Treyarch has activated Double XP and Double Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Multiplayer and Zombies from now through Monday, October 31 at 10AM PT.

  • Derek


  • Ethan Sluga

    early as the old scout once said

  • Aidan

    Uninstalled the game last week.

    Made room for IW, MWR, BF1 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Yeah, that’s how far I’m planning ahead.

    Might even get DR4.

    • I’m definitely gonna pick up Deadrising 4. I always enjoyed that series. So if I’m gonna get my zombies fix, it’s either gonna be BO3 or Dead rising lol

      • Aidan

        My greatest memories were on DR2. DR4 comes out on my birthday, so it works out perfectly.

    • yuss

      Thanks for the announcement that no one cares about. also lol @ not getting more space instead.

    • Hitman

      What about Titanfall 2? I don’t really know much about the game though but I would like to give it a try…

      • Aidan

        Didn’t like the first one, played the tech test couple months ago, hated it. Won’t be spending $60 dollars on that.

        • Hitman

          Ok thanks for the heads up on that.

    • SoulTaker

      RDR 2 won’t be coming out for another year what the hell is the point of making space for a game that won’t come out till Fall 2017?

      • Aidan

        I don’t buy many videogames, bud. I don’t even download Free Games of the Month, unless they’re actually good.

        • SoulTaker

          Wait so if you don’t download much games then what’s the point of deleting those few games you have since again RDR 2 won’t come out for another year?

          • Aidan

            I have a 1TB xbox one. I don’t buy many games, but I’ll get some as gifts. I had about 80% used until I uninstalled Black ops 3, BFH, and Battlefront. Now I have enough room for those games I already listed. Next year I may uninstall some other games, and if I ever wanna download them again, I can.

  • That bitch that advertises his shit site better watch out, swear if I see him on this one Im’a 360 noskopz the kid

    • Trevor H. Mai

      The one that advertises FPSForce. Yeah fuck him

      • Nah he’s a sick lad

        • You upvote your own comments on two accounts? Sad cunt

          • GinsuVictim

            There is a block function. I don’t even see his bullshit anymore.

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  • ccrows

    IDC what anybody says, I still enjoy playing BO3… 🙂

    • Hitman

      Even with all the BO3 hiccups, Its still fun to play. Train go boom..

    • IDC what anybody says, I still enjoy playing AW… 🙂

      • ToonToons22

        Yeah, me too. AW wasn’t too bad when I think of it. It was innovative and different.

  • Lunator has no nipples


    Wondering where the charlie intel “breaking news” is about most of the COD Youtubers, most of which are usually ATVI dick riders slating Infinite Warfare and saying they won’t play it this year? Looks like CoDs childish game design philosophy, Money grubbing push toward pay to win and thier complete and utter lack of respect towards its playerbasr has bit ATVI in the ass at last…. Fuck, I forgot it only “positive” news sorties and comments allowed here, my bad…

    • Logic Chief

      Driftor is dumb af. Oh no how do I know this person has a combat rig trait on that regens his health quicker? This is unfair and unbalanced. Well driftor how does one know if someone has sixth sense on in bo3, how does someone know if they have engineer on making their equipment there placing pointless. This not knowing has always been in cod why the fuck complain about it now. Driftor put some time into your videos and don’t just make up shit on the spot.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Love him or hate him there is no question Drift0r knows what he is talking about and there are counters to six sense in BO3, no counters to what he is talking about in IW, so yeah, Broken balance issues, maybe you should put some time into researching before you spout utter shit.

        • Logic Chief

          i’ve spent over nearly 48 hours playing the beta. Well drifor was leaveing during the beta to go to some battlefield 1 event. And nearly everything in infinite warfare has a counter and the game even tells you what counters it. Specially what drifor was saying was the health regen trait. What game had the same thing? call of duty: ghosts the icu perk no one complained about that perk when you had no idea someone had it on. But now drifor is complaining about it like come on now really. if theses where perks instead of traits no one would be complaining. all i’m saying is from this beta i’m seeing way too any people overly complaining about stuff that happens in every cod. We get the spawns suck it’s a new cod. we get it that it lags it a new cod, we get guns/perk and such need balacing it’s a new cod. every cod has these problems. IMO gun balancing atleast compared to bo3 beta is a hell of alot better. Bo3 beta: razerback/man of war thats it. This beta: every smg was heavily used. all ARs i loved but the r3k. lmg were not bad never really use them much but in any cod. buff shotguns, nerf sniper and were good.

        • Logic Chief

          Drifor follows the money now he’s sucking that EA dick.

          • Riley

            When is double XP do a weapon XP and double liquid to minium going to be one

      • reamerb .

        Spot on.

  • n3s4l1f3

    i played BO3 yesterday and it was a lot of fun playing DLC4, everything in BO3 is better than IW beta, so i preferred to play BO3 3 years like i played BO2, instead of playing IW, BF1, Titanfall2, Doom, Overwatch, etc. i’ll wait for RE7, Outlast2, Friday the 13th and games like that, long live Treyarch!

    • Hitman

      you are ringing my bell. I feel the same, BO2 and BO3 is still fun to play out of all the IW games

  • Teksoo1337

    Going For LVL 1000