PlayStation has officially announced their next-generation PS4 console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is still part of this generation and will sit alongside the current PlayStation 4.


The console features support for 4K, PlayStation VR, HDR, and HDTVs that exist today.


In addition to supporting 4K TVs, the console also provides updates to those that connect it to a regular HDTV, including upgraded visuals, higher quality pixels, and more.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be available available November 10, 2016 for $399. All current and future PlayStation 4 games will be fully compatible on both consoles. In addition, the HDR feature will be available on all PlayStation 4 models starting next week with a software update.

Activision also confirmed during the show that the Call of Duty franchise will support the PS4 Pro. More info here.

  • Dickmissle


  • George White

    This looks amazing!?

  • Eddie Tupy

    nice im glad i waited to get a ps4

    • tha_online_gamertz

      you waited 3 years?

      • Eddie Tupy

        i have a PC so…ya

      • Cherniavskyi Sergii

        Actually I did as well. First I waited for proper games. Then I was waiting for proper fps.

  • BradyAlucard

    The pricing is perfect!

  • Daniel James

    Too bad PC will still be cheaper and better.

    • Zarky

      How is PC in anyway cheaper?

      • CoDforever

        Its much cheaper in the long run. Cheap games, Free online, always backwards compatible, some games get remastered for free etc

        • alex

          good call my man

        • DEMOLITION12

          you mean no games and nobody playing online lol

          • w (formerly known as guest w)

            for COD, yeah. I know we are on a COD site, but everything else pretty much has higher population on PC.

        • tha_online_gamertz

          games aren’t cheap on pc at all, unless you buy shit from scammy websites like g2a.

          • CoDforever

            Steam sales

          • destsicate

            I got MW2 for 4 quid on steam how can you say it’s not cheap obviously don’t have a pc good enough to run games on 🙂

          • tha_online_gamertz

            damn, you got a 7 year old game for 4 currency. sick. I’m talking about actual relevant new games. Also, strange conclusion you got there because I play overwatch, the division, battlefield and fallout on my pc.

          • Cherniavskyi Sergii

            or 3 years after release, when no one cares anymore.

      • Suroz

        please get out of that big rock you’re under in, quickly.

    • Considering PS4 Pro is practically like a pre built PC since you don’t have to do anything, as soon as you buy it you can play it without having to learn how to do anything.

      I highly doubt you can buy pre built PC’s that can run 4k for £349. A £349 pre built PC wouldn’t even be able to run Minecraft at a good FPS.

      • Astraxis

        Implying the PS4 will run 4K at anything higher than 15FPS.

      • jt3z

        lol This will not run 4k hell it can probably barely do 2k at a decent fps.

        • It’s not native 4k. But it’s not upscaled either. It’s a mix of both.

          • jt3z

            Yes but thats not the problem. it doesnt have enough power to run 4k at a decent fps(60 is the min it should run at). Sony should have waited like Xbox and released a more powerful system. Only thing the Pro has going for it is the price. Outside of that its really not worth it unless you havent bought a Ps4 yet.

          • Cherniavskyi Sergii

            Pro will run 2k at 30-60 fps depending on the game. Some remasters and indie games at native 4k.

            Scorpio is supposed to be just 30% more powerful. It’s won’t magically make it run all games at [email protected]

            It will run @60 where Pro will struggle @40 at the same resolutions/settings. That’s the most you can get out of scorpio unless we’ll see more than 6tflops in the end.

    • Duke of hazard

      There is not a single cheap PC than can pull this with a solid 60 fps. None.

    • Allen – PSN iPITYtheFOOL_T

      LOL Too bad you can’t list a build that includes ALL COMPONENTS. Remember it should be as capable as a PS4 so include:

      3D blu ray player
      an OS
      HDMI cord
      Input component (Console comes with $60 controller – you are okay to use cheap keyboard/mouse BUT YOU MUST INCLUDE IT – $25 even is a big % of the console price).

      plus of course all the goodies. Just naming off a few things the idiots saying this conveniently never add to their builds.

      • Yagermeister

        The fact that you listed HDMI cord is so funny because that costs ~5.00$

        Here is a build –>


        This build has already a better CPU, better GPU, 8 GB of more RAM compared to 8GB PS4 Pro offers, bigger power supply, better cooler, and honestly probably better motherboard.

        Before you say “Oh it’s over 400.00 your post doesn’t mean shit”

        Free Online
        Rarely pay 60.00$ for games
        Monitors cost WAY cheaper than TVs and are much better for gaming
        Can upgrade desired parts and resell old parts
        Steam sales are way better
        You can actually surf the web….
        Oh and you can find all the parts I listed on Ebay for about half the price or ~35-45% off brand new.
        Can still do school work/write papers etc.
        All the programs you can get to your heart desires
        You can actually clean the inside of your rig without needing security screwdrivers
        Can play with anyone regardless what OS and rig they own.

        In the end you’re getting shafted by buying a console, 400.00$ + TV + 50.00$ membership every year, always pay 60.00$ for new games I’ll take Overwatch for example.. console was forced to pay 60.00 for limited edition while PC players had the option to get normal edition for 40.00, PS Network going down? Lmao?

        I can go on but you’re probably clueless when it comes to how to build and where to start. So just please stop defending your poor console. Consoles can’t keep up with how fast things are upgrading on the PC side. Developers are having a hard time wanting to push it to the next level when they are force to develop around a console.

        • What you’re forgetting is most people have no idea how to build a PC and they think they might fuck up, and I’m not hating on PC here, I’m a PS4 & PC player but when you said you have to buy a TV for a console and monitors are better, you can play a console on a monitor bro, it uses HDMI.

          Back to the point though, most people want something they can just buy and play, and that’s easy for pre built PCs and consoles. And when you said $60 for games, I know no one who buys AAA games (that aren’t new) from the PSN store, all physical discs, where games like MW2 and such are $20 on steam when you can get a MW2 disc for $2 for a console.

          About the free online, it comes to like £3 a month, if you can’t afford £3 in a whole month, you shouldn’t be gaming but instead outside working.

          • Ben Kanban so well

            PCs are better because they are meant to be better, not cheaper. Better, simple.

          • Jon

            You are wrong.

          • Cherniavskyi Sergii

            So many people forget about content sharing and used games on consoles. You can literally have two consoles on 1 account and legally share all the games, effectively cutting all the prices in half.

        • Allen – PSN iPITYtheFOOL_T

          Thanks for the laughs and the opportunity to waste some time and put you back into your place.

          (1) Yes, $629 for your build so $230 MORE.


          “Too bad PC will still be cheaper and better.”

          (2) Free online – Okay…BUT I get literally over $1000 a year in games with that subscription

          AND even with a price increase which hasn’t taken effect yet you are looking at 4 years of PS+! Kinda disproves you again, I mean you telling me you won’t upgrade a component in that time? Now think about it…4 years.

          (3) I rarely pay $60 for a game on PS4 either…BUT I do agree cheaper Steam games in general.

          (4) Monitors VS TV’s. I don’t know why you listed this because it doesn’t really matter. Both PC and Console work with both monitor or TV. It has more to do with where you want to game and are looking for than a benefit for one or the other.

          (5) “Can upgrade desired parts and resell old parts”

          LOL – Most people want the plug and play ease of a console. That’s the whole point. Upgrades being available okay that’s a plus but it’s also a negative for anyone not wanting to deal with that. Essentially the PS4 Pro is that upgrade. Selling my PS4 for $240 and getting a fat upgrade for $170 and I didn’t have to do a damn thing. I get to get off work after a long hard day and instead of fucking with settings or replacing components I am gaming and enjoying my social life.

          (6) PS4 internet browser is perfect. I have not found anything I can’t do with it yet. Browse reddit, porn, youtube…you name it.

          (7) The rest…bla bla bla, WTFE kid, you don’t know what you are talking about. YOU ARE NOT EVERYONE.

          BTW I’m PC/PS4/WiiU and can play every game shown at E3 (and the only WiiU is Zelda). I would never give up my PC gaming but I would never be stupid enough to try and talk shit about PS4 and talk up PC when they are really just completely different beasts.

          – PC in the office for PC/Xbox games. Cheap steam games & keyboard/mouse for Counter Strike (Battlefield/COD are fine on console but Counter Strike NEEDS keyboard/mouse).

          – PS4 dominating the living room for most all my single player and multiplayer games & especially friends and family as most people have that.

          – WiiU for the family and some of the exclusives I can’t live without Zelda/Metroid/Mario and party games like Nintendoland, Virtual console Tetris Attacks and such n such.

          ***Oh and I love that you are all PC Master race fool and then are acting like console is holding the industry back. The only thing holding the industry back kid is MONEY! Learn your stuff.

          • jt3z

            Yes but in 4 years the price for each component from his rig will drop in half while the Pro will probably still be more than 300

          • Allen – PSN iPITYtheFOOL_T

            In 4 years the PS5 will be here and I’m just about to drop $500 on a graphics card alone.

        • Cherniavskyi Sergii

          Good job, 750 ti is a PS4 match which is 300$ now, not Pro.

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      Pc master mistake

  • CoDforever

    The PS4 Pro is going to be one of the biggest flops in modern gaming. Upscaled 4k, NO 4k blu ray video, weak specs, ugly design and it isnt fulfilling any product needs whatsoever, it is however trying to fill Sony’s wallet.

    The Pro can barely compete with the Xbox One S, let alone the Scorpio. Xbox won this round.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Nobody cared the first time you said this.

      • CoDforever

        I didnt realize that they made a seperate PS4 pro post outside of the IW 4k post. And FYI i have never purchased an xbox while I have owned every Sony Console/Handheld ever created, so you getting mad assuming im an xbox fanboy is hilarious.

        • XboxISdead

          Yes you did you just wanted to copy and paste this every where we get it you stick you dick in your xbox and shoot loads into it

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          He never said you were a fanboy but ok

    • Daniel

      Scorpio also will either be more expensive or sell at a big loss. I don’t really call that a win.

      Also it’s only weak relative to PC and Scorpio. Xbox One S is a great media device but can’t even handle 1080p most of the time let alone anything above that.

      The PS4 Pro is a mix of higher res and upscaling. Anyone who says it’s just upscaling or just native 4k is trying to mislead people.

    • Capten ermirica

      I want what you’re smoking. Muppet

    • XboxISdead

      Dude we get it you copied and paste this in every PS forum why are you so booty hole hurt? Oh and can you tell me who wont the sales war?

      • CoDforever

        I only copy pasted this once you bitter fanboy sheep, fuck off.

      • Smayo

        Sony only sells more consoles, a one time profit. The software attach rate (a returning profit) is almost 3:1 in favor of the Xbox one. Not to mention the difference in XBL and PS+ subscriptions…

        Something you Ps4 fanboys seems to conveniently forget when talking about sales…

    • GustavKrasser

      Scorpio will flop. 1 year later, double of the price aso.

      • jt3z

        Doubtful the scorpio wont be more than 500$ and with the year wait the prices on components will drop so my guestimate is a 400$ price if that. Depends on what they do with the Scorpio spec wise.

  • AcePhoenix007

    PlayStation Sandwich, coming to a GameStop near you.

  • Suroz

    but still can’t compete pc

    • lunator100hd .

      Yeah a $400 console cant compete a $1500 pc, nice ligic there bro.

      • Ben Kanban so well

        PC are better because they are meant to be better, not cheaper, better. simple.

      • Suroz

        cheers for falling for bait. Was waiting for someone

  • ben wills

    “higher quality pixels”

    That line when you know someone doesn’t understand technology

    • Ben Kanban so well


      • Miriamanordstrom3

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  • Sucks to everyone who just got a ps4

  • Alex

    I’m a PS4 fanboy. so ill be getting one

  • XboxISdead

    Sony holds a huge advantage that has nothing to do with the insides of
    these machines: It’s launching the Pro a full year earlier than Xbox is
    releasing the Scorpio. It’s reminiscent of the Xbox 360/PS3 launches.
    PS3 was the better machine, but 360 held a commanding share of the
    market for much of the generation simply because it was the first on the
    shelves. That could be the case for Pro and Scorpio. It’s not always
    about what’s better; sometimes it’s just about what you can buy first.

    • Jon

      I agree. Not to mention the potential price tag of the Scorpio.

      • Smayo

        A competitive price tag is the scorpio going to have, just stated in an interview with a big head MS executive (forgot the name) its direct competitor ? The ps4 pro ofcourse, so expect a 400/500 $€ price tag.

        the year difference in release can be a thing, but considering MS releasing a new console in an old jacket sort of speak and Sony just announced a minimal spec upgrade Ps4, I think it won’t be such an issue this time around…

        • jt3z

          Especially with the Scorpio being so much better spec wise(If what theyre saying is true).

      • Cherniavskyi Sergii

        even with the same price, it’s 30% more powerful. It’s about the same difference as original PS4 and Xbox One had.

        Unless they will make it actually able to run native 4k, difference is negligible, since it will be upscaling from 2.5k instead of 2k like Pro or have slightly better framerate at same resolutions.

  • Please no more consoles all we want are good games!

  • ToonToons22

    This would have been the perfect entertainment system had it not been for the fact that it doesn’t support 4K UHD Blu-Ray video like the Xbox One S does. Considering that Sony does make standalone Blu-Ray players, this is a big mistake and a disappointment.

  • AlexK489

    Man this was a terrible fucking event for Sony. The fact that Xbox announced Scorpio so soon made Sony afraid cause they just didn’t plan for it, they only planned to beat the OG Xbox One.
    This is making Sony feel old school again woth their word manipulation, trying to trick consumers into thinking it’s the better choice. Not to mentiom, their promise of the OG PS4 being given HDR? Can’t be done, considering HDR requires HDMI 2.0 and the OG PS4s only have HDMI 1.4, just like OG Xbox Ones, while Xbox One S comes with HDMI 2.0.
    So they lied and manipulated with their vauge language, had their PR teams tell devs to make tweets that led people to believe the Pro would run in native 4K, which it can’t do, and i’m sure we all heard about Sony completely blocking Bethesda from adding mod support to Skyrim and Fallout 4 on PS4.
    They were scared when they heard about Scorpio, they got even more scared when they lost the console sales battle in August after the Xbox One S launched. Sony just lost their shit man.

    • jt3z

      Yea Ps4 Pro was a HUGE disappointment and felt rushed. As you said Scorpio really scared them. And no 4k Blue ray? lol Sony is the one that heads that shit. No Mods as well while every other console/PC has it.

  • bre

    Not buying this at all, stop capping fps at 60

    • jt3z

      For MP they have too but for everything else they shouldnt