Watch the brand new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, available November 4 with select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Pre-purchase select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign starting October 5 only on PlayStation 4. Learn more here.

  • ThatOneBlazian


  • Daniel

    So hyped for both games

  • Mick

    Charlie Don’t Surf and All Ghillied Up ?

  • CyberWolf

    SWEET! Is it just me, or did they make the campaign look better other than graphically? The nuke scene looks a lot more fucked up, if that was even possible. Also, the Hereford SAS base from FNG looks more alive than the original. Still, I feel as if Al-Asad’s new model looks more mexican than arab…

    • I know, right? They managed to insert so much more emotion into the nuke scene (fucked up really is the right way to describe it). And I agree on Al-Asad, they made him really ugly in this one.

      • CyberWolf

        Well, I wasn’t saying that he looks ugly. I just thought that he looked more like Rico Mendoza, the gun smuggler. It’s not that I really give a shit about that, I just noticed.

      • zakahev looks ok, but i admit that al-asad looks nothing like before, he looks older

  • Did anyone else notice they re-did the original CoD4 trailer? Well, in a way, at least. What a throwback!

    • CyberWolf

      Pretty much. I actually like what they did with the trailer. I might not be buying the special edition of Infinite Warfare, but I will watch a playthrough of the remaster.

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    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      I’m gonna make both play at the same time
      EDIT: I don’t see many similarities tbh

      • Certain parts of the trailer are practically the same. The whole zoom-in and zoom-out of Price’s eye, the music is the same in a few places, and the ”Ready up” at the end, just to name the few.

  • Nice timing at 1:00 They’ve done an amazing job with this trailer. Really looking forward to the campaign on Oct 5!

  • Alienade

    this is nostalgic as fuck.

  • So excited for this

  • fiendish

    It’s a nice trailer, but if both Xbox and PC players have to wait a extra 30 days for the campaign I don’t see why either of them should give Activision their money at all.

  • Commander Wolfe

    Wow, the nuke scene changed COMPLETELY!! I kind of like it. I hope this means we can finally see what Jackson and Soap would look like in COD4 (I know we saw what Soap looked like, but I want to see if he looked differently when he fought in 2011 compared to 2013-2016).

    • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

      Yeah Jackson will probably just have an aw face

  • Diego Diniz

    Why not release the Multiplayer 30 days earlier too?

    • Dont gives them another reason to be cucks. That stupid pre order bonus is already stupid and punishes other players for playing another console or being on PC. Now the full game 30 days early just for playing PS4? No

      • Diego Diniz

        Xbox Player DETECTED! Dude, dont be stupid…go buy a PS4 right now! Games like The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted send a BIG BIG HUG FOR YOU!

        • If anyone is being stupid it’s you with that reply. And no, I’m not going to buy a PS4.

          • Diego Diniz

            Dude, i’m just kidding but talking Serious right now, im from Brazil and here these kind of things are SO EXPENSIVE, you know? I mean…for you Americans, a PS4 is $399…a little boy that work delivering newspaper or pizza can buy a Console in USA. Here in Brazil is almost R$ 2.000,00…you have to WORK HARD here or be RICH to have a PS4 + Nice Hadset + SCUF Controller etc etc etc
            What im trying to say is…you have a privilege to live in a country that aloows you to buy these consoles with a good price! If you like Games…buy a PS4! It is a GREAT CONSOLE!

          • I mean okay but i’m perfectly fine with my Xbox One and happy with my choice. I dont mind the early 30 Day DLC deal i dont care about that. I hate pre order bonus like that play Call of Duty Remastered early or the fact PS4 gets six days of the beta and Xbox players only get three and PC gets nothing

  • Diego Diniz

    Season Pass Holders must play MULTIPLAYER 30 days earlier. NOW THAT is a big bonus for byuing Digital Deluxe Edition…

    • Aidan

      That’s asking for a little too much…

  • Diego Diniz

    I always pay for Season Pass on Call of Duty Games. They should give us early acess to the MULTIPLAYER too…

    • Season pass is a waste of money anyhow

      • Former

        How is it a waste? Treyarch’s passes are well worth it for the zombie maps alone. Imagine being stuck playing Shadows of Evil and Giant all year. …..Nope.

        • Except Treyarch’s DLC season wasnt great and not at all worth it. I only liked two Zombies maps from this season DE and Gorod Krovi. While Zetsubo and Revelations are utter trash. And obviously Treyarch like the rest of the devs have no idea how to make good MP DLC maps anymore but that’s another story.

          • Former

            So you dislike one year of DLC and use that as means to say “season passes are a waste of money”? That’s an odd way of thinking, but OK…

          • Nice job on assuming but even then, nothing wrong with thinking that you dont like something, of course you’re gonna feel like you wasted money. I also bought the season pass for AW and I felt like I wasted money too because the DLC was utter shit and forgetting. I haven’t enjoyed a DLC season since Black Ops 2 and I think that’s the last game I thought had any meaningful DLC.

          • Former

            Of course AW DLC was shit. The game itself was. Treyarch DLC will always be worth it. I wasn’t a huge fan of Zetsubou either, but it still provided a few weeks of fresh zombies gameplay, which is well worth the $12.50 I spent on it with the Season pass.

          • I disagree that it was worth it. If this was 2013 and DLC for BO2 came out I’ll agree that it was worth it. Even though Treyarch is my favorite dev team for CoD I’m highly disappointed in the DLC season they offered this year. The base game was great, DLC not so much. I dont know what held it back for me so much this year and especially for Zombies, maybe Jason B shouldn’t be the director of zombies because he clearly shown he has nothing new to offer.

          • Former

            They definitely could have done a better job, especially with gobblegum, but it was still worth it to me. Then again, I’m a massive zombies fan so it doesn’t take much to please me.

          • I’m a massive fan of Treyarch zombies probably why I’m so disappointed with the zombies in BO3 because I expected a lot out of them coming out of BO2. It’s pretty good but I definitely prefer BO2 over BO3 in terms of zombies.

          • ShadowMaster862

            You expected a lot after BO2, and got Easter Eggs with cutscenes that don’t end the game – More Soloable Easter Eggs – Gobblegums – Better ranking system – Weapon Kits – Additional Pack-a-Punch upgrades that give special effects – PC got mod tools and more. And if you bring up Gobblegums being a cash grab, you can go without Mega Gobblegums, and earn the Liquid Divinium efficiently compared to Supply Drops. It’s optional to buy them, although it can be sketchy. But that’s not goign to affect your gameplay in anyway. Saying they didn’t add much after BO2 isn’t very true.

          • >Easter Egg Cutscenes dont mean better in anyway, sure it’s nice. But Why would I care about that? Pointless
            >weapon kits are cool and all, probably one of the few things I actually liked
            >Pack a Punch effects should have been in BO2 when you can double pack. Shouldn’t have taken them 3 years to do that.
            >Gobblegums are a cool idea, I don’t have any against them, but I do feel like it held Zombies back in BO3 with new things such a perks but that’s my theory.
            >not even going to bother with liquid divinum

            Here is where you need to learn how to read, I didn’t say they didn’t anything new genius. Sure there is a few cool ideas. But as far as maps go, the ideas in those maps arent new whatsoever. That was my point. So yes Black Ops 3 falls flat on its ass on Zombies.

            However, if you like BO3 Zombies fantastic. I’m proud for you. I think BO3 Zombies is pretty good, but I’ll be lying if I said it’s “amazing” or the “best ever ” because it’s not. It’s average.

          • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

            You haven’t even played revelations yet

          • I don’t need to. I seen enough gameplay to know it’s shit

          • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae


          • Jason Blundell sucks the D Big Ddddd

          • BradyAlucard

            How is Jimmy Zielinski better in anyway? Blundell has made the most fun maps in my opinion.

          • Because Jimmy Z actually tried new things. Where as Jason is an uncreative as hell.

          • RdJokr

            Oh yeah, it’s not like Blundell didn’t single-handedly save BO2’s DLC season from being a total clusterfuck or something… Mob of the Dead? Origins? Just one of these two maps alone shit on what Jimmy did with TranZit and Die Rise.

            And Zetsubou is underrated as hell. If there’s one map that can make you OP as hell, it is this one.

          • Do you have two eyes and know how to read? I was talking Black Ops 3 specifically. Blundell did amazing on maps like Mob of the Dead and Origins. I give him full credit on that. But you know what? Those two maps WAS HIS PEAK. and Die Rise wasn’t even bad. It was actually pretty good and something different. Jimmy was never afraid to do something new, bring some new ideas to the table. Where as Jason..he only did it in Mob of the Dead and Origins. Not only that, he can’t do a proper ending because he’s shit at it telling a story. (Again not taking away from Mob of the Dead and the most of Origins) i dont know why everyone is a fanboy of Jason B when he probably worse than Jimmy Z. He isn’t any savior. He only did amazing in two maps three years ago. Congratulations.

          • RdJokr

            I thought everybody likes to be OP in Zombies? Surely that’s gotta be fun. Because it is for me.

            Also, I find it hilarious that you keep saying Blundell won’t try anything new. How much change did you see throughout the maps during Zielinski’s days in comparison to Blundell’s days? I’d argue that Blundell has put in more changes within map design and story than Zielinski did with BO1 and 2 combined. Not to take away from anything Jimmy Z has done, because he has done a lot. But in terms of overall direction, Blundell >>> Zielinski any day of the week.

          • I dont mind being OP, but the thing Zetsubo isn’t at all fun. Gorod Krovi is fun Because it’s straight to the point.

            And how much change did Jimmy do you ask? Hmm okay. Let’s see we got Grief mode, we got TranZit, which say what you want about TranZit, while I dont like it, it was a change and change in how you play zombies. My only problem with TranZit is that it was ahead of its time. Hmm lets see buildables, that’s a good change. Oh, DIE RISE. just like tranZit Jimmy Z tried something new involving map layouts. There was never a map like Die Rise before and after. Buried was great too. Lets look how they did the wall weapons, YOU COULD PLACE WALL WEAPONS ANYWHERE. Let’s not forget NEW PERKS in every map and a NEW WONDER WEAPON IDEAS. Jimmy truly made each map feel different to each other and tried something new.

            What does Jason do? Oh opens Black Ops 3 with a Mob of the Dead 2.0 with some Origins features. ReL creative, huh. Let’s not forget he and the team.couldnt bother to make a new perk the entire DLC season either. DE is literally a map with Mob of the Dead ideas and Origins ideas. I could go on, but I don’t feel like running down each map.

            I don’t hate Jason B, I actually think he is alright. But he’s not savior you guys make him out to be. He is actually in some ways worse than Jimmy Z. He is nowhere near better. And if you asked me,.I don’t think he should have full control of the Zombies team. I wish Jimmy was still there that way it could have been kike BO2 where both of them are making maps.

          • RdJokr

            It’s funny that you mention Buried, seeing as it’s a result of Jimmy incorporating a bunch of innovations from Mob of the Dead as well. It’s still not a complete carbon copy though, but still, it is what it is. You cannot deny that.

            And new wonder weapon ideas? Oh, so we’re just gonna ignore: the swords and Li’l Arnies in SOE? The elemental bows in DE? The Skull and KT-4 in ZNS (which is nothing like the HIVE if that’s what you’re gonna compare with)? The GKZ-45 Mk. 3 in GK?

            Different map feels? Now you’re just nitpicking. You cannot tell me that all the maps in BO3 feel the same. That argument may work for TG and DE, but the other 4 maps definite do not feel the same as one another.

            As far as perks are concerned, true, we did not get a lot of new perks. But instead, we get 4-5 new Gobblegums per DLC pack. Can’t really argue with that now. Plus, out of the 3 perks Jimmy added in BO2, 2 of them are complete redundants of one another, and don’t work so well in practice (Tombstone is basically fucked if you’re playing in large maps like GK; Who’s Who is basically a better version of Tombstone, but even then it’s still stretching, as it doesn’t work so well within tight corners). Vulture Aid is the only useful perk here, but it only really works due to how Buried is designed, with perks and boxes being so obscured. Put them in other maps, and it’s basically easy mode. I know I said that feeling OP in Zombies is fun, but not when it turns the game into easy cheesy state. That’s where Zetsubou shines: even when you’re set up for total OP-ness with imprint plants and full perks, you’re still vulnerable to a certain degree if you can’t navigate around the maps. And that makes it a fun challenge for me.

            Zielinski and Blundell both have their strengths and weaknesses. But as far as I can see, Zielinski lost his flame with BO2. The story he crafted wasn’t going nowhere, the maps he made were mediocre at best. It wasn’t looking good for Zombies. He just wasn’t feeling like making Zombies. That’s why he quit Treyarch; he wanted to venture into other stuff. It’s better with Blundell in charge, because at least he can take the story to a better direction, end it where it needs to end, and fixes the mess of a plot that Zielinski left behind.

          • Swords are new in Shadows I give you that. But KT-4? Lol are you serious? That’s not new at all. Go play Die Rise. The bows? They’re kinda new, but at the sametime, it completely takes the idea of Origins. Ray Gun mark 3? Lol the ray gun 3 is just a Ray gun without splash damage with the left gun works similar to a black hole. So no, not new.

            How am I nitpicking? The maps do feel the same lol. I’m just going to leave that one as subjective but k lol

            As far as perks go, at least Jimmy at least put in the effort to making new perks. As I said before, put Who Who’s on TranZit and put Tombstone on Die Rise. They would have worked better.

            And in my opinion, it’s not better, i find Jason more mediocre than Jimmy Z with TranZit. Like I said, I don’t think either should be in charge. If Jimmy still worked there I would have liked they way they done it in BO2. Have Jimmy Z work on one map and Jason do the map after. Take turns. That’s why I enjoy Black Ops 2 so much. You get a completely different feel playing Mob of the Dead than playing Buried. Something about Origins and Mob of the Dead has a more “Campaign” feel and Jimmy Z’s maps had a different feel. I can’t explain it, but I liked it better that way so much.

          • BradyAlucard

            That sort of seemed like you stated that as a fact tbh.

            I found all of BO3’s maps to be fun. Blundell overhauls all of the maps with cool and fun features, and he doesn’t need to fix what isn’t broken. Evidently, in BO3, he has mainly gotten most of the features in all of the maps with features from BO2, because I can tell that he knew that fans would enjoy it since they were fun and well-received. Things like the Margwas (Brutus from Mob of the Dead and the Panzer Soldat from Origins), the timed generators (Origins), the Beast (Mob of the Dead), etc. If you ask me, Zielinski is more of the same as Blundell, and Blundell adding a Lovecraftian influence just made me like his maps even more, because Lovecraft and escalating stories in such a significant way is, in my opinion, very creative (even though Zielinski *did* start that with the Vril).

          • I think the lovecraft idea was cool. My only problem with that, is that it focused less on Zombies. The story in Black Ops 3 has taken its focus away from zombies. There isn’t that creepy vibe anymore that WaW, BO1, hell, even BO2 had. Zombies are no longer the focus or the main enemies in the story anymore but instead it’s some Apothican race? Time traveling, dimensions was cool while it lasted but its ran it’s course. I don’t think nothing ever will be better than the zombies story when it first started. You can’t beat that especially when Treyarch used a lot of real life things that happened and some good ole conspiracy theories. Definitely interesting. I remember being 13 years old at the time WaW was new and I couldn’t stop obsessing over the Zombies backstory.

          • BradyAlucard

            Well, I’d like to argue that Lovecraft’s influence did make the game even more scary and made it weird because of how much bigger everything has become from the enemies to the universe (or multiverses) as a whole, but I understand the issue, and I saw that as well. I was basically thinking “uh… this is Zombies not Bloodborne…?”. I was around the same age as you when I first experienced Nazi Zombies 8 years ago (14 or so) and to me it’s even more interesting now, but one could argue that it’s less unique since Lovecraftian stories were practically copy and pasted (well maybe that’s extreme if we’re going to be technical). Call me biased though because I got hugely into Lovecraft’s works thanks to Bloodborne and how great that game’s lore was and the fact that CoD Zombies has Lovecraft stuff now makes me want to be a theorist because of it. But, again, I understand; we’re supposed to be fighting the undead. they should at least designed other Zombies that have been mutated and deformed to look more Apothican-like, at least in Revelations .

          • It’s pretty cool and all but it doesn’t make it more scary and different in my opinion. The way they originally started out Zombies was perfect. Using real life events and real life experiments, conspiracy theories into the story. It made things like teleporters make sense. I always had a special place in my heart and a huge biased for Treyarch’s zombies because I always felt it was different and it still is different. Just WaW and BO are the best in terms of the story.

          • BradyAlucard

            Lovecraftian stories are some of the scariest things in history, I guess it’s really about the way that it was executed. The Lovecraft stuff began with the Vril tbf, which started in Shangri-La I believe, but I’m not 100% sure.

          • Yeah Jimmy Z originally introduced the background story of that. It probably is scary in a sense, but I typically find real life events more scary. But yeah I wish it was executed better because when it first picked up in Shadows…let’s say I don’t really find Shadows of Evil scary lol

          • BradyAlucard

            I guess it’s just the concept that’s scary… what those beings are, and the powers that they have. To me the insanity elementals/meatballs are a bit intimidating. But the map that scared me the most was Buried.

          • BradyAlucard

            Yes… yes you do need to play it to know for a fact. I’ve played it, it’s not bad. At all.

          • No, I don’t. It’s shit.

          • BradyAlucard

            I still love Tranzit to this day. I love all Zombies maps, they are the things that make me still play CoD to this day. Multiplayer? Forget about it, it’s rage-inducing because of the people who play it and there’s really nothing the developers can do but ruin it with ridiculously stupid competitive crap like SBMM that’s killing CoD’s Multiplayer component. Anyway, I digress.

            Coming from me, someone who’s experienced the map, I think it’s very fun. I mean… I get it, it feels like a copy and paste because the map is pretty much just old maps copy and pasted and slightly altered, but it’s playing on those old maps that made it so enjoyable for me. But I’m sorry you feel that way, I do wish I could change your mind about it because I definitely want you to experience what I’m experiencing.

          • I’m still gonna play it and try my best to enjoy it but i cannot accept that map as the final zombie map for BO3. It’s just too disappointing.

          • BradyAlucard

            As a final map? Eh, I get it. I can take an opinion don’t get me wrong. But I think your opinion will slightly change once you play it. And, I don’t know if you knew about this but just FYI, there have been many players exploiting Der Eisendrache’s anti-gravity to get to a glitch spot and illegitimize the game, in case it doesn’t get patched once you guys get your hands on it. It was unbelievably annoying.

          • BradyAlucard

            Treyarch’s DLC season will always be better than the other developers’ DLC seasons, and Zombies was great all-around. I could always find something positive about every map, and Revelations is one of my all-time favorites. And have you played Revelations as an Xbox user, because last time I checked, you’re not getting it until, what, Tuesday?

          • Dont need to play it know it’s shit..i explained this yesterday. Zombies was good but not great. It was disappointing as all fuck

          • BradyAlucard

            You haven’t disclosed your reasonings, though. I completely disagree, but since you established that it was *at least* good I can respect that. Should we have gotten a DLC season that you found to be great? Of course. But as someone who doesn’t do easter eggs and just plays the map I found the maps to be great personally. Not as great as BO2’s because those were my favorite Zombies maps ever because of how feature-packed and fun they were, but IMO it’s close. I’ve been having a ton of fun with Revelations this past month.

          • Revelations is so bad I already finished writing my thoughts down for my Revelations Sucks video and it hasn’t even came out yet for Xbox One. I’m just waiting for it to come out so I can record so gameplay for the video.

            But I think Revelations is absolute garbage for loads of reasons.

            -No new Perks.

            This is your final zombie map and you mean to tell me Treyarch couldn’t be bothered to add any new perks their entire DLC season and they least they could was do it on DLC4. But no, they didn’t. Zero perks. Not even PhD Flopper.

            -Weapons and Wonder Weapons

            So pretty much all we got in terms of throw backs is the Thundergun, Apothican Servant and M1927. This entire map is pretty much a throw back of the last 8 years and you mean to tell me they can add in the STG44, Galil, AK74u, M1911 and whatnot? It fell flat just like this map.

            -it’s nothing new
            Pretty much self explanatory. The idea of this combination of all maps is cool and it sounds real good on paper, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s only good for about one play through and you’re just setting there like a member berry and you’re like “ohhh i member Mob of the Dead”. There is literally no new idea in this map. Nothing new in terms of gameplay. The ritual thing is pretty much Origins and Shadows of Evil. No new buildables, or anything of that sorts.

            In my conclusion, this map should have not been the final map for Black Ops 3. I could go on and on why i don’t like this map but I’ll just leave it at that. I’m not saying this map shouldn’t exist, but it shouldn’t be the final map of BO3. It has nothing on Origins and Moon what so ever. It can’t even be compared. That’s how pathetic Revelations is.

  • Commander Wolfe

    I hope they ACTUALLY release the extended version of the “F.N.G.” Mission this time.

    • BigMacMan

      They did, but those ‘objectives’ are kinda hidden

      • Commander Wolfe

        If you’re referring to accessing it via PC, then that’s not what I want. It MUST be accessible for ALL versions.

        • BigMacMan

          What I meant was that after you do the initial training at the firing range, the game tells you to go straight to Cpt Price. But if you walk towards the grenade /field training areas, then new objectives pop up. Happened to me yesterday when I was playing on PS4