A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new update is a 2.9GB update.




  • Ongoing improvements to overall game stability and network performance:
    • Identified and eliminated various behind-the-scenes errors which contributed to in-game hitching.
    • Streamlined the way textures load into the match to improve streaming performance and reduce hitching.
    • Added additional logging to assist with debugging difficult-to-reproduce hitching reported by community members.
  • [XBOX ONE] Added DLC4 maps to all Core and Hardcore playlists.
  • [XBOX ONE] Added Rupture to the Ground War playlist.
  • [XBOX ONE] Added Salvation Playlist to the Bonus Category.

In-Game Store:

  • [XBOX ONE] Added DLC4 to the In-Game Store.

Black Market:

  • Addressed an issue where certain promotional pop-ups incorrectly appeared.


  • Rupture:
    • Wraith Scorestreaks will properly target enemy Manticores.



  • Fixed a rare bug where players would spawn into a Zombies match with a white screen.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a promotional banner to stretch across a large portion of the screen in Dr. Monty’s Factory.
  • DLC1 GobbleGums will function as intended for players who purchased the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Gold Edition.


  • Improved stability with splitscreen matches on Revelations.
  • Addressed an issue which caused a fatal error at high rounds.
  • Fixed a fatal error associated with the Lightning Dark Arena challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to interact with the Keeper Protector Altar.
  • Resolved issues where players would die when standing in specific locations in the map.
  • Fixed various map exploits associated with the low gravity section in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed an issue where the DG-4 would fail to recharge.
  • Fixed an issue with picking up the Summoning Key while a Pack-a-Punched weapon is equipped.

SOURCE: Activision: PS4 // Xbox One

  • ff

    • jt3z

      And i saw you calling other ppl faggots lmao

      • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

        You must be new

  • XboxWon

    Is the patch free? Omg thank you based Treyarc. So generous!

    • Brian


    • Element115Will

      Its not free, you have to get it through Supply Drops.

  • CoDforever

    Treyarch has made more patches, improvements and fixes than any other CoD to date.

    Bravo guys, looking forward to another great year of BO3 with MW:Remastered!

    • Ak74u

      They still need to fix server disconnects, crashes and party invites (normal game functualities) and then the game will be perfect for me imo

    • Lol i can feel the salt from here. You’re biased as hell everyone knows bo3 was bad but it’s your opinion and i respect that

      • WhiskeyDick

        What was so bad about bo3?

        • I can think of a list

          • CoDforever

            other than connection, hit detection and supply drops, not really

          • BradyAlucard

            I have a few smaller issues like a couple of weapons, maps, and the matchmaking against sweats but that’s it. Infinite Warfare is only bad when I’m paired against sweats.

          • turtleyhorseham

            I never really had a problem with connection (good internet helps), hit detection was generally good for me except for hip fire, and I’ve never bought a supply so I can’t really comment on that.

          • WhiskeyDick

            I’d love to review your list describing what made it so bad

          • well it’s opinion like you probably think infinity warfare is bad for so and so and i’ll say i think it’s good for so and so you know how things like this go. Ignore the last part it’s a failed joke lol

          • WhiskeyDick

            Lol I only replied to you cause you spoke for the community as a whole and called the game bad

          • nah i said everyone i was using a term i can’t remember what’s it’s called. You know when you say something like you don’t mean

          • w

            you’re all over the place dude, get your thoughts straight

          • ADHD tends to do that

          • Marin

            Weed helps.

            Dave? Dave’s not here man..

          • lol i’m dying right now

        • JTSpeed

          from a competitive standpoint this game was cheeks. casual gameplay wasn’t as bad because people weren’t wallrunning on trees 400 feet above the map (cough cough redwood)

          • WhiskeyDick

            I’ve seen some of that make its way to pubs, gotta admit it’s annoying as hell, but doesn’t ruin the game for me

        • Eddie Tupy

          only supply drops for me. On PC there is no issue with connection or hitdetection for me. In fact its annoying how bad i am with everyone having such good ping, usually less than 100 each. im used to playing other games with everyone having bad ping and i have like 40ping.

          The other complaints are people just not wanting to ‘learn’ how to play this once new fresh game from a year ago.
          People want to transfer over the skills they had from the basic cods so they can get their dopamine rushes without effort. you cant in the new cods since its more fast paced now. Ah well at least theres always kids that buy new cods still. All the ‘mature’ people play slower more ‘tactical’ games like BF1 now.

      • Except BO3 wasnt bad.

        • So you’re telling me bo3 wasn’t bad at all? Nvm I forgot the trend when the new cod drops the old one wasn’t bad anymore

          • A trend? Did you read any of my comments the past year or are you new? I have liked Black Ops 3 all the way through. It’s far from a terrible game.

          • No I haven’t and its your opinion at the end of the day every game has a fault so does bo3

          • I never said Black Ops 3 was a flawless game. I’m saying it’s from from a terrible game.

          • NuclearFallout

            I agree bo3 was a good game. I prefer the futuristic settings in games in general. Bo2 was good but the op snipers and shotguns is why i choose bo3 over bo2

          • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

            Op shotguns = bo3

          • EveryoneIsInsane

            Don’t feed the troll dude

        • Paul

          Bo3 is bad bro they just killed the series and the MP is just awful, the connection is bad, hit detection is bad, just a bad gam

          • BO3 didn’t kill the series. Hit detection is bad I agree, but that’s just Treyarch games in general. As far as connection goes, I don’t have a problem with connection from my experience but that’s me. Besides the typical shit like supply drops, Black Ops 3 is far from a terrible game and in some cases I think it holds up to BO2, again my opinion. But like I said, it’s far from a terrible game and it’s better than the last two games by far

          • Paul

            No it’s a solid game but they didn’t have to go into the future that much cause in imho it killed the story for campaign. The multiplayer would hav been better if it played like bo2 but for me it didn’t live up to it but it’s better than aw but IW make the best MP experience

          • Yeah Black Ops 3 going that was far in the future was unnecessary. It did fuck with story mode. I honestly still can’t really understand how this game is a sequel to Black Ops 2. It’s really out there. The story is solid. I haven’t tried out IW yet but I will this weekend. I see lots of negative comments on it and some positive ones. So i’ll see lol

          • Paul

            Trust me IW is a solid game to, it might have had a negative response but it plays like a traditional infinity ward game. Its fast paced but really fun at the same time

      • I didn’t, BO3 is a decent game. Far from perfect but it’s still enjoyable. Everyone’s piping on so much about IW looking amazing but since it’s near enough a reskin of BO3 it must be pretty shitty then

        • at least when i played iw i didn’t see people boosting 60 feet in the air and killing me from nowhere which is 1 of the main reason i hated bo3 you could wall run on anything. IW is better than bo3 imo

          • The movement system is pretty much copied straight from BO3 so I can see it happening at some point. I see your point though, that pisses me off too but I’m used to it now. Same with how everyone hated the midair boost strafing on AW, it happened that must that I knew when to expect it haha

          • lol true but i just hope it doesn’t i was also looking forward to extinction but i heard iw zombies is for casual zombie players so i’ll give it a try

          • I could go for that! Find it really hard getting into Treyarch’s zombies maps since Moon, too much to do lol

          • Yep reason I didn’t play bo3 zombies it was too complicated and everyone wanna do the Easter egg. I play zombies for fun and kill time not spend 5 hours doing Easter egg lol looks like I’ll be enjoying zombies in spaceland

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      • Frank Rizzo


      • Superstar Wrestler

        Eat my fart!

    • ccrows

      BO3 is honestly one of my faves, and I’ve been playing since COD2…

    • Mario Rivera

      But somehow the game is alot worse than it was at launch…

      • That’s because COD points and supply drop weapon exclusivity wasn’t a thing yet.

        • Hitman

          What I’ve realized form the whole supply drop / COD points thing. We used to get the weapons often in the beginning, now I don’t even remember when I’ve gotten a new dlc weapon. I’m pretty sure they will only give you a weapon if you spend COD points. I’ve never got any COD points and I will never. That’s shady tactics

          • Francesssimonetti2

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          • Marymchang

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      • CoDforever

        Supply drop weapons have never lowered my enjoyment of the game, sure they suck since you will never get them but the game is still a blast to play

    • jt3z

      You shouldnt have to patch a game after nearly a whole year. Game is shit

      • CoDforever

        Oh yeah? Just tell battlefield that

    • Jon

      LOL…..keep trolling…..few months ago you were hating on BO3……make up our mind kid…..lol

      • CoDforever

        I have never hated on bo3 lol

    • phinn

      Yea but now we need DLC5

  • Ak74u

    Those loading in textures have been there since day 1 and they haven’t fixed it yet also trying to invite people to parties and having to restart the game is still a problem like I said in the previous article this game was almost good but I give them props for not being a bad cod game they almost had a good one

  • fuck that game took all my space for porn

  • Guide the comp gamer

    im gonna miss Treyarch 🙁

    • Hitman

      Im still going to play BO3 for a while. I don’t think ill be getting IW this time around

  • Treyarch should really fix Rupture on Xbox One
    The textures on my character and gun dont even load in the entire game. My camo and paintshop literally will not load in at all.

    • XboxWon

      Treyarc only cares about the Sony Ponies smh

      • smh right. They need to care about the better console, Xbox One. PS4 is just terrible boyfriend compared to our boy, Xbox. Xbox cares.

        • XboxWon

          I’m surprised they got in the beta at all this weekend. We all know how garbage PSN is when more than a couple people try to get on their damn network lmao

          • WhiskeyDick

            Huh? Psn wasn’t down… Plenty were online trying to connect to IW servers

          • Lol their network is a joke. Xbox is where its at. We never crash

        • BradyAlucard

          Ouya Master Race, your wittle Xbox One can’t compare with Towerfall now can it?

          • Xbox One>all

          • JTSpeed

            psn was back up less than an hour after the beta launched. IW servers were the ones that were down for the 6-7 hours after. they better extend our beta too though lol

          • i didn’t really pay attention to what happened. But im just fucking around lol and yeah they better extend it, PS4 gets two weekends. So Xbox better get it’s weekend extended

          • turtleyhorseham

            Get a computer console pleb

          • I rather get cancer and shove two pipes up my ass than join PC club with the worst graphics i have see than the WiiU

          • turtleyhorseham

            ‘Worst graphics I have see’

            Confirmed for butt hurt moron.

          • I’m butt hurt yet you’re taking my comment seriously and insulting me. If anyone is butt hurt, it’s obviously you, also you’re probably the moron if you couldn’t see the irony. Also, you got me on a typo. Oh man, i better watch out. I made a mistake. Totally lost the argument. Total embarrassment. Get out lol.

          • XboxWon

            Typical PC master race douche who takes everything serious af cause they have aspergers.

          • Right lol

          • turtleyhorseham

            You think it’s an argument? It’s just talking shit…quit taking the internet so seriously neck beard

          • Again you’re the only one taking the internet seriously by taking the bait. Unless you’re pulling a double on me. Plus, don’t you PC fags have the neckbeards?

          • RdJokr

            Now now, don’t get salty just because your PotatoBox can’t handle the game’s graphics.

          • If anything is potato it’s that horrible PC with shit graphics. My Xbox I own since 2014 runs at 4k while your PC and everyone else’s can barely run 240p. Step up dude.

          • RdJokr

            I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. You are way too far down the path of the console pleb to be helped now.

          • And the act of sarcasm and irony has flew way past your head. You think for a guy who acts like a smartass, could tell when a comment is serious or not.

          • RdJokr

            I thought we were playing along? I never put on my “PC master race” attitude, other than to fuck with people. You seem to be the one taking this shit seriously, not me.

          • Oh nevermind. My bad, I didn’t take you as a guy that joked around considering your past interactions with me when I made a joke. My fault.

          • Jester

            Please, share the weed, cause I can’t believe what you are saying.

            1)We have better graphics than the console, that’s a fact.
            2)We have 1080p in every game, not like Xbox One, that has 900p. If Xbox runs at 900p I don’t know how you can say that 4K is possible, dumbass.

            You just so you know, PC is not bad, developers are the ones who can’t make one fuck*ng game without messing it.

          • Lol i hope you like wasting your time typing that all out for nothing

          • Jester

            Oh, don’t worry, it’s not a waste time refuting all the lies you console gamers say about the PC. You should read the guide of PC Master Race subreddit, and stop saying all that false crap 😉

            Here’s the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide

          • No, you literally wasted your time because you took the fucking bait lol

          • Jester

            Meh, I don’t care anyways.

          • You don’t care, huh?

          • Jester

            Not really. But going into another topic, what do you think about all this exclusivity sh*t? I mean, this kind of abuses were never seen before.

          • Jester

            Oh and the best of all, it uses references, so you can’t claim that anything in that guide is false.

          • Jester

            Oh, and I forgot to say that we have better hardware than the consoles 😉

          • BradyAlucard

            Atari 2600 > all

    • Brad of Duty

      They should just remove that awful map entirely

  • Emre

    Many textures do not fully load in many maps.

    Its absurd

  • Lee Wagner

    Only one real reason why Why bop 3 is bad and itis because of the overpowered m8a7, and please no one say it isn’t overpowered. 95% of people now use it!
    That alone tells you the story.
    There is no movement penalty when using thrusters with the It either meaning you have all the power of an already overpowered AR aswell as the movement speed of a smg player.
    Let alone the superwide hit detection of that weapon.
    Also make matchmaking where those with DLC maps get into lobbies together to save me having to play all the old maps constantly in search etc
    Servers are much better imho on bop3.


    patch notes: started to fix some of the game when it has less than a month of its life left
    wow thanks gayarch

    • lunator100hd .

      Stop winning, the game is ok, at the end of the day nothing is perfect.

      • [EV] BLISS

        I am

        • lunator100hd .

          Who are you?

      • DEMOLITION12

        poor attempt at excusing it

  • XboxWon

    Update runs fine for us Xbox one users.

    Y’all Sony ponies might wanna wait though. PS4 games always breaking and shit lmao.

    • breeze

      Why is your name XboxWon while PS4 outsold the Xbone by millions? It should be XboxLost

      • lunator100hd .

        The guy is a troll dont fall for that.

      • He’s a troll

      • I already blocked his dumbass. This comment section is looking clean as fuck right now.

        • XboxWon

          Catch this block

    • turtleyhorseham

      Can’t wait until I can play COD with the Kinect, best use of system resources ever!

      • XboxWon

        Yep the Kinect is a great piece of technology. Too bad these ponies don’t know that lmao

  • Diego Diniz


  • Beast Mode

    lets be honest..Infinte Warfare is nowhere as good as Black Ops 3.

    • lunator100hd .

      Very similar, Infinity warfare is basically bo3 with very fast ttk and more sirious tone. To be honest the gunfights feel very random compared to bo3.

    • The Rabid One

      Have you ever seen My Name is Earl. Well BO3 is Earl and Infinite Warfare is his need help brother Randy.

      • Hitman

        I’m actually watching My name is Earl again haha…

    • Shantzonpoint

      I’ve always been an Infinity Ward fan until Ghosts. I was keeping an open mind with IW but man what a disappointment. The game just isn’t very good. The TTK is to quick and my god the snipers are OP as hell. You cannot touch a somewhat skilled sniper with a SMG at close range. QS is way to easy. I’m sure they’ll get toned down at some point but what a terrible beta compared to BO3’s. After a couple rounds of the BO3 beta I could tell it was going to be a good game. I had the opposite feeling in IW. It’s just a chaotic hot mess.

      Majority of the people defending it are the ones that bought through their respective console stores and cannot get a refund. They really have no choice but to defend it to help justify their purchase. I’m so glad I pre-ordered through Amazon so I can cancel it. I really want to play MW:R but I’m not paying $90 for it. I’m hoping they’ll release it as a separate game some point down the line.

      • Assist King

        Beta is horrible. Maps are too small with the quick movement with this kind of TTK.

    • jt3z

      Calling one piece of shit better than another doesnt really mean anything lol

      • Beast Mode


        • jt3z

          Comparing one piece of shit(Bo3) to another doesnt really mean anything

          • Beast Mode

            You smoking crack bro?

          • jt3z

            Nope Bo3 is shit. Campaign was crap/ MP was also shit with crappy maps, OP guns(Brecci), Terrible streaks because of OP launchers. Terrible hit detection. Taking more time to get into a party than find a damn game. And the terrible lag that has happened all year. Hell it was better at the beginning of the year lol. Explain to me how a game gets worse as time goes.

          • Beast Mode

            bo3 was one of the best cod games .. if im not mistaken its the best selling cod game of all time..op launchers? now youre just saying anything. im level 992 right now and the only thing i can agree with you on is the brecci. the party issue is because of nat types. the lag comes from so many people playing and cosmetics which you can turn off in settings. the game is fine

          • jt3z

            You are mistaken. It is not the best selling COD lol its 6th all time so its not nearly as popular as you seem to think. Yes OP launchers have hurt this game. 1000+ Score streaks should not be able to be shot down instantly. Some 2-30 kid shooting down a wraith in a few sec is balanced? And its not just party issues with NAT type. Me and all of my friends have open NAT types and we still lag(Been really bad since Aug patch)

  • RobMelchor

    Goodbye BO3! Campaign was a mess, MP was nice. I’m not too sure about IW but there’s no turning back now since I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition :V

    • Former

      Just hoping zombies is good so the season pass is more worth it.

    • jt3z

      MP was also shit.

      • lunator100hd .

        MP is great, it had some problems in the beginning but overall its a good fun cod, if you think that even bo3 is shit after AW and Ghosts then go away, cod is not what you like at all.

        • SPAWNST4R

          Ghosts shits on AW and BO3, BO3 is target/aimassisted noob minded nonsense. The community cried foul with Ghosts because it didn’t hold your hand and make it easy. Yeah it had its flaws but BO3 is a flaw. Dog shit hit detection, some of the worst netcode in cod history, broken camera angles, insta lock aim assist, just a game made for shitkids. Shitkids that like to feel good without the need to learn anything, shitkids that dont mind buying supply drops and melee combat bullshit.

          • lunator100hd .

            BO3 is more fun than the camping paradise that ghosts was, i agree that aim assist plays a big role in bo3 but you have to understand that every cod(ghosts included) has aim assist. The thing that utterly ruined ghosts was the maps’ structure and the shitty-ass IED. Ghosts had potential with such a great hit detection and connection but it turned out to be the most hated cod for the community thats why this year infinity ward took a copletely different path with IW. Good players can do well in every cod, i personnally have higher K/D in bo3 and i could tell that ytbers like Markofj could wreck faces in BO3 so its poosible to play well in this game no matter what you say. I still play ghosts sometimes and the game is still full of scared litle pussies sitting in corners with IEDs and thermal scopes.

  • Anthony Mitchell

    anyone having issues connection to online after this patch? on ps4?

  • Awesomeman204

    I have 30gb of free space why can’t i download this???

  • Mike_Scarnn

    Since 2010, Call of Duty has just sucked, and that trend is going to continue. Battlefield on the other hand…

  • Big doodoo

    Poop posted

  • Dr yeti

    [email protected] check it out for sick trick shots! Don’t forget to sub

  • ThanosReborn

    How about rewarding players who have put in lots of time on this game…..would be nice….