Activision has confirmed in a new press release that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will once again feature a Live Event Viewer in-game on PlayStation 4 for fans to watch all of the Call of Duty World League action.

Call of Duty World League is proud to partner with Major League Gaming. Through MLG’s proven live streaming capabilities and technology, CWL fans can watch the Infinite Warfare eSports action on MLG.TV and in-game (IW PS4) through Live Event Viewer.

The Live Event Viewer was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, giving players ability to watch all of the CWL 2016 action directly in-game on PS4.

More details about Infinite Warfare esports features to be revealed October 26 at 2PM PT.

*Feature image above is from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

  • ScOott


    • Discussion

      To swallow a dong?

      • ScOott

        Lol totally..

    • Furst to be a fgt

  • lunator100hd .

    The game is broken but still all the 12 years old faze-wannabe will care about COD esports.

  • Ronald95

    Should I a PC player who couldn’t play beta:
    Option 1: be a stupid fanboy, listen all the negative feedback about this game being broken and people not liking the beta and not buy IW?
    Option 2: be a normal person and buy this game anyway and give it myself a try and then decide?
    I’m actually really exited for the campaign!!
    And please don’t call me an idiot and a loser and tell me I’m a riding on Activi$ion’s penis when I choose option 2!!

    • Quinten playing MC

      Option 2 because everyone has different opinions!

    • Khaled Hassan

      Normal means ur logical listen to people who played it ask like 10 people see what most will say . I say it’s shit

    • Gimpanese

      I paid for every cod game since black ops 1. That’s not as hardcore as most cod fans but I played this beta and this will be the first cod game I won’t buy since.

    • Cheesesteakwit

      I have played every COD since COD 2 and this game is bad! I will buy it for zombies, campaign and Modern Warfare Remastered but I will stick with BO3 for MP for the year! If u liked Ghosts u mite like IW but this game is just garbage!!

    • Activi$ion

      Why do you care about others opinion? Try it out for yourself buddy, if you dont like it, you have Zombies & MWR ?

    • Option one doesn’t mean you have an opinion? You guys who call us stupid fanboys are hypocrites. We have a right to express our opinion on the game, whether it be positive or negative. Why do you guys get more say than us? Because you’re such a positive, swell guy? Fuck off.

    • Definitely option 2, the game isn’t really that bad in my opinion // The best Call of Duty news website! –

      • I’m going to DDOS your fucking site

    • Yo mumma

      best advice my mother ever gave me… ” fuck other peoples opinions unless you’re doing some crazy shit like hitler did, then you should probably stop.”

      Thanks mum !

  • Khaled Hassan

    The game is broken for sure like design wise

  • Frank Rizzo

    I’d rather read a book

  • Cheesesteakwit

    Charlie Intel is a puppet of Activision and COD games! Where is the outrage from CI about how broken this game is and how bad it is!

    • Khaled Hassan

      It was reflected weakly in their Videos on YouTube

    • GinsuVictim

      The full game isn’t out yet.

      • ScOott

        What are u expecting to change? Nothing they can do now, they gave us the “beta” too late.. I don’t understand how they thought they could of balanced all of them variants and specialist, I just can’t even begin to understand the thought process..

        • RdJokr

          Balancing is gonna be done throughout the year as more people get to play. This isn’t something that can be done completely at launch. The devs aren’t just gonna sit around twiddling their thumbs, you know.

          • ScOott

            With all due respect, I know ur on p.c have u even played the beta? All the different gun variants are going to take all year to balance, we are going to be beta testing the game for a whole year.. Check out drift0rs video, u will see what I’m talking about.. The balancing issue are beyond that of A.W, if u had made this comment about any other CoD including A.W ur comment would be valid, but the beta should of happens earlier in the year to at least sort some of the b.s out.. Defend them all u want, but ur wrong, the bigger problems shouldn’t have made it into the full game and I’m willing to bet money they will..

          • RdJokr

            I’ve seen Drift’s video. Don’t necessarily agree with some of his points though. For example, he complained about the Payloads and Traits not being transparent enough, but that’s been a problem for years with perks. Like, how would I know if you have Awareness until you kill me? And the P+T combo can still be fixed by having it shown in the map load screen like the Specialists in BO3. That’s one problem easily solved.

            Another thing to say here is that Drift0r has been getting burnt out of COD for a while now. Don’t you see him focusing more on Overwatch and BF1? The issues with BO3, and the technical problems on the IW beta… that could affect his decisions easily.

            I do agree, we should’ve had the beta earlier, but given how fast IW was with fixing the issues here, and their acknowledgement with tweaking the snipers aka everyone’s biggest complaints thus far, I think it should be fair to expect a change in balancing at launch. Variants will no doubt fuck up balancing a bit, but that’s why we’re down to just four variants per gun now. Less shitty variants to work with, and more focus on the popular ones.

  • Jester

    Why just on PS4? Don’t know about you guys, but at least I think they are taking very seriously the exclusivity thing.