Activision has announced that the esports features and details about the esports season for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be announced on Wednesday, October 26 at 2PM PT.

During the live stream, Infinity Ward will reveal new maps in Infinite Warfare, feature developer interviews, news about the CODCaster mode, and details about the upcoming CWL season. 

Fans can watch the stream live on October 26 at 2PM PT / 5PM ET on or on Twitch

SOURCE: Activision

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    Plot twist, no sniping hahaha

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    • Sniper Rifle.

      Plot twist: OP sniping. Wiping out whole teams in one quick go with a sniper. Because that’s how snipers do their job in real life, amirite?

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    Please no ban or protect bullshit.

    • What was wrong with ban and protect? If it’s not there then everything that usually gets banned will be banned regardless haha. All it does is add a twist. Like some things that get banned 90% of the time can get through. Makes every game feel different. Imo