think the idea is stupid

        • Jay Evan

          Sadly, gimmick maps have become a standard in call of duty. but I think it works off of how gamers like making compilations of them acting silly in a game meant to be taken seriously.

          • What

          • Jay Evan

            Vanossgaming, (back when he was funny), was known for black ops 2 montages with his friends. They were takinga game setting that was supposed to be, and had as much fun goofing around as possible. The gimmicky maps we’re now getting I think play off that sort of thing.

          • Dog shit

            Vanossgaming is still funny and probably the only youtube channel who is actually making funny videos of games

  • SoulTaker

    Citadel looks beautiful!

  • This DLC trailer is better than the IW MP Reveal trailer

  • lunator100hd .

    Where is zombies gameplay?

    • Dickmissle


  • GinsuVictim


  • Kozzi

    Standoff actually looks pretty good. One thing I hated with some of the remake maps in Bo3 is that some of them didn’t feel like a remake, but more like a new map entirely. I think they did good on this one.

  • What time does the map pack drop?
    Is it midnight or what?
    I’m talking UK time (BST)?

    • FraMarte

      In Italy (GMT+1) 6AM so maybe 5AM?

      • Thanks beautiful love u