All new content has arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Black Market on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

With today’s update, there are two new melee weapons, which are the Ace of Spades and the Path of Sorrows.

In addition to melee weapons, the Black Market update also includes 9 new Epic Taunts (1 for each Specialist), 18 new Specialists Themes, and more.


Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article stated that there were new Dark Matter camos. That is incorrect. There are no new Dark Matter camos in-game. The image provided was fake. We apologize for the error.

  • HatakeKakashi

    lmao, if you buy supply drops, please end your life

    • Theklap

      Yes, please tell me how to spend the money I earned and I have plenty of.

      • ScOott

        Sounds like u do actually need telling if ur wasting it on supply drops.. having plenty of money doesn’t mean u should waste it on supply drops ruining the experience for everyone else..

        If the world wasn’t full of morons, supply drops wouldn’t be successfull.. God knows how u have lots of money if u waste it on shit like this.. Smart people don’t buy supply drops.. It’s that simple.. At least go to a God damn casino have a good night out and gamble and maybe win something worth while…

        • joey

          do you really believe that you’re coming across as intelligent? i’m not trying to start a fight or attack you personally. i’m only commenting on your post, and not buying into any sweeping judgmental one-liners that pop into my imagination about who or what you must be in order to be okay with what you wrote. to do so would be narrow-minded on my part.

          • ScOott

            If ur asking me if I’m a rude peice of shet in real life.. The answer is no.. It’s just my role on here.. If u cant be fecking dick on the Internet where can u be.. If ur asking me do I actually really belive in my opinion I gave.. Yes I think who ever supports these supply drop buying with real cash are not all their in the head.. Do I think I’m clever the answer is no..

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            There are mods ?

          • That’s the thing people forget, is you can be a dick up here and it’s great! I love being a complete asshole up here, and personally i think it’s more entertaining:)

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Fuck you and you and you and me and you

          • Sounds pretty gay. I’m in

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Alright jump in

          • I just did

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            I know:)

          • πŸ˜‰

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen


          • Love that πŸ˜‰

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            We were on Reddit πŸ™‚

          • What do you mean dink?

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Somebody put us on cod zombies Reddit it got deleted but it was funny because some people can’t take any jokes

          • No fucking way lol

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen
          • Ohhhh man lol that’s great. I wonder who is the asshat that got all butthurt over our comments just to make a post about us. I wish it was still up, i just searched in hopes i can read it

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Search the guys profile

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            We’re famous

          • Cringe-worthy.

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            What is?

          • Reddit

            You were not funny.



          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Yeah well fuck the cod zombies fuckboy Reddit

          • Spiddox747

            I am a child( age 13) and though I hear these things all the time about how supply drops are these terrible things that are a waste of money, for me( and no I’m not some shut in) I play CoD a lot. So I buy like 10 supply drops every 2 months or so. I do this because I think it’s fun and I like being able to have things my friends don’t.

        • FazalGaming

          How is buying supply drops ruining the experience for everyone else? You sir just proved you’re an idiot. People should be able to spend their money on what ever they like without a fat ass virgin nerd like yourself telling them that they are morons for buying them.

          • ScOott

            If I actually have to explain that to u, ur a bigger moron than the people buying them… dumb as feck.. Can’t even think of ur own username or picture so that doesn’t suprise me… get a life instead of wasting it busting a wank over supply drops whilst still living with mummy… Real, normal people are out their.. Join them..

          • FazalGaming

            Please answer the question without insults this time. How do they ruin the game for everyone? Btw the username and password thing is just for my amusement.

          • ScOott

            If people didn’t buy the supply drops and drip feed Activison money, they wouldnt sell them…

            So content wouldn’t be locked behind a paywall if it wasn’t for the people who buy the supply drops..

            I could use what ever weapon I wanted, but instead becuse people keep buying them, I probz won’t ever see most of the weapons in IW becuse again most of them will be locked behind a pay wall..all becuse the people who buy these fecking supply drops

          • GonΓ§alo Castro

            What he is saying is that it is unfair for some players to buy supply drops and have a bigger chance of getting weapons with different stats. When supply drops came and it was just camos and taunts and melee weapons, it was cool, because you could spend money if you wanted but you wouldn’t have any advantage towards other players. But when they started giving range weapons the system became flawed, because a guy can spend 100€ and get guns that will be almost inacessible for the free-to-play gamers, and those guns can make a difference, like the FFAR or the Peacekeeper. If people didn’t spend the money like that, the content would be eventually acessible to everyone.

        • I buy supple drops, but not with real money.

        • Logitech

          Read the thread. Slightly judgmental.. You could’ve said stop buying CoD.. Buy BF or Overwatch.. Or wtv.

          Buying CoD is also taking the Activision dick.. you might be taking in once a year but that asshole is still raw.

          I’m not defending supply drops.

          But the problem isn’t with the consumer.

          You may not buy supply drops. Good for you. I don’t. But then again, Acti won’t give a fuck. We are NOT their target market.

          That guy up there? With tons of disposable income? Yep, Activision is actively sucking HIS dick.


          • ScOott

            Im also in a position where I can buy anything I want.. Just becuse I have money doesn’t mean I’m the target audience.. They target the weak and the kids.. I’m not taking any Activision dick, theirs a big differnce between buying a game, and buying a fecking supply drop.. Why should people avoid CoD becuse some people who don’t have half a brain cell can’t help them selfs to buying into the supply drop system..

      • SimplexxityGamingOfficial

        Some dude said the same thing to me because I “bought” the astronaut suit when it was completely random and luck on the black market. I have the entire conversation. Makes me cringe

    • kys

    • MichaelSwift

      Almost everyone buys them don’t they? They cost 30 cryptokeys.

      • Former

        He meant using real money; buying CoD points.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Or just pull out your mangekyou sharingan πŸ˜‰

      • HatakeKakashi


  • Atomolic

    i dont have the new dark matter…

  • Tacco931

    They can bring Takeos Katana in Mp but not in zombies!? I dont get it

    • Element115Will


    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      Fuck treyarch

    • AG

      Love the sword, and it has cool sound effects.

      • Laurielwright4

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  • Peter Griffin

    Lol, some other loot i’m not gonna have. The only thing i got from the supply drops are the first sword that were added at the begining of the black market, and the marshal 16. I had nothing else.

    the loots are so slow to obtain. You should loot a box by level, like in overwatch.There is so much bits of stuff in Black Ops 3 than it would not matter, as people would have some just by leveling. It would be FAIR.

    • Mick

      Only things I have are the brass knuckles and the buzzsaw

  • imBATMAN


    • Anime, Coffee, THC,COD


      • imBATMAN

        prove me wrong

        • ScOott

          Ur a disgrace to the furst tradition..

          • FazalGaming

            You’re a disgrace to the human race.

          • imBATMAN

            ScOott…I thought we were bros );

  • Cheesesteakwit

    Looks like they are copying Battlefield 1 with the spade melee weapon!!

    • Banks

      wtf dude this game came out before BF1 was announced lol plus im pretty sure the Spade was already gonna be implemented anyways.

    • Ace of Spades is from Origins, which is set in WW1 trenches dipshit.

      • Dr. Edward Richtofen

        No it isn’t it’s just an old shovel

  • MichaelSwift

    More Melee? Ugh

  • Tested

    Nice, Let me just open 1k worth of supply drops and i might get one if i’m lucky.

    • joey

      i just spent 1030 keys on rare drops. got three of those new animated taunts, the launcher and the fury’s song (both of which i already had). i would bet a large pizza that there are COMPLETELY different drop rates for the rares you spend keys on and the rares purchased with cod points.

  • joey

    is there any reason to believe there’s more to come (anytime soon)? like a new smg maybe?

    • MichaelSwift

      We’ll most likely get a few new ranged weapons before IW. I don’t see them adding any after IW/COD4HD releases though.

      • joey

        appreciate the reply. i’ve saved over a thousand keys and am trying to decide whether or not to spend ’em. i’d be sad if i splurged only to have new guns released soon after.

  • bre

    whats next? a pink double ended dildo?

    • snake56

      That would be a good way to reward those who bought a supply drop :^)

      • I hope it has “Activision” written on it, so now they can fuck themselves with an Activision dick.

        • DΓ‘vid MΓ©szΓ‘ros

          I mean at least the game would be fun to play

  • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca


  • lunator100hd .

    The last 3 days the connection is trash, i get mostly 3 bars and annoying lag spikes all the time, anyone else with the same problems?

    • Dog shit

      lol i’m always 2 bars or 3 bars and never had lag issues

  • Emre

    If you want all the weapons.
    You must spend 1000 dollars of cash money.
    Good luck

  • joey

    common or rare? “bonus keys” are kind of a wash because burning up to nine duplicates will net around the same, average-wise, right? wrong?

    • Former

      Rare, definitely. Commons are way too inconsistent.

    • MichaelSwift

      It’s RNG anyway. I’ve gotten the NX shadow claw and the FFAR from common supply drops.

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      For weapons common for everything else rare

  • Quick someone translate that writing above the handle on the katana

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      Ding dong Ching cong

      • Legion

        It says, 9/11, France & Belgium Boom Boom Boom Boom! I want you in my room! and spend the night together! London & Boston go bam bam bam bam .. I want virgins in my room

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Get cancer you fuck

  • Dr. Edward Richtofen

    Really nigga

    • Yes ding dong

      • Dr. Edward Richtofen

        Have you seen the cod zombies Reddit everybody is on their period

        • I actually have been up there the past few days looking out for the EE..Jesus that place is cancer.

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Use shareplay asshole

          • I dont even know what shareplay is ya dink

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Pics or it didn’t happen

          • Pictures or it didn’t happen.

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            I know the blood will keep me safe

          • I am that duck

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            I’m sorry I don’t speak Japanese

          • Damn it Richtofen, i thought we were done with this

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Dempsey I can see your house from here it’s on fire

          • Damn going old school now huh

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            If it was up to me I leave you in agartha for eternity

          • Did I mention the giant robots?

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            I want to get out of here so very badly

          • I cannot torture my minions without power. Dempshey, you go turn it on

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Hes exsploded

  • Dr. Edward Richtofen

    The fuck is this

    • AII0II

      Pfftttt.. I’ve been playing CoD since I got back from Nam..

      Jetpacks would be damn useful against them commies, but then again, too much Agent Orange.. and we birthed a generation of retards….. All while them commies were underground breathing them nice clean earthy air!

      Yes we can?

      • Dr. Edward Richtofen

        I’ve been playing since the battlefields of the Great War

  • Yo mumma.

    The only thing I wanted in this godamn game was a fucking katana and they release it now. You sons a bitches.

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      Hahahahahaha eat a dick

      • Yo mumma

        Dr Edward Richthofen – “No you eat a dick”

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Spelt it wrong

          • Yo mumma.

            Damn you got me again .

  • Alex

    is this even a FPS or Ninja fighting game ?

    COD’s these days have become ridiculous

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      Its from zombies the katana is

      • Yo mumma

        We got Yoda in the house mo’fuckers!
        How you doing you little green asshole?

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Oh damn I didn’t even notice

          • Yo mumma

            Notice i didn’t, damn *.

  • Ak74u

    Nobody wants anymore melee weapons and there’s already too many

  • Noeltorious

    So bummed about the DMC being fake ugh lol

  • Diego Diniz

    Supply Drops on Infinite Warfare…pay $10 to get UMP-45 and Intervention…more $10 to get Spas-12 and ACR…

    • Tracer

      What? *looks up at you from playing Overwatch*

  • ToonToons22

    Has anybody gotten the Peacekeeper MK2 or any other ranged weapon from the last update yet?

    • MichaelSwift

      I have every weapon besides the banshii, one sniper, and the energy pistol, and im missing like 5 melee weoapons

      • ToonToons22

        Glad I wasn’t the only one. I just got the Peacekeeper yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else did.

        Also, I hope you didn’t buy those weapons. Just because I got lucky with the Supply Drop system, that doesn’t mean I support it in any way.

  • Commander Wolfe

    Wow, don’t get me wrong but they put the Katana in the game AFTER all the DLCs have been released. I would’ve liked to see it released when Zetsubou No Shima came out.

    • Yo mumma.

      I recon the bat, the axe , and the katana were the only melee weapons they needed in but hey we’ll throw a half arsed mangy jaw looking thing, boxing gloves (WTF) and a fucking electric dildo that’ll keep fans happy. Fuck. You. Buddy.
      Also one shot pistols cos you know aiming is a thing of the past apparently.

      • Canada

        I’m not your buddy, friend

  • Gamerazor247

    So, is Takeo’s Sword secretly in Rev, then…ΒΏ

  • The Gaming Revolution

    I hate the black market guys humor in the black market videos

  • It’s cool that they’re still adding new content, but the melee weapons are getting a bit dull now

  • Lolz 3arc can go fuck themselves they went from cosmetics only to adding new weapons monthly at least overwatch didn’t lie about that shit

  • Cool…?

  • Aidan

    Everyone complaining about goofy trailers…
    Let us not forget…