Funko has announced that new Call of Duty POP! Figures are coming to stores this November. 

New collection: Soap MacTavish, the sniper and demolitions expert; Riley, the Ghosts squadron dog; the armored enemy Juggernaut; and a sniper in a ghillie suit!

Select retailers will also have additional ones, like Spaceland Zombie (only at Target), and Monkey Bomb (only at GameStop).


  • Cameron Mcconnell


  • CyberWolf

    Sekund! Great. More stupid shit. Funko? More like FUK NO!

    • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

      TBH, I don’t see what’s wrong with them. They seem pretty cool, and allow people yo be able to buy figures of their favourite characters from the franchise.

      • CyberWolf

        Oh, well…I guess you could say that. I’m actually surprised someone didn’t spin this one around and said something like “See? Call of Duty is for kids!”.

        • You wouldn’t need a collector’s toy to say it’s for kids when almost every other video game on the market has collector toys and whatnot.

          Also Call of Duty wouldnt need that either to show it’s for kiddies. They’re doing it already in their games. Still trying to get that cookie outfit with raisins so I can match it on the amazing map called micro. Innovation at its finest am i rite?

          • Former

            If you think Micro is bad, wait until you play the WaW remake. Many people say it’s one of the worst maps of all time.

          • I’m actually looking forward to that WaW remake. Especially the mechs. Something i definitely can’t wait to play

          • Yo mumma.

            I thought so too. Those mechs are fucking stupid.

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Git gud skrub

      • Deborahghildebrant1

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  • Monkey Bomb is pretty much the only one I’m interested in collecting lol

  • Okay I thought these were fucking stupid and a waste of money but holy fuck I want that Riley and Ghillie macmillan.

  • WTF! Riley looks ugly as shit! He looks uglier than ScOott!!!!

  • FacialGaming

    Can I buy a FazalGaming POP! Figurine? 😀

  • Yo mumma.

    Puny humans with massive heads. Yay.

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    • I rather kill myself than enter your giveaway

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo go home hippie

    • Aidan

      Great video. You’re right up there with iDubbbz.

  • justyn

    umm advaned warfair ghosts black ops 3

  • justyn

    my name is jeff