Infinity Ward appears to have accidentally revealed on the eSports stream that Call of Duty Points will be in Infinite Warfare.


While they were showing the Infinite Warfare menus, the Call of Duty Points logo appeared in the top next to the Keys and Salvage numbers.

Call of Duty Points is a virtual currency that was first introduced in Black Ops 3. COD Points can be bought via the store and used to open Supply Drops.

  • XboxWon



    • Thank god

    • faze harambae


  • Diego Diniz

    Infinity Ward slogan: “Disappointing people since MW3!”

  • jordanxbrookes

    Nothing surprises me anymore. Everyone and their cat knew Infinite Warfare was going to have Supply Drops and a way to buy them. I’ll stick with my Battlepacks thanks.

    • Filthy Prank’d

      The thing I liked in Battlefield’s Battlepacks were that the things there were just things that was still available for everyone, just that you needed to grind your ass off for that item, but even that wasn’t much of a problem.

      • BradyAlucard

        Microtransactions are a bad thing. We don’t get to change our narratives for the games we like. Battlepacks ARE NOT any better than Supply Drops whether Battlefield fanboys like it or not (at least if they’re able to get through microtransactions).

        • Filthy Prank’d

          Yeah, I know, Microtransactions are a bad thing overall. I’m just saying that BF does it better without making the Battlepacks a paywall for weapons. If a game does Microtransactions better, then that would be UC4’s and OW. While UC4 has weapons with perks, they are still available through unlock, and OW only has cosmetics, so if you want skins/anything else, you just have to grind for it and beg for luck or pay loot boxes for luck, something I don’t really mind (I haven’t paid $10+ for Microtransactions in any game combined). In any case, I’m having fun just while getting these things for free.

          • BradyAlucard

            It’d be a much better industry if microtransactions were killed off entirely. Keep it in mobile games. This DLC crap has escalated too far.

    • Dangelo95

      Just wait we will hear day before release MWR will be confirmed to have supply drops as well I have a bad feeling it’s gonna

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’d be pissed off, but if it’s cosmetic only, I MIGHT live.

        • Cheesesteakwit

          No one will riot, they will buy them as well cause there are always people with money to burn! They should make it so we can buy each weapon for a set price between $3-$5 instead of paying $20 for points and only getting cosmetic shit out of the supply drops wtf Activision!!!

    • Every game has micro transactions nowadays i mean they want that extra money and if the game is worth y extra money i give it to ’em like overwatch lol too bad their loot boxes are rigged worse than bo3 supply drops

    • PoopieDoop

      You had me until “Battlepacks.” Hypocrite. This microtransaction cases are cancer.

      • jordanxbrookes

        That was a joke to poke at the fanboys on this site since they love to call me a “CoD hater” and a “Battlefield bandwagoner”. I agree microtransactions are awful.

        • PoopieDoop

          Oh thank goodness. Poe’s law, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a joke.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I still prefer Battlepacks over Supply Drops though, especially in Battlefield 1 where you can’t buy them.

          • PoopieDoop

            Not yet, anyways. With the way the system works it looks like they’re gonna start making some kind of micro economy like CS:GO in the future

    • RdJokr

      “I hate this microtransaction, so I’ll just support a different kind of microtransaction”. Dude, that is the most hypocritical shit I’ve ever heard.

      • ToonToons22

        Battlepacks are still superior to COD Supply Drops though. Just cosmetic stuff, like skins, knives, and attachments.

        • RdJokr

          Attachments, as in, cosmetic variants like BO3, or actual attachment unlocks? Because that’s even worse. That’s literally pay-for-advantage.

          • TheNuGawd

            Are you stupid? The supply drops in infinite warfare are exactly pay to win. The battlefield battlepacks are just cosmetic. No nuke, no 2x damage or infinite range.

          • RdJokr

            Maybe you should check your reading comprehension. I didn’t even defend the supply drops.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Yes there were attachments in Battlepacks, but these were different types of a specific attachment. You could unlock Optics, Suppressors, Grips etc. by using the weapon in-game, but you could unlock a different type of attachment in Battlepacks. I will be honest, I didn’t like that system even if it wasn’t so bad; much preferred the unlock system in Battlefield 3. Keep in mind, this was back in Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 has only cosmetic skins.

          • Batman

            There is no attachments in BF1’s battlepacks

            The attachments in BF4 were just a cosmetic variant of a default one(like the bo3 ones) BUT in BF4 you could also unlock those by leveling up your weapon(which was pretty easy)

      • jordanxbrookes

        That was more of satire since I’m the “CoD hater” and the “Battlefield bandwagoner” that these fanboys like to state me as. I don’t buy Battlepacks and hardly anyone I know in the Battlefield community buys them, and currently right now there is no way to buy them. Yes it’s a microtransaction that I’m not keen on, but at least with Battlefield 1 it’s just cosmetic skins, unlike with Infinite Warfare’s Supply Drops where it’s literally P2W but not as bad as the past 2 games, at least for now.

        • Support

          It’s simple not to buy battlepacks.

          When you’re almost gonna click that “BUY” button, you remember it’s EA (with exception to a few like PopCap and DICE)


          • jordanxbrookes

            You can’t buy Battlepacks in Battlefield 1 though.

      • Batman

        Battlepacks only have regular camos
        Nothing more at all
        So yeah its like saying “You prefer getting shot on the head or cut your cheek while shaving?”
        Battlepacks are fine
        Stop w/ the CoD cock sucking

  • ok

  • Laddie

    Lol that looks so out of place from everything else

  • AcePhoenix007

    As long as they don’t have Supply Drop-exclusive weapons (exc. prototypes), then I don’t care. They’re definitely going to do this, but for the time being, I shouldn’t have to care about COD Points.

  • Gamerazor247

    God damn it, not this dumb shit again…

  • Drasadex
  • Filthy Prank’d

    I remember when CODP were earnable. But then Activision gave it a bad name because it’s loaded with paying cash. Only the OG Black Ops know what I’m talking about when I say CoD Points…disappointed, but not surprised by this being here back.

    • jordanxbrookes

      COD Points in Black Ops was the only time COD Points were acceptable. But Activision has since trashed that once great feature by turning it into a profitable gain, and affiliating the name “COD Points” with Supply Drops, MicroDLC, RNG, Money and Negativity.

  • Brad of Duty

    If you buy Infinite Warfare supply drops not even God has hope for you

    • Filthy Prank’d

      If you buy supply drops at all, God has no hope for your existence.

      • Theklap

        If you tell me how to spend my disposable income, you’re worse than the people at Activision running a business. There is no amount of preaching about not buying cod points that’ll stop activision from making them available. This is here to stay. So if I want to spend a few dollars a month on some, then I’m going to and I will be thinking of you two clowns when I do.

        • Filthy Prank’d

          Sure, bud. I have no problem to those that buy Microtransactions since it’s been a thing now and will be for the rest of our lives. It’s just that buying things like these will promote and encourage the producer to make this appeal more in their future work, and that’s unacceptable. If these type of work were DLC like in separate or as a Season Pass, then I wouldn’t mind it this way.

        • TheAdversary

          Black Ops 3 was planned to have weapons provided in their DLC, but that all changed thanks to incentivize Supply Drop purchases. Thanks bud. You’re helping ruin Call of Duty for everyone.

        • jordanxbrookes

          It’s here to stay because of muppets like you giving Activision your money. You’re part of the problem, but by all means, you go ahead and spend $200 on an advantaged weapon variant in a game that will barely make it past January.

          • Cabe Kase

            Well if your an adult and have something called a job, why not. If you dont want the game don’t buy it. COD jumped the shark a longtime ago.

            And thats the crazy part clearly activision stopped caring along time ago. So why should you?

        • Logan

          You’re the clown LUL. You clearly don’t know how to spend your money. I’m not telling you HOW to spend it, just that you’re stupid on supporting cod points. 🙂

        • Brad of Duty

          It doesn’t affect me one bit whether you wanna flush your money down the toilet.

        • Markdg23

          Baaa, baaa, baaa…..$heep

        • To everyone hating on this dude, you’re a bunch of pricks, smh.
          It’s not people “like him” its the fact that as a COMMUNITY we hyped supply drops when they were first released, we gave Activision the opportunity, this opportunity will never disappear due to this, even if less and less people buy them, it’s still profit for Activision, it’s not their main income from the game.

          Who the fudge are you guys to call this dude a clown, and to say that he doesn’t know how to spend his money, get a grip. “You clearly don’t know how to spend your money”, whoever said that, LMAO to you, you contradicted yourself.

          The clowns here are the people complaining about others voluntarily spending THEIR money on things, just because you’re angry at a business decision from a major company, doesn’t mean you can attack others because they want to use the feature. This also goes for you (Theklap), with the whole calling them clowns thing – it provoked multiple reactions.

          As many people have told me here before, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, it’s about time we start respecting each others opinions instead of bashing on each other, that also goes for me, we as a community are failing to support each other and respect each other and it’s starting to become a bigger problem than the issues we moan about regarding the games we are all interested in.

          • I agree honestly. I’ll put it like this, and I remember someone else saying this here awhile back but it’s extremely true and I’ll repeat it here, pretty much we’re damned if we buy supply drops, but we’re also damned if we don’t. Essentially we’re fucked either as Activision pretty much relies on these microtransaction sells. I mean they no longer care about the quality of the game, so they’re perfect okay making a shitty game because they’ll make it up in sales with COD points. So let’s say less and less people buy supply drops, they’re just gonna make strip the game even more for supply drops and add even more stupid shit either way.

            It all comes down with how stupid Activision is because at the end of the day, they’re only pushing away fans and shitting on the Call of Duty franchise.

          • I know we don’t get on, but I respect what you’ve just said here and will respect to your opinions in the future instead of attempting to annoy or blast you.
            Thanks for your understanding.

        • Rorke File

          If there are people like you, Activision will make content that doesn’t belong in COD like childish camo’s and suits for example. They’re also spending more time making these things than making a proper game. IW never did need 3 years to develop even a 2009 and 2007 games look better and are more fun.

    • mr. write

      I’ll spend my money however I want ???

    • you need jesus


  • Oh man im spreading my ass cheeks even further this year. How many you gonna fit in my asshole this year Activision? 😉

  • Bogs Bunni

    cleerli nowon saw dis comming xd

  • Dangelo95

    I swear to god if modern warfare remastered has supply drops it would be the disappointment of a life time

  • Stefan Lang

    I don’t even care people acting all surprised like they didn’t know. Thank all of the people that spent thousands on ASDs in Advanced Warfare and gave Activision a shitload of money. You had to be pretty stupid if you didn’t think they’d return. These are going to be a permanent thing from now on. But as always, you’re not forced to purchase them.

  • Mahdi Badran

    Activision is being Activision again

  • Aidan

    Doesn’t surprise me. I kinda figured this would happen. I mean, it says “Universal COD currency” in the description.


    This shouldnt have been a surprise to anyone. Activision makes more money on these COD points than the game itself. The only way these shady tactics they implement in our game is to STOP buying them. Simple as that. But theb again you have your FagMartn’s and your Jolly B’s saying how exciting it is to buy cod points. Smfh.

  • Yo mumma.

    I like how they call them “points” to make you feel like you’ve won something…. consumerism at its finest.

  • Kyle Emery

    Seriously more cod points, I bought 30 pounds worth on bo3 and I got fuck all! I’m thinking it’ll be the same for IW.. I don’t think I’ll be buying cod points. Waste of money. Guys don’t buy cod points you’ll either get a cameo or a calling card. Just play MWR think everyone’s buying IW for MWR anyway. But it has been rumored that supply drops might be in it.

  • Kyle Emery

    They made 1 Billion Dollars maybe more and you still don’t get anything good outta a supply drop. Just money grabbers

  • Simple solution is to not buy them
    inb4 i get h8

  • destsicate

    I find it really funny how everyone has jumped onto the battlefield bandwagon then come on CI to to start arguments

  • The Gaming Revolution

    I think the system is rigged to begin with. When I preordered Infinite Warfare I received 1000 COD Points as a bonus to use in black ops 3. I used it to buy a rare bundle and I got the RSA out of the 10 rare drops and thought that the supply drops still have shitty drop rates regardless of whether you spend money or not. But later I bought a common bundle and when I opened just 1 common supply drop I got the Peacekeeper, the DBSR and a legendary calling card. I was so happy, but then I continued opening my commons and kept on getting things like melee weapons and epic camos. I’m a prestige master lvl 300 and I’ve only gotten 2 weapons from my 30 hrs logged and I got over double that in the one hour after using cod points. The system is rigged so first time cod point users get good items to make them think they have a great chance at weapons if they buy the supply drops, but then on the 2nd or 3rd purchase the drop rates lower back down, just like lottery tickets giving you $5 making you think you can buy another one and win more, which is why youtubers have great luck in one video and in the rest they just open $200 of supplydrops and get nothing in their 2+ hr long videos. Don’t buy Cod points and if you do don’t be fooled if you get a weapon because that won’t happen again if you buy more.

    • ToonToons22

      “It’s a rigged system, folks.” Good for you if you got that reference.

      But I do believe you, not only because it makes sense, but because it’s happened to me. I open rare supply drops all the time and get nothing good from them. When I finished my contract with the 10 rares and the weapon bribe, I just had to open one rare to get the Peacekeeper MK2. That alone tells me that Activision rewards you for spending money on this micro-DLC trash.

  • mr. write

    For a decade I’ve seen you players bitch and moan for more content and more customization…. well here you are. Did you expect that shitd be free?

    • I mean, paying $60, $80, or $100 for the game isn’t free. It’s a triple A game. So these little customization shit should be able to earn in game. More content? I mean, i just wanna say there was more content in games like MW2 and MW3 and we’re paying the same price

  • Sentinel

    Like I get that some of ya’ll think that whoever spends money on this, is the real problem. I also get that you fucken hate the game and what it has become. That you blame the “sheeple” for supporting this. It is always the same salty people who have this dedication to downgrade a very popular game. I also get that you would rather get all of the supply drops for free, just ’cause you already spent $60 on a game. Wait, let me state this again, you want it all at no cost because you are entitled!! Give me a fucken break! just ’cause you believe that this is, rigged, stupid, childish, shady, and the list goes on. But this people are the same one who have no fucken clue how to run a business, create profits, investments, royalties, partnership, publish, advertise, and the list goes on. Not even the slightest idea how colossal the video game industry has become. Doesn’t seize to amaze me how serious ya’ll take this game sometimes, how many of you had mention that are done with COD, yet here you stay browsing thru looking what’s new with Call of Duty. smh At the end of the day, you are just a sad cunt starring at a screen wishing that everything was revolving around you. Then you have the audacity to call yourself a gamer!


      if you play games then you are a gamer. End of.

      Thinking you have to like, play or hate a game just to have an opinion makes you the “sad cunt”…

      • Sentinel

        True, but ONLY playing COD or BF…that’s not a gamer but a desperate fanboy or simply just a casual player. They only have comebacks of Battlefield this or that and vice versa. Having an opinion just based on two games games…makes you the sad cunt. Anyways, I really need to halt the use of curse words haha.

  • Gimpanese

    Just made me more happy about my decision for not buying this game. I remember back in the days where you bought the season pass pkg and you would get to use all the weapons that was made for the game. Now it’s like if you bought the season pass pkg there’s more than 95% chance you wouldn’t be able to use all the weapons that were made for the game before you stopped playing it.

  • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca

    Thanks Valve for inspiring other publishers to add RNG based micro-transactions in full priced games.

  • clercq1983

    Are the CP’s gonna transfer from game to game?

  • faze harambae

    *sees title of article*

    “Let’s just pray it’s bo1 cod points

    *clicks on article and reads*


  • Jon

    Hell yes. Bring on the 100 dollar point bundles please. Come on tax refund. Please send check payable to Activision… 🙂

  • Qaotik

    I find the horrendous netcode during the beta a more problematic issue, this is second behind that.

  • Cabe Kase

    Oh look cod points, didn’t see this coming lol. I just want the p90 and ump to feel like itemp when i play lol.

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    id rather rage on MWR for 12 months than play this p2w garbo

  • Jake Arnseth

    Ok. No one is “forcing” you to spend money on Cod points. Just play matches and earn them! It’s simple. Some people don’t mind cod points because they have a job and make a lot of money and they can do what they want.