UPDATE – October 14 8:05PM ET: It looks like the issues are starting to subsidize. Players are now able to get into the beta now and find games. If you are still having issues, please try restarting the game.

UPDATE: Infinity Ward has tweeted out that they are aware of the issue and working on it.

Original Story:

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta on PlayStation 4 is experiencing matchmaking issues. Players are able to get into the servers, but attempting to find a match does not work.

The game just keep getting stuck on “Waiting…” while in a full lobby, or it just does not load players into a lobby at all.

Activision Support, however, tweeted this out earlier:

There have been no updates since then.

We will update as we get more info.

  • Mick

    If this continues they will probably extend the beta.

    • Ed

      At least we got to experience the beta first. Lol.

  • Ed

    Well… ouch. Not ideal.

  • Bax

    Some bullshit

  • Mashed_spud


  • Jannick ( ^__^)

    Good advertisement!

  • Jeffrey Loff

    I am at least happy this happens at a beta and not at the launch of a game. A beta is not to be like a full game but a stress test for situations like this

  • djml9

    This kinda stuff is exactly what the beta is for

  • Yeah kinda good it’s happening now and not at launch.

  • Mr.Blobby

    Stress testing the servers? What servers?? What matchmaking? This happened last year with the BO3 beta….how can they know exactly how many people have preordered, and how many bonus codes are given out, and still fail? Woeful

  • BiGSHoTS

    This Game is trash of the getgo

  • Qaotik

    These servers are as useless as Fallopian tubes on a lesbian

    • Sentinel

      yeah ok ’cause a beta isn’t meant to look for these kinds of issues.

      • Fegasaruasㅤ

        5 hours no fix? k

      • Qaotik

        That’s not what I meant. I meant that they suck. Good thing this shouldn’t exist at launch now

        • Nefireous

          That’s what he meant :/

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  • Hopefully Xbox doesn’t have the same problem when i play next weekend

    • Mr.Blobby

      One thing I’m sure everyone agrees on by now, Activision treats their customers like dirt, they haven’t released any information on what is actually going wrong, it’s a disgrace really. Probably embarrassed another beta launch is an absolute fail. Same thing happened last year if anyone remembers.

      • I don’t remember the beta not working last year from my experience (Xbox One). I was able to play right away and did fine the entire way through. My only issues were playing with friends and invites not working which still are a problem in the actual game lol. But yeah I agree definitely that Activision treats their customers like total garbage

    • Stefan Lang

      They probably will. Just our luck ?

  • darren

    Story: I was able to get on about 3 hours ago. Opened it up, and the splash screen tells ya something like “we’re giving you tons of keys and salvage so you can get in and check out the crafting.” Click. 30 keys. Enough for a rare or 3 regs. (A ton?) So I buy the rare, and I get an lmg variant, a calling card, and a camo. Well, alright, at least I got a variant, right? So, I go into my 3 matches I was able to play. I earned 4 keys and 28 salvage. About what I figured. So, beta goes down, I surf YouTube streams and vids. All the streams are sitting in lobby, just sitting. So I’m looking at vids, and I see a Tmartn vid “opening first supply drops.” I watch, and he goes in, gets his 30 keys and opens up 3 regs. But I also see he has 500 salvage. Enough for two variants in game. So, I’m thinking, he’s got his 30 keys just like I did, no more and no less, but he has 500 salvage which is basically the REAL currency in the game. So, question. Anyone else able to play? What was your experience withe the “ton” you got? Did you get 500 salvage, and I didn’t? Or did Tmartn get stuff no one else did? It isn’t the end of the world, considering it isn’t playable right now, but if and when it comes back up, and you get in, let me know what your “ton” turned out to be.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Have you ever seen a woman’s vagina aside from your mothers?

      • darren

        Ever been inside a vagina that wasn’t your mothers?

    • Teckn1ckal

      Played 2 games 513 salvage after the second game, also got 2 rare variants off the 30 with the rare

    • Ed

      They start you out with 500 salvage and 30 keys, or at least thats what i started with.

    • FathomlessMastery

      Have not played one game and have 318 salvage! Wtf! and the normal 30 supply keys.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      I actually got a couple solid SMG variants from reg drops, however I have been earnkng VERY little salvage after levels 10-15, just got one lump amount of 200 after leveling my mission team. Still stuck at like 72 salvage, makes me really nervous about microtransactions. Hopefully there are other ways to earn it.

  • lunator100hd .

    Ok im done, i’ll get some sleep right now probably dream Fazal and hopefully tomorrow the beta will actually be playable.

    • Hopefully you had a good dream about me <3

      • lunator100hd .

        Always <3.

  • Den Wilcox

    Has anyone managed to get a game, if you do post. yes they did the same with Bo3, it was also the same as psn being down just before and during beta launch.

  • Call of Duty Waiting Warfare

  • jordanxbrookes

    You don’t say? What a flop this Demo has been. Don’t know why I had high expectations. If matchmaking is broken now, I hate to see how it will be in 3 weeks time on launch. Just hope they manage to fix the problem before then.

    • Mr.Blobby

      How can they say ‘yeah erm we didnt expect this’? They gave out 6 codes PER PERSON? Just how?! Same thing happened last year on PS4 if anyone remembers

      • jordanxbrookes

        Exactly. They gave out extra codes for free. They should’ve known A LOT more people were gonna try out the “Beta”. I know there was an issue on one day during the Black Ops 3 Beta, but of all Call of Duty games that really needs to be the best it can be to the players, day one of the Infinite Warfare Demo and not only did it start 2 hours late, but matchmaking is 100% broken. Like I said, don’t why I had high expectations to begin with.

      • Ed

        I actually had zero problems last year. Maybe i tried to play at the right times?

    • it was the same last year with bo3 they need to test their servers

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’m well aware of that. Thing is we’re 3 weeks away from launch this time round, not 3 months. Just hope they fix the issue on their end.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It will probably be better for launch (fingers crossed), since they will find out the issue with the beta here.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Hope they do. Broken matchmaking is a serious problem.

        • Partyin’ Pete

          Matchmaking seems to be a lot smoother now, but it still needs some work for launch day.

    • Former

      Hell, matchmaking is still broken on Bo3. I’ve never had a party broken apart more times than I have this year. Not to mention having to restart your game just to invite your friends. Pathetic.

  • Infinite Waitfare

    • Lol that actually made me chuckle

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    good beta.

  • Stefan Lang


  • Ed

    Geez. Did Infinity Ward take the day off?

  • Damn was hoping to play a little before i went to work but the servers said otherwise i hope it’s fixed when i get back


    Call of Duty IW = Infinite Waiting

  • Ed



    Can’t they just open private match so we can mess around for the time being…?

    • RdJokr

      The beta is for stress-testing the servers. Would be a moot point if half the players playing are just gonna jump in private games and not use the servers at all.

      • Jack Warhammer

        The BETA is a marketing demo. The game was already finished after CoD XP, this is not an excuse. No, it isn’t a BETA, just marketing for hype.

        P.S how’s that PC pre-order going along?

        • RdJokr

          You do realize stress-testing the server can also be part of it, right? Yes, it’s a marketing demo at best, but doesn’t mean the devs are just gonna sit around twiddling their thumbs while their game is being showcased to the public through this beta.

          Also, I preordered a while back. I am interested in Campaign and Zombies, so at least I got that going for me. If the game is a total shit, I can always refund.

      • Smayo

        It would however simulate the actual release come november…. half on IW the rest on MWR…

  • it’s fixed

  • reamerb .

    Seems easier to get into domination lobby.

  • FerretGazelle

    US PS4 codes?

  • PuddleOfStix

    It’s weird how in the past we had higher numbers of players and less problems. IW, if you’re gonna say that you didn’t expect this many players, you’re clearly not optimistic enough (Which I don’t blame you for). You should have set an estimate for your last (successful) game’s launch and set servers for that amount of players. Unfortunately, IW went from the greatest development team to a bunch of two year olds eating paste.

  • codean

    Am I the only one who thinks this game looks like they ran out of time and didn’t spend any time polishing things up to make it visually pleasing? The menus are awful! I was hopeful that this version of COD would be better than people were expecting, but this honestly feels like a bad generic knockoff version of blackops 3

    • It’s a beta, it wouldn’t be polished.

      • Smayo

        It’s a server stress test, not a beta. Graphics wise what you see now is what you get in 2 weeks… and that ain’t much imo, Bo3 looked way better…

        • Partyin’ Pete

          BO3 was a lot more vivid, but I still like IW’s graphics. It’s literally just a more vivid version of Infinity Ward’s classic color scheme. BO3 was a little too bright for me.

          EDIT: spelling

          • Smayo

            I like treyarch’s color palette, but to an extend. Splash for example is a bit over the top for me too.

            But it seems that every game developer (not only IW) thinks that us human beings lost half of our color palette in the future, a bit more variation wouldn’t hurt imo…

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      I personally like the menu.
      Sure, it is bland for most people (The overuse of grey and white).
      But i am a fan of that style and it looks pretty slick and clean.

  • I can’t even be arsed to play now

  • [EV] BLISS

    Guys it works now!!!!!!!!!!!

    • #offline

      • [EV] BLISS

        Online has been working for over 2 hours now

  • grimm joww

    hows the game so far? anything new?

    • [EV] BLISS

      SO many tryhards

      • Partyin’ Pete

        Absolutely. Trying to sweat out those supply drops and sick rainbow camos lol

  • Spent 10 minutes on the game. Uninstalled.

    • Gg


    • Former

      lowkey still playing it as I type this

      • Yeah dawggg. Still playing this shitty doa game. Have fun with those quick scopers and shitty maps and hit detection.

        • Former

          Not gonna judge 3 maps from a beta. I’ll see how hit detection is when I play, though.

  • Lindly Jarvis


  • Sentinel

    What’s your experience so far? as in gameplay wise

  • ScOott

    Well just had my first fewgames, n it’s actually really good,I was worried about ttk, but nothing to worry about, it’s really fun game, I think it rewards accuracy more so than other game in recent years.. I honestly really like it so far.. Stuck with me for another year C.i

    • I’ll always be stuck with you baby <3

    • ccrows

      Which COD game would you say the TTK is like BO3, Ghosts, somewhere in the middle of both?

      Glad you like the game though… 🙂

      • ScOott

        It’s hard to say it’s like any, the health bar gives it a whole new thing, it takes longer to kill people I feel but it also takes longer for u to die.. I really like it, it’s defo not melty like ghosts.. It’s honestly really good, feels like a perfect balance..

    • Juses

      Hao dew u liek dis gaem? Ets as baed as AW.

      • ScOott

        Lol welcome back man, stop disappearing.. Yh it’s good, better than A.W and ghosts, I even like it better than the Bo3 beta, I just hope some of the maps are a bit bigger.. U not pre ordered? I got a friend token if u want it

        • Juses

          No Scoot, Am sayin dat de gaem es baed. De maeps, ttk, and de guns r al baed.

          • ScOott

            Sorry man, it been a while since I last spoke to u, I need to adjust.. So u don’t like it? The maps are weak fo sho.. Its like they were too scared to make them big after ghosts.. I can’t see nothing wrong with the ttk? Lol.. Plus it’s a lot slower than Bo3 I don’t see what not to like.. It’s no old school CoD but its still good..

  • M0987

    And after the update i cant play anymore if the beta is like this i winder how the full game is.

    • djml9

      Thats the opposite. The veta is like this so they have time to fix it. The full game should work.

  • Activi$ion
  • Tsaki

    The matchmaking in this game is completely fucked up

  • Alex

    All bullshit aside, I can’t see myself playing this game for a month let alone 12 months.

    I just don’t like this game. Time to move on for me

    • Former

      “Time to move on” Lol…nah. You’ll be here once a week to spew hate towards the game. It’s your hobby.

  • lunator100hd .

    East Europe here, beta broken as f*ck.

  • ccrows

    PS4 users, 3 simple questions:

    1 – How do you feel about the TTK?

    2 – Explosives? – Are they a concern like some of the Youtubers were talking about?

    3 – Finally, Overall thoughts of the game? (anything in particular that you like or don’t like?)

    TIA!… 🙂

    • Ed

      Ttk- too fast. 1st shot wins.
      Explosives… pretty powerful, but i use blas shield, so never a concern. About average.

      Overall— seems like a step backwards. It feels like a dated game. Hate the maps. The movement system is actually ok. I just feel like im playing a 2010 game for some reason.
      And matchmaking is horrible. I know… beta… but really bad matchmaking so far.

      • ccrows

        “Ttk- too fast. 1st shot wins.”

        ^ Is it Call of Duty Ghosts “melty” bad?… 🙁

        • Ed

          Its melty. At least it felt that way to me. Hopefully its just a connection issue.

      • Partyin’ Pete

        To be honest I’ve lost a few gunfights where I landed the first couple of shots, and vice versa. The TTK feels kind of.. awkward. Slower than Ghosts, faster than BO3. I get a lot of assists and lose a lot of 1v1’s I was sure I would win. This game has way more subtle aim assist and the hitboxes are super precise, so accuracy and skill are rewarded extremely well. I do feel like I’ve had some hitreg issues, but I’m not ready to rule out my connection as the culprit. The only map I really hate is Frontier (the spawnkilling ?), and the snow map is just plain mediocre in my opinion, but otherwise I like the overall feel. The map they just added feels pretty classic and fun to play. Could definitely stand to see some bigger/more open arenas. Explosives are satisfying to use and powerful enough to make blast shield useful, but you aren’t necessarily fucked if you don’t run it. Overall I really like this iteration and think I’ll get a lot of playtime out of it, even after really hating BO3. And I agree entirely with current matchmaking, but it feels a bit smoother now, and by that I mean I can actually connect to the game lmao

    • djml9

      TTK feels slower than BO3.

      I havent had any problems with explosives.

      It feels way slower than BO3. Almost no one uses the boosting and wall running. Theres alot more weight to the characters.

  • breeze

    West Europe, can’t connect to the servers

    • breeze

      It’s up now here

  • Sgc_silverhaze

    I hope the full game will be better then this. Movement is really slow after aiming down the sight. This is really the worst cod game ever. Really liked all the games except for ghost multiplayer.

    • Former

      “Worst CoD game ever” before it’s even released. Classy.

      • Smayo

        So it’s the 2nd shittiest CoD to date…

        • Former

          Didn’t say that, did I? I just pointed out that this game is looks not nearly as cancerous as AW. You can’t rank a CoD that hasn’t even been released yet.

          • Smayo

            No, it was a cynical attempt to make a “funny” comment. Nevertheless judging by the beta gameplay, I can already tell this isn’t a game for me, hopefully MWR will be released separate at some point down the road…

          • Former

            That’s fine. As long as you aren’t ignorantly claiming the game is trash when it hasn’t even launched.

  • Carlos Taulet

    Does anyone have an extra beta code for PS4 on NA?

    PS ID: Ca1792
    email: [email protected]

  • djml9

    If you wanted boots on the ground, slower paced CoD, this is it.

    • Smayo

      It’s not BotG, same shitty movement as Bo3, only a tat slower. Doesn’t make it any better as the 2 previous ones…

      • djml9

        Theres barely any boosting though.

        • Smayo

          I experience otherwise, there isn’t much wall running indeed, but jumping and in a lesser extent sliding is very prominent. It isn’t much different than Bo3 imo…

          • djml9

            Wall running is extrmely prominent in Bo3. And the jumping is essentially used just to get on top of cars or into windows. Not nearly as prominent as BO3

          • Smayo

            I don’t know man, 8 out of 10 times I encounter an enemy head on they usually start jumping in all directions possible. I even got QS headshotted while that dude was jumping away last night multiple times (same dude tho) 

  • It seems stable now. Game is a lot of fun.

  • Astraxis

    Server overload my ass. If they can’t get their servers up for a beta, I’m sure as hell not going to dump $100+ on a full game that’ll likely be just as bad

    • Former

      There are server issues at the beginning of almost every game. People don’t seem to understand this.

      • Astraxis

        Oh, believe me, I’m well aware; it happened in the BO3 Beta. Betas aside, COD in general has terrible connection issues with rubberbanding and horrific net code, not to mention a lack of compensation for such things. Gotta spend all the money on the bells and whistles for the ad campaign rather than fixing the motherfucking game.

  • Aidan

    Thoughts on the game so far?

  • Ak lover

    Crap crap and more crap, last enjoying cod was mw2, and mw. Shameach I had to buy this future warfare or whatever it’s called to get wmr. Jump shoot, kill, die and repeat.

  • darren

    Still shit. One game and won’t start going back in. Less than ten matches over 28 hours later.

    Infinite BOREfare.

  • Diego Diniz

    Are you guys having FUN on this game?? I mean…killing is not satisfying like BO3…I’m very frustrated! Hype mode OFF 🙁