Treyarch has announced that today they are starting the open beta of the PC Mod Tools for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Originally announced in November 2015, the mod tools have been through extensive testing in closed alpha state with select community members throughout the year.

Today, the open beta is now live, and all PC players who own Black Ops 3 can test out the Mod Tools.

Opening access to modding and mapping tools to a wider audience will allow us to more effectively address bugs, add polish, and move closer to a complete suite of PC features. While these tools are most certainly for the community, they wouldn’t be possible without the community itself, which is why we’re grateful for your patience and participation.

Treyarch says that over the coming months they will add more improvements to the user experience. The Open beta will also feature an unranked server browser for players to test out their mods with the community on PC. The unranked servers will launch at a later date.

SOURCE: Treyarch

  • imBATMAN


    • DeadZombieGaming 12


  • Brian

    Today is a good day. I was expecting them much later.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Today is a gud day
    a beautiful day

  • blackburnt7

    i cant even start bo3 on pc, it gives an error. wtf.

  • W1LL1AM04
    • [EV] BLISS

      u liiiked ur 0wn C0mment feg

    • BradyAlucard

      Because it takes a while to make custom mod tools from for a game from scratch. You know if it were Infinity Ward it’d take just as long, right?

      • W1LL1AM04

        I am not knocking on the Treyarch or Infinity Ward. I just don’t know why they are rolling out these options for the community so late. The closed alpha was in April and they game cycle is almost at an end.

        • Better late than never I guess.

        • Ptrain727

          They waited for the DLC season to end before releasing the tools.

        • RdJokr

          “Almost at an end”

          World at War custom Zombies is still a thing to this day. 8 years after its cycle. With mod tools having arrived now, BO3 will last for many years to come. This will blow IW and whatever game SHG is having out of the PC market for sure, unless they decide to hop in on the mod tools game.

  • Joshwoocool

    Im so happy for this.Only annoying thing is the 23 gb download but it’s whatever

    • Siftblade

      You don’t need it to play the maps

      • Joshwoocool

        Im going to make maps as well

  • Axia

    Bye Bye Infinite Warfare.. lolol
    now just add a few cod4 and mw2 maps and a promod and bye bye future cods

    • Eddie Tupy

      lol i dont think that will last…

      • Axia

        what do u mean?

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  • Call of Duty Waifu

    About time~


      you can’t be my waifu unless you wear a MAGA hat

      • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

        No weebs on ci

  • Michael Romo

    Welp now it looks like I’ll finally buy another PC game. After 2 years…

  • RdJokr

    It’s a great day for the PC community. Custom Zombies is gonna be super lit now.

    Sad thing is, IW and MWR now stand no chance of surviving on PC next year, unless they either offer mod tools as well, or have crazily good optimization.

    • Port

      Infinite Ward and good optimization. At first I serious’d but then I lol’d.

      • DEMOLITION12

        at least people die when you shoot them lmao

        • Port

          Doesn’t matter if your game runs like trash and you can see characters die in cinematic 10 fps. The recent Infinite Ward (Ghosts) is disgustingly bad in making acceptable ports. I expect the worst so I maybe get surprised if it runs “okay”.

    • jt3z

      Did you seriously just say lit? Jesus…….

      • RdJokr

        Yes? Is that a problem?

        • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

          Because you’re always a smartass

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Infinite Warfare is gonna be a great game…
      But i hope the PC port is good…

      Infinity Ward, would you kindly optimize the PC version of Infinite Warfare with FOV Sliders, so it is playable?
      – A fellow PC Gamer

    • Siftblade

      That’s lit fam????????????

  • Nerf Guy



    i’m sure the couple of dozen pc players that play CoD will be over the moon… What a complete and utter waste of game dev resources.

    • Former

      This is actually pretty important, considering zombie mapmakers have wanted modern mod tools for years now. There are already dozens of maps being developed as I type, which thousands of people will play. Try not to be so bitter towards something that doesn’t pertain to you.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Thousands of people….. get a grip , there’s barely thousands of people playing the game on PC, go check steam stats for yourself, and of those that do still play only a tiny percentage will bother to download any custom maps, total waste of resources. And btw ,don’t assume shit , I have a PC and Xbox one and a PS4 so yeah it all pertains to me,

        • ShadowReaperJr.

          If you’re going to use steam stats, at least look at them first before someone throws it back at you The game hits near 12 thousand daily. saying mods will be unpopular is also ridiculous considering the last COD to really use mods (world at war) is still getting thousands of players daily and has communities and videos built around it with millions of views. Take into consideration world at war uses an older, much harder system for modding (compared to blops 3 where you literally go to a mod list and click a single button) Its not hard to wager that blops 3 will build an even larger community with its ease of access alone.

          • SPAWNST4R

            You are talking shit. WaW gets 1900 players worldwide at peak ! That’s not thousands daily is it. The % of custom maps played on waw is and always was tiny, bo3 stats also bundle sp/MP and zombies into 1 number, even if 10% of bo3 player base play these community maps (and that’s a massive over exaggeration) then you got 1200 playing worldwide across all them community maps… good luck filling even 1 lobby/server. You are confusing YOU wanting mod tools as Mod tools being worth having. If you’re happy making maps that no one plays then cool. Enjoy yourself but that doesn’t change the fact that as an exersise for developers it’s a huge waste of resources.

          • ShadowReaperJr.

            So what I’m gathering is you don’t understand how graphs or statistics work. there’s a vast difference between 1900 concurrent players and 1900 daily players. If a game manages 1000 players at all times, do you think the same thousand people are playing 24/7? that’s insane, people switch off and on. for example, blops 3 gets around 12thousand daily (as a peak concurrent) what that translates to, and you can see in the link I already provided, the game gets around 250,000 unique players a day. And as you can see here world at war still gets over 100k unique players a day. considering if you go on world at war now, the vast majority of games being played, both mp and zombies, are modded in some way(mods encompass more than just maps, for example a large portion of the games going on now have 64 player games…A MOD) then no, its no where near an over exaggeration.

          • RdJokr

            Don’t bother with this guy. He just literally comes on every day to bitch now. I’m sure if we didn’t get mod tools, he would bitch on and on about how Treyarch doesn’t care. Nothing can please this guy.

        • Former

          Yet you clearly don’t care about mod tools, thus it doesn’t pertain to you. There is no “wasting resources.” They’re catering to the PC zombie community, which may be small but that doesn’t matter. Just because you don’t care about it, doesn’t mean it’s a waste. That’s the most ignorant form of thinking I’ve ever seen.

  • ccrows

    I know this is COMPLETELY RANDOM & OFF TOPIC, but (since this is the most recent article) I’m gonna ask anyway.

    Are there any water maps with IW? I don’t think I’ve seen a map with water yet. Maybe there is, but I probably missed it.

    Only asking because I enjoy flanking in COD, and I love using water routes in BO3 when I’m playing solo and trying to carry my team. TIA!…

    • lunator100hd .

      I like flank too bul looks like swiming is not gonna be an option in IW.

  • Diego Diniz

    How to host your own server???

  • Peter Griffin

    As always, they always do this sort of things too late. It’s like the contracts and daily challenges for the blackmarket/cryptokeys. This kind of feature/update should arrive in the early lifespan of the game, not when it is dying. Well, not dying, but you know what I mean, IW and MWR are coming.

    I like how Call of Duty try to be a long life span game with things such as black market and supply drops, while the game life span is actually less than 12 month. And the earning rate of custom content is slower than in overwatch for 100 times more content (who said custom weapons in supply drops among an infinity of agent card and specialists outfits and animations that no one cares about?)

    But hey, i guess this is still a good news for BO3 PC, even tho I play on PS4 because CoD on PC is like playing an FPS with a pad…OH WAIT!

    • Former

      These mod tools are mainly gong to be used for custom zombie maps, so having them earlier in Bo3’s life span wouldn’t really change anything. All mapmakers want are modern tools instead of having to use WaW tools.

    • Siftblade

      Bro.. Custom zombies. It doesn’t matter if it released now or earlier. WAW is still a popular game on pc because of custom zombies even though every other cod on pc is dead


    and it’s only £20. get it while you can goyim