UPDATE: Infinity Ward has issued a playlist update and replaced Infected with Gun Game because of issues with Infected. Gun Game is now live on PS4 and Xbox One.

We will update as we learn more.

Original Story:

Infinity Ward has updated the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta on PlayStation 4 with the addition of the Infected game mode.

It’s unclear when Xbox One will receive an update with the mode.

In addition, Infinity Ward has raised the beta level cap on PS4 to 35, but you may have issues using unlocks beyond 30. Infinity Ward is aware and working on fix.

Infinity Ward is also aware of issue with Infected not allowing party members to join and being stuck in solo only.

Stay tuned for updates.

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    • ScOott

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      • FoxyTheDankPirate

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  • Aidan


  • Brad of Duty

    Thr quickscoping needs to be addressed immediately!!!

    • ghosts sucks

      AMEN! This is a quick scopers game. Can’t stand it. TTK is way to slow. Gun balance is horrible. I hope they make some changes to these topics

      • BradyAlucard

        Guns don’t need to be balanced, I’d rather have crazy overpowered melty weapons (seriously).

      • Dávid Mészáros

        Quickscopers game/quick ttk pick one.

        • ghosts sucks

          The quick scopers are insane and the TTK is way to low. That’s what I’m saying. The game is not balanced and not fun for people who don’t quick scoper. My opinion

      • Paul

        TTK to slow? Thought it was too fast ?

      • Peter Griffin

        Put aside the snipers, and payloads, and a bunch of variants, gun balance is OK-ish. At least it has some taste (so to speak), while most of the guns in BO3 feels underpowered. But hey, that’s a lot of things “put aside” now that I think about it.
        The R3K needs a huge range buff though, (you should 1 burst kill people further than SMG range!).

        But hey, Infinite Warfare has a toxic sniping gameplay exactly like MW2 was. Everybody remembers the noob tube and one man army in MW2, but everybody forgets the nightmare of everybody running the Intervention (or the Barrett) as the best weapon in the game in every single scenario possible: Long range? Just hardscope and oneshot. Close range? Just quickscope, this SPAS-12 isn’t as fast as you anyway, you’ll kill him before the pellets have the time to leave it’s barrel. Med range? Quicscope, Hardscope, or even no-scope with a trick, you decide which one is cooler. Intervention and Barrett .50 were the second cancer, tied with noob tube, of MW2 in it’s time.

        The quickscope was as easy and powerful as in Infinite Warfare. So why people are complaining here? What’s the matter? What’s wrong? Quickscoping became unskilled all of a sudden? Hah! I said it since this so called technique was born, snipers should not be allowed to perform better than shotguns or SMG in close combat.

        Infinite Warfare has potential tho, and i’m enjoying it surprisingly more than I thought.

    • NuclearFallout

      The quickscoping is the only reason i stopped playing the beta lol

    • Khaled Hassan

      That and the ttk man it’s lower than ghosts!

  • Rorke File

    The MW3 version of Infected will stay the best.

  • ScOott

    CoD 4 needs to be sold separately at this point.. adding x amount of game modes isn’t going to change anything..

    • Former

      I’m enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would. Hit registration is great and once you get used to the ttk, it isn’t bad at all. My only gripe is the rigs are a bit OP and sniping is wayyy too easy.

      • ScOott

        I enjoyed it alot more than I thought I would, but I didn’t have very high hopes to begin with, it’s better than A.W and ghosts, but the maps, the snipers, the lobby/loading times are awful..I think I’d rather get to level 1000 on Bo3.. N hopefully buy MWR separate.. It’s a shame because I think the game has so much potential.. I think the health bar is an amazing idea, unfortunately u don’t really need it in IW

        • true i don’t play terminal because it’s always filled with snipers camping their dicks off and sniping is way too easy plus the aim assist is godly

        • Paul

          Atleast you’ll reach 1000 after saying you didn’t think you’ll reach it?

          • ScOott


      • Paul

        Finally someone who agrees with me

      • Khaled Hassan

        How did u get used to that very low ttk gunfights are a joke

        • Former

          Idk. Just have to have fast reactions. I don’t even notice that much of a difference compared to Bo3. The VMP could melt in an instant just the same.

  • ToonToons22

    This game isn’t worth the money, honestly. Paying $80 just for MWR isn’t worth it. I agree, sell it separately for those of us who want no part of IW.

    • BOB

      You do know you need IW to play MWR

      • ToonToons22

        What do you think I’m saying?! I want them to sell both games SEPARATELY. That means NOT having to buy IW just to get MWR.

        • No, he’s saying you need either the Infinite Warfare disc in or have the digital game installed for MWR to even play. They won’t sell separately because of this.

          • GinsuVictim

            They can release a stand-alone version later that doesn’t require IW.

  • Quinten playing MC

    Level cap has increased too

  • Psychomaggot105

    Mine hasn’t updated yet. No infected or level increase

  • n3s4l1f3

    i didn’t like the ball & same base re spawn modes, a lot of campers crouched behind a box or something, snipers camping on buses, i hated the variants guns, LAG in every game, even driftor got melted in terminal and in the other awful maps, they aren’t 3 lane maps like black ops 3, micro map is awesome to play in dlc4, IW just make it better what BO3 did with the maps & guns NOT variants BS, i hated the currency system, just unlock the weapons as you level up & prestige, NOT supply drops weapons, the camouflage looks like wraps, like candy pink toy weapon wrap WTF, next xmas wrap for the kids lol, i can’t see the players characters, emblems, etc. in the lobby like i did in BO3, at the end of the match it’s not a circle is a winners team and show the names of all coz’ i don’t know who am i if the characters are the same with low levels players, the start of the match looks like battlefront waving and cheering WTF, let’s go back to play BO3, it needs more players to fill more lobbies, IW have now 2 bad cod games, just don’t buy it, it’s a waste of time.

  • GamerTag: Robustss

    No update on xbox one no level cap update, no mixed mode and no infected. Xbox gets shafted again.

    • Dávid Mészáros

      Imaine then how PC is

    • PS4 Doesn’t have Infected, they never added it back

  • RdJokr

    You know shit got real when all these CODTubers are shitting on the beta and praising BF1.

    This is gonna be one rough year for COD… Oh well, at least there’s still Campaign and Zombies.

    • Element115Will

      Campaign yes, zombies, ugh. No Thanks. To each their own though.

      • RdJokr

        I’ll give IW the benefit of the doubt and trust that they can keep the core of Zombies as it is. Treyarch Zombies is still king, but I can do with a year of less-serious Zombies.

    • CoDforever

      yeah, atleast the IW campaign still looks great

  • Hype, hope it isn’t like aw because they ruined it. Also they need to work on snipers and the godly aim assist

  • Matt Congdon

    Call of duty hasnt update for xbox one yet

  • MaName

    They also increased max rank but when I equip the Volk AR I end up spawning with a NV4 ?¿?¿ and Everytime I equip scavenger I won’t spawn with it either

    • Ed

      I think they let you keep raising rank, but not actually use any of the stuff, just so you could earn more salvage… otherwise, this game is as broken as ive ever seen a game in a beta.

  • ScOott

    Much respect to Drift0r, the guy depends on CoD to make a living, n he’s blatantly just made a video telling everyone how shit it is, even tho he has his expenses paid for to his CoD trips n what not, he’s just told the truth.. I’m glad he’s not pretending it will be ok In the end,n hes got some balls to let the community know what he truly thinks about the game… Not many big YouTubers would do that..

    • Keshav Bhat

      Hopefully when you see my IW review, maybe I will re-earn your respect…

      • steel beamer

        you arent gonna earn anyones respect by giving the game a 10/10

        • Keshav Bhat

          i am not going to give it a 10/10. no way i can after playing beta man.

          • GamerTag: Robustss

            when is xbox getting level increase?

          • jordanxbrookes

            What’s this? Keshav giving us an HONEST review of the Infinite Warfare Beta? This I need to see 😛

          • Keshav Bhat

            November 4 🙂

          • Khaled Hassan

            Can the game be fixed before launch? Any hope?

      • ScOott

        Lol even if I’m a dick sometimes I respect u mayyn.. With out u, I wouldnt be typing on here.. *praise Lord keshav* I take it ur not enjoying the game? I had a feeling from one of ur tweets u sent out, u were looking forward to MWR more so than IW

        • Keshav Bhat

          its a game that had potential, but failed. review will be up launch time! i don’t have enough time to make one for beta itself, so soon you shall see.

          • RdJokr

            Even Keshav is saying negative things now? Oh man… IW is fucked.

      • jacopo

        Maybe the sp can save this game

    • ReturnOfTheSwift

      Yeah this game is bad. I’ve tried to like it but I can’t. Come on Activision, give us BO2 backwards compatibility…

    • Look at PrestigeisKey video, it’s pretty good. I find him as one of the most honest COD YouTuber out that.

    • jordanxbrookes

      PrestigeIsKey also made a video saying how he doesn’t like IW. As for Drift0r, he didn’t even need to make a video saying how shit the game is. Just watch his IW livestreams and you’ll see how fucking miserable he looks playing the game lol.

      • ScOott

        Lol I haven’t watched the big CoD YouTubers in a long time, I just seen the thumbnail pop up in my recommended n had to watch it, il check out what Prestigeiskey video as well… Activision should seriously consider switching developers, keep Treyarch n let two more developers take over, it’s a pee take to think we probz will have to wait another two years before we see anything remotely good from CoD again..

        Even Treyarch at their worst (Bo3) is better than what these two studios can do combined, plus it’s only Trey that have the balls to change things, the rest just copy just ends up being not as good…

        They gave us zombies, the pick ten system, the diamond camo, even something as gay as specialists has to be copied..

        (sigh) rant over lol..

        • Ehh I say let’s see what SHGames can do next year before we start packing up our bags like with Infinity Ward. I think we shouldn’t give up on them after only one game…unless of course it’s AW2 then fuck that

          • Advanced Warfare 2 is going to be great

          • If you consider cancer great, then sure I’m right with you lol

    • RdJokr

      Part of me thinks that he’s also kinda burned out on COD. Over the years, BO3’s issues led him to stop playing the game for a while. Plus, all the time he spent on BF1 and Overwatch? That’s gotta change him in some ways.

      Though tbh, we’re still only judging 1/3 of the game. I’ll give IW a fair chance and see how the campaign and Zombies modes fare.

    • Overachiever

      Whiteboy7st doesn’t exist?

  • [EV] BLISS

    Theey removed infected lol, I played it and it was pretty shit, the SPAS 12 sucks. The top person had 2 kills lmao

  • Ed

    They removed it. It was buggy as hell.

  • Good that they are fixing these issues now and not on launch.

    • Khaled Hassan

      Who told they are fixing did they tweet? Are they even aware of what’s broken?

  • Infection probably gonna be shit in this game

    • Jon

      wait…..are you still trolling a game you don’t like……LOL…..

      • i wish your dad beat you more or at least give you some type of attention. You kinda need it..

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s 12 players max, nuff said lol.

    • ReturnOfTheSwift

      Which is sad. I mainly kept MW3 for specialist (getting moabs) and infection.

  • ghosts sucks

    I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed

  • Kyle Emery

    Hating on a game. When’s it’s not at its final game, why do you people hate this game so much, I think Infinity ward done a good job. Hates are gonna hate. But when I played it on Friday it felt like a different cod than anything esle I can’t compare it to bo3 or AW. It feels like the modern warfare gameplay style with bo3 mechanics that’s what it feels like. If your gonna hate, hate all you want! Won’t stop me from playing it!

    • [EV] BLISS

      The game comes out like in 2 weeks, the game is already done, it was sent to microsoft and sony for approval a while ago, this is the finished game we are playing except with some guns not unlocked but the gameplay in the “Beta” is the finished game. Sure they might update things but you’re playing the full game

      • Kyle Emery

        Yeah I agree

  • Trevor Larson

    Im on PS4 and Infected is not there? Why?

  • Geo

    All I got from this is that 2 things were changed and both are broken. lol ok

  • Derek carriere

    We need hardcore in this beta

  • dust&cheese

    This game was so cringe. I tried a couple games and its a striking resemblance to advanced warfare x black ops 3.

    • Former

      You just called a video game “cringe”….You have no right to an opinion.

  • They didn’t even add it back, sick