Looks like the previous Black Ops 2 Collectors Edition “Dragonfly Drone” can now be purchased seperatly. @ItzTeeAye came across this at Walmart just now and drone retails for $99. Not sure why they went with the MW3 poster on the box though..

SOURCE: @ItzTeeAye

  • Gimpanese

    Cool. Now to fly it into activison headquarters

    • faze harambae

      With one of those clapper toy things to slap the people who thought cod points being microtransactions was a good idea

      • nathan forsthyle

        Hilarious… Wait till DJ Vahn gets off work and follow him home and see what kind of bathroom business he does eh?

      • Debradkelly

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  • Former

    So this is what they’re working on in lieu of fixing their game.

    • Beast Mode

      Did u miss the post right before this???

      • Former

        Did I say IW? No. I was referring to Bo3, and it was also a joke.

        • Beast Mode


    • Sol Malus

      Yes because the people who made the drone are the same people fixing bugs and balancing the multiplayer.

      • Former

        It was a joke there pal. I wasn’t being literal. The fact that you need that explained to you should be a clear sign of Autism.

        • But it didn’t sound like a joke at all???

          • Former

            Oh…I’m sorry. Next time I’ll be sure to put “LOLOL hehe xd” to point it out to everyone. -_-

          • Awh look how cute you are when you’re upset.

          • Former

            A lowkey variant of “umadbro?”…Very original. Don’t waste my time with childish antics.

          • nathan forsthyle

            Says the one who makes autistic jokes. Why do you keep carrying on a conversation if it was a joke? Maybe you are trying to hide how stupid you actually are?

          • Former

            Obviously to explain to people that it was not a serious comment, which shouldn’t be hard to decipher anyway.

          • Awh you so coote, c’mon mate you failed with your shiat joke now you’re all upset ;3 rawrrr means i love you in dinosaur ;333

          • Former

            Should’ve told me you were gonna go full retard. Wouldn’t have wasted my time replying.

          • Bless

          • Sol Malus

            Good, because now you know all of us are autistic for not being able to tell if you’re being sarcastic or not over the internet.

          • Former

            Funny how I don’t have trouble detecting sarcasm. Must be hard for others.

          • TMZ Censored Me

            That’s because he wasn’t joking. But now he’s embarrassed because he’s being called out so he has to desperately try and backtrack and pull out the “I was just joking” card.

          • I can tell bless him, cute when hes upset 🙁

          • Former

            Lmao. No, kid. It was simply a sarcastic remark. Sorry you’re too blind to notice.

        • ToonToons22

          Bro, that did not sound like a joke at all. Don’t say a person has autism just because you can’t tell a joke.

          • Former

            If you took it 100% literally like he did, there’s a solid chance you’re Autistic. That’s not even being mean, that’s just the reality of it.

          • ToonToons22

            Maybe I am autistic. That’s not the point though. The point is that people are using sarcasm to where people can’t tell the difference between a serious statement and a sarcastic one, especially in writing.

          • Former

            I guess I assume people will have the common sense to be able to tell. My bad.

          • ToonToons22

            Again, your comment sounded serious because it was written and because there was no way of telling that it was not to be taken seriously, unless it had some sort of sarcasm punctuation. I hope they come up with that soon.

  • Ethan Sluga

    Why not have gun mounted on the bottom, just like black ops 2

    • BradyAlucard

      Because that’d be illegal…

      …unless that’s a joke.

    • TonyMonterey

      Did you see the video this guy posted to you tube where he hooked a pistol under a drone that he could fire by remote? The ATF was all over him in a heartbeat!

  • RdJokr

    Age 14 and above… It’s like they’re not even trying to hide who they’re really catering to.

  • chzbrg

    Dragon fly lol. Why not dragonfire like BO2.?

  • What? Why MW3?

  • toybacker NO. 1 fan

    It’s actually a VERY cool version of the drone in the game, its much more authentic in how it looks, it also says it has wifi, looks cool to me!