Treyarch has announced via the message of the day in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that they will be celebrating the release of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta with Double XP and Double Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

There will be two separate sessions of Double XP for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The first will be starting Monday, October 17 at 10AM PT and ending Thursday, October 20 at 10AM PT. The second will be a full week of Double XP and Double Weapon XP! It will start Monday, October 24 at 10AM PT and end Monday, October 31st at 10AM PT!

  • Beast Mode

    how about they cancel all that and celebrate with a week full of double cyptokeys instead..

    • Element115Will

      #CoDCommunity is never happy
      With anything! Wow!

      • Former

        You’re not happy with us not being happy. Hypocritical, don’t ya think? πŸ˜‰

      • Beast Mode

        i think i speak for the “#CoDCommunity” when i say NO ONE wants weapons in supply drops and since the games almost dead atleast give us better odds at getting what we technically already paid for. get your head straight bro! you and the guy who upvoted that shit

        • Garrett

          I actually like Supply Drop weapons

  • Former

    When will they realize nobody cares about xp anymore?

    • Element115Will

      People dont care about XP? Yet they will bitch that there hasnt been any 2X XP? #CoDCommunity smh.

      • ccrows

        See this guy gets it…

      • Love-Hate relationship

        Notice how he said the Keyword “anymore”? We ask for double crypto keys not xp but it is too late to focus and blops 3 anymore

        • Element115Will

          Hence my comment. So if IW doesnt do Double XP, are you gonna tell me that you will not bitch about it anymore?

          • Love-Hate relationship

            Well yea if they do it early and more frequently but it is what about 10-11 months in nobody really cares “anymore”

          • Love-Hate relationship

            I was in a rush so i will explain better. Everyone will bitch about not getting double xp in Iw because it is the new Cod. However 10-11 months into its life cycle nobody is gonna give a shit. and i use nobody loosely because of course there are people who will care but the majority does not care because they already played it out.

          • Jon

            kind of like nobody gives a shit about your comment.

          • Former

            You seem to be the only one that can comprehend what I said. Thank you.

      • Former

        I’ve literally never bitched about not getting dub XP, so don’t generalize me into that group of ppl. I enjoyed it while it while the game was fresh, but now the game is dying and I just want keys for new gun. Ranking up does not help me in the slightest.

    • ccrows

      Nobody? I still have fun ranking up on my second account. I also know people that still enjoy weekends like this.

      Man it’s like the YT comment section up in here, and BTW if IW fails just watch the community going to COD4 and back to BO3…


      I care

  • ben wills

    “…ending Thursday, October 20 at 10AM PT. The second will be a full week
    of Double XP and Double Weapon XP! It will start Monday, October 21 at
    10AM PT and end Monday, October 31st at 10AM PT!”

    Y’all work on weird ass calendars, where it goes from Thursday to Monday and weeks are 10 days!

    • Just Great

      “The SECOND will be a full week”…

      • ben wills

        The second which they say runs from the 21st to 31st you goofball. Learn to read and comprehend.

        10 days isn’t a week, in case that’s where you’re stuck.

        • Cassy Wassy

          24th******* through the 31… lets count this out for you BEN. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31. Thats seven dates. Seven days, an entire week. Nowhere in the fucking world is a week 10 days.

          • ben wills




            31 – 21 = 10


          • Just Great

            The second will be a full week of Double XP and Double Weapon XP! It will start Monday, October 24 at 10AM PT and end Monday, October 31st at 10AM PT!

            Just stop ben wills

          • ben wills


          • ben wills



          • ben wills


  • Ethan Sluga

    i got rid of this shit fucking game already, thank you very much

  • ccrows

    Still LOVE BO3… πŸ™‚


      me too

      • Judyjhutton4

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    • pft stopped playing that the day overwatch came out

      • ccrows

        Yeah I don’t get Overwatch, but whatever floats your boat I guess… *shrugs*

        • Overwatch is game of the year in most people eyes idk it’s just different from other games and you can change heros on the fly which I like you can do in iw

          • ccrows

            OW isn’t really meant for playing solo, and I’ve gotten to the point in gaming where I usually play solo unless my friends IRL are on… *shrugs*

          • yeah it’s a team based game but i play solo quick play just to practice heros for competitive when i play with friends

          • Filthy Prank’d

            OW isn’t meant for playing solo at all, you play as a team. I myself actually play solo, by myself, so whatever my team does is up to them so I try my best to win.

  • Qaotik

    I like that they do these double XP weekends for special occasions, but what happened to double XP for every weekend like it used to be?

    • ccrows

      Which COD game in the past did that?

      ^ & if you’re referring to BO3, then blame the community for whining that Treyarch did DBL XP too much…

      • Qaotik

        Cod 4, WaW, MW2, and I think it ended with BO1

        • ccrows

          I’ve been playing COD since COD2. It wasn’t every single weekend…

          • Qaotik

            I’m pretty sure it was, I vividly remember those 1000 xp kills from search and destroy

          • ccrows

            Were there a lot of them yes, but not as much as you think.

            Believe me (all the big) Youtubers would be defending all the BO3 DBL XP weekends when people were complaining about that earlier this summer…

          • Qaotik

            I can’t remember jack shit anyway

          • ccrows


      • MW3 use to do double XP weekend like every weekend and sometimes kept it on during the week. I also remember Call of Duty doing double XP during holidays too. But that’s the old school days

        • ccrows

          They had a heavy time slot of doing it just like BO3, but it wasn’t every weekend.

          & they kinda needed to with MW3 after announcing all the extra (skull) prestiges with the community getting butthurt about that.

          BTW every COD has a slot (in the season) where DBL XP weekends happen more often, but it cools off…

  • Kevin Deng

    Why would anyone want to play a shitty old game instead of the newer one?

    • ccrows

      Ummmmm then explain BO2 to me after Ghosts came out.

      Thanks for playing… <_<

    • Element115Will

      Imma be playing that the new same shit. Preference is preference.

  • StudioEvil

    Greedy fucks couldn’t add cryptos. Fucking sad, considering the game is over.

    • ccrows

      Then don’t play it…

    • lunator100hd .

      Move on dude, its not gonna happen.

  • Sam cobin

    lol treyarch tryna steal IW player base during the beta. Anyone else think it’s funny that people really hate bo3 when they have had some of the best things we have asked for. Classic guns and maps, mod tools, possibly best set of zombies maps yet, relatively good gun balance year round, nice looking camouflages, a good prestige reward system, and very frequent weapon balancing updates. All of this great stuff that the community has always wanted and people are hating on the game because of movement and supply drops? Really?

    • ccrows

      Last year “COD IS BACK WITH BO3 BABY!” F’n HYPED!

      This year, who cares about BO3? IDC about DBL XP, BO3 sucks, I’m sick of BO3. Blah Blah Blaaaaah

      Come next gen, “Man I really hope they remaster BO3!”


      I really hate the COD community at times… πŸ™

      • Former

        Not caring about Double Xp has nothing to do with disliking the game. It’s just part of the CoD life cycle. The game is dying and a new one is coming out. Therefore, the vast majority don’t give a damn about leveling up quickly.

        • ccrows

          I just get tired of people bagging on current COD articles/news just because “it’s the cool thing to do”.

          It’s also funny that you bring up the “COD Cycle”. Yeah I used to do that around here, and people kept complaining that the COD cycle doesn’t exist… <_<

          • Former

            Well it’s kind of annoying considering they won’t give Dub cryptokey even though it’s obviously more desirable than Xp. But it cuts into their precious Cod point sales, so they skimp on us.

          • ccrows

            Yeah right, people would be complaining that it would be too late for DBL Cryptokey with IW around the corner.

            Treyarch gave us contracts a while back, and these contracts are EZ. There’s the opportunity of getting 100 crypto keys each week right there from the contracts alone, plus whatever you make just by playing the game.

            Earlier today I pulled a DBDSR out of rare supply drop on my 2nd account. The weapons are there. The contracts are there, but nobody wants to put the effort since it’s just easier to hate on the game…

    • Keshav Bhat

      Guessing you didn’t read any of the article?

      The 2XP is not during the IW beta at all. It’s in between the first two weekends, and then after the weekend 2 of the beta.

    • All the games have done this. Whenever it is a big release from the next COD, its almost guaranteed to be a 2XP weekend. They havent done week long events, but they always do double xp.

    • OATH VDK

      If I had to say something about BO3 that made me stop playing it, I could say the connexion always sucks.

      Finding a decent lobby was so hard, joining friend too, how in 2016 an online game don’t have dedicated servers when they win Billions of $ with Supply drops.

      But it was the only CoD since Bo2 I enjoyed playing for the time it was working fine, so yeah still not one of the best CoD of the history but had some good point.

    • owen keidel

      You know that the Beta isn’t even on during that time right

    • Therpderp

      Well…. PC… Cause FUCK Infinity Ward.

    • faze harambae

      Good weapon balancing? Have you been under a rock this year?

      VmP is op, m8 is op , man-o-war is op, rk5 is op, don’t even get me started on the brecci, kuda is semi-op, and the vesper was insane pre-patch, you think any of those are balanced?

      • Sam cobin

        Have you ever played a gb? If you do you see vmp kuda vesper pharo razorback xr2 hvk-30 man-o-war m8a7 sheiva not many shotguns or lmgs but u see locus svg100 and some p06 rk5 is extremely op so ur right in that sense but otherwise there are lots of rly good guns that do well on specific situations but u r also rite that the vmp and m8 are very good but I wouldn’t say op. Vesper is just annoying but otherwise it is balanced


      wow your stupid Double XP for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The first will be starting
      Monday, October 17 at 10AM PT and ending Thursday, October 20 at 10AM
      PT. The second will be a full week of Double XP and Double Weapon XP! It
      will start Monday, October 24 at 10AM PT and end Monday, October 31st
      at 10AM PT!

    • W1LL1AM04

      I am just happy they didn’t reset my challenges after prestiging

    • Dante Lipske

      Actually they did double xp when the beta is not available to play this week. So no, they aren’t trying to steal their players

    • Britteny Dianne

      Actually bo3 stopped the double xp for the weekend the beta was able to be played by everybody and started it up again after it was over. That doesn’t sound like trying yo steal players to me.also, I played the beta and it sucked sooooo bad!! Played a few games and went back to bo3, even without the double xp going on.

  • Kozzi


  • “It will start Monday, October 21 at 10AM PT and end Monday, October 31st at 10AM PT!”

    I don’t understand D:

  • Batman

    Best CoD zombies ever

    MP is trash though

  • RobMelchor

    Only made it to prestige 8 in bo3, oh well.

  • Activi$ion

    Want beta code? SMASH DAT LIKE BUTTON CUZ ?????????? ITZREALNIG*AHOUR!???

    • Zain Sajid

      If anyone has a spare beta code please send it at [email protected] would really really appreciate it.
      Thanks In Advance πŸ™‚

  • Hayden Diana

    This is Great! For Pc players like me…

  • Hayden Diana

    “Thursday Oct. 20th”
    “Monday, Oct 21st”