UPDATE – September 16: Microsoft has removed the date from the Xbox One store. We will update if the date changes.

Original Story:

Microsoft has updated the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare preorder lisiting on the Xbox One store to reveal that the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta will start on Xbox One on Friday, October 21.

*Beta starts October 21, 2016 on Xbox One. Availability and launch date(s) subject to change. See www.callofduty.com/beta for more details. Minimum Beta duration is 3 days.

The beta will start first on PlayStation 4 on October 14. In order to get access to the beta, players must preorder Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare either digitally or at a participating retailer.

An end date for the betas has not been announced yet.

SOURCE: Microsoft Store

  • Furst

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    • FacialGaming

      Thanks for this informative input of yours! I appreciate it.

      • imBATMAN

        you come to the comment section for informative input you fucking toothbrush ?

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      Such a loser.

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  • This Demo is Beta

    The game is golden (finished) a month before release and devs still call this beta? Is beta the new term for demo? Do they think we’re stupid?

    And absolutely nothing will change between the beta and final, so don’t even defend it with “It’s a beta bruh”.

    • lunator100hd .

      I agree that beta is too belated but its better than no beta at all, also some minor changes im sure is doable.

    • The beta will be good, with the large amount of people playing it, IW will know what BS things in the game to change.

      • infinity396

        if the Beta was in August maybe.. Treyarch didn’t really fix some Bugs found in their beta by release and they had since august.. there’s little chance of much being changed between this fake “beta” and release….

        • ccrows

          It may not be “bugs” but Black Hat nerfed, Rejack nerfed, and the Razorback nerfed were nice to get fixed before launch.. (especially Black Hat)

    • imBATMAN

      It’s still better than no beta or “demo”

    • Marius

      We need the beta for balancing, it made bo3 a very well balanced game..i think it will do the same here. Some cod fans just NEED things to complain about! You would have been equally as mad if there was no beta so pls stop crying.

      • DEMOLITION12

        how is bo3 “balanced”? you mean every gun is shit and skill is irrelevant because of lag comp? lmao

      • I think his point was that this isn’t a beta and more of a demo. Especially seeing how this “beta” is in October which I’m sure the game will be gold by then.

      • RebornAngel666

        LOL ya cuz the VMP, brecci & M8 are so balanced bruh. Hahahaha nice joke dude!

        • ccrows

          What’s wrong with the “current” M8?…

          • w (formerly known as guest w)

            nothing imo, even the VMP I would say is fine.

      • Duke of hazard

        Thats funny because the beta was more fun.

    • ccrows

      There would be more than enough time to work on balancing.

      But let’s just say that they don’t fix anything, or you still gonna complain about a free rental?…

    • Rogue

      I wouldn’t go that far to say they can’t change anything… yes I agree there is not enough time to actually go change game code on the client side, but they certainly can make tweaks to their servers to make sure they can handle the load on launch. I see this as a network stress test / marketing demo more than anything.

    • The Gaming Revolution

      Unfortunately we are moving into the time when every game is going to have a “Beta” which translates to the companies as “Free Preorders.” It works both ways, the gamer is happy because they get to play a AAA game for free and the company is happy because it promotes preorders. For example, I hadn’t even known that titanfall 2 was coming out until the time of the beta, and after playing the “Pre-Alpha” I had so much fun with a game I was never even going to buy that now have it preordered. The beta is now a cash grab and with Infinity Ward making a beta less than 3 weeks from launch is more proof that it’s not actually there for testing and it’s only there to boost their preorder sales.

  • lunator100hd .

    Is this image from the game? Damn this helmet looks super bad-ass.

    • imBATMAN

      I don’t think it is

  • brutedawg

    So, they’ll eventually open it up to the public, right? Like, this is just a flash cash-grab to get preorders, right? Activision are cool and want people to play games first, spend money later, right? right, gize?? ……riiight? hey, guys?………


      you can literally cancel your preorder if you don’t like it

  • CerebralError

    What about PC beta?

    • BradyAlucard

      Doesn’t exist.

    • Cookin’ by the book

      there will be a pc beta once consoles outperform pcs

    • Jon

      Not enough users. LOL

  • XboxWon

    Thanks for beta testing the beta for us elite players ps 4 users 🙂

    • Xbox One number one

      • Evafpritt3

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    • RebornAngel666

      No problem 🙂 it’s basically a finished game with a few tweaks needed to be completed 🙂 so I’ll enjoy the beta a week before. You’re welcome! And thank you Xbox players for the month early DLC! Even for MWRemastered 😀 damn can’t wait to play it first :^)

      • XboxWon

        Yea enjoy all the bugs! They need to make sure they are fixed before us actual cod elites get in there and tear shit up. Thanks guys! They gotta let the amateurs test it out for us.

        • Mario Rivera

          Try to spin it however you like but early COD dlc was the only good thing xbox had going for it until even that advantage was taken away. Xbox nowadays is like the fat ugly dude that got his hot girlfriend stolen from him haha. Apparently nobody wanted a VCR, shitty user interface, 720p games and a few horribly washed up versions of PC games this generation. Some of you idiots even paid $600 for that and are about to fork out even more for the slim and scorpio. I’m done lol

          • XboxWon

            Lmao PSN is ass and they are about to charge you more for it I’m done lol

          • Mario Rivera

            Psn is ass but microsoft was begging sony to do cross play in a sad attempt to populate their empty ass servers tho haha. And yea PS Plus is going up, its going up to the same exact price you already pay for xbox live… PS Plus still pisses on XBL by far.

          • Jon

            XBL offers more to its paid users then the PS Plus. You should also do a little more research about the cross play subject before you act as if though it was only Microsoft who was interested in it. I honestly think both systems are great. Each one has its own pros and cons.

          • Jon

            You are funny kid.

        • Paul

          Sit down pal there’s more and more people switching to ps4 because Xbox 1 is shit and I know that from experience.

    • hmm idk, if I remember correctly, last year the beta was fine on PS4 but a shit fest for xbox users.

      • XboxWon

        Yea you may have a memory problem because the game ran fine for me but all I heard from the PS4 peeps is that the game ran like shit for them.

    • IW? More like EW

      It’s infinite warfare… You can keep the game and do all ps4 users a favour

    • WSHH Rehab Facility

      Lmao you do realize the beta for the Xbox One was exactly the same as the PS4 for Black Ops 3 back in August, right? Nothing was changed lmao. Get off your imaginary high horse.

      • XboxWon

        Enjoy PSN being down all the time.

        • Shahroz Khan

          BAHAHAAH LOL ; I am on PS4 and I agree with your statement fucking cunts not only are they charging us more now they wont even fix the horsecrap “maintenance server bullshit ” for fucks sake

  • Diego Diniz

    I dont know how to explain but looks like Black Ops 3 Special Weapons are WAY BETTER than Infinite Warfare. I mean…(Annihilator pistol, Reaper’s Scythe, Outrider’s Arrow etc etc) looks much more FUNNY to use.
    The Special weapons that i saw on COD XP videos are…let me say… NOT SPECIAL!

    • Former

      As long as they’re more balanced, they will be better. Bo3 specialists take little skill and pretty much hand nooby players free kills.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      As long as we have no Gravity Spikes or Purifier or specialist weapons with elephant sized hitboxes, i am fine.

  • Duke of hazard

    Beta starts October 21 on Xbox One

    Game comes out November 4

    Ps4 Beta or nah?

  • Ak74u

    That’s heccca late the beta for ps4 should even be earlier too I hate how the beta is coming hecca late this year last year it had already came out in august and we were playing it.

  • Mods #BatMods

    Thanks for forgetting the PC! 😉 …


  • JewishPenguin _92

    The 21st? They do realize BF1 comes out on that date.