In the end it came down to Team EnVyUs (NA) versus Splyce (EU), North America versus Europe, a first for Call of Duty Championships. Splyce had a stunning victory over FAB games previously but couldn’t pull off the win against Team EnVyUs. Optic Gaming and FaZe’s early elimination was a shock to everyone but as it turns outs the top 6 put on quite a show. Here are top 8…

1st: Team EnVyUs ($800,000)
2nd: Splyce ($250,000)
3rd: Team eLevate ($150,000)
4th: FAB Games ($120,000)
5th: Cloud9 ($70,000)
6th: Rise Nation ($70,000)
7th: USA OpTic Gaming ($50,000)
8th: USA FaZe Clan ($50,000)

  • Former

    EU can’t hang.

    • MWR > IW

      Splyce made it to the finals beating several NA teams, beating Elevate 3-0 in the losers final. Also FAB did well. 2 EU teams in top4, they did better than ever before. Envy was unbeatable though…

      • Former

        Better than ever before…but they still have yet to get 1st in many years.

  • Qwayze

    So glad eSports is finally over, these “athlete’s” must be tired from sitting around playing games all the time…

    Sorry to be bitter, congrats but sick of hearing about this

    • Yeah still a bit cringey for me hearing them called “athletes”

      • ScOott

        Dude it’s seriously fecking hard work moving yours thumbs about.. They deserve to be called athletes.. Just typing this reply out has took it out of me.. I don’t know how they do it..

        • CoDforever

          DUDE its actually fucking hard to grind AW or Ghosts for 8 hours EVERY fucking day. I would rather die

          but no one’s calling them athletes anyway

          • ScOott

            Lol I suppose they do deserve a medal for that but still doesn’t make them athletes.. if anything they need locking up for their own safety for even considering playing them games for that amount of time, they can’t be right in the fecking head..

          • CoDforever

            as much as I love watching some cod esports, calling them athletes is an embarrassment to real athletes

          • Mikey9835

            U lied to meh sc00t. U said that Chris kamara would be there. Where was he?

          • ScOott

            Lol He should of been commenting on the bo3 matches? I don’t watch E-sports so I don’t know..

          • Qwayze

            They are referred to as athletes by the commentators, CEO of Activison, the developers and dumb arse CoD youtubers

          • Former

            The pros don’t refer to themselves as athletes…It just sounds better to say “athlete” than “gamer,” I guess.

          • Whitneygreyes4

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        • I don’t know whether to take that as sarcasm or not, i really don’t lmao

          • ScOott

            I’m not sure if I should be insulted that u think I could actually be worn out after typing or just laugh it off.. I really don’t lmao..

          • I love you ScOott, I really do

    • It’s just the beginning, next year will be even better 😉

    • Mario Rivera

      If games like Chess and Poker have world championships without cruddy remarks and/or unfair comparisons to athletic sports, why cant gamers have that too? Its true that they dont physically sweat like athletes but that doesn’t mean they don’t work hard all year either. Kudos to Hastro and his NV boys for easily going thru a onslaught of very good teams to get that ring. Hastro is a dude that has been a huge part of the COD community for a long time, I cant think of a owner that deserves at least 1 ring more than him tbh.

  • CoDforever

    Absolutely amazing event! Sad that the eSports season for bo3 has come to a close, but great year over all.

    The fact that we got 200k+ viewers WITHOUT OpTic of FaZe is extremely impressive ..

  • Brad of Duty

    Finally this crap is over and Charlie can quit spamming our timelines with horseshit!

    • Former

      Or…you could just not click on it. Pretty much solves the issue right there.

      • Pirates

        Fucking lmao

    • Jon

      quit crying kid

  • Kozzi

    Wow. This tournament turned out far more different than I anticipated