Activision plans to continue the Call of Duty franchise for a very long time. In a new interview with MarketPlace, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick stated that there will continue to be new Call of Duty games coming to the market; ‘you never run out of ideas for Call of Duty,’ he said.

“We’ve had Call of Duty games played on virtually every console for the last 14 years. So the idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through history…you never run out of ideas for Call of Duty games. There will always be Call of Duty games. And they’ll be played on a variety of devices.”

One thing that will change in the years ahead for Call of Duty is where it is available for players to play. Kotick said that Activision will continue to adjust to where fans are playing and will bring Call of Duty games to those platforms. Currently, Call of Duty is available on last-gen consoles, current-gen consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

One example of this adaptation to new systems is how Call of Duty has already announced support for the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Black Ops 3 will all support the PS4 Pro on its launch day of November 10.

SOURCE: MarketPlace via GameSpot

  • Stefan Lang

    Here comes the “CoD is dead” losers ??

    • ToonToons22

      Whatever they say means nothing anyway. They are in the minority. The total amount of money Activision makes from every new COD game increases every year, so COD will still be popular for years to come.

      • Former

        Whether they’re in the minority or majority…they’re flat out wrong. CoD is far from dead and that phrase was created just to trigger CoD fanboys, honestly.

    • CoD could be around for 20 years and people will keep saying “It’s dead this year”. I just roll my eyes now.

    • jordanxbrookes

      CoD is “dead” in a sense that it is no longer what it used to be. Now it’s all about Season Passes, Pre-Order Bonuses, DLC, MicroDLC, Supply Drops and $$$.

      • Keshav Bhat

        Because people keep buying all of those things.

        Also Activision is a business. They have to please investors, executives, and more, alongside consumers.

        And it’s not all about $ when they’ve already announced free 6 maps for MWR coming, which could’ve been paid content.

        It’s not always about looking for the negative in everything.

        • jordanxbrookes

          You do know that I know Activision is a business right? No need to keep telling me that like it’s going to change my mind. Those 6 maps should’ve been in the remaster in the first place, but because pre-orders are low compared to last year, ATVI had to do anything to get them up, hence a “Beta” for IW (which we all know at this stage, it’s just a demo than a Beta) and the announcement that the last 6 maps will be in a free update in December just to get more consumers to pre-order the Legacy Edition. I’m not complaining about all 16 maps returning in MWR as I’ve already said my praises. It should’ve been all 16 in the first place, but at least we’ll have all 16 come December. In regards to so-called “negativity”, it’s kind of hard to find anything positive about Call of Duty these days. I’m someone who is honest at the end of the day. Sorry if I find Supply Drops bullshit and ridiculous.

          • Skillreks

            They did say that they were unsure they could get all 16 maps at launch, so just to be sure, they said 10, not to get people’s hopes up. then, they announce all 16 coming for FREE, as to make people happy, and you bash that like it’s bad. really? are you so anti-cod that you can’t enjoy the one and only FREE thing that COD is offering? I want 16 remastered maps that have had time put into them, not some half-assed maps they rushed to get done. ALSO, it’s RAVEN. Besides being the ones to create MWR, they stated that they LOVE the modern era for cod, and they said they would NOT make a futuristic call of duty. If they were in the cycle, I would not mind it as of now. I think they have done a great job in the past, and I hope they keep doing a great job in the future.

          • jordanxbrookes

            “I’m not complaining about all 16 maps returning in MWR as I’ve already said my praises” Can you read? What part of that did I “bash”? All I said was that Activision are desperate to get pre-orders in check, so they announced a bunch of stuff as well as all 16 maps coming to MWR rather than 10. That’s not bashing my friend, that’s what happened.

          • ccrows

            Honestly JB, I thought for sure they were gonna put the remaining 6 in a separate paid DLC, split up the pop and call it a day.

            I was mad when I first heard that they were gonna do 10 as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they would have tried to sell this as DLC too.

            Either way, Activision at least did the right thing by getting all the maps into the game…

          • jordanxbrookes

            They’ll probably sell the Variety Map Pack Remastered to us haha.

          • nifod

            I’m guessing that activision decided that a remake was in order, after they knew the resistance against another futuristic COD. But then it was to late to get all 16 maps remastered. And i also believe whe get all 16 maps, just to get the preorders or sells up for IW.

  • cool

  • Former

    Well no shit…Why would they stop milking the cash cow that is CoD?

    • ccrows

      Because of what went down in the past with games like Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, and yes even Pitfall.

      ^ On top of that, there’s been a little bit of a drop off since BO2.

      Either way, if you’re a fan of “COD” this is good news to hear…

      • Former

        None of those games came close to the caliber of CoD, though. That’s the difference. The sales could drop by 50% and CoD would still be a top selling game.

        • ccrows

          You say that now, but there was a time (with each of those games) where if you said “it’s over” people would look at you like you lost your freakin mind.

          I’m still a big fan of COD, but at the same time I am also worried about how the community is going to support Infinity Ward this year, and how that affects the franchise going forward…

      • Laurielwright4

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  • Dre D.A.

    Ehh… I like COD, but if you’re gonna make games far off, stop slapping “Call of Duty” on them. Infinite Warfare would receive generally better opinions if “CoD” wasn’t slapped on there.

    • Skillreks


    • Eddie Tupy

      i think that is an issue of the community and not the game

  • djml9

    Sounds good to me

  • Gamerazor247

    I mean, I kind of would figure that with the stupid ass “Infinite Warfare” subtitle (what does it even mean), but I’m glad he’s so confident in the success of the series to come, lmao… Idiots…

  • jt3z

    No matter what anyone thinks of COD at this point it wont die until its sales die and yea there was a slight drop off since Bo2 but no where near enough to “kill” it off.

  • marts

    Never run out of ideas for COD? The last 3 games have been copy paste! and now they’re into remastering… wow, so many ideas at COD central! You think different studios would at least switch things up each year, but nope, future, future, future.

    • Paul

      That’s down to Activision telling them to go in that direction. Maybe if ghosts didn’t get as much hate then it wouldn’t have been as bad

    • Skillreks

      lol what are you talking about? we have BLACK HOLE GRENADES and LASERS. and we have Winston’s shield, and weird ass throwing animations, and guns that look weird and… geez this game does sound bad

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Wasn’t MW2 a copy of CoD 4?
      Pretty sure it was.

    • Drank Bleach

      Don’t worry, they’ll have mental warfare where we fight people with our minds.

  • Call of Duty Waifu

    Bobby Kotick. when you’re gonna dead or at least resign?

  • I’ll make the point like I did a few articles ago, I wouldn’t say Call of Duty is dead or even think that unless there was facts to say its dead and anyone who says it’s dead is pretty delusional.

    However, while it may not be dead, I know sales aren’t as high as they were years ago (hey that shit happens), i do think there is a lot people not happy with Call of Duty at the moment and especially with its direction. Me being one of them too.

    At the end of the day, I always wish nothing but the best to the Call of Duty franchise considering I have been playing Call of Duty for like 7 or 8 years now.

    • joey

      well said. here’s a thought: twenty DLC weapons brought to you by coca-cola; five maps brought to you by, uh, jim’s manure. as long as they were extremely careful not to go overboard, which admittedly is risky; we could end up with the video game version of “FED-EX presents CASTAWAY, starring FED-EX…oh, and tom hanks.” anyway, yeah – i wonder how fans would respond to new guns coming at the cost of having coke machines and billboards and a few piles of jim’s manure in the maps they sponsored. that’s the only way i could see them making enough money to deviate from the current COD point/supply drop path.

  • god help us

  • Aidan

    Eh. North Korea will probably end up nuking us anyway.

  • OuyaMasterrace

    Good Call of Duty is fucking biblical

  • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

    well i wont buy a ps4 pro as much as they want me to the normal ps4 is ok for many

  • ccrows

    Here’s another question, why do people slam COD or Madden for “Milking” yet Superhero stuff always gets a pass?

    I mean Batman, Spiderman, Superman ETC. have been around for decades (much longer than Madden), but that stuff never gets labeled for “milking”. I just don’t get why one gets hate, and the other doesn’t…

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Cause they are not published by EA nor Activision DUH
      If you complain about superheroes, you are a fucking retard on the internet pretty much… If you do the same thing for games like Madden and CoD, you are pretty much a god.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Translation: “Call of Duty can be milked all day everyday and we at Activision continue to find new “innovative” ways to do so”.

    Also “So the idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through HISTORY…you never run out of ideas for Call of Duty games” Is that why we’ve had 4 futuristic Call of Duty games for the past 4 years, with a 5th one releasing this November? Once again, just PR nonsense.


    (((Bobby Kotick)))

  • lunator100hd .

    All i want for cod is to get better and better as the years passe. To be honest i dont care that much about the supply drop nonsense, yes its bullshit but players and youtbers like Tmartn made that thing possible. Black ops 3 is a good game, i dont care about what everyone else saying, i wont let suply drops and micro-DLC ruin my fun with this game, at the end of the day, they dont really changed cod that much, i wish i could get FFAR and Peacekeeper for free or at least with a reasonable price but sadly this is not the case, well i keep playing the game with the rest of the guns pretending that supply drops arent there (and who knows, maybe one day i’ll get lucky), the big thing is that cod is still the game i love so im happy it wont die anytime soon.

  • Run and Gunning Camper

    Hey Activision, here’s a great idea your shareholders will surely love… put the perks in microtransaction and just give the vanilla game basic perks. There will be riot and upheaval but in the end, these kids are so addicted to the game, they will eat even the shittiest crap. Just imagine the $$$!

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    People hate CoD games cause they appear every year…
    Then we have the Mario franchise which has been going on for 30 years.
    Yes, i know Mario Franchise is pretty loved, but it has been going for 30 fucking years.

    • ShadowMaster862

      That’s pretty decent to debate. But I’d rather not.

  • Pdndbsjcjc

    I wish they had a Call of Duty: Online type of CoD in North America. Just do that and I’ll be fine.

  • GustavKrasser

    I don’t know guys, they say, that they will continue making CoD games, but they stopped doing them 3 years ago.

  • Commander Wolfe

    I like their statement, because it’s NOT what they’ve been doing for quite some time now.

    “We’ve had Call of Duty games played on virtually every console for the last 14 years. So the idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through history…you never run out of ideas….”

  • Commander Wolfe

    Key phrase: “through history” and “never run out of ideas.” Really, Activision? You still fuck this up?

  • Eddie Tupy

    good to hear, i dont care if cod becomes a service like windows 10 either. oopppss