With the Modern Warfare Remastered servers appear to be up early, new details on some of the new features Raven is adding has been revealed.

One of those new features is the Loss Stat Prevented, which was first introduced in Black Ops 3.

This feature makes it that if you join a game in progress, and your team that you are placed on loses the game, that stat will not be counted for you.

*In-game image not shown due to Activision take down request.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Gamerazor247


  • [EV] BLISS


  • Eric H

    oh fist me Raven

    • Mick

      What the fuck is wrong with you?

      • Eric H

        it’s a joke relax get the stick outta your ass

        • ScOott

          Maybe u could take the stick out of his ass, put it in urs then ur both happy..

          • Nothing screams fun like putting sticks up butts

          • ScOott

            Especially if it’s the stick of truth…

          • The9tailedgamer

            I didn’t get it at first till I saw your profile pic lol

          • Fractured but whole

          • Eric H

            hey thats a good idea Scoott!

        • Mick

          Sounds to me you want the stick in your ass more

    • hungryandrew


  • Beast Mode

    In all honesty ill be playing this more than IW..probably wayy more…i gave IW a chance but it felt too cheap…

    • djml9

      The beta isn’t really “giving it a chance”. I doubt you played more than a few hours and they changed pretty much everything that people complained about.

      • Beast Mode

        i played it and its a generic version of bo3

        MWR for the win

        • Bmeowmix

          What makes it more generic?

          • Beast Mode

            coloring, detail, mechanics, weapons, shitttt even the end of the matches..
            be honest with yourself..there is no way in hell this game is even remotely close to being as good as bo3…cmon son

          • Aceshigh87

            While I agree that there was a lot of things I didn’t care for in the beta (the cartoonish feeling maps being near the top) I haven’t completely written the game off. It could still be fun to play if things are handled right. However, pairing it with the grittiness of MWR is really going to make the glaring issues I found feel more pronounced.

          • Bmeowmix

            I didn’t like BO3 very much and, aside from the technical issues (which are hopefully fixed) I really enjoyed IW’s beta, so I think that IW will be better. Color palette in BO3 was way to colorful, the mechanics in IW (in my experience) were far better, and the weapons are far more unique in IW than BO3.

      • Siftblade

        Nerfs and small changes won’t change the horrible base game

        • Jawbreaker123

          and what makes it horrible? Just because you dont like futuristic game and like to stay in the past?

          • Siftblade

            No, because it’s not fun and only a massive overhaul can fix that

          • Jawbreaker123

            I find it fun

          • regna

            How about guns variant that regens health after kill or the gun that instant reload after getting the double kill medal? What is this, a mobile game now?

        • Louvlindner1

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    • ccrows

      TBF, the beta/demo will be playing different after launch.

      For me, most of the problems with IW could be fixed with patches… *shrugs*

  • Dirty Dan

    Can’t wait for MWR

  • Emre

    Why are people hyped for a old game they played year after year.

    The new graphics are not that good.

    • Its not necessarily the want to play MWR again.

      Its just how extremely bad and appalling the advanced movement makes CoD play.

      Thats why since AW they’ve slowly started to tone it down to get ready for BOTG again.

    • I could ask why are people hyped for another Black Ops 3 or even better pretty much a $60 add on fkr for BO. But hey, each to their own.

    • ccrows

      IMO that’s easy to answer.

      Most people would love to play MW on prev gen, but they were forced away by hackers.

      ^ Sure it was simple stuff at first like mod menu advertising and out of map hacks, but when hackers have the ability to derank you to a negative rank where all you can use is a pistol, the game is unplayable.

      To many MWR fans, they don’t really care how much better the graphics are, they mainly just want to be able to play MW again without hackers…

    • Furkan Karaosmanoglu

      If you’re not hyped, it means you don’t know what a Legendary shooter is.

    • Yo mumma.

      Nostalgia brother. You know those cartoons you used to watch as a kid ( or maybe still do ) then you watch em again and that little voice in your head is like ” fuck Yeh this shit was great “…. that’s my reason anyway.

  • HatakeKakashi

    The MP feels like such a let down, after preparing and platinuming the game i felt so unprepared going into the MP. Having always had a 2.00+ k/d on Cod4, i just can’t seem to finish a single game positive. Everyone is just camping in the corner throwing flashbangs. The community is ruined with all these young kids joining in. I just realised i wasted $90, F*ck me…

    • Eric H

      Calm the fuck down. The game will be pretty cancerous when everyone is using the default classes. Give it time for people to realize that nothing can beat bandolier, stopping power/jug, and dead silence alongside m16s, mp5s, and p90s.

      • Joshwoocool

        matches before the game is released to everyone is Extremely sweaty.People wanting to get those good gameplays to show friends/youtube on release day.

      • KING_BORICUA24_

        Dont forget the almighty AK74U

      • The9tailedgamer

        Was m16 really that good? I tried it in the original and didn’t really like it TBH

        The m4 on the other hand…

        • Aceshigh87

          The M16 with stopping power can easily 1 burst across most maps. Assuming they didn’t change its spread any I would imagine it will be the same here.

    • Filthy Prank’d

      You have to remember that this is CoD4. There were barely any Counters to perks, equipment, and style. This isn’t Infinite Warfare or any of the other CoDs, so you have to adapt to BoTG again. Also, the server right now isn’t perfect, so that could also affect your gaming experience, as it did with mine, though I had fun nonetheless. If the campers are camping and throwing flashbangs, why not use Martyrdom, noob-tube, and flash them instead? This is CoD4, and everything is almost like it once was. It’d be weird to see a vet complain about something that was in the original back then.

  • qwerty123

    How are camos unlocked?


      Thru in game challenges. I saw the entire list of camos and calling cards/emblems. No Supply Drop bullshit.

      • ccrows

        I forgot if this was already covered, but did Raven add anything like diamond or dark matter in MWR?… (or is gold top tier?)

        • The9tailedgamer

          There’s another one I can’t remember the name of that prestige is key showed in his every gun inspection video, that’s every gun gold in the class

  • Activi$ion

    The multiplayer is patched right now, i played up to lvl 9 and now i cant get into multiplayer anymore…

    • Furkan Karaosmanoglu

      Same here

  • Furkan Karaosmanoglu

    They should really fix the smoke! It isn’t the smoke I had with the original game.
    Just a small misty thing which enemys can look through! Are you serious? They promised us to not touch the core game.
    Did u guys try out the smoke? It really sucks. It was the best strategy for rushers in S&D. I could never do without a smoke.


      YES dude ive noticed it too. At times it just looks like car exhaust smoke. All brown and dark.

    • Here we go…

      • Jessicaeandrews2

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        • Bitch didn’t I block like 8 of your accounts? You’re really fucking annoying.

    • Marik

      There are not thermal optics in this game so not a big deal. But the ping bars are. Where are the connection bars??? Now the only way to know if it lags for you is to shoot first and die first several times in order to figure out that you have a bad latency to the server. Hope the connection bars will make a return. It’s the most important thing for me.

    • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

      Go back to Reddit with all the cod4 tryhards

  • bmoregmr

    I cant wait to play MWR. I had over 177,000 kills on the original. I loved that game

  • Dicie

    Does IW Zombies have a dedicated leveling system?

  • ScOott


    Zombies actually looks better than it ever has.. Not sure if this is old news or not..

    • This looks like it belongs in Dead rising and not Call of Duty. It doesn’t fit and doesn’t really look good honestly

      • ScOott

        Fo real.. Ur into zombies as well n u don’t like this… What don’t u like about it, reminds me of bo1 zombies just better, u say it doesn’t belong, but surely that’s a good thing, it’s not a direct copy n paste from Treyarch, if it was in another game would u like it?

        • This is not definitely not better than Black Ops 1 zombies. It doesn’t even hold up to Black Ops 3 Zombies. This is just too childish honestly. Did you not see the cutscene intro? It looks like an 90s G rated cartoon lol. And I also get that it’s not taking itself seriously and that’s the problem. Everything about just doesn’t fit the Call of Duty style. The gameplay does but the style, the setting do not. And that’s a major factor to me honestly. And I dont get how it’s not a copy and paste? Every idea and gameplay idea I see is exactly ripped off from Treyarch. It’s nothing different lol. Only thing that is different is the style and setting and it’s too childish.

          If next year’s Call of Duty is set in Vietnam like the rumors are saying, then I’m probably gonna be interested in to see what SHGames does with zombies in that setting. If it’s taken seriously, i could be into it.

  • Just wow, man.

    Can it actually improve more than this?

  • Milos Marjanovic

    i played mwr and it is so slow compared to the new cods, i dont think ill be able to go back to this

  • Mystical Gamer

    Meh this is prob gonna be good

  • Mystical Gamer

    But then again maybe not

  • Hiws

    If only it actually worked..