Activision has announced that the Call of Duty World League Championship, presented by PlayStation 4 was the most viewed Call of Duty esports event in history. The CWL Championship took place at Call of Duty XP, Activision’s biggest fan celebration for Call of Duty September 1-4. 

Activision says the peak viewership record was 40% higher than the previous records set at Stage 1 Finals and previous

Broadcast across five languages, the worldwide peak concurrent viewership topped the previous record for Call of Duty esports events by more than 40%, including previous COD Championship and Stage Finals. Combined the Call of Duty Championship matches surpassed more than 20 million views.

“Sunday’s Finals were the perfect conclusion to the biggest fan celebration in our history with Call of Duty XP and to the debut season of the CWL,” said Rob Kostich, EVP and GM, Call of Duty, Activision. “With over 1,000 teams participating from all over the globe, it came down to the final two elite squads, one from North America and one from Europe. It was an epic, raucous finale that capped an incredible weekend of action that was watched around the world by millions. We cannot thank the Call of Duty community enough for their support, it has been incredible all year long.”

Team Envy won the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship, which had the highest prize pool for Call of Duty esports ever at $2 million. In the end of the inguarual season of the CWL, Activision says they’ve handed out over $3.5 million. 

Activision also announced that fan engagement online was the highest ever during the Call of Duty XP event. 

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    Great news, Fazal will be happy for sure.

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    Typo in title

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    So the sales are declining but the views are up? Someones lying..

    Im siding with the sales on this one

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      BO3 did very well in sales.

    • Manamorphose

      BO3 was the top selling console game this year.

      Activision reported it as the most profitable COD of all time to the investors (most likely due to the sale of supply drops.)

      As much hate as Infinity Warfare is getting – there’s a good chance it will be the top selling console game again…. People love to hate COD; but lots of people don’t hate it enough to pass on it.

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    CoD esports are getting big right when I’m about to start 😀

    • And now it will go down with IW casual ruleset 🙂

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    But call of duty is dead they say…

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    my compliments to activision’s minister of propaganda. he’s a hard worker.

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      I don’t doubt it was the most watched COD event ever. However, a lot of that is probably due to the rise of twitch. Also past COD events were broadcast on MLG TV, which does not have the audience Twitch does.

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      I don’t watch eSports, but at least this article shows that people still care about COD… *shrugs*

      • I don’t think you needed an article to prove that lol. I think it’s pretty dumb to begin with to say people don’t care about Call of Duty. Now people being unhappy about Call of Duty in the recent years..that’s another story.

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          I think you’re missing the point. Teams like Optic, FaZe, and even Complexity used to be HUGE around MW3/BO2.

          You read enough enough comments from people saying that COD is dead/dying. (especially on YT).

          Obviously it’s not dead, and here’s an article that shows differently…

          • I’m not missing any points. I wasn’t talking about esports. I dont care about esports or faze cumshot. I was saying that obviously Call of Duty isn’t dead and anyone who says it is straight up delusional. So i was agreeing with you, just stating you dont need an article to prove that lol

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    I remember several people on this site swearing that “competitive CoD is dying”… Funny how they’ve not shown up to this article. 😉

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    Not a huge competitive follower, but nice to see that Activision is having something to brag about.

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    If they trully want to show how big cod is why dont the show player count in their games. Was there in bo2, mw3 and ghosts.