Earlier today, we reported that certain people were able to get into Local Play of Modern Warfare Remastered on PS4, after updating only to version 1.02 (and stopping 1.03).

Users have sent us images from inside the menu which reveal that Modern Warfare Remastered has apparently 20 total prestiges, 10 more than the original game. In addition, images show that Prestige Tokens are in the remaster.

SOURCE: @VOLTZ and @Mr_Frost_tA

Images not shown here due to Activision take down requests.Β 

  • TheToughLuck

    Furst biches

  • TheToughLuck


  • [EV] BLISS


  • Hydrogen

    There are level 1000, i’m the first to post that as well. 20 Prestiges? More like 1000 levels. GL.

  • ccrows

    Don’t know if this has been confirmed or not, but I hope that they give the 5 extra CAC slots for prestiging…

    • Peter Griffin

      There is no reason for them to not do this. A new Create-A-Class slot is the standard reward for prestiging since at least MW2. I’m pretty sure CoD 4 PC did not have them, but PS3 did. I could be wrong though, it’s old. Anyway, CAC slots are part of the little things who makes the game, or prestiging at least, more enjoyable.
      Having 20 Prestige makes also a difference in the sense of giving you XP to level up, thus making it satisfying, with a sense of progression. It’s as simple as that. There may be rewards for the 10+ prestige players or not, that’s another story…

    • Partyin’ Pete

      When i played for a few hours, there were about 25 CaC slots, only 5 of which were avaioable by default. I’m assuming you unnock mlre via prestiging.

  • Eric H

    This is amazing! So pumped for this. I wanna gonna be bummed when I hit 10th in January and had nothing else to do πŸ˜€

  • I see nothing wrong with this. It’ll just show how many people have no lives becoming prestige 20 in just 2 months. Max I am in BO3 is 278 lol. And I barely play it anymore.

  • Brad of Duty

    Hillary will win

    • Triton

      Hillary no-scopes some weak ass newbs all across the map.

    • Batman

      So the apocalypse and WW3 will begin then

      Its either Trump or death to western civilization

  • Ugh

  • BjΓΆrnes Magasin ?

    Is this big update that everyone is talking about the 1.03 update or is it something else, because multiplayer is grayed out for me.

    • Debradkelly

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  • Wish it just went up to the gold cross. Then add in 1000 levels after that.

  • Ronald95

    Why? Fact is I get bored after few prestiges. I don’t understand people who keep on playing after prestige 10! Don’t you get bored doing the same thing all over again?

    • PoopieDoop

      Of course not, the game wouldn’t be coming out yearly and sell millions if people did.

    • What you looking at?

      Nope,I rly like leveling up in Call of duty.

    • Paul

      Nah I love to prestige that’s why I enjoyed AW 30 prestiges what’s no to love

    • snake56

      “Don’t you get bored doing the same thing all over again?”
      You’re talking about a community who buy the same game every year.

      Joking aside, I don’t understand the appeal of the Prestige system. Once you get the prestige, you start over, you lose everything. The only thing you earn is a banner and an icon. Where is the fun in that?

      • W1LL1AM04

        BO3 was the exception to this rule. At least with the most recent title your progress towards challenges rolls over once you prestige once

        • Jessicaeandrews2

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      • Eric H

        Prestige and leveling up is apart of the fun of Call of Duty. It gives you something to do and something to achieve.

    • Rob Melchor

      Grinding for prestige master is fun.


    Thats fucking gay. The best part was 10th prestige gold cross. Not 20th prestige shit. FUCK THIS IM MAD!

    • Jon


      • Jon is a bitch

        shut up pussy

  • So bored of the obsession with over the top prestige levels. It’s good to keep it going, I think BO3 had it right with max prestige continuing, but it still takes far too long to max. I got to 10th on BO3 and Master on AW but couldn’t be bothered to go further by that point. They didn’t need to add an extra 10 to COD4

  • Sentinel

    I think BO3 continuous level is better, trying to earn shit back after prestige gets repetitive. Either way you can permanent unlock your create-of-class, you just gotta grind a few prestige.

    • RdJokr

      Here’s the funny thing: MWR has both. After Prestige 20 max level, you grind to level 1000.

    • Eric H

      I like prestiging more than leveling

      • Sentinel

        Everyone has their preferences

  • Sentinel

    I think if Raven should add DLC guns, like more modern guns that don’t shoot fucken laser lol But today’s modern gun platform. Would be more dope and helps the game not go stale after a while. I think supply drops should do the trick (;

    • forrest1985

      Im all for weapons dlc but just have us earn it, not through stupid ass supply drops. I can’t see them adding new weapons to MWR but adding more”classics” could easily be done for IW, along with newer designs.

      • Sentinel

        Agreed, but Activision is the captain on deck when it comes to this sorta things.

  • Aceshigh87

    While I get that some people have nothing else to do and can get to 10th prestige in a matter of days I think 20 is far too high for us normal folks that can only play a few times a week and would still like to try for that max prestige grind. If this were IW I wouldn’t even care about it much but I think changing it for the remaster was a little much. Those of us who played CoD 4 were fine with 10 prestiges (I sucked back then and never got past 7) so I don’t see why it needed to be doubled.

    • dust&cheese

      get to 10th in a matter of days? who the fuck gets burns through even 4 prestiges in a couple days? it took me almost 2 weeks to get through 1 prestige playing everyday

      • Aceshigh87

        Please tell me you’re joking? In older games I averaged 1 prestige per day in game (and I wasn’t very good). In BO3 I hit master in I think 6 days played but saw people at it within the first weeks.

        • Eric H

          You mean in game time. That’s not an actual day in the real world but a collection of hours from multiple days. USE YOUR HEAD.

          • Aceshigh87

            I am using my head, I’m aware it’s in game time. “A matter of days” may have been a slight exaggeration but I’ve definitely seen max level guys in the first week.

          • dust&cheese

            thats what im saying I’m not talking the in-game clock. you can prestige how fast in a real day?

  • Batman

    I hate prestige tokens, they make prestiging pretty boring

  • FraMarte

    There are 1000 levels if you see the emblem’s list.

  • Please.

    Someone tell me thy arent the real Prestige icons on reddit because they look like a teenager has created them in PowerPoint using a keyboard ?

  • Sol Malus

    There’s also 1000 levels, animated calling cards, emblem patches, and character customization.

    • Name

      are you serious?

      • Partyin’ Pete

        Yep. I didnt see any character custimzation, though. Apparently you can put stickers on your guns, too

        • Sol Malus

          That’s the character customization.

          Patches on your ig model.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            πŸ™ are the weapon stickers your emblwm as well?

  • P-Natra

    It is so boring. TTK so fast.

    • Eric H


  • Edward

    If you prestige do you lose your camos?