UPDATE: Activision has disabled the codes from showing up on the Call of Duty site. We will update when they show up again.

Original Story:

Download codes for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta on PlayStation 4 is starting to roll out now.

If you preordered Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at a retailer, and redeemed the retailer given code on callofduty.com/beta, please visit the link HERE to see your beta codes. Everyone gets SIX beta codes. One for you, and five to share with your friends.

The code shown on the Call of Duty site needs to be redeemed directly on the PlayStation 4 store. Please note that the codes shown on the Call of Duty site will be region locked to the region you live in because of how the PS4 Store works.

For those who preordered digitally, the beta is still not yet live for download. The beta needs to propagate through the PlayStation 4 store, which should happen at around 11AM PT today.

We will update once it starts to roll out.

  • CyberWolf


  • M0987

    In b4 people begging for code

    But if you have a spare eu ps4 code can I haz plz?

    • Capten ermirica

      I have all mine to the homeless



  • Element115Will

    Have fun everyone!! I may have bashed the game but lets not be negative towards the people having fun (I hope) enjoying the beta!

    • TheDemonOfHate


    • Capten ermirica

      The only thing you bash is your shlong twice a day

      • Element115Will

        Who let a toddler in here?

  • SlurpAH

    R.I.P I didnt pre-order

  • Peter Griffin

    So people with a retailer version of the game can start to pre-download the beta, but people with a digital version cannot? It’s the same data you download! It should be faster to access and less expensive in digital versions, not the other way around. this is utter horse shit.

    • BradyAlucard

      Come to the retail version light side, we have snickerdoodles.

    • Capten ermirica

      Hahahahaha 23 minutes left then I’m going to sit and tug on my Hampton till the servers go live???

  • What you looking at?

    i got the beta for free and just got a beta code right now,redeemed. cant wait!
    + free codes

    • Willem

      Can i get a free one?

      • Willem

        Insta: Willempeeeters

    • Мишель Винсент

      Please send me one… USA

  • Aceshigh87

    Does anyone know if the digital people will be receiving some bonus codes for people? I assume so since we did with BO3 but not sure.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      hopefully. I got friends who didn’t pre order but want to try it out.

      • Capten ermirica

        You haven’t got any friends.

        • TheDemonOfHate

          it’s ok

    • No

  • Khaled Hassan

    I ordered legacy edition on psn store what do I do to play the beta?

    • Nothing, just pre-download it later today

    • Ariya Farsi

      you got 5 codes in your email just enter 1 of the codes in de psn store and you can dowload the beta but you can give the other 4 away so if you are on ps4 in the EU it would be great if i could have 1 code 🙂

      • Batman

        Hey. I have a code if you are still interested. I don’t know if I should post it here, or should I send it via email.

      • Batman

        Im in north america however

      • Huz

        Can I get a code too please. On ps4

  • Mick

    Stupid question, but I haven’t pre ordered yet and I’m on Xbox One so can I still get the beta code if I pre order from a retailer or Amazon? Or is it too late?

    • FraMarte

      Yes your can


    Friend Token:


    Friend Token:


    Friend Token:


    Friend Token:


    Friend Token:



      I take ALL free codes thanks

      • Dani ???

        give me one plis

  • reamerb .

    What time tomorrow is it ready to play in UK?

  • willem

    Someone please have a code for me?
    Didn’t get one when i pre ordered…
    INSTA: Willempeeeters

  • “Infinite Warfare Beta: Cannot Download” Wtf

  • LOL

    8GQN-EPNE-7413 Hf

  • Krishna Vamsi

    Does it release in Asia?

  • Mike

    anyone got a spare i can have?

  • Laddie
    • Mike

      lmao thanks bro got #5

    • M0987

      Those are na codes no wonder they dont work for me

    • Former

      Charge dat battery fam.

  • Element115Will

    Ok fine! Can someone email me 2 codes for me and brother to try out? Ill give this a shot!

  • FuZy Medi

    can someone send me a code? ps4 usa. kik: guu_messias skype: fuzy_medi

  • lunator100hd .


    • [EV] BLISS

      They removed them for now. Read what the article says

  • Former

    I preordered for Xbox One like a month ago and still haven’t been emailed a beta code to redeem. Anyone else?

  • Zain Sajid

    If anyone has a spare beta code please send it at [email protected] would really really appreciate it.
    Thanks 🙂

  • xesc13

    Pls someone can give me a pc code??

    • reamerb .

      Not on pc.

    • Former

      LOL Rip


      What a funny comment. console peasant obv

  • ViTaL [PHiZZ]

    If someone has a spare ps4 NA code i’d really appreciate it. PSN : HG_ViTaL

  • Alex Sánchez

    so i pre ordered infinite warfare on amazon yesterday and didnt receive any code, what do i do?

  • Beyond GamerWays

    have a beta code?..PSN: afnaan123ps

  • Carlos Taulet

    If anyone has a spare NA PS4 code, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

    PSN ID: Ca1792

    • Fegasaruasㅤ

      i gotchu let them come back

      • Carlos Taulet

        Thanks a lot! 😀

  • jordanxbrookes

    Can someone give me an N64 code plz?

    • Ed

      This is my favorite cheat Code for Goldeneye.

      hold L and press down
      hold R and press C-right
      hold R and press C-up
      hold L and press right
      hold L and press C-down
      hold R and press C-up
      hold L and press right
      hold R and press down
      hold L and press left
      hold L+R and press C-right

      if you do it to slow however, it will not work.

      Hopefully thats what you were looking for.

      • Aj4801

        If anyone has an extra code use my Kik username slayinallday123 and if you do thank you so much

        • Aj4801

          For Xbox though

  • hawk

    any ps4 code for north america would be appreciated.

  • Razlebol

    The download is live on PSN if your pre-ordered digitally.

  • Is this error “the game will now restart due to an update failure” shown for all (due to servers being down obviously), just want to make sure that something hasn’t messed up for me download-side so I don’t have trouble playing at launch.

    • Ed

      Thats what i get. Im assuming there will be an update when the servers go live.

  • tin12346

    when you pre/order on ps4, do you get the 5 extra beta codes too?

    • tin12346


  • RobMelchor

    Beta is already downloading in my console. 😀

  • Pixmy

    Can someone give me an beta COD code pleaseee! 🙁
    ps4 username: Pixmy

    • Pixmy


  • nima shadab

    3. AET6-PDNG-HF77
    4. 9E8P-A2NG-HB98
    5. QMF3-DFNN-6AKC
    Your’e welcome …..
    These codes are for the PS4 and can only be used on the EU accounts

  • xAlexHD16

    can i have a code for the eu? Psn: xalexhd16

  • Bemycodangel

    I have to wait till October 20th to get paid to be able to pre order but I’ll miss the beta 🙁 if someone could give me a beta code you’d be my cod angel! I live in Canada so a NA code would work. My psn is: X-BOX_player115

    Yes i play on ps4 and my psn is Xbox player lol

  • Joonatan Kuusinen

    Could somebody please share a EU ps4 beta code with me
    PSN: joonatan_0207

  • darren

    On the PS store, go to Search, type in Call of Duty, and go all the way to the bottom of the list, below the Ghosts stuff, and you’ll find the IW beta there.

  • Milad

    Please i need a code for NA psn-miladwanted

  • Robert Rave

    If you pre ordered the game digitally then where would your beta codes for you friends show up?

  • laneyboii

    can someone send me code please my psn is xxreecexxlanexx

  • Winston

    Hi, anyone still have EU spare code? Psn: Bambutaatio

  • Mike Roy

    Can someone send me a code please. Name-Purplemonkey9267

  • Mike Roy

    Need a beta code for infinite warfare please send to my messages purplemonkey9267

  • GeorgeFJ90

    Anybody got a spare code guys?

  • Zain Sajid

    Can anyone please give me a beta code would really appreciate it
    Thanks In Advance
    PSN : GreatFreeCheez
    Email : [email protected]

  • Lilmama-817

    Can anyone help me out please? PSN: lilmama-817 Thankss.

  • Joe Cult

    Can some please help and give me a beta code for ps4. My PSN: is Animeshock3000

  • MiKeMelrinho ॐ

    Can anoyone please send me a code?
    [email protected]

  • LnD Cheetoh

    If anyone has a spare code can you please send it to me I’d appreciate it Thanks 🙂 (NA)
    Psn: Don_Cheeto14

  • Stan

    Can anybody help my if i will play the infinte warfare i buy the deluxe edtion but i cant play the beta???

  • Falconeye

    Need a beta code plz
    Psn: FalconEye007

  • thomas

    Can anyone give me a beta code plz?
    PSN : Le-Creepyboy

  • Sateenkaariponit

    Can somebody send me eu codes?
    willing to pay a few bucks if they work

  • DWHITE12354

    Van Somebody give me a code for the eu
    Psn: DWHITE12354

    • DWHITE12354


  • Bernardo Cortes

    Hello guys im from Portugal, if anyone have some spare codes i would really appreciate if someone could share with me. Thank you guys a lot!
    PS4 – MrBFitt

  • William Ødegaard

    Can someone send me Infinite Warfare code EU? I will pay you some dollar$
    PSN: WillaChillaz

  • Marcin

    can anyone give me a code please? would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • funk

    Would appreciate if someone has a spare EU code to give out :p

  • Helen Langfield-Smith

    Anyone got spare code mamabear280609 is my psn name ty in advance

  • Korayreis

    Can someone give me a cod please?Psn:Koray_Reis

  • Betty Bomb

    Anyone got spare code EU, Betty__Bombshell is my psn name ty in advance! (;

  • jason

    what will happen if you pre order at gamestop do you still get the beta in oct 14 or no ?

  • Help Me and I’ll help u

    Help me out

    • Here

      Masterj74 xbox

  • Ariya Farsi

    Does anyone have a code for PS4 eu please?

  • RelatedAddict

    PSN ACCOUNT:HollywoodFulHD

  • Timothy Cook

    Can someone give me ps4 us code

  • Chris Hall

    Pueric0…please send a brotha a code. Best buy didnt send me any

  • Senan

    Plz I need codes

  • Lucas Morita

    Plz I need beta codes

  • Owain Morris

    Anyone with an EU beta code free? PSN: OwainKidCloud

  • Denny Oakes

    Looking for beta code for ps4 game tag is dennyoakes1987 please help

    For call of duty infinite warfare

  • Ross

    Can someone send me a code for the beta? Psn name ross440..please and thanks

  • Jamie Ahlstedt

    Anyone have a code for USA pleasssse!!?? Thank you

    Ps4 : ahlie_4582

  • John

    codes for ps4 eu? id: fireoner

  • “RulyToast3

    Need a Infinite Warfare beta code if anyone has one to spare? (Psn)- rulytoast

  • Dayron lesley

    Anyone got a code ps4 Justdoingme24 username

  • Supreme_14

    Infinite Warfare beta code Please

  • Jake Forbes

    Any One Spare Me A Code

  • Rocco

    Bllazed420 please someone send me code ps4 united States 🙁 please

  • Rocco

    Please send code to bllazed420 PSN

  • mikey_r4yl

    I really need a psn code for the eu and my username is mikey_R4yL and thank you

  • Supreme_14

    Infinite Warfare beta code please. psn: Veetush_14

  • Handsome boy

    Can i get a infinite warfare code

  • Handsome boy

    Please text me a infinite warfare code account name handsomeboy599

  • birsen

    anybody got any more codes please?

  • Callum

    Any got a infinate warfare code plesee well want to play it add me Danny-Chelle

  • TheCreature FromHell

    Anyone have a spare iw beta code please ID FearTheDuck09

  • samlogan

    Anyone spare a code to work in NZ (EU should work) PS4: samlogan

  • daryl Leach-carlton

    Does anyone have an extra code for a united states player please!!!

  • matt iatauro

    does anyone have a beta code for Infinite warfare [email protected] that sk so Mc

  • Just NBA Tops

    Send me a code please I need one kik me: Impolutoxd

  • Please invite me [email protected]

    • Nick Macon

      Does anyone have a extra code if so please email me [email protected] or over psn NxT_Cobra

  • Alexis Gonzalez

    can somebody give me a beta code plz [email protected]

  • A Guy

    Anyone have an extra beta code? If u do plzzzz send me one at [email protected]. would really appreciate it!

  • Jayden

    Can I get a ps4 infinite warfare beta code please

  • Max Sundström

    can some one give me europe codes

  • Rolando Perez

    Does anyone have some codes can I please have one I really want to play it my email is [email protected]

  • Best VIDS 216

    Please send beta code to [email protected] that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Metin

    I need a beta code

  • Brannan Chamberlain

    does anyone have any eu beta codes left i can use

  • carlos hepburn

    please send me a code: [email protected]

  • JokerSmoker77

    Anyone still got a beta code ps4 please send to [email protected]

  • Nikki

    Any1 got a spare Xbox onebeta code for cod iSpeedy03 or email: [email protected] please

  • Kai Avila

    Can somebody email [email protected] a Xbox one beta code please. For North America

  • Jonathan Miller

    Can someone plz give me a PS4 beta code it would really make my day thank you my email is [email protected]

  • Zorro_x_Kakashi

    So you don’t get extra codes to share if you pre order on the xbox store…. too bad!

  • Michael

    I’m starting to think Best Buy is worst but!! I still haven’t gotten my code for Xbox one to just play the beta.

    • Steven

      Hey when you get your codes can I get one? Plz

  • Steven

    Hey can I get a beta code for Xbox one plz email me at [email protected]

  • Shezza99

    Need a Xbox one beta code message me shezza99

  • Psingh12

    Could someone please send me a beta code?
    [email protected]
    Would really appriciate it
    For ps4

  • Ferd

    Are there anymore codes for ps4?

  • Brandon Springmeyer

    I bought infinite warfare from the PlayStation store how do I get the beta code


    yo can somone message me on PS4 DESTINY_FTW_ADBS about a discount code and a redemption code please i want to get infinite warfare remasted really BAD