Well, this is unexpected. 

A new Call of Duty strategy card game (yes, a card game) is coming to mobile devices. Available today in Australia on iOS, Call of Duty: Siege is a card game based upon many of the popular Call of Duty titles. 

From TouchArcade:

While Call of Duty: Siege may be influenced by the universe of the upcoming sci-fi space shooter Infinite Warfare, it seems beyond the certain characters and robots, the similarities sharply stop. Instead in Siege, you are tasked with collecting over forty unique cards from the upcoming console entry and assembling decks to beat opponents in PvP online invasions. As you rise through leagues by winning standoffs versus other players, you’ll encounter rarer cards, get even stronger decks and ultimately conquer the solar system. As is customary in this sort of game, in-app purchases are as abundant as ever, even with the infamous Supply Drop system from the console versions

Yes, this card game also has Supply Drops in it to boost your content in app.

We will update as this new game rolls out worldwide. Here’s the link to the Australia app store.

  • Aidan


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      • ScOott


      • Billy

        Are you retarded? Ohhh fuck I questioned myself ohhh boi I’m going to get a fucking essay from some internet moron.

        • i am GirthblokeNintysex i am no moron by the way i copy pasted that as a meme

      • Former

        Copy pasta is strong with this one.

      • Aidan

        Holy shit

      • I agree

  • Jhonatan Orlando Ferro

    All for money boys…. Activision *facepalm*

  • Using the “Infinite Warfare” card will add +1,000,000 dislikes to your player.

    • ScOott

      I just got the 360 no scope, suck ya mum card… Not sure of its value..

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    • 3.3 million

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  • Dog shit

    More like clash royale

    • I think the word you are looking for is “Cash Royal”

  • rip innovation

  • I like the idea of a strategy card game but I personally don’t like playing against other players.

    I was hoping there would be an offline/ single player story mode available.

  • imBATMAN

    Who’s going to play that? lmao

    • RdJokr

      All the Aussie kids with access to their mommy’s credit card and an iPhone? Kids gobble up this shit like crazy, you know.

      • Trevor H. Mai

        I’m Australian and i take offense to that. BUT it’s your opinion i’m not going to try to change that

        • M Ali Elmi

          He’s just saying it appeals to the younger and less wary individuals. I’m sure his intention wasn’t to offend any Australians.

          • Trevor H. Mai

            Guess so…

      • MRN

        Got the game, im in my mid 30’s and im currently ranked number 1 in the world for this game. Spent about $3 for 2 legendary supply drops. Game is ok but doesnt have the same polish as games like Clash Royal

  • I’m gonna have to watch that episode of South Park making fun of mobile games again

  • Fabian Sp.

    “Yes, this card game also has Supply Drops in it to boost your content in app.”


  • Kozzi


  • First CoD: Heroes copies Clash of Clans. Now they copy Clash Royale. Lul

    Edit: Made an Australian account, the app just crashes. Can’t even try it

  • Commander Wolfe

    Well, this doesn’t have a story or campaign. Means I won’t be buying it.