In an interview PlayStation Lifestyle, Infinity Ward’s multiplayer Project Director Jordan Hirsh has stated that they are planning to have 10 total prestiges in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

After each prestige, you will get an unlock token similar to previous Call of Duty titles. He also said in his response that the number of prestiges could increase based upon feedback in the future, but they do not have anything to announce as of now.

The Prestige system as it stands is pretty similar to what players have seen in the past and experienced. So as you Prestige you’ll unlock a Prestige token, and be able to bring over with you one item that would normally be gated via your player rank. Maximum Prestige right now that we’re planning is 10. That’s subject to change based on how things go in the future. We can adjust our experience curve, and we want that experience to be good for pretty much everybody.

SOURCE: PlayStation Lifestyle

  • Lindly Jarvis

    I dought that it will only have 10. Looking back at blops 3 they said the same thing but added the opportunity to level 1000.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Different thing compared to Prestiges.

      • Peewee78368

        how is it diff? They did the same thing with Bo3? This wont be any diff.

        • RdJokr

          The difference is, grinding for max level is just that. And you have everything unlocked. Unlike in past games likw MW3 and AW, where new prestiges are added, but you basically grind through levels with stuff locked again.

          • Paul

            I liked that tho you might have been a higher level but still had a challenge instead of a walk in the park

          • RdJokr

            Not my cup of tea, tbh. You almost always stick to the same setup that you made sure you perma-unlocked before, thus there’s a high chance of you not trying out any other stuff, new or overlooked base stuff.

  • bre

    thats disappointing

  • ScOott

    That’s good to hear.. Bo3 is overkill.. Knowing il never reach level 1000 slightly killed the game early for me..

    • RdJokr

      “That’s subject to change based on how things go in the future.”
      See this? They can totally add in 1000 levels like BO3, or maybe 10 more prestiges to go Grand Master like AW. Right now, launch plan is just 10. There’s always room for more.

      • ScOott

        Yh man, me gets that’s…. I just hope they don’t… I’d rather not but another 10 I could cope with.. Or mw3 style.. but Bo3 is just crazy..

        • lunator100hd .

          Whats really your problem? Nobody forcing you to reach level 1000, it dosnt mean anything at the end of the day. Many players dont even bother to pristige.

          • ScOott

            I like to reach max prestige that’s my real problem… Catering to the people who sit on their ass all day living eating and sleeping CoD who only stop playing to take a shit and not let anyone else reach max prestige is shity… I’ve reached max prestige in every CoD I played (part from A.W and ghosts cuz they were shit) I’ve played enough Bo3 to able to say I finished it, if it was any other normal CoD and I just think it sucks..

          • ccrows

            I look at it like this Scottie, if I hate IW (the explosives alone concern me TBH) then I have more time to play MWR and BO3.

            If I end up loving IW, then what do I care about BO3 right?…

          • ScOott

            I haven’t used explosives since mw3 so them actually maybe being a worth while part of the game I think sounds good.. As for prestige ur right it’s no biggy on the grand scheme of things, I was just saying in an ideal CoD for me a 1000 extra wouldn’t be added..

          • ccrows

            Almost every major YTer has voiced concerns about the “Black Hole” equipment thing. There was another one that was getting some hate too, but guys like Prestige has been pretty concerned about the equipment/explosives.

            I’ve never been a huge fan of explosives either (and how IW doesn’t counter them like Trey).

            All I know is that I’m going into IW with extremely low expectations, so I’m hoping that I’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome…

          • lunator100hd .

            Hahahahaha dude your complaint dosent make sense at all, you basically want the level/experience cap to be as high as you can reach so it fits your playtime to achieve max level, you know all these ”no life” ppl you mentioned have the right to complain about the same thing, why to have the same rank with you if they play more than you? Level 1000 in there for them who want to play as much as they can, if you cant reach this goal(which is rather normal) that dosent mean others shouldnt. IDK stating that Level 1000 killed the game for you is kind of selfish, there are way more important thinks in cod to ruin your fun, but this…..?

          • ScOott

            It doesn’t ruin the fun, it just takes away the end goal.. Maybe it’s selfish of me to want it to carry on how it always has done maybe it’s just logical,remember we have two CoDs to max prestige this time! I mean keeping the ten would be perfect for people who want to get to the end who want to play both games and like I said do have some sort of social life out of CoD.. But that’s just me n my opinion…

          • Paul

            I’ve reached max rank on every cod and I can safely say treyarch took the piss with the level 1000 if anything they should have added more prestiges like aw or mw3 then the game wouldn’t be so stale.

          • Jon

            I dont think you are understanding what he is saying.

          • Jon

            Some people like the grind of becoming max prestige. It is a big part of the fun in multiplayer for them. As soon as they realize that goal is not achievable then it takes some of the edge off the experience for them. I am one of those guys who always loves to achieve max prestige. Once I realized that level 1000 is basically only reached by those who either have an amazing spm or the ones who literally put in 40+ days of gameplay. Trust me I have been grinding it out the entire year. Just at some point I realized I wouldnt make it. Once I believed that the excitement died a little. Everyone experiences it differently. Just my take.

          • lunator100hd .

            I honestly dont get it, you act like prestige master will grant you a blowjob from gilr’s next door. Its just a number before your name, there are great players with 30+ days time played in the 1st prestige, its actually meanigless. Im prestige 7 or 8 (not sure) with 10 days gameplay, i stoped prestiging ages ago, it dosent give you anything, btw IW probably will have us prestige like crazy all way to the end (me included) with these classic weapons.

          • Jon

            Like i said some of us like to prestige along with the grind. It’s an achievement just like the camos or calling cards. Some of us look forward to playing multiplayer and having a reachable progression like prestiges. Besides kid, I am sure you know nothing about receiving blowjobs….that is why you are only prestige 7 or 8…….you must be the one who is giving out all these “girl” next door blowjobs to everyone that is master prestige……Can someone hurry up and get master prestige….Lunator100hd’s mouth is getting dry……

          • lunator100hd .

            ” you know nothing about receiving blowjobs….that is why you are only prestige 7 or 8” After reading this i need a glass of hupertonic bleach.

          • awlagfare

            Wow dude, the pot calling the kettle black!! I remember your mum bringing your potty for a dump during season 10 ‘make love not warcraft’

          • Difference being they are not extra prestiges, they are levels.

        • Brendarsharp2

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    • I am a gust don’t hate PLZ

      I hope they add more so we can get more classic weapons

      • ccrows

        I hope they change their minds, and let people go for nukes with the classic weapons…

    • I want more prestiges, prestiging is way too easy for me. I want a game I can play a lot, and if I play a COD game a lot, I can prestige once every 1 or 2 days, and that means after a week or 2, the game is basically finished.

      • ScOott

        Then maybe get a life dude lol… man needs more prestige man don’t know what outside looks like or a pussy, man must wank over call of dudy and prestige everyday..

        Just stick with the ten and experience more experiences lol.. Play other games *shrug shoulders*

        • RdJokr

          The “get a life” argument is irrelevant for Activision, because they want maximum player retention. DLCs don’t cut it anymore, except for Zombies, and Activision knows MP players need more free incentives.

          • ScOott

            So many better ways to keep player retention.. Instead of just adding a 1000 more prestige..

          • RdJokr

            Well you’re more than welcome to send your ideas over to Activision support and the devs.

          • ScOott

            What a pointless thing for me to do..

          • RdJokr

            That thinking will get you nowhere, bro. You gotta at least try. I’ve tweeted to several IW devs and talked to them on Reddit as well, and they have been pretty open to ideas and suggestions. No reason not to try.

          • ScOott

            Really, OK thanks I never done twitter or reddit, didn’t know u could talk to devs on reddit..

      • The fuck? How the hell do you prestige every one or two days? You’d have to play everyday, nonstop with your friends who also have no lives. It’s humanly not possible to do that without the scenario I just described. You do realize CoD ain’t the only game out there, right? There’s also girls out there waiting to be fucked hard. Fuck you doing playing CoD all day, everyday?

        • Gonçalo Castro

          It’s true for me too, I play HC Kill Confirmed almost every day for 2-3 hours, play the objective, seize the Double XP weekends, I was prestiging every 2-3 days, and finished all MP challenges too.
          It’s harder to prestige if you are not playing the objective or are playing SnD.

        • Play domination, and you’ll reach lvl 30-40 in 1 day and then on the 2nd day complete the prestige. Maybe it’s just me, but prestiging is way too easy.

          • ApoK

            Get a job

        • Jamie Ramsden Mead

          That’s best thing I’ve heard all week? Quality man

        • Paul

          Not really I prestiged in 4hours of bo3 releasing if I hadn’t fallen asleep I could have got to 2nd easily

        • Rawthentik

          “There’s also girls out there waiting to be fucked hard.”


    • Mario Rivera

      So true haha

      • Mairaccurry3

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    • ccrows

      The real finish line is P10 though Scottie.

      TBH I kinda like it that way since anything else after that is a victory lap with everything unlocked.

      ^ Will I hit 1000? No, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over that… (cuz like I said the real finish line is P10)

    • i don’t even remember if i prestiged i just switched to overwatch immediately it dropped

    • While I think that the BO3 system is nice for some, you are right, it is definitely flawed. I think it turns some players away knowing that they will never reach such a level.

  • jordanxbrookes

    10 Prestiges for now, but I bet you right now they’ll add more post-launch, just like how Advanced Warfare had another 15 Prestiges added and how Black Ops 3 had 945 more Levels added. Wish the devs would just stick to the number they originally planned.

    • ccrows

      And MW3 added all those skull prestiges too,..

    • RdJokr

      Then you’re gonna hear people complain “I already maxed out, now there’s nothing else to do”, and 2XP weekends are gonna be full of people moaning the same shit.

      • jordanxbrookes

        True, but I just like to have a fixed end goal again, not have a fixed goal for 2 months, then increase it by double or more. As for 2XP Weekends, Infinity Ward should make leveling last longer again. Remember back in MW2 and MW3 when it was a grind to level up? That could be something the devs could consider, but with the short attention span that the majority of the CoD playerbase have, people will probably moan at that too.

  • Diego Diniz

    10 Prestiges…so 10 Classic Weapons???

    • Na, 69 weapons.

      • Name

        69 xD

    • Filthy Prank’d

      No, I’m guessing that Salvage is also used to create Classic Weapons, not just Weapon Variants and new weapons. 10 Weapon Tokens are more likely to give us 10 different weapons. There are more likely to be more than 10 Classic Weapons, is what I’m saying.

  • AcePhoenix007

    Starting off with only 10 is better than starting off with something like 25

  • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

    so this means 10 total classic guns….

  • Ronald95

    This prestige system is the number one reason I get bored of multiplayer. You prestige, level resets and you start all over again. Plus leveling up is easy and fast.

    • At least this time you unlock classic weapons though.

      • Sovernit

        wait so when you prestige you get a new classic wepon? if so that is dope

  • I really hope they don’t add more prestige levels. I wasn’t a fan of that in MW3 and I wasn’t a fan of it in AW either. Just stick with 10.

    • Dávid Mészáros

      But more prestige levels = probably more classic guns

      • I rather have 10 levels. If i complete 10 levels, then i dont want anymore.

  • Duke of hazard

    off topic here but i need help. I redeemed the code for MW remaster early campaign but it’s not showing up in my downloads or library. Anyone know how to solve this?

    • I got a notification from Playstation asking to download it.

      • Duke of hazard

        I didn’t get anything.

        • Go to the PS Store and type it in, try downloading from there.

          • Duke of hazard

            Trust me. I did just that. I even restarted my PS4.

          • Sovernit

            put your ps4 in the microwave for 5 min after that plug it back in and the beta should be on your consul, you know what the full version will be on your system for free!

  • Keyser p. Soze

    I for one like the challenge of prestiging and starting back at level 1 each time. And showing off my “No Life” status by reaching 1000 on BO3 or GMP on AW or 20th prestige on the other games 🙂

  • djml9

    Sounds nice and doable

  • Aceshigh87

    I’m perfectly fine with them adding more the way that AW and BO3 did (although I did prefer that BO3 players got no extra advantage) but I like that there are only 10 to start.

    Is mere mortals can’t realistically hit level 1000, I don’t even think I hit level 100. However 10 prestiges is plenty for the regular prestige grind and should be more than attainable.

  • MuscledRMH

    More prestiges could mean more classic weapons, sounds good to me 🙂

  • Cheesesteakwit

    Once I hit Master Prestige in BO3 (Prestige 149 now) u don’t get nothing its just a number after that besides the different Prestige emblems every 100 Prestige

  • Yo mumma.

    Okay so I pre-ordered this shit last night. I’m a little geed up :).

  • Aidan

    This is off topic, but is BO3 fucked up for anyone on xbox one? Ever since the DLC dropped, My game freezes every 10 seconds, and the game is unplayable. I uninstalled Eclipse and Awakening, but nothing changed. It’s also harder to find lobbies now, like, I was playing AW yesterday and it’s easier to find a lobby in that game than it is in BO3…
    Now I remember why I stopped playing for a month…

    Anyway, just wondering if it’s happening to anyone else. Probably doesn’t matter because I’m gonna uninstall the game to make room for Infinite Warfare in a couple weeks here anyway.

    • Former

      Server lag is getting worse and worse in MP and zombies. Everyone in my lobby has 4 bars, yet we lag like crazy. Last night, my team got disconnected from servers right before we were about to finish the Revelations EE. The game is turning to shit in its final months.

      • Aidan

        In it’s final months? LMFAO this game was turning to shit about a month after it came out. Once that first weapon DLC dropped, I knew this game was doomed.

        • Former

          As much as I hate supply drops, they don’t effect the core gameplay. The game is enjoyable as long as the servers aren’t trash like they have been recently.

          • Aidan

            well, that’s when I thought the game was going to be ruined. I thought BO3 was going to be one of the best games in the series, now it’s my least favorite.

          • Former

            Considering you’re still playing it 10 months later, are you sure it’s your least favorite?

          • Aidan

            I only play when there are updates or new DLCs, otherwise it’s GTA and Rainbow 6 for me.

          • Former

            All games get stale without DLC. The fact is, you still come back to play it, so it must not be that bad.

          • Aidan

            Ok, but if I only play for about a week every 3 months. I don’t like this game, I just want to test out the new MP maps and maybe the zombies maps. It doesn’t even matter because in 3 weeks, I’m uninstalling the game to make room for 130GB of IW and MWR sexiness…

            Oh, by the way, I uninstalled Eclipse and Awakening, if you aren’t too bothered by that you can uninstall those and your experience should be a lot more smooth.

  • Irenedchamberlain1

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  • W1LL1AM04

    Any word on the prestige icons?

  • Kyle Wales

    I hope they do what bo 3 did I liked that one I don’t mind if they come up With something new I just don’t like staying at 1 level it bores me

  • Kyle Wales

    I like the level 1000 because once ur prestege master u don’t have to keep presteging u can just keep leveling up and I prefer that I get bored staying at the same level

  • Kyle Wales

    Also like level 1000 because even if you don’t reach 1000 then at least u know u hit oretege master so in a way u still hit max rank
    But u just keep leveling up at that rank and its good coz you don’t get bored as quick and people can kinda c how much you play the game just from ur level

  • Kyle Wales

    Please put in the level 1000 thing