Call of Duty is about to get a taste of Titanfall and Halo this Tuesday. Black Ops 3 DLC 4 Salvation will be introducing a playable vehicle in Black Ops 3 multiplayer this Tuesday in the form of Mechs. Not much is known at this point (because we didnt get a chance to play it at XP) but the map “Rupture” will be the only map to have playable Mechs. The map is a remake of a map that had tanks before which probably explains it. It’s been a long time since a Call of Duty multiplayer map has had vehicles, check out the trailer below to see…

  • guess as long as it’s just on that one map…

  • Brad of Duty

    Why is it that IW completely backtracked everything they did in Ghosts? Some of it wasn’t even bad!
    Sat com
    Dynamic maps
    Field orders
    Marksman rifles
    Kill feed placement
    The no tier loads of perks system

    I mean some of it was shit but like it’s so weird that a developer completely abandons everything they “innovated” in their last game!

    • Johtoboy

      Scoreboard in top right corner

      • GinsuVictim

        Best scoreboard placement.

        • Kozzi

          Eh. I didn’t like it. I don’t think it was the placement, just how they did it. I do think that that should just be your choice in the settings in the game on where you want your minimap, kill feed, ammo count, etc.

          • Having a customizable HUD would be cool. I’d like it if they showed your stats at all times in the corner like Ghosts, but then open up a normal large scoreboard when you press the view button.

          • Kozzi

            That would be very nice

          • GinsuVictim

            I liked being able to have the scoreboard pulled up and play without it in the way.

          • Joanngstaats

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    • Jay Evan

      I feel like after the reveal trailer and massive outcry(cry being very emphasized here) Infinity Ward desided to almost redo multiplayer, working overtime on it to make sure that it wasn’t too different than past COD’s because that’s what everyone likes now. Their initial plan could’ve been way more intense in terms of rigs and create-a-class, but they wanted to play it safe.

      • moosebreathman

        Sorry but if you think they can just turn around 3 years of development in the span of 3 months you are completely wrong. They even stated from the first reveal that the game would be very similar to Black ops 3 in terms of multiplayer. This “initial plan” would never have even made it past prototyping as Activision from the start of development has probably been telling them to snot deviate from what Treyarch is doing as their games are the most widely acclaimed by fans.

      • Ken Ward

        “Redo multiplayer, working overtime to make sure it wasn’t too different”

        Wouldn’t that require less work? Don’t really have to put much time and effort into something you aren’t changing.

        • Jay Evan

          *too different from previous CODs*

    • CyberWolf

      You should thank the community for that.

    • djml9

      Its because the hate herd camt just say “this was a bad feature”. They didnt like the maps and so they acted like the game 100% garbage and IW and Acti know that similarities will impact sales. I would love for the perk system to return.

    • Psychomaggot105

      I agree. Imo sat coms are far superior to uavs. For one you don’t have to waste time looking for them. Plus you don’t have run the ghost perk. Also your only on the map if you are seen. Dynamic maps eh. Field orders should remain and remove the care package ks. Rifles why not keep them? Iw looks weak in the gun selection. Cranked I didn’t care for but it sounds like there’s an ability the speeds you up for every kill. I would like the coop to be unique. Every developer is doing zombies?! How original! How about bring back assault/support and specialist killstreaks? Iw that was a great idea!

    • ccrows

      Dynamic Maps
      Marksman Rifles

      Cranked – COD soldiers on meth mode.
      Field Orders – Ummm “Hey guys I just gotta nuke just by t-bagging a dude”.

      C’mon man… 😉

      • GinsuVictim

        People bitch about Ghosts players not moving, so Cranked actually forced them to move.

        • ccrows

          After a month in, Cranked became a giant troll fest. People were in hiding spots the entire game so the “meth” soldiers constantly ended up dying from time running out.

          IMO Cranked and MITD (from MW3) were the 2 biggest disaster game modes in the entire series…

    • jordanxbrookes

      I agree on some of your points. SatComs were fine, just needed to act like the UAV, dynamic maps were fun, Field Orders were ok, Marksman Rifles were great (loved the MR-28 with ACOG), Cranked was meh but did promote a rush tactic, I prefer the Kill Feed placement in the bottom left personally, Extinction was a great co-op mode and I also loved the Perk system in Ghosts and how you had more options to choose from but at a cost. It’s a shame we’re left with a Black Ops 3 clone after Infinity Ward redesigned everything in Call of Duty with Ghosts.

      • Brad of Duty

        Not saying I liked everything I listed but it’s just strange that a developer pulls a literal 180 from their last game.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Especially considering most folk would’ve wanted a Ghosts 2 over Infinite Warfare XD

          • I think honestly, more people would of been more hyped over Ghosts 2, seeing as it would be “boots on ground”, would of been a good win for them

          • jordanxbrookes

            I know I would’ve been hyped since I loved the first one.

          • Smayo

            I was not very into Ghosts MP because of the known issues, but a Ghosts 2 I definitely would’ve tried it out… unlike IW now…

          • jordanxbrookes

            Maybe it was because I was so into FFA in Ghosts since I used to go 30-5 in most of my matches. FFA in Ghosts still has me going back to the game every now and then since the hit detection and connections are still spot on.

          • Smayo

            True, HD and connection are as good as they can come on a P2P connection. That makes it extra sad they screwed up in all those other departments (KS, maps, etc) if those where the way we wanted them to be, we probably wouldn’t be jumping around for the 3rd consecutive year come November…

          • Ghosts had more game modes than IW, IW only has the 3 common ones (revealed as far). I hope IW gets additional game modes in it’s menu (bo3 = nightmares, freerun, dead ops arcade 2)

      • Whitneygreyes4

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      • Really disappointed to see strike packages not return. I actually it likes that in MW3 and Ghosts

        • jordanxbrookes

          Same. It furthered what tactics and style I wanted to play: If I want to be an attacker, I’ll choose Assault. If I wanted to snipe from across the map, I’ll choose Support. If I wanted to play Free-For-All, be a lone wolf and/or hope to grasp a M.O.A.B., I’ll choose Specialist. So many choices and yet Scorestreaks is only great for Objective Play.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

    • People called it a failed game so they didn’t trust anything in ghost which is a shame because it was good

    • Sat Coms were horrible compared to UAVs. Especially when they were so visible on the ground and so easily destroyed. I wasn’t fond of the kill feed placement either.
      You’re on point with the other things though.

      • BlueBeard

        UAVs are much easier to shoot down than finding a satcom and getting to it. The only difference is people don’t want to spend a point on launchers, but I take them down with FMJ on an LMG.

    • CoDforever

      I’m going to be honesty your whole list is garbage except for extinction

    • BradyAlucard

      Now Infinite Warfare has its own new unique things that would be fun IMO. The dynamic maps in Ghosts were gimmicky.

      • GinsuVictim

        As much as I loved Ghosts, I hated some of the dynamics. The earthquakes on Tremor really annoyed me. It’s always lovely to have the shot lined up and your whole screen goes screwy, or to have the whole map go orange in Sovereign and be screwed without having a thermal / tracker sites.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Satcom was kinda garbage
      Dynamic Maps i wish would be back, but not a big deal
      Field orders were kinda boring
      Marksman rifles are a 50/50
      Never played Cranked
      Don’t give a shit about kill feed
      Extinction was ok
      Perk system was confusing as all hell

      • Ed

        Confusing? You had a list of all the perks with different values. You could pick any perks equalling up to a certain number. Not really rocket science.

        • DeadZombieGaming 12

          There was so many perks… yet not many were useful or that good to use

          • Ed

            Oh, i wont argue that many were useless. I just loved that you could use basically any perks in combination (a couple conflicted and you couldnt pick them) without having certain perks locked to a certain tier. There was much more diversity in my loadout slots this way.
            Not to mention that they let you pick scorestreaks on a loadout to loadout basis, which was awesome.

    • OuyaMasterrace

      Wasn’t Ghosts mp made by: Certain Affinity and Raven Software?

    • >sat com
      >not bad
      lmfao what the fuck

      it was never played, had to be scrapped. on PS4 and XBO, zero players even on peak.

      >kill feed placement
      it’s a meme

      >loads of perks
      such a stupid idea tbo, just throw specialist out ehre lmao

    • taylor.pearce

      I loved the dynamic maps the same way I loved levelution back when I could tolerate that many players. Adapting to map changes is way more interesting than going on killstreaks. For a casual game people take it way too seriously.

      (See: people hating Free Fall for deaths from falling debris, though they could easily just be careful when they feel the map shake idk)

    • snake56

      I like Ghosts’ squad point/token system. Weapons, attachments and peks weren’t locked behind the progression system. That way you didn’t have to wait ages to unlock the things you wanted.
      I wish they invested more into the Squad/co-op mode. I hope there’s something like that (outside of the zombie mode) in IW.

      • GinsuVictim

        I still play Squads. I really hope it comes back.

    • Ak74u

      Satcoms sucked. Uavs belong in the air and one sat com didn’t act like a UAV it acted like a mini radar you actually needed 2 or three to have it an actual swiping UAV. I liked the scoreboard on the top right though. You could just see your kd without pulling it open

      • Ed

        Satcoms were awesome. Uavs are for b**ches that need their mommies to tie their shoes for them

        • Ak74u

          No youre the faggot that hides in a corner and thats why you don’t like Uavs. Theyre not even a problem just use ghost and it counters Uavs. I think you’re the guy that runs to his mommy when your having trouble at the game and don’t know how to counter it

          • Xboxisdead

            I found the camper

          • Ed

            Wow. Took that a little too personally, huh? Relax. You play how you wanna play, ill play how i wanna play.

          • Ak74u

            Same thing could be said to what you told me ” uavs are for b**ches” I prefer those over sat com’s so no need to come that way

          • Ed

            Fair enough.

          • Jon

            do you really sound this stupid in person?

        • satcoms are pretty shit Ed

          there is a reason they never returned

          • Ed

            There is. Because the community decided to jump on the bandwagon and whine that this series needed to change. now this game is pretty unrecognizable. Ill be honest. Id rather have ghosts and their satcoms over any of the last couple of cods and their uavs. Thank god for MW:R this year!
            But its all opinion, really.

          • I wouldn’t mind BO3 and AW if they took out SDs and dropped the matchmaking system.

        • XboxISdead

          Camping bitch

          • W8TilYaSeeThis

            Why are you crying about camping? Rushing and Camping are similar. It works the first time, but if you try it on your opponent again, you will die if you go at him the same way. Why? If I get killed by a person hiding behind a corner with an LSAT, I’m going to go around there again with a shotgun. If he stays there, he will get blasted, because he doesn’t have the stealth advantage anymore.

            There’s nothing you can really do against an enemy that you can’t locate, but if you DO know where they are, and you repeatedly die to them because you refuse to go a different way or use a better set up, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. You’re just being a stubborn who can’t/ does not want to adapt. GTF over it and get some skill.

            And no, I hate UAV spam, even though rushing is my preferred playstyle in every CoD. In BO1 you could barely even rush people because of the constant Spy Plane spam. It only took 3 kills, or a measly 2 with Hardline. meaning that you were almost forced to use Ghost. If you used Ghost, you couldn’t use Lightweight, which made it hard to rush. BO1 was the most hostile game towards rushers, and it had tons of UAVs, claymores, motion sensors, and it had the Blackbird at only 8 kills, or 7 with HL.

            If anything, UAVs/ unearned knowledge of the enemy’s position is for idiots who need their hand held. CoD has been getting less and less tactical and more of an Arena shooter over the years. Camping is nowhere near as effective as it used to be.

      • GinsuVictim

        UAVs belong in the air….so I can shoot them down in under five seconds. At least Satcoms could be hidden.

    • Did you just say SAT COMS???? ARE YOU MAD
      jk, but rly those where terrible imo

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Because, when they realized they went in the wrong direction creatively they had to make it as close to BO3 to save it. IW has no identity anymore.

    • Siftblade

      Tbh I didn’t like most of these but I guess that’s just me.

    • Element115Will

      You call a pile of logs rolling down “dynamic” lmao?

      • Yeah I’m real puzzled with this, COD has never really had “dynamic maps”, not to the extent that we would like anyway

    • Pdndbsjcjc

      I fuckin hated the Sat Com

    • Realmmop

      Everyone hated those, except Cranked. Fans kept crying for new shit and complain about new shit and want old shit back. Blame the fans. The developers are listening to the complaints fans had. I loved the new Perk system in Ghosts. It was something different and I liked it. I was hoping for a new perk system in IW and I was disappointed that it was the SAME ONE SINCE BO2. I’m hoping next year, Sledgehammer does something innovative for their game, not take what BO2 had like the fuckin PICK 10 SYSTEM.

    • I miss the DMRs 🙁

    • Element115Will

      They backtracked because people like you, me, and every other person that played Ghosts, backlashed every single thing, now that Bo3 is here, and Infinite warfare is completely revealed, you all wish it was Ghosts again? What The Fuck? CoDCommunity I swear.

      • GinsuVictim

        There are plenty of us who liked Ghosts. Anyone here can tell you that I have always been a fan.

    • Batman



    • Cheesesteakwit

      That’s because Ghosts was horrible and they don’t want to go back to that piece of shit

  • I wish Treyarch did vehicles more often. So glad to see them back. It adds more to the gameplay.

    • Yo mumma.

      Agreed I played halo 1 and two and there’s nothing quite like a 1v1 with warthogs and tanks haha

    • Vehicles were what made COD3 so fun for me. I know everyone hates that game and it was buggy as hell but the vehicles made it so much fun. Was good to see tanks in WaW but it wasn’t enough imo.

      I’m surprised no-one thought to bring vehicles back sooner and give us a break from the usual cramped 3-lane maps every game.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Loved driving around like a mad man in the motorbikes on COD3 🙂

        • Haha yeah! We used to start private matches and spend the entire game racing, driving over jumps and blowing up the bikes haha. It was great fun playing War and driving one right into the flag and flattening everyone.

          COD3 is so underrated 🙁

    • Michael Romo

      Bet that you would be mad if they hadn’t made this map a remake and added a mech. Just saying

      • How are you going to try and tell me how i would feel if it went another way you dimwit. You’re not fucking smart you tool.

        • Jon

          way to put him in his place kid.

  • CodPointsRuinedCod

    Cod wont be as good as mw,mw2 [email protected], mw3 stop hoping guys

    • SoulTaker

      That username though.

    • CyberWolf

      “Stop liking what I don’t like!” I’ve seen enough of your kind. Beat it, chump. If that’s sarcasm, I don’t give a shit. Beat it.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Tell us something we don’t know.

    • Sentinel

      Stop dwelling on the past CODs, you are just going to filled with a lot of disappointments.

    • snake56

      I hope you know that Call of Duty didn’t start with MW, right?

    • ben wills

      anything is good as mw3. drinking a jugg of cat piss is as good as that game.

    • Cod wont be as good as mw, [email protected] stop hoping guys *

  • Sentinel

    COD XP over now to see some Cali babes!

    • Alex

      COD XP over now to see some Cali dudes!

      fixed it for you

      • taylor

        Por que la los dos?

      • Sentinel

        You are the definition of LAME.

    • Sentinel, go to a place called Compton, safest place in Cali, all the hot white chicks are there. Make sure to find a place in Compton where everyone is wearing red, and you wear all blue.

      • Sentinel

        Compton ain’t as bad as people make it seem! But I ain’t trying to get shot, not today lol

  • Combat Maneuvers

    Micro is inspired by Sausage Party. The Mech can only be earned through Supply Drops. -_-

    • I wouldn’t mind if it were a care package drop, that’s one thing I really miss about AW – the map exclusive scorestreaks

      • Combat Maneuvers

        Yeah I remember those, they were neat. I like the field orders that were implemented in Ghosts it provided a dynamic way to play the some maps. Something like that would have cool if they would have implemented it in BO3.

      • djml9

        Give Ghosts credit where credit is due. They had those first, and they were better imo.

        • Honestly I never played Ghosts so I couldn’t comment, but I did love the feature in AW

          • djml9

            In Ghosts, the map secific scorestreaks were usually bigger or more impactful. One map had one where a satelite would crash onto the map, taking out electronics for a while, and also killing anyone where it landed and changing the landscape near it. There was a nother one that was basically a nuke that destroyed the map and completey changed the layout. And then the dlc maps introduced playable map specific scorestreaks. There was one that turned you into Micheal Myers and you ran around with an ax, one that turned you into Predator and you could go invisible and shoot you blster or impale people with your blades. And they had one where it caused a giant blizzard all over the map and the invisible snow monster with glowing eyes would go around the map killing people.

    • Ed

      Supply drops? Or more like a field order type deal like in ghosts?

      • Combat Maneuvers

        In case you missed it, I was just joking but the mech probably will be accessible to anyone on the map and not through field orders or care packages. I have to wait awhile to see how this will work since I’m on Xbox One, but if you’re on PS4 you can tell me how it really works.

  • Kozzi

    Ughhhhhhh. I want Call of Duty, NOT Titanfall or Halo. People who want mech suits go buy Titanfall and Halo. I hate how money has so drastically influenced the outcome of one of my favorite franchises. Maybe fuck off on the greed, Activision, and make a good and quality Call of Duty, and you’ll make even better sales, simple as that. Not saying they don’t put effort into their games but lately I definitely think they could have done so much better on the past couple CoDs. But wtf do I know, right?

    • waaaah muh titanfall muh halo xDDD

      what the fuck are you on about kid? this is call of booty, always has been and always will be. plays absolutely nothing like tfall or shitlo.

    • lunator100hd .

      Chill out, its not that the entire gameplay is now mechs, its only one fucking map and im sure it will have its own feeling, diferent than halo or titanfall, stop crying like a bitch, try it out firsts.

    • Kyle Emery

      Well if you read the article? It’s a world at war map remake so they bound put a vehicle in it. Or esle it would be ridiculous without a mech. It’s only 1 map mate? So stop complaining. Sick of hearing it. Had enough with that with the new cod. If Cods going in the future just play the battlefield games.

      • Kozzi

        I don’t have a problem with futuristic CoDs. I have a problem with them changing the way the game plays. I understand that it’s a remake and it does make sense to do what they did, and now that I’ve seen gameplay and know that the mechs aren’t even that good, I don’t mind them as much. It was just my opinion I’m sorry you read it


    they put more effort into that trailer than they did into the whole game lmao

  • Drank Bleach

    Love how there’s always that one player in these trailers who goes full beast mode and not one bullet grazes the guy.

    • RdJokr

      We could use some variety though. I mean, we’ve seen so many types of vehicles in COD campaigns already. When can I get to ride on a motorcycle blasting my Model 1887?

      • SoulTaker

        When mod tools get released for Black Ops 3. 😉

  • Sentinel

    I conclude that Infinite Warfare won’t disappoint those who like the quick, chain movement, and smooth gameplay! The visuals and graphics fidelity look a lot better than BO3 and with the motion blur being standard on console, makes the gameplay a bit more cinematic. It just looks fucken nice! The boost recharges a bit slower than BO3 but I guess it makes the fight encounters be more grounded than being in mid air, shooting down to your opponents. It helps you to get onto places on the map and flank your opponents a lot quicker. I am, however, a little bit effy about the new weapons they introduced but it shoots like any other ballistic weapon would, just blue flare coming out of the the barrel. Nothing that would drastically change that Call of Duty experience. The new combat rigs…alright I’m just going to say that War Fighter and Phantom are the ones that I would play as the most! The new traits and payloads will suit any player’s gameplay style. You would have to experiment with it yourself to understand how it would affect your encounters, either defensive and offensive! The most important part was the TTK, for some reason it felt just right! The little new addition of the health bar really helped me win a lot more gun fights on core matches more often ’cause I use to hate when I stop shooting a player, thinking that I would end up getting the kill when it wasn’t the case with BO3. I would get into it a lot more but I know some of you guys are just anxious to play the fucken game already LoL. COD4, there’s nothing to be said about that. I’m pretty sure ya’ll already saw the gameplay and it is a true throwback experience but it just looks so fucken great! Now the Beta was announced, told ya so for all of those who jumped onto conclusions, you will get the chance to play it and come up with your own solid judgement! These salty gamers here who dislike the game will only focus and feed on the cons about Infinite Warfare, it is what they do best because they think they are actually giving a “fair critique” All I’m going to state to ’em is, ya’ll can eat a bowl of dicks ’cause at the end of the day, you will pre-order and play the fucken game.

    • ScOott

      I don’t know if ur fo real that u went to the event.. what game would u say the ttk feels like? I could cope with A.W just not ghosts..

      • Sentinel

        I would say like…idk like Ghosts, plus 2! But it might change before it is officially released.

      • Same TTK as Destiny.

    • Yeah thanks for bloody forcing me to read this!!

      • Sentinel

        Just know that your time was appreciated!!

    • lunator100hd .

      Thanks for the review, you gave me hopes about this game, sadly many ppl read all the nonsense on ign comments etc and the game most likely is gonna have a rough start, i have 3 questions for you 1) how good the hit detection was compared to previous iw games 2) Is the flinch higher or lesser than bo3(cause there is no taughness perk in IW as well) 3) unlimited sprint?

      • Sentinel

        No problem, I rather have a much more hands on experience before I even open my mouth ’cause I rather have a solid background & yes, like any other new game, they will have post-launch support. But the hit detection, is around Ghosts, plus 2. The flinch was surprisingly less compared to BO3, I guess it all depends from how close you getting shot from and/or where you getting shot at. Now that’s a good question, I honestly didn’t noticed that given the fact that I was always stopping to aim and jump on walls and buildings…I’m sure it is unlimited! Don’t take any of this as finalized mechanics for the game. They are subject to change.

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        the hit detection was absolute garbage unless you like getting shot after you’ve already passed behind an entire building

        • lunator100hd .

          This is not hit detection, this is lag comp.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            shitty hit detection because of bad lag comp same difference

    • Stefan Lang

      True that!! The day the beta is released everyone is gonna go ape shit for a code. Even though they may end up making it available for everyone in the end. So many people just love to ride the hate wave and never really give any valid reasons as to why this game is “bad” so they speak. I get so tired of the “Titan Ops: Halo Warfare” bullshit over and over again. All these haters do is recycle the same shit over and over again as a plea for people to actually give a fuck. This game is gonna be awesome and I won’t regret a single penny spent on it. These games in the past 3 years have had their flaws just like classic games have on last gen. That doesnt make these games unplayable though.

    • Jon


  • Diego Diniz

    Goliath was one of THE BEST Scorestreaks ever! I mean…AW sucks…but it was really fun to Blow and Shoot enemies with that Mech…

    • Aceshigh87

      Seriously? I found the Goliath to be MASSIVELY under-powered. You had to add a bunch to it for it to be usable and even then it was way too slow to keep up with how people played AW. Also, it was more power-armour than a mech but now I’m just splitting hairs.

  • Michael Romo

    I bet that if this wasn’t a remake of a map that had a vehicle in it, people would be outraged by Treyarch adding in a mech. Just saying.

  • Eddie Tupy

    Dont kid yourselves guys, IW looks good and you will all buy it and the seasons pass…

    • Yeah I’m gonna buy infinite warfare but not for the reasons you want it to be. And two, im not going to buy the season pass.

  • imBATMAN

    Why are they fighting at a fucking picnic!?
    They could be eating D;<

    or shrink Africa and put them on that map BOOM we saved lives

  • Batman

    Vehicles are finally back in CoD, hopefully we’ll get even more within the next few games

  • Commander Wolfe

    YAY VEHICLES!!! COD Needs more of ’em in Multiplayer.

  • CallofDutyWillOwn

    The difference between the Call of Duty of now and back then, is that they have become a fictional warfare now…I don’t like it but it is what it is!

    • Ed

      Lol. Its funny you say that. We call cod “what-if Warfare” now.

  • Doloresdchampine

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    • You know what job is better??

      Pro sex toy tester

  • Capten ermirica

    I’m still in shock at how fucking queer that picnic table map is. I’m not even going to elaborate, it’s just mondo queer. AW>black ops 3. Jokes I’m just trying to upset scoOtt lad.

    • Combat Maneuvers

      That map reminds me of Sausage Party, now our specialists will never go hungry lmao!