Raven Software developer has announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer will feature all of the playlists that Call of Duty 4 had at launch, plus additional playlists.

The original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare featured the following playlists:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Mercenary Team Deathmatch
  • Free-for-All
  • Domination
  • Ground War
  • Sabotage
  • Headquarters
  • Search and Destroy
  • Team Tactical
  • Old School Free-for-All
  • Cage Match

They have not yet specified that the additional playlists will be. Stay tuned.

  • Jasy

    First fags

  • djml9

    What about hardcore?

    • claire louise

      hardcore will be there plus you cant playharcore till you get to level 19

      • djml9

        Good. Lame about the level thing though.

  • Mick

    I can see Kill Confirmed coming. Hopefully Team Defender but I doubt it.

    • 000000

      Hopefully infected + party games too.

    • BHCMax

      Kill Confirmed is already on mod servers for cod4 🙂

  • reamerb .

    What’s old school free for all?

    • Mirbert

      Iirc, you have more health, jump higher and bunch of guns/perks are all over the map

      • Element115Will

        Jump higher? So BO3/AW is not high at all?? Wut?

        • Mirbert

          As in double the normal height. Also you kinda glide in the air longer

      • BradyAlucard

        I guess the whole point was to make it a throwback from Quake since the franchise has used its (Multiplayer?) engine this whole time.

      • djml9

        Sounds like it should be called “terrible free for all” instead

        • Old school mode is actually so fun so glad they brought it back hope u can split screen 4 ways to like the old days tooget the boys around for some drinks and destroy

  • I’m not sure about the console platforms but “playlists” and “original COD4” don’t really go together when talking about the “original COD4” for the PC. New graphics aren’t worth the loss of a server browser and a wealth of custom content that the “original COD4” STILL has to offer.

    • BHCMax

      we have been running our own custom mod server for past 8 years, with many features never seen in cod before 🙂 #COD4PCFTW http://www.bhc-rangers.com/page.php?120
      Whats the odds against MWR having servers and or mods on pc.. ?

    • Eric H

      Ugh, no thanks. I’d rather actually play something besides TDM. Fuck the server browser. Further more, a game with more than 18 people in it is absolute dog shit aka every active CoD4 server.

      • [R]

        Erdick, You are not getting it.. some people are playing it for e-sport.. competitive gaming.. and it’s always the best with Modtools & Server Browser… because people can create some mods like Promod was. I miss these old times and I hope they’ll open their stupid eyes.

        • Eric H

          Yes, ProMod is great. However, my point still stands.

        • Deborahghildebrant1

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        • Mario Rivera

          Its true, sure there is quite a bit of content but alot of it was added with very little regard to balance. The coolest thing about the content is really just the maps like nuketown etc. The server browser is typically filled with stupid rules, obscure modes and salty admins. I got on very recently and even though i prefer dom, i would have been happy with just a regular tdm but i couldnt even find that as it was moon jumping here, really high ping there, sniper only here, hardcore only there and nobody playing here. I bet if i finally did find it i would have got kicked as soon as i killed a admin anyway.

      • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

        I miss the days of the server browsers

  • Hemibuzz

    Yes omg I love old school ffa

  • Jon

    I have so missed cage matches.

  • Roberto Pasina

    eheehehe uc 😉

  • Eric H

    I wonder if the level locks with still be there?

    • Qwayze

      Is that rhetorical or?

  • Former

    Cage matches = Boosting. Unless they don’t allow your friend to join you while you’re in a cage match lobby like in CoD 4.

    • tha_online_gamertz

      Boosting for what? Those sick camo’s? Don’t get me wrong I think it’s stupid, but I also don’t think it’s really a big deal. Boosting in free-for-all was a problem when tactical insertion was a thing.

      • Former

        Boosting is boosting. It’s not a huge deal in a remaster, but if they add in medals, challenges, and calling cards…Then it will turn into a big deal.

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Boosting in infection with 2 controllers was always fun

          • Former

            Somehow not surprised you think boosting is fun. lmao.

  • RobMelchor

    I jumped in the COD wagon in BO2 so this is all new to me. I can’t wait!

    • Activi$ion

      Welcome to the MW amigo

    • cacman93

      This is the game that made COD so popular. Get ready.

    • George White

      Modern Warfare is is the best series in Call of Duty, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, the Black Ops series is good but not as good as the Modern Warfare series.

      • The Flash

        BO1 > MW series

        • [EV] BLISS

          So you’re saying bo1 is better than MW1, MW2, and MW3? lmao

          • Sexy Mcgee

            MW2 is the best COD of all so he can’t possibly be saying that.

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Never went to Moscow -_-

          • Force Buy Instigator

            MW2 was the most broken, hacked and unfun.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            It wasn’t more hacked than COD4, it was the least broken, and the most fun. Those are indisputable irrefutable facts period end of discussion.

          • Force Buy Instigator

            I can’t argue with somebody who doesn’t even know the definition of a fact.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            No, you can’t argue with facts.

          • ben wills

            yes, especially mw3




          • The Flash

            BO1 has Zombies nuff said, an alright campaign and the MP I enjoyed the most, MW3 MP was alright

          • [EV] BLISS

            Yes but you’re comparing it to the Mw series maybe if you compared it to one game I would understand.. -.-

  • Mercenary TDM!

  • I really want Kill Confirmed but like, as of right now NOBODY plays it on Blops 3. I’m worried that this remaster will be really cool but there will be no one on Steam to play it with. Blops 3 has like 5,000 people TOTAL playing it rn. So hard to even find a game of TDM during some hours.

    • Mr.Blobby

      5000 total people? It’s dead, but it’s not that dead. It took around a million of us to get those boxing gloves, and since then it’s gone epically downhill. This more due to the unbearable lag/frame rate and the downright disgraceful matchmaking that has plagued black ops 3 from the start. Pretty much ruined the entire year for me. Often now it will take me around 5 minutes to find a match, and the once it’s over the lobby will empty, leaving me in my own lobby where it will not begin to search for a match. It’s pathetic, and I’m hoping Infinity Ward have a much better system. Joining your freinds is nearly impossible without closing your application several times as well, it’s a joke.

      • I thought the gloves were a community-wide effort, like all platforms contributed not just one (I could be wrong). Like currently today’s peak on Steam is 10,914 players, which is better but dang. I will say tho I’ve been noticing a lot of low levels newbies lately so that’s good. And yeah, I wish this port ran better. Fingers crossed to hear good things about the next games port!

  • Fkd

    Are you gonna be able to team kill, I hated it when it happened to me, but gotta admit it was fun to do every once in awhile

    • tha_online_gamertz

      that’s just the hardcore playlist, I think that’s been in about every cod ever.

  • The Flash

    I hope Infected is added

  • Sexy Mcgee

    And most of them will have 300 people playing them at best. Hopefully they don’t add SBMM so you can’t even find a match in anything outside of TDM and Domination. I wish one of the COD teams would just grow some balls and get rid of TDM.

  • Ed

    Ive missed HQ!

  • Eddie Tupy

    they will have server browser on pc version right?

    • Marc Keirle

      the answer to that is no :/ they dont want us making servers etc and adding any kind of longevity to the game each release ,more people playing old cods over new ones = less money for greedy stockholders ,so less features/longevity more greed …

      • Eddie Tupy

        thats all speculation even though it may be what is going on.

  • Batman


  • imBATMAN

    I’m hoping infected comes along



  • Overachiever

    Combat Training?

  • Kurisu

    I just want them to add improved bot ai from ghosts into private matches and I will be the happiest person alive xD