Call of Duty esports Twitter account has teased a first image of a new multiplayer map in Infinite Warfare called MAYDAY.

  • Element115Will


    • jt3z

      To suck my nuts. Thanks!

      • Element115Will

        Lol if I can find em.

      • BradyAlucard

        “You hear that? He said “SUCK MA NUTS!”

    • Wanky

      To wank me. Thanks!

      • Element115Will

        Ill need my tweezers.

    • Sound whore master

      To let me fuck you in the mouth. Thanks!

      • Element115Will

        You can do that to your dead grandmother thats in hell though.

        • Sound whore master

          thatto? english please!

          • Element115Will

            At least correct yourself on capitalization too, dumbass.

  • jt3z

    Come on IW i can deal with the stupid boost jumping just not the shitty azz maps.

    • Logic Chief

      I too like judging a map based on zero seconds of play time on it.

      • jt3z

        Not talking about this map but the ones in the beta and if this map is anything like those it wont be good.

        • i liked all maps in the beta except terminal because of all the sniping. Precinct is my favorite so far

      • Dre

        Yes, sort of like judging a game just by playing the beta!! Morons

        • jordanxbrookes

          You’re the moron if you think the Infinite Warfare Demo was a “Beta”.

  • Sound whore master

    Mayday? like the actual state of the game?

  • Shaun Michael Larson

    Zombies or bust!

  • Gamerazor247

    How about, just wait for the game to release for all the maps to be revealed. ‘Kay┬┐

    • lit


  • Dirty Dan

    Looks kind of like a remake to free fall from ghosts

  • FraMarte

    Loving how COD games every year recycles maps’ name… #extintiondlc2

  • Aidan

    Why do the bodies just fall off the side of the ship rather than float away?

  • Looks like a mix between that Freefall map from Ghosts and that DLC map from the 3rd/4th map pack of BO3

  • jacopo

    Good map

  • W1LL1AM04

    Looks nice and I like the Black hole touch they added but the inside is too calm for a space station that is going down

  • Cheesesteakwit

    The map reminds me of the game itself, there both going down in flames! Boycott Infinite Warfare and Infinity Ward for making two of the worst COD games ever made! Btw Ghosts is the other game that sux

  • Unpopular Opinion

    The map looks pretty good, although I would hope for like a picture of the minimap so I can see possible routes and whatnot. Guess I’ll just wait for the game to be released.

  • Cabe Kase

    Oh look more people bitching about cod on a cod fan site. lol Uplink looked dope on this map.