Two new updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered have gone live on PlayStation 4. For players who played the Modern Warfare Remastered campaign or are pre-loading on PS4 during the early access period, Updates 1.02 and Updates 1.03 are now live.

Update 1.02 is 7.9GB, while 1.03 is 800MB.

Some users who did not update fully to 1.03 (and are still on 1.02), it appears by-passing certain updates has allowed some players to get into the local play mode, although many are reporting they cannot access it. It’s unclear what exactly is supposed to happen with these updates.

Image via @TJ2030

  • Bogs Bunni

    furst kys

  • nathan forsthyle

    I’m playing old school mode rn never played it! high jump and you can collect weapons! also bots!

    • Bogs Bunni

      wat r u playing mario

      • nathan forsthyle

        howd u know!!! I’m playing mwr Mario warfare remastered!!

  • Ronald95

    Question is: Will Raven manage to keep the hackers away and not let this game become hackers festive playground?

    • Ethan Sawicki

      Depends. There will still probably be glitches in the game but modded to the level of the 360 and PS3 versions I don’t think would happen unless someone is able to mod the PS4/Xbox one. Correct me if I’m wrong though

      • Ronald95

        Well there are more hackers on PC and they appear quickly. Glitches are not an issue for me.

    • Moh C

      Mah leg

      • wintergon


    • You can’t “hack” a game on PS4/Xbox One, idk if you’re talking about PC or what not.
      I don’t even think it’s hacking, it’s modding.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        Actually, I’ve seen some really bad mods on PS4. Ran into a brecci that had assault rifle ROF a couple of days ago.

        • djml9

          Thats a modded controller

        • momo

          that’s not a hack, just a modded controller

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Didn’t say it was a hack.

          • AA Watcher

            “I don’t even think it’s hacking, it’s modding.”
            “Actually, I’ve seen some really bad mods on PS4.”

            You didn’t say it was a hack and Dumble said mods are possible. You said it as if Dumble said that it isn’t. momo probably thought you were talking about a hack because of this. The train of misunderstandings doesn’t stop.

      • Hydrogen

        Um, we’ll see about that soon enough πŸ˜‰ There is a possibillity it is going to be done soon in the future.

    • Shaan

      Raven has stated they’ll be supporting the game post launch so yes.

    • Eric H

      LMFAO. Ronald, this game is on the Xbox One and PS4 aka consoles that haven’t been hacked yet.


    • Hydrogen

      Well, when you refer hacking on a new next gen console, don’t think just because you’re on a PS4. Doesn’t mean modding/hacking is done. I’ll just leave this here for you all. Enjoy, PS4 Savegame data getting pwned by my buddy!

      • swoempaloe

        theres very less skill required to convert hex to ascii.
        although, respect for ur buddy doing the effort

  • Khaled Hassan

    Actually now I want IW and iw zombies not hyped for mwr

    • Former

      Hard to get hyped for a game that’s just an enhanced reiteration

      • Awe so coote

        • Former

          Lol. I hurt your feelings so now you follow me to different posts? Talk about cute <3

          • U soo coote

          • Former

            Now, sit! Good boy! πŸ™‚

          • Are you being racist cus I’m black ?!? You referring to me as a dog? Tf?!?

          • Former

            Get the ball! Good job!

      • Shaan

        Hard not to feel bad for people that weren’t even born when Modern Warfare came out

        • Former

          If you’re implying I’m one of those people, you’re wrong.

      • BradyAlucard

        With actual changes. I’m just hyped to experience it with its new features and more modern game modes.

        • ANM_SkareKrow


      • Capten ermirica

        Still an insufferable cretin I see.

        • Former

          For not getting hyped over enhanced graphics? k

    • Ronald95

      Same. I will probably lost interest too after I prestige a few times just like I did in COD4. Might return if prop hunt somehow get added to MWR too. Currently playing COD4 just for that.

      • Ronald95

        This is actually same with all of COD games since COD 4. I lost interest after hitting prestige but a year later return.



        • Ronald95
          • Debradkelly

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          • Jessicaeandrews2

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        • poloscen89

          You were pathetic and small enough to sit and look at who likes his comment. That’s pretty obsessive and gay.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        Raven really should allow custom servers on consoles like MW had on PC. It really wouldn’t hurt to put in, players have infinite fun modes and custom server developers will literally be making nonprofit game modes for raven for free, it’s a win win.

        • poloscen89

          Stop bitching you can’t take finalized games and keep adding dumb shit to em. If you are tired of games, how about just doing something else instead of acting like repeptitive games own and rule your life enough to put you in misery, sitting here and probably everywhere else crying about cod.

          • The Gaming Revolution

            Modern Warfare was one of the best games I’ve played and part of the fun was being able to go onto the custom servers and play. The custom servers were part of the finalized game from the start and Raven took them out. “Keep adding dumb shit to em” The custom server browser was a feature that IW put into their game at day one of it’s launch and was part of the finalized game. So when Raven remasters a game, I’d like to see them improve features, not take them out, I’m not pissed for any reason, but you seem to be…

    • Eric H


      • FCmania

        Man, I’ve seen better comments on Battlefield 1 videos

  • Deprece

    Can’t wait for the amazing music of grenades bouncing off everything from 3x frags to martydorm. It. Will. Be. GLORIOUS!


    • Moh C

      Mah leg what else is in there

  • Bogs Bunni

    o wtf they have supply drops

    • Filthy Prank’d

      this fucking guy lol

    • FCmania

      Supply drops would only make MWR better lol

  • remember when games launched fully working? haha good times

    • Zarky

      Remember when people paid attention to notice the game launches on the 4th and its currently the 30th.

      • the game launched when it went gold. it RELEASES TO THE PUBLIC on the 4th. but I wouldn’t expect comprehension out of an American lmao

        • BradyAlucard

          The game works just fine, it’s just not up to your unrealistic standards as a troll. All video games utilize patches to support the game pre/post-launch.

          “but I wouldn’t expect comprehension out of an American lmao”

          Ah… I see… you’re one of THOSE people. Might as well stop playing CoD because it was made by ‘Americans’. It’s funny how a troll like you insults an “American” on their intelligence when the gold stage of development doesn’t necessarily mean that the game launched, just that it’s ready to because, last time I checked, nobody received an early copy of the game in early October when it was announced that it went gold. But I wouldn’t expect comprehension out of a racist troll.

          • CyberWolf

            Didn’t realise “american” is a race…Still, I agree with your point.

          • DEMOLITION12

            cod is made by jews though

          • BradyAlucard

            Uh… alright. If you think CoD is made by Jews then CoD is made by Jews, I’ll take your bait on this one.

        • what does being american have to do with anything? you just made yourself look stupid

        • ToonToons22

          So you think being American means that you’re automatically dumb? WTF kind of logic is that?!

          What country do you live in? I hope to God everyone else who lives there isn’t such a damn fool like you.

          • no, merely the default assumption is that an American is dumb. not all Americans are dumb, just as not all rectangles are squares.

    • GinsuVictim

      And what does that have to do with the digital version, which is the focus of this article? “Going gold” doesn’t apply.

      • BradyAlucard

        If you’re American then that’s a double burn on him. If you’re from the U.K. then Godspeed.


      remember when games didn’t need patches

      • Ed

        Most games did, they just didn’t.

  • Diego Diniz

    things that I know before game launch:
    -NoobTube Festival
    – Frag 3x everywhere

    Imagine if raven REMOVE GL NoobTubes and Put Frag x1…

    Perfect Game!

    • BradyAlucard

      What kind of perk is “Frag x1”? The game is fine the way it is.

    • Noobtubes are fucking fun and so is Frag 3x

  • xSilent-Commando
    • Sentinel

      TF, Don’t be bringing drama here.

    • Aidan

      Video deleted. What happened?

  • Sentinel

    RE: I finished Titanfall 2 campaing…WoW…I really think Respawn Ent should make I World at War game. I will fucken love to play any FPS on their game engine! Great Story between the Pilot and The Titan throughout the mission. Now that’s how fucken games are made! Respek.

    • lunator100hd .

      I loved the tech test of tf2 but will this game last? i dont want to buy it and die after a couple of months.

      • Sentinel

        Idk, we will have to see how the first month goes..I think is going to be decent since TF2 gain a new audience of players, PS4 offcourse, But I enjoy all aspect of the game. Not just online mode.

    • Paul

      At the end when you get that other titan I was like omg he gone then he came back just to throw you away but yeah the ending was too much I loved BT

      • Sentinel

        For real! The part that got me hooked was when the old BT chassis was destroyed. BT drop his dead unit with his core, a knife & Smart Pistol to his pilot…bruh…I was running while locking all the enemie’s heads, getting like 7 instant headshots! But late on the mission, BT’s new chassis was ill looking and best equipment! Oh yea, spoiler alert haha

        • Paul

          Already finished it the ending was well done

          • Sentinel