Treyarch has added in a new bundle to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Black Market.

It’s the Six Pack bundle and gives 6 Common Supply Drops for 45 Cryptokeys.

The Black Market does not state yet when this offer will end.

Thanks for all the tips on Twitter!

  • who cares though i mean

  • Gamerazor247

    Can’t wait for all the Contrast duplicates, let’s goooooooo!!~

  • No.

    • BoreskiLebanon

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      • Shut the fuck up

        • Aidan

          Awe hell yeah, don’t miss out on a smokin deal like this one

          • ShadowMaster862

            Why is there no option on Disqus or whatever to report users.

          • Aidan

            Not sure. But you can block them. that’s even better.

          • Better quit my day job

  • CodPointsRuinedCod

    Activision is retarded at this point

  • Sexy Mcgee

    I wish they let you trade your Black Jack Contracts for a 10000 cryptard keys a piece. That only seems fair. I have 9 of them and no desire to use them.

    • w

      10,000? lol

    • w (formerly known as guest w)

      10,000? Lets not get carried away here

  • Johtoboy

    weapon bribe or fuck off

    • Eddie Tupy

      idk why this isnt upvoted. they should have weapon bribe hours for like 200 keys and it should randomly happen during each day for one hour or something.

    • Former

      For real. Treyarch…your game is dying. Make everyone happy and give us weapons already.

  • GinsuVictim

    I saw that today, but today is my first day playing the current gen version, so I assumed this was always here. 🙂

    • WhiskeyDick

      Welcome to the current gen finally bro!

  • Commander Wolfe

    I’m confused. Is it supposed to be like one of those things that guarantee the player a rare or legendary or common item?

    • djml9

      No, its just a regular old discount bundle.

      6 normal sd’s = 60 kryptokeys
      This bundle of 6 = 45 kryptokeys

  • Former

    I finally save up hundreds of keys, waiting for a good deal….and this shit arrives. For fuck’s sake, Activision.

  • Ed

    have they ever had a crypto half-price discount on rare supply drops or is that just given to people that go the cod point route?

    • Former

      Nope. Closest they had was a 90 key pack of 5 rares. It was a way better deal than this common drop garbage.

  • ccrows

    I honestly look at this as a good thing.

    Sure it’s not a Rare Supply Drop bundle. Sure it would be MUCH better for a Weapon Bribe, but IMO any time that there’s a deal that involves cryptokeys and not COD points is a step in the right direction. (hopefully we get the better stuff added soon)

    Personally I worry that IW is going to be as bad as AW with SD variants. Every major YTber keeps saying that “Salvage” is just another term for currency.

    ^ If that ends up being the case, expect the community to be going back to BO3 just like they did with BO2 after Ghosts came out… (along with playing MWR)

    • Former

      But is the deal even beneficial? Commons are unreliable as fuck, plus the discount isn’t even substantial.

      • ccrows

        Prestige said on YT today that this is a good way to fill in your common stuff gaps that you’re missing, and get it out of the way for now. & I agree with him.

        With that said, I did a pack earlier, and pulled a rare/epic/legendary out of a common pull. (they were all dupes) but still a good pull. Sure you’re gonna get a bunch of duds too, but it’s a good to fill in all the common stuff that you’re missing for now.

        On a side note, I have a bad feeling that IW. I keep seeing all these variants, and I’m little worried TBH.

        FINALLY, People are hating on BO3 ATM cuz it’s the current COD game, but a year from now I really do think that BO3 (outside of MWR) will be the most beloved COD of this gen. That’s why I keep grinding away at these SDs, cuz I think I’m gonna be playing BO3 for at least another year… (along with MWR)

        • Former

          No matter how bad IW is, I can’t see myself playing Bo3 for much longer. Maybe I’m burnt out (16 days played in MP), but is completely stale at this point. The only excitement I get is when I get a new weapon, which has happened a whopping 2 times this year. Lol. Matchmaking is god awful and server lag is prevalent almost every day (on XB1, at least)

          • ccrows

            I mostly play BO3 solo, and I have fun playing something as simple as TDM or whether I really need to carry randoms in Dom.

            Honestly IDK know why I stil love playing BO3, I just do. Maybe it’s because I hated Ghosts and AW so much that it’s extremely refreshing for me to enjoy COD again… *shrugs*

  • Aidan

    Good prank

    • Sexy Mcgee

      I actually unlocked the shadow claw on the first crate of these. Haven’t unlocked anything worthwhile from the blue chest in a while. The shadow claw is beast, though. I’m surprised I don’t see it being used more.

      • Aidan

        I’m fuckin awful with the shadow claw

  • Kozzi


  • Eddie Tupy

    they better add weapon bribes soon for like 500 each max

    • Aidan

      Who cares? If you waste cryptokeys on this you may actually be retarded

      • Former

        He said he wants weapon bribes, as in he isn’t buying these common packs.

        • Aidan


          Either I responded to the wrong comment or he changed it…

          • Former

            Ah. That explains a lot.

  • Cancer.

  • Mc Adan

    Who cares now ?


  • New meta

    This has not showed up in my game yet… (PC) Its a shitty offer anyways.

  • XGhostOpzX

    What a joke