New marketing material arriving at GameStop stores in US has revealed that they company is hosting a Call of Duty day event on October 1.

During that day, fans who pre-order or pre-purchase Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at their stores can get a brand new exclusive poster. The front of the poster features the key art of the game, while the back features schematics of the Retribution, Raven, and Jackal.

We will update as we get more information in.

SOURCE: @deatherage_can // GameStop

  • Jon

    Now that is some serious swag…..

  • Mr_ysi42t96


  • who cares though i mean…

    • The people who care, care.

    • SentinelNumbaTwo

      Obviously you fucking care. The people who actually don’t care don’t waste their time telling the others that don’t care, not to care. But since you are that special retard, you care judt enough to post the stupidest shit known in 2016.

      • i asked who cared cause i dont, i only care about the remaster and people telling me about the mwr poster, I dont care about a damn poster I want more info on the game.

  • Commander Wolfe

    I pre-ordered. However, I don’t think I’d go drive an hour or two to my nearest GameStop just to get a giant piece of paper.

  • djml9

    I preordered and hen canceled for the first poster. Might do it again.

  • Scales

    Omg I’ve been waiting my whole life for this poster holy shit I hope the world don’t end before Oct. 1! Oh my god! Oh my god yessss!

    • Kristijgooch2

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  • RdJokr

    That’s… nice, I guess? IW should probably take a page from Treyarch and hire some comic artists to do their posters and shit. I would love to see an artistic take on the campaign and Zombies characters. Now that’d be something worth hanging on my wall.

    • Mario Rivera

      Gosh, the treyarch slobbing is too real with this comment lol

      • RdJokr

        How am I slobbing? Have you not seen all the Zombies posters for BO3? They are top-tier stuff. Hell, even the Comic-Con poster for IW was great. Artistic illustration of characters make for much better posters than ship schematics and whatnot. But that’s just my preference.

        • Mario Rivera

          Sorry, that was rude of me but the ”treyarch is soo great at this and the treyarch is sooo great at that” type comments as if nobody else is capable of doing anything as good or better kinda wears on you after a while. Especially when they aren’t nearly as perfect as people make them out to be. Im really annoyed that IW tossed their identity aside for this COD so im extra sensitive to these comments. I really miss the IW way of doing things minus some of the easily fixable BS of course haha. This COD is the 3rd year straight of being very ”treyarch inspired”, its sad to see cuz it was IW that inspired them for years.

  • Had enough seeing “free posters” and even more “free posters” for preorders at certain places, just no please