For players that preorder Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Digital Deluxe Edition on the PlayStation 4 store, PlayStation has revealed brand new preorder bonuses.

In addition to getting access to the beta and the Terminal bonus map, the Digital Deluxe Edition preorders will also get the Bullethawk Personalization Pack*, the Hellstorm Personalization Pack**, and a Calling Card set.

Bullethawk Personalization Pack*

The Bullethawk Animated Personalization Pack includes an animated weapon camo, animated calling card, and animated reticle.

Hellstorm Personalization Pack**

The Hellstorm Animated Personalization Pack includes an animated weapon camo, animated calling card, and animated reticle.

Themed Set of Calling Cards

This set includes 1 animated calling card and 5 static calling cards.

*The Bullethawk Personalization Pack preorder bonus is also available with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare preorders on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC at only GameStop in the US. Internationally, no physical retailers have announced this bonus as of now. Digitally, The Bullethawk Pack is currently only listed on the PS4 store. We will update with confirmation about Xbox One and PC once it is confirmed.

**The Hellstorm Personalization Pack bonus is also available with select preorders of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in certain retailers internationally, including Amazon in UK and Amazon Europe. Digitally, The Hellstorm Pack is currently only listed on the PS4 store. We will update with confirmation about Xbox One and PC once it is confirmed.

Images via PlayStation

  • djml9

    I have it preordered on ps4 but i probably wont be able to use these on the account i play one since activision decided to make all cosmetic dlc profile exclusive.

    • Billy Trevor Heffernan

      they didn’t decide to make it profile exclusive.. it’s the same as leveling up.. of cource it doesn’t transfer to another profile

      • djml9

        Yea they did. These skins are downloads from the Playstation Store. In Ghosts and BO2, all the dlc skins and other cosmetics were spread to all profiles. Starting with AW, they made it so they only work on the profile they are purchased on.

  • Allways furst


    • Rekt


  • Diego Diniz

    I will buy Digital Deluxe Edition…im always a Season Pass Holder, but Calling Cards and Camos are NOT what we want. The should give us something more useful!

  • Ain’t gonna lie, this shit looks dope. But ain’t enough for a pre order lmao.

  • Kakka Carrot Cake

    So the red dot moves when you’re on a target?

    • Former

      Looks like it. I’m guessing the standard ones will too, hopefully.

  • Sentinel

    Yo I hope those are moving red dot reticles when it’s aimed at a target. It would be an nice little feature & the camos look a lot more awesome than BO3s

    • BradyAlucard

      Nah it’ll be hard to top BO3’s camos.

      • Mick

        Personally, I didn’t really like the basic camos you unlock when doing the weapon challenges, except for dark matter.

        • BradyAlucard

          I think they’re good for what they’re meant to be, these are locked behind a pre-order paywall. I just love Treyarch camos.

          • Sentinel

            You always got something against Activision.

          • BradyAlucard

            You act as if they don’t deserve it, and you must not have seen me praising and defending Infinite Warfare for its graphics and how fun I think it potentially could be.

      • Sentinel

        Nah, it won’t be hard at all. This look more hardcore than those eye candy camos.

        • BradyAlucard

          Black Ops 3 had great camos though… Black Ops 2 and 3 can’t be beat IMO.

  • Mick

    Hellstorm pack looks fuego

  • Filthy Prank’d

    At times like these, I am so glad I got Digital Deluxe. Getting all these pre-order bonuses, as well as MWR and IW with SP? I think I just got a little greedy for $100. Fuck Activi$ion though, they won’t get a penny from me from microtransactions, I only buy the game itself because I support the devs and to enjoy the game.

    • Mick

      What are you fucking gay? πŸ˜›

      • it’s his money let him spend it the way he wants

        • Mick

          You don’t get the joke. Do you know FilthyFrank on YouTube? Cause that was my reference.

          • hmm no, what vids does he make?

          • Filthy Prank’d

            I’d rather let you find out yourself. Also, iDubbbz. Good people, alright, but if you get easily offended, then don’t watch either of them.

          • lol i don’t get offended i’ll check ’em out thanks

          • Binq

            it’s alllll about leafyyyyy! Yayyyyyyyyy!

          • Billy Trevor Heffernan

            it’s more of a idubbbz reference but i still love you xxx

    • RdJokr

      That’s how I’ve always seen it. Value-wise, the Digital Deluxe gives you all the good stuff. Stuff that you can use in-game anyway. Anybody with extra cash and an obsession with physical bonus items can spend more, but Digital Deluxe is where it’s at.

      • Mike Pesci

        or what if you got the whole game for the normal price? instead of them holding things back and acting like they are ‘extra?’

        • RdJokr

          Stop with that conspiracy theory. They’re holding nothing back. DLC is made post-launch as they should be, and I’m perfectly fine with paying extra for that.

          • Mike Pesci

            Dude you are talking about buying the game plus additonal stuff at launch. And yes they could include the maps they release later as part of the game it is a part of lol. I don’t think logic is your thing. Its not conspiracy theory its the way they actually do business they don’t even deny it.

          • RdJokr

            How do you pay for the time the developers put into making the maps then?

          • Mike Pesci

            Thats my point I dont. Its a game and they ruin it when they add more because its either purchase or dont participate with everyone else. Its a scam. And those maps are ALREADY MADE lol. Come on. They basically just release old maps anyways.

          • RdJokr

            I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about publishers. And you must be fucking dense to say shit like “maps are already made”. There’s only about one remade map per map pack. And even then, time is spent into reskinning the remade maps to give them new looks. That takes effort.

            Now I don’t know what world you live in, but if I were a dev, I would not be doing this shit for free. If I put in work, I should get paid. How do I get paid? My publisher pays me. How do they pay me? They sell the content to get money to pay me.

          • Mike Pesci

            Just stop you don’t have any insight you’re guessing and hoping like a generic fan boy. And what do you produce lol. Come on dude. Let this be the end of the conversation you sound like propaganda

          • Mike Pesci

            And I know, for a fact, that they make the maps before hand, or refurbish and re release old maps lol. Its not even a debate. Video games all take different amounts of time to put together. For a long time video games cost a straight price, and those video games all took different amounts of time to produce. So even if you want to believe they go back and make more maps after the fact, there are games that are farrrr larger and take way more time before hand and they cost 59.99 or 69.99. Again u sound like propeganda or someone who doesn’t think but hopes like a fan boy. Im done here. So dumb and entitled.

          • Mike Pesci

            Even if you want to argue and pretend they go back and make maps for your sake lol, games have always been a straight price, the way the publisher’s and devs put it together is their problem. I dont care how much time before OR after they spend on it. You sound like you voted for Trump.

          • Mike Pesci

            Lol dude. The maps are made before hand. You don’t have to believe me. You consumer whores are the reason more money comes in than is deserved.

          • Mike Pesci

            And lolol who is your publisher lol come onnn dude

          • Mike Pesci

            Lol with the money the company makes off the game. Do you realize the amount of money a game like this makes at launch alone? Come on I’m done bro. You’re missing a ton of variables. Whats your obsession with devs anyway. I happen to know things and am stating them. You can choose to believe whatever you want but shut up already

    • djml9

      I always get the top tier special edition but ive bought 0 cod points or advanced supply drops.

    • Michael Romo

      I got the $120 edition with the season pass and I think it’s well worth it

      • Ethan Sluga


      • Filthy Prank’d

        That’s great to hear, I think it’s worth it too, with additional content, Steelbook, and soundtrack included. I just wanted DD because it was the cheapest with the game and the SP itself, I just got myself MWR for free is what I’m thinking when I bought Digital Deluxe. I know Legacy Pro is $20 extra, but I’ve decided to go Digital for this CoD. I think what Eric Hirshberg said is true, saying that this year’s CoD will be the best complete edition. No knock-offs, just two games in one great price.

        • Kristijgooch2

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        • Mike Pesci

          I don’t understand how anyone is happy with this BS. It should be 69.99 MAX for the WHOLE DAMN GAME. People buying all the map packs in the past set a really stupid standard.

          • Filthy Prank’d

            Blame whoever started the paid DLC trend. While some companies can give them out free, most sell them just because of profit, and if people (Consumer)demand it, then they (Producer)demand it with money. This is Activision’s choice, not Infinity Ward’s. I wish it was just the full game with DLC/Upcoming Updates for $59.99 like Titanfall 2 does from Respawn, but I can’t do anything about but to not buy it.

          • HuayTa

            Your dream came true

  • Drasadex

    I actually really like the look of the Bullethawk camo.

  • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

    I might get it

  • Well thats me going for PS4 Store instead of a key :p

  • Aceshigh87

    Its nice when they add bonuses to the things I’ve already ordered haha. Decided to go for the Digital Deluxe since I knew I wanted MWR and it made the season pass cheaper. Sadly that was still like $130 in Canada but oh well.

    • Billy Trevor Heffernan

      lucky you. it’s 170 here in australia for IW, MWR and the season pass. disc version

  • Daniel Hartranft

    I buy it for both ps4 an xbox with all the bells a. Whistles an it’s never a let down. I wish they would start cross play though

  • OuyaMasterrace

    Glad to see the whole gun is colored

  • Supply drops confirmed.

  • imBATMAN

    Is this only for gaystation? or is it on fagbox too?

    • lunator100hd .

      Neither, its only for playstation 4 and xbox one.

      • imBATMAN

        thanks babe

  • Mr.Blobby

    Got a question, be very greatful if anyone could answer it! Have they announced what the additional content is with the top/most expensive edition is? I’m assuming it includes both CODs and the season pass, anything else? Think it’s called the Legacy Pro

  • Johnny

    Why can’t they just charge $40 for MW Remastered as a penalty for not buying Infinite Warfare? Activision doesn’t want money? That’s pretty shocking.

  • Okehh

    Do you need digital deluxe for all of this? Or can you get it with a normal preorder?

  • Billy Trevor Heffernan

    if the legacy pro edition (disc) owners don’t get this then that’s fucking stupid.