Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer will feature a Firing Range for players to test out their load outs in the MP menu before getting into a game, new videos today confirmed.

The Firing Range is accessible through the Create a Class screen by pushing a single button, very similar to how Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had it.


  • Bax

    Yeah I’ll be playing this more than IW

    • Eric Cartman

      Tom Brady Sucks My Balls

      • Bax

        Goats don’t suck balls

        • tom brady likes his balls deflated though

        • Eric Cartman

          He is no goat, but his wife looks like one

        • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

          Tony romo would do good with offense dumbass

      • Eric Cartmanez

        No – he misintepreted the rulessss

  • Ronald95

    Seems unnecessary since there was no need for it back then. If I wanted to test my shooting skills I played campaign. Still cool though!!

    • djml9

      Ita not for shooting skills, its for testing loadout combinations

  • W1LL1AM04

    I’m glad at least one title has it

    • b000000raat

      Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had this one too.

      • W1LL1AM04

        Correction, one of the new titles

  • Brad of Duty

    Raven should replace IW as cod developer

    • Ronald95

      That will never happen. They might become one but not replace. Or help out IW so they would stop failing.

      • Kozzi

        they did help IW on infinite warfare

        • Ronald95

          Oh I didn’t know!!

        • Brad of Duty

          No they didn’t they made MW Remastered they did not work on Infinite Warfare

          • Dirty Dan

            How do u know besides it even shows ravens logo when loading up infinite warfare

          • Brad of Duty

            Because MWR is sold with IW, so it will show both names

          • Dirty Dan

            In the beta it shows it and that has nothing to do with mwr

          • You’re well clever Dirty Dan, that was a proper dirty move!!

    • Marik

      You don’t understand that remastering a game is completely different from making one from scratch. Remastered = replace the textures with higher res ones. Even a modder on pc can easily do that. But making your own gaming engine takes a lot of skill and effort and the CoD is using the IW engine for almost a decade. Netcode programming is very difficult as well. This is why the lag comp algorithms aren’t perfect in any multilayer game. What makes you think raven would succeed in developing their own cod game?

      • Ronald95

        And before people mention COD online. That game takes a lot of content from MW1, 2 and BO and also plays like them. Only customization and plus supply drops are new. Plus some new weapons and maps too.

      • just a guest

        the developer’s job is very diff from the coder’s and the programmer’s one and as it seems raven is executing the “developer” part of their job almost perfectly, they could have fucked it up in many ways but they didnt and when they did mistakes, they admitted them and fixed them. i dont know if its just me but i feel like mwr is a game made for fans by fans.

        btw the engine is taken from the quake dunno what u r talking about and using the same engine isnt a bad thing it saves you time and u r sure as a producer than its reliable and especialy quake engine’s physics match perfectly at cod’s arcade style

        p.s thats said by a guy who will not buy cod for 4th time in a row

        • Logic Chief

          All raven had to do was copy paste it nearly 100%. infinity ward was locked in development right after ghosts when the community hated it so they knew they needed a new style cod so they started work on infinite warfare. it’s too late for them to change core stuff this late. face it they listened mega to the community from ghosts to now. small maps, ttk in the code is atleast like bo3 but the lag is messing that up and they are fixed it a bit and will continue. people complained about ghosts campers well they fixed that imo. I didn’t run into a single camper the whole beta( it’s just to fast paced to camp). it’s hard when your on a 3 year development cycle a lot changes in people opinions. raven I believe didn’t even start working on MWR till like a year ago.

          • CoDforever

            “All raven had to do was copy paste it nearly 100%.”

            No they didnt. CoD4 is an outdated game. They unlocked everything and added bots to the private matches, updated menu’s to look more modern, added red hit markers, updated sniper scopes, added final killcams, added firing range etc

            they’ve improved cod4 in almost every way, in a way that still appeals to nostalgic fans of the game AND new players. No ordinary developer could do that

          • Eddie Tupy

            i agree they added stuff that mattered plus graphics. i play cod4 still everyday and its looking very bland especially when i play newer games, even cods.

      • Sol Malus

        Except these aren’t higher res textures, these are textures from scratch. Character models from scratch.

        Fuck man, they even redid the soundtrack and sounds.

      • CoDforever

        yeah but look how well they nailed the feel and look of CoD4. It takes a special kind of developer to do that

      • AA Watcher

        They made MWR from scratch by using the original as a reference. Give Raven the credit they deserve. Yes, they’re not using their own engine or the one used for the original (they’re using the AW engine but that doesn’t really mean that much. They aren’t one of the 3 main CoD producers so they shouldn’t have to. If they were to make a whole new game, and not a remaster, I’m sure they’d make their own version of the IW engine.

    • ccrows

      Is it because…

      A – They listen to community feedback


      B – They listen to community feedback

      • Batman

        More experienced than current IW

    • Stefan Lang

      Or we could just get IW, Treyarch, SHG, and Raven. ?

      • Brad of Duty

        Except IW isn’t capable of making a game people want and that would be a year longer wait for the good games. MW3 was only good and even completed because of SHG’s work and Ghosts and Infinite Warfare are flops 2 for 2

        • Stefan Lang

          Honestly, if they brought us MW4 is probably would have been a disaster MP wise. Its like the campaign was decent in Ghosts but they had really shitty ideas when it came to mp. I think IW would be fine seeing that its based around BO3 for the most part but they really need to do something with the ttk. No way in hell is that instamelt shit gonna work with this advanced movement. They’ll probably never get their old MP design team back and it’s just sad.

    • But they didn’t really make the game, they just added better graphics. // The best Call of Duty news website! –

      • Stop advertising your shit site lol

      • [EV] BLISS

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      • Fuck off, you shitty, info stealing website spammer.

        Seriously why haven’t you been banned yet your advertising is annoying and you’re literally doing it on the website that is objectively superior to yours. Atleast do it somewhere else that isn’t here.

    • CoDforever

      Its because this game runs on the AW engine

      Take that as you will

    • Logic Chief
      massive leaks on infinite warfare. 38 total guns. acr, m4, many more.

      • What’s with the subreddit?
        It just links to normal Reddit.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Yeah, but isn’t it using the AW engine as its foundation with the Firing Range being a Sledgehammer addition?
      This reminds me though, wasn’t there early footage of IW having a Firing Range or was that just a SP section?

    • Eddie Tupy

      they did a good job so far but i wouldnt go as far to say replace. They should maybe help liek SHG did in MW3. Making a game from scratch is alot harder than remastering a game. The main concepts are already set in stone all they have to do is optimize everything up to todays standards.

    • Marc Grierson

      So they can get slagged off year after year when people don’t like their games? I think playing it safe with remasters is a better move lol.

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    Gotta get used to dropshotting…. lol


    I honestly like this addition. Its a nice touch that doesnt ruin the original feel of cod4. I do think IW should implement this Firing Range to their Multiplayer. Since we got variants that have different attributes and or perks, the firing range would be perfect to test out those said variants prior to entering a game.

  • Mick

    Like the one from F.N.G.

  • lunator100hd .

    Im not sure but firing range has been confirmed for IW right?

    • ccrows


      • djml9

        Was it?

        • Kevin Deng

          There were leaks before IW MP was announced and firing range is in one of the trailers for IW.

  • Gamerazor247

    But where was the ∞W Firing Range at tho’!?

  • Shivam Gandhi

    Love it!

  • ccrows

    As long as they don’t EVER add any new weapons, I’m fine with this…

    • awlagfare

      why? as long as it’s for everybody, for free and no star wars guns i’m in!

  • ToonToons22

    Nice! Maybe I’ll get this game after all. I really loved the AW firing range, that was one of my favorite features of the game and I’m glad it’s back. It looks great in the picture, too.

    • [EV] BLISS

      Wait so “Maybe” you’ll get cod 4 just because of the firing range? WOW

      • ToonToons22

        What? Of course it’s not just for the firing range. It’s all the new features, like the Makarov easter egg and the new Create-a-Class menu, in addition to the updated graphics.

  • No surprise since they are using the AW engine to run it. It will be a nice addition.

  • The Gaming Revolution

    “Source: TmarTn” *gags

  • kslay

    I wish they would put in a League Play type playlist in MWR

  • imBATMAN

    Raven should replace SHG as cod developer

    • Boat

      I think Raven really deserved to be a main Cod developer. Maybe just once for now to test the waters how they do.

    • Raven should replace Infinity Ward as cod developer*

  • ToonToons22

    Heads up, they just added new camos to MWR.

    • Fegasaruasㅤ

      new ones are ugly besides the chrome one

  • Aidan

    Hell yeah

    I may end up playing MWR more than IW

  • I can’t wait for Advanced Warfare 2

  • Eddie Tupy

    yes the main reason aw was decent, at least i could test out my varied guns before battle.

  • It just… Keeps getting better..

  • zack

    I hope ww3 doesn’t start until I’ve had a few months to play MWR. It’s literally a parting gift from God.

    • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

      Why would you be scared America would win

  • Batman

    If IW is another ultra fail from IW, I feel they might be replaced by raven, and start doing a mw2 remaster

  • Rob Melchor

    I’m new to the MW1 mp scene, which is the best assault rifle and smg? (I got into cod mp with ghost)

    • ToonToons22

      Well, from what I remember the AK-47 was probably the best assault rifle, and the MP5 or AK74u were the best SMGs.

    • awlagfare

      m16 and mp5 imo.

    • zack

      M16, m4, ak47, mp5, ak74u.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      It’s actually CoD 4, son.
      I only remember using MP5 and AK47.

  • Cabe Kase

    The 1 think treyarch didn’t put in their game fml lol.