Following fan feedback from Call of Duty XP, Raven Software developer Amos Wendell has announced that Raven will be updating the headshot and melee kill icons in the kill feed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to match that of the original Call of Duty 4 game.

The icons that were in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered build at Call of Duty XP were very similar to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s icons. The Call of Duty XP MWR build image is shown in the feature image.

Here’s what the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare headshot icon looked like (image via video here).


Raven Software has stated that they are listening to the feedback from Call of Duty XP and will provide updates on more changes that they make.

  • Element115Will


    • Fariko_Bigtimer

      we dont care what you think at all

      • Element115Will

        Yet you care enough to comment you idiotic fool. Lol

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Why so edgy?

        • Fariko bigtimer

          Butthurt my friend

  • Can the sound effects for the running and walking be changed and how about the friendly colors too. Change that back to green

    • Smayo

      Everything should be as it was… just change the graphics, nothing else

      • Shane O’Shea

        That would be a remake, not a remaster. But I agree with the sounds and colours.

  • bsktballmsu1

    The streaks need to be changed. 7 kills for a heli is way too easy nowadays, heck a uav is 5kills in blops3(500score). And there is already so many uavs in blops3 and not everyone in a match is using the uav and you see a raps as well basically every single game. There will easily be a constant uav and heli in the air and it will get old very quickly. There will be 7 players spamming the dpad every match trying to get a helicopter in. They need to change the streaks from 3,5,7 to either 4,6,10 or 5,7,9 or 5,7,10 to adapt to the increase in skill.

    • No

      • bsktballmsu1

        I’m sure you think that they should keep frag x3 as well and not switch it to frag x2 which I don’t see as a big deal at all. The player base has changed and what worked back then is not going to work now. People are going to abuse frag x3 now because at least back in the day most of the community properly played the game now everyone gravitates to anything nooby and everyone will be using frag x3

        • Nothing needs to be changed. The killstreaks are fine the way the are. Call of Duty 4 isn’t a twitch shooter with exo suits. So it’s fine

          • bsktballmsu1

            come november you’re going to see that the community has changed and that what worked for call of duty in 2007 will not work as well in 2016.

          • That sounds all cool and whatnot but Call of Duty in 2007 was designed differently than it is in 2016. Like i said, 3, 5, 7 works in CoD4 and it’s going to be same come November

          • Smayo

            I have to agree with him, it’s going to put a lot of CoD4 fans back on earth coming November…

          • Nothing needs to be changed also it really wont be a big deal considering its the same game from 2007.

          • Smayo

            Agreed, but if they took the liberty to chance the MP presentation (medals etc), they also could iron out the minor imperfections…

          • jjmoney

            Think about it this way, the new generation is use to this new movement and gameplay. They will most likely be on infinite warfare. While the OG fans will play cod 4 most of the time. You should really consider this while thinking anything needs to change

          • Smayo

            That’s what I was intended to say, change as little as possible, but the frustrations we had back in 2007 (frags x3/sonic boom/martyrdom combo for example) should have a small nerf. Don’t change the perks itself but nerf the blast radius or damage range a bit, something like that to let it be a little more tolerable…

          • Jon


        • ccrows

          Out of everything you mentioned in this article, the only thing that I would change is having a nerf to grenades.

          Shipment and Wetwork are gonna be almost unplayable due to Frag x3 and Martydom spam.

          A blast radius nerf would help a lot, but that’s the only thing that I would honestly change…

          • Smayo

            ↑↑ this…

        • Jon

          “Properly played the game”? What the hell are you talking about. Do you know how ignorant that sounds? How about you write us all an SOP on how we should all play Call of Duty. Everyone has their own style in which they enjoy playing the game. If you can’t adapt within “Your” own style of play then maybe you should re-evaluate how you play and quit complaining how others should or shouldn’t play.

    • AlohaSnackbar

      I agree with something like 5,7,10 i saw from a lot of footage that helis were in the air ally of the times and even nadeshot thinks they should increase it, but by doing that people will be like “but that’s not how the original wasssss!!!!

    • claire louise

      cod4 is a classic start tampering with the core of the game and player’s wont like it

      • Smayo

        I absolutely dispice what they did to the MP, with those stupid medals and half time Dom to name some. A remaster is a remaster, don’t change the overall feel to the game, especially if they stated they wouldn’t change anything to the game a few months back, but it’s typical for a CoD development team not knowing what the community actually wants….

        • ccrows

          More than likely they will have an option to turn that off.

          I personally love the new medals, and I put more time into COD4 than any other COD…

          • Smayo

            Hope so, it doesn’t fit the game (my opinion ofcourse)

          • ccrows

            There’s a few YTbers that have shared the same feeling as you, so more than likely there will be an option to turn that off.

            From what I’ve been reading, people either love it or hate it.

            Getting the final 6 maps done by December is a much harder task, so I’d be extremely surprised if there wasn’t a toggle to turn the medals off…

    • skylerdj

      You see that many streaks because they’re scorestreaks!!! You can get them via kills,assists,flag caps,hp caps etc…. But in mw/mwr, they’re killstreaks meaning you can only get them by getting kills..???

      • skylerdj

        Flag caps as well I think for mw

      • bsktballmsu1

        yeah but players still get at least what say one bloodthirsty medal a game so that is your airstrike, your airstrike gets 2 kills and you have a helicopter it is too easy nowadays to get a 7 killstreak. The game needs this change to balance the game. I don’t care about balancing weapons because there will always be one statistically better gun that people will gravitate towards unless the stats on the guns are the exact same but the killstreaks need to adjust to the skill of the players

        • jjmoney

          It’s a remake, they are not changing kill streaks due to you thinking it’s too easy. It’s not supposed to change gameplay at all, hence the reason it’s a REMASTER. Changing something as big as the kill streak amount would throw off gameplay.

        • Jon

          Shut up you idiot.

        • The Rabid One

          Quit trying to screw with what has been enjoyed by millions. Learn to deal with it and not die by helicopter.

    • ccrows

      I agree that getting a helicopter is easy.

      However you are missing the fact that it’s just as easy to take down a heli with an RPG.

      Have you forgotten that helicopters use the same flight pattern in each map?…

    • awlagfare

      No. Just no.

  • I wish there was an option to switch between original and remastered layout. Its always better to give players options instead of just immediately caving to a vocal minority online.

    • jjmoney

      It was meant to update graphics with new age technology. The only thing they’re not supposed to change is gameplay. If they left everything the same it would not be a remaster, it would be a remake

  • cyatek

    why change the hud in the first place………

  • snake56

    Wait, people were really upset about an icon?

    • cod community for ya they bitch for the littlest things

    • Marc Grierson

      Icons, sound of the guns and something else like animations or the hand being ripped from Ghosts I can’t recall the last one 100%, those were the main things people moaned about. Good news for the gameplay though lol.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Seriously, I hear bitching about slightly different sounds or slightly different icons more than shit that actually matters.
      I cant believe people remember those things but they don’t remember what a bitch nade spam and killstreaks were. UAV that you can’t do anything about? Heli, that just completely killed the action and made everyone camp for 2 minutes. Heli, that you held on to until you died so it can feed into another heli. That’s what needs to be fixed.

  • AbunchofZoMb1eS

    We complained. They listened and already in the comments section I don’t see praise for Ravens for listening. No I see MORE COMPLAINING. You people are what ruin the community. It’s a Remaster. They are trying to make it better while keeping it the same. What’s next, are you people going to complain about the redone menu too? Or how able how the arms and hands look on the guns. “To realistic.” “I remember when cod had poles for fingers.” You people can’t be happy no matter how hard they try. And it pisses me off that you people can appreciate that we are getting a remaster jn general, no you complain about things like little tiny ICONS AND SOUND EFFECTS. Sound Effects which to sound right, needed to be updated. So what if they reused some sounds from AW?! Where’s the harm in that if the game is still Call of Duty at the end of the day?! Don’t like them? Turn them off. If everything was completely the same the game wouldn’t be even playable come release day due to hackers, mods, and cheaters. If they didn’t change anything it would look like shit on next gen. You Poole should appreciate what they have done instead of what they haven’t done, which is by the way, reskinning it, call it a remake and make you pay 60$. Yes you have to pay 80$ for it. But your getting 2 games. Don’t like Infinite Warfare? That’s too bad at least you have Modern Warfare Remastered.

    • Blake

      I get what you are saying and agree completely especially with how they are complaining with placeholders but $80 to get one amazing game and one that I will probably delete after a month that is stupid

      • Keshav Bhat

        You do realize Activision is giving you TWO FULL games for only $80? It could have easily been $120 for the Legacy. But it’s not.

        • Rorke File

          But some people do not want both games and they now that, but stil don’t come with a solution. BTW the IW game is just a copy paste game with 1,5 years worked on the game, and the other 1,5 years on supply drops. It’s sad but true.

          • Keshav Bhat

            It’s sad that you’re judging the game without playing it. Beta is coming, if you still feel that way then, then okay.

          • Suroz

            keshav roasting unseen footage

      • $80 for 2 games bro where have you been living

      • Marc Grierson

        It’s not stupid though is it? They didn’t have to do a remaster people forget that and they decided the best way to do it and not have it eat up the cod game that devs have worked on for the last 3 years was to bundle it.

        How would you feel if your publisher said “oh see that game you’ve worked on for 3 years yeah we’re putting it up against one of the most popular shooters in history, good luck” it would be a dick move on Activisions part so it seems either no remaster, remaster only for the year (which I wouldn’t want this years cod to be a remaster only) or bundle it.

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  • ToonToons22

    I honestly couldn’t care less about headshot icons or reused assets, but I’m glad they actually listened to feedback from the community unlike many other game developers.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    I mean, this is kinda great, but complaining over a few icons, that don’t change the way you play?
    Fucking pathetic.

    • awlagfare

      Changing a good thing into a bad thing that doesn’t effect gameplay is pathetic. Thankfully the majority complainted and now they fixed it

  • AcePhoenix007

    I see Raven succumbed to whiteboy7thst’s constant bitching and whatever’s left of his fanbase complaining alongside him.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      – whiteboy 2016

  • Rob #9CxR7

    Do i think the icon complaint is valid? Sure. the old icon looks better. but is it game breaking as everyone is making it seem? not at all. i think the hype is getting to peoples heads in this negative way and causing overreactions which imo i understand.

    the sound complaints are valid kind of. someone made a sound comparison video on youtube with most of the weapons and everything short of the m14 and deagle sound fine. the weapons have more bass but generally sound similar to their 2007 counterparts and when youre in game shooting thats gonna be the last thing on your mind. the m14 and deagle sound VERY different tho and for guns that are super powerful it does imo rob them of their glory. in the end will i care if they stay the same? not really but i can agree on those two guns. I even think the 50cal sounds pretty good

    the announcers tho, are god awful. the voices suck and theyre constantly blathering over everything. calm down lmao

    also the UI is beautiful and the medals are awesome although they could be smaller, no need to take up such screen space for a simple headshot

    we all want this game to be the best it can be. im a total purist and absolutely hate the direction cod is going, barely touched aw and bo3. i knew some things would be different but the gameplay, the absolute heart of the game is the same so im so happy and excited

  • Inflictedhail

    From someone who actually played the game i can say it was really good. Medals were annoying but hey it felt like cod 4. Frags were still broken but it just felt right

  • Brilliant – As a Vet from the COD scene the game needed to be remastered the way it was and that includes the icons! Great call Raven!

  • lunator100hd .

    In my opinion the only thing i dont like in the game is the shity medals, they must give an option to disable them, they look childish and funky and dont fit with the serious military tone of MW.

  • Stefan Lang

    All the little incosiderate nerds that complained about this in the first place really needs a girlfriend ?

  • Ak74u

    That was the least of a problem, the actual flaw is the voice anouncers and that should be the top complaint not a headshot icon.

    • Shane O’Shea

      This.. This.. This.. and This… The new voice announcer is cancerous.

  • Emre

    Are the 4 dlc maps also gonna be in the mwr version in december?

  • the icon is not the the problem here, it’s the damn medals!

  • Michael Romo

    Hopefully they do the same with the sounds

    • awlagfare


  • Eddie Tupy

    lol people have no idea what game dev is about, that flaunt around reskinning and rehash accusations but dont see what they ve changed for the better.
    For consoles this game is already 10x better and is good enought o be called a good remaster imo. For pc though they better add uncapped fps fov and server browser and the dlc maps or else its a downgrade from the pc version gameplay wise despite adding final killcam and prestige mode .