In Europe, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new PlayStation 4 Pro commercial inspired by Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland 80s setting.

PlayStation 4 Pro is available at $399 on November 10.

  • ScOott

    Furst.. I’m going to buy the pro, but why did they make it look worse than the original Ps4.. Looks like a triple Ps4 sandwich..

    • Siftblade

      I’m not lol. Love my ps4 but I don’t think this upgrade is necessary at all. I’ll give it a few more years

      • ScOott

        Im getting it in January to make sure I get the best experience playing Resident Evil in VR, anything that ups the fps in a game like that is a must. If it makes other games look better than bonus..

        • I don’t think upgrading the ps4 is really necessary right now. I bought mine last year in August. Upgrading now would be pointless. When it starts to break down, I’ll definitely pick one up. But for someone who likes to save his money, I’d rather just wait. I’m not even interested in VR to be honest. Not to say that it doesn’t look fun. It’s just not appealing to me right now.

          • ScOott

            Yh if it wasn’t for the VR I wouldnt of bothered I’d of just got the Scorpio next year. Ive been so hyped about resident evil In Vr tho that Id be willing to trade it in, just to get a smoother experience..

          • PS4

            It is. The demo for the upcoming final fantasy ran like shit on the ps4. And that waa a demo, to show the good sidea of the game.

        • pft upgrade what is that lol

        • KING_BORICUA24_

          Fuck the haters, Biohazard 7 will be amazing especially on VR.

          • The9tailedgamer

            Isn’t re7 gonna be playable without vr a year after it comes out or something like that

        • having played all the resident evil games, i think that VR is a stupid gimmick for RE7, the game looks pretty good on it’s own.

          • ScOott

            Ive also played all resident evil games, n unless u have a VR or experienced it, I can’t explain how imersive it is, it’s defo not a gimmick, its going to be a great experience, but yh resident evil will of corse be amazing game without VR..

          • Hell, fixed camera angles were god damn scary, not knowing what would be on the other side of the room. Or if Nemesis would be in the same room as you in Resident Evil 3 Mercenaries, That was some scary stuff, even with ps1 graphics. Hopefully, first person will bring back a bit of the old magic from the first RE trilogy. And even if it sucks, There will be Resident evil 2 Remake to look forward to

    • Logic Chief

      I heard that it has over heating problems.

      • ScOott

        The pro?

  • I’m confused what is this trailer?



      • Ok I don’t need to know about your sexuality, I asked about the trailer.

  • faze harambae

    This is the greatest commercial I’ve ever seen

    Still getting the Nintendo switch though

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