PlayStation 4 players who pre-purchase select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare* at participating retailers** can start playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign on Wednesday, October 5.

In this post, we are highlighting some of the details you need to know to get access on October 5.


If you are planning on getting Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare* digitally, you must order either the Digital Legacy or the Digital Deluxe Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Once you have completed the preorder on the PlayStation 4 (note: digital orders on the PS4 store require you to pay the full price immediately), you will automatically be notified on October 5th when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered campaign is available for download. Digital preorders do not need a code.

This offer is available worldwide on the PlayStation Store.


Here’s a full list of retailers that are participating in this offer, via Activision Support:

  • United States: GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart
  • Australia: EB Games, JB HiFi
  • Bahrain: Virgin,
  • Belgium: Game Mania, Bart Smit,, Intertoys, Smartoys, Media Markt / Saturn
  • Brazil: Saraiva, FNAC, Livraria Cultura, UZ Games, Nagem, Livraria Curitiba, Livraria Leitura
  • Bulgaria: Ozone, Pulsar
  • Canada: EB Games
  • Central America: Estigames, El Duende, Vertigo
  • Chile: Microplay, Zetamart, Weplay, Falabella
  • Colombia: Panamericana, Falabella
  • Croatia: Gameworld
  • Cyprus: Stephanis, Public, Paschalis, Gamers Boulevard, D+N Musical Way, Gioco Libero, MP Ventus, Bionic, Lytras Music, Orlaya, RNik, DES
  • Denmark: GameStop, Webhallen
  • Finland: GameStop, Webhallen
  • France: Micromania
  • Germany: GameStop, Media Markt / Saturn
  • Greece: Mediamarkt, Seven Spots, Dixons, Public, Plaisio, Astrongameclulb, The console Club, you, Power User, Power Games, My24shop, Shop, Gameexplorers, Eshop
  • Holland: Game Mania, Bart Smit,, Intertoys, Smartoys, Media Markt / Saturn
  • Hong Kong: PlayStation Platium Shops, Sony Stores, HMV, FORTRESS, Piago
  • Hungary: Konzolvilag
  • India:,,
  • Ireland: GameStop, Smyths Toys
  • Israel: Freak, Media Game, Arcadia, Bug, Game&Mobile, Gamers Eilat
  • Italy: GameStop
  • Korea: Sony Store, Hanwoori, Workaholic, Wev, Gamebox, Y7
  • Kuwait: Al Ghanim,
  • Malta:
  • Mexico: Gamers, Gameplant, Liverpool, Best Buy
  • New Zealand: EB Games, JB HiFi
  • Norway: GameStop, Webhallen
  • Oman: Virgin,
  • Philippines: GameLine, Game Gizmo, iTech, Game One Gadget, Gamextreme
  • Poland:, Empik, MediaExpert, Agito, Komputronic, Gram, Konsoleigry, Ultima
  • Qatar: Virgin,
  • Romania: Altex
  • Russia: Mvideo
  • Saudi Arabia:
  • Serbia: Gameplay, Gameworld
  • Singapore: Sony Store, PLAYe, Gamewerks, Funco Gamez, TOG
  • South Africa:,,,, Btgames
  • Spain: Game, Carrefour, FNAC, Amazon, XtraLife
  • Sweden: GameStop, Webhallen
  • Taiwan: Sony Store, Bahamut, Yahoo
  • Turkey: D&R, Mediamarkt, Teknosa, Vatan, Bimeks, Eloy, Aral game
  • United Arab Emirates: Virgin, Sharaf DG Jumbo, Emax, Lulu, Gekay,
  • United Kingdom: Game, Smyths, Tesco online, Argos, Grainger Games

At the retailers, you must compete paying off the full price (you have to pay off the entire full price of the game, either $79.99 for Legacy or $119.99 for the Legacy Pro; you cannot get a code without paying the full price) of the game in order to get a code. Each retailer may be sending out codes at different times. Check with them to confirm.

This early access offer is available only on PlayStation 4 and is only for the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

The rest of the game will be available on November 4. Once the full game is released with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you will be required to download the full, final version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on November 4, which will include the multiplayer mode.

All of your progress in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered campaign during the early access period will transfer over to final game. In addition, it has been confirmed that you will be able to unlock trophies for the campaign in the early access period.

Xbox One and PC players can get access to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on November 4.

More information is also available on Activision Support site here.

*This offer is only valid with pre-purchase of the Legacy, Digital Legacy, Digital Deluxe, or Legacy Pro Editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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  • UChief

    I can confirm that is also participating in this offer. (Netherlands)

    • MWremastered

      Heb je na het bestellen gelijk een code gekregen voor de MWR campaign?

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  • Hey bro, in the “Digital” section you wrote “Once you have completely the preorder on the PlayStation 4”. Change the word to “Completed” !

    • Keshav Bhat

      Thanks 🙂

  • III-Ownage-lll

    so annoyed that amazon won’t do that.

    • bsktballmsu1

      Yea same here. They may end up making it available for anyone

      • Shahroz Khan

        How the f will they make the early access MWR campaign exclusive to PS4 available to everyone ??

        • bsktballmsu1

          just like with how they made the beta available for everyone and not just those who pre ordered last year. The campaign would just be downloadable from psn store like the beta was last year after they made it available to everyone

          • You’re a fool

          • Shahroz Khan

            Holy fuck must be the stupidest person on earth

          • bsktballmsu1

            how?, they can make it available to everyone, just like how big youtubers and media outlets are able to get it early they can make it available to everyone yeah they probably won’t make the campaign available to all psn users like the beta but they may.

  • SkylineDesigns

    I may just prepurchase from gamestop and cancel the order after that.

    • Sol Malus

      Prepurchase doesn’t allow refunds dude.

      • SentinelNumbaTwo

        He didn’t see that one coming because he knows it all.

      • Ed

        It depends on how gamestop handles it…
        if you preorder a game from gamestop online, they dont charge you til the game actually ships. Im not sure they will charge you on oct 5th when they email the code, but if they dont charge you, then you can cancel your order after the code is emailed, but before the physical copy is shipped. Im thinking they might charge you on oct 5th, though.

    • Jon

      wont work that way. once you download the MWR you will not be allowed to get a refund.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Can’t do that. Once you’ve pre-purchased and gotten that Code, you must buy the game. Very different than a preorder.

      • SkylineDesigns

        I already pre-purchased and went in the next day and cancelled it. Sorry but at my gamestop it worked.

        • DreadedQ

          You got a MWR code and downloaded it, then returned ?

  • ccrows

    (IMO) This is what Activsion should have done.

    Let PS4 players play the campaign 40 days before MP launch.

    Let XB1 players play the campaign 10 days before MP launch. (Sony would still have their 30 day lead)

    Come launch the majority of the community is going to want to play MP. I don’t see why letting BOTH consoles play the campaign early would be such a problem. If anything, it would probably draw even more preorder hype.

    Whatever, I just don’t get it…

    • Jesse Pangallo

      That is the joys of exclusivity, Sony has a contract with activision for special little perks for playing on PS4 so PS4 will get stuff early. Just like map packs for blops 3 and soon with infinite warfare. Would’ve been xbox if they would’ve renewed the contract with activision.

  • IJustSpammed

    silly question but will MWR be a separate disc from IW or will they be on the same disc?I just preordered the legacy edition last night, waste of money maybe, but i can’t pass up an opportunity to play a boots on the ground game for current gen that i know will be good

    • Michael Romo

      No, I believe MWR will be a digital download, not a hard copy

    • Smayo

      If you can manage your impatience I would wait for the MWR to release separate. No word for now when it’s going to happen, but it will no doubt.

      And if for some reason it won’t, you can then always still buy the digital deluxe edition or legacy edition on PSN or XBS.

  • Yo mumma

    Yay Ps4, take that ya Xbox loving butt monkeys.

    • Jon

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  • Diego Diniz

    I will buy Digital Deluxe Edition on PSN. I think they should give us something more useful…not camos and calling cards…but a good and nice BONUS!

  • Mikey9835

    For all you UK guys, Tesco seem to be participating on their website. For £69.99, however I cannot confirm.

    • abdul ghaffar

      Tesco is doing the 30 day early access to MWR campaign, I have pre ordered from them and they sent me a email about the early access.

    • Chris

      But will you get it on the Friday? Probably not.

  • Razor Edits

    Will it be MWR be able to download at midnight tonight or will I have to wait until after 10 am?

  • Brian

    I pre-ordered infinite warfare legacy edition and paid the full price but I don’t think my receipt came with the modern warfare remastered 30 days campaign early access code, what should I do?

    • Jerrick Lay

      same, did you receive an email by them?

      • Tony Evans

        Same here. No email from them either. Going to Gamestop when they open to see what’s going on.

        • Brian

          I just heard apparently you have to go back to the retailer store you bought pre order with receipt of course and ask for the access code for the campaign

  • Chadisme

    What about co-op online for the early access?

    • MR.LAW

      MWR doesn’t support co-op online.

  • zGhostRises –

    I thought u can preorder mwr iw for $5 in gamestop for the beta?

    • Soda Popinski

      Yes you can. And I did. For the IW beta only.
      But the early access to MW:R is different and requires FULL payment in advance. My quesiton is, can we pay in full, get the early access code, then return or cancel the order getting our money back??


        that would be fraud.

        • Trinity

          haha Mr. Law says that would be fraud lol

  • Ya boi

    This Is fu***** bs man this is y my friends hate infinity ward