Infinity Ward has just revealed the image of the Prestige 1-5 emblems in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. There are a total of 10 Prestiges in the game.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard

  • Why the fuck is this a news story?

    • How isn’t it.

      Prestiging and their icons play a big part in Call of Duty.

      Back on topic… IW are by far the best at designing Prestige emblems! I like this!

      • It’s an icon. Literally they say “Infinity Ward has released the pic of the first prestige icon”. Then they link to the tweet. That’s just lazy if you ask me.

        • When Infinity Ward releases more emblems this article will be updated with them. I hope you know that

        • [EV] BLISS

          Well for peeps who don’t have twitter, they can be informed πŸ™‚

      • w

        i agree with the first part… but IW are really bad at designing prestige emblems. They’re very basic, esp. with their overdone skull prestiges

    • Keshav Bhat

      prestige emblems are big in call of duty.

  • I really like the design. Looks very sleek! Imy hoping that not every emblem in this game is just an adaptation of this base model. That was a problem I had in Infinity Ward’s previous title [Ghosts]. The emblems were too similar to each other. So far so good. Going to have to see a few more first before I’m 100% satisfied.

    • I dunno… I liked how the number if stars matched the prestige level on Ghosts. IW definitely do like their skulls!

      • Every Emblem should be different or at least have a theme. Black Ops, MW2, Cod 4 and even World at War have great emblems. That’s what I look for. But I won’t judge if you liked the Ghosts way. Just was not my taste

        • jordanxbrookes

          Black Ops Prestige Emblems were beautiful. They had colour and were different to one another, but they had a gritty art style to them at the same time. Loved them.

  • [EV] BLISS

    Fuck, I really want to get 10th on MWR, but I have a feeling IW prestige emblems are gonna be tough

  • Looks like shit.

    • It’s a great simplistic design for being on Prestige 1. Wym?

      • It’s bland. No color to it. I like to have the prestige emblems have some color to it. Stand out. I’ll wait to see the other 9.

        • It’s a sleek emblem. I see nothing wrong with it.

          • Well I’m really happy that you see nothing wrong with it, so congratulations. To me, looks like shit. No color, and just too bland. Bad enough every icon and whatnot in this game is colorless, i like to have the prestige emblems pop out at least.

          • Alrighty

          • Element115Will

            Its gonna be colorless, just like Ghosts. I give this game 2 or maybe 3 months and watch, people will
            Whine like hell.

          • I don’t really mind the graphics in Infinite Warfare honestly. It’s just that all the icons are white or grey in this game and I hate it.

          • BradyAlucard

            Colors are aesthetic, not graphical.

          • That’s not what I meant. I meant like as in the game and the way it looks, ingame, I’m fine with it not being all colourful like a Treyarch game. What I am saying, when it comes to logos, icons, symbols, etc i prefer them to pop out and be colored and whatnot. You missed my point.

          • BradyAlucard

            I know what you meant, I put that there for everyone else to see. We definitely are entitled to those things, like Emblems that stick out.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            Color scheme is very washed out in this game, but I like the sleekness of the icons, and at least they match the UI and general theme. I definitely see where you’re coming from, though. I miss BO1 prestige icons myself.

          • Sentinel


          • XboxWon

            I’m sure they will look fine on the xbox one. With PS4’s garbage resolution it may look terrible for the ponies tho.

          • That is true there my friend. Xbox is back at it again with the facts ?

          • Alexander Gott

            PS4 runs at 1080p whereas Xone runs at 900p….

          • Sentinel

            Have you already fucked the usb ports on your xbox…LOL.

        • what do you mean no color lol you mean no bright childish 3arc like colors

          • Uhhh? Are you not seeing what I’m saying? It’s literally white and grey. And no, that’s not what I meant genius. Even COD4 had coloured prestige emblems. That’s all i want in them

          • White and grey is a color that’s where i was getting at lol, but i respect your opinion i still like it like this simplicity is best. That was from some ad

          • I know white and grey is a color, but that’s not what I meant, i mean you obviously should get what i meant when I said “no color”. It’s not a literal statement, lol. White and grey dont pop.

          • I got it lol i was trying to be smart

          • Ah i see lol

    • jordanxbrookes

      I like it.

    • Kozzi

      I’d prefer they put more work into more important aspects of the game rather than prestige emblems

      • Can’t say I disagree.

      • Partyin’ Pete

        While I somewhat agree, it’s a moot argument. Art guys are certainly not working on the more important aspects of the game itself.

  • Peter Griffin

    Neat n’ sleek. I like it. πŸ™‚

  • Bogs Bunni

    nise, lurks sleak

  • Khaled Hassan

    Guys how can I play MWR now? I have ordered legacy edition and MWR is installed but MP is disabled..

    • The game is not out yet, you can play it on the 4th.

      • Khaled Hassan

        But people r playing online now and uploading vids

        • [EV] BLISS

          Thats private match

        • Dante

          It wasn’t a glitch they opened up the MP servers to test them out. They are constantly going on and off though.

          • [EV] BLISS

            Idk about going on and off, servers havent been up since yesterday for multiplayer

          • Khaled Hassan


      • The Gaming Revolution

        There is a glitch where some people can play early

    • claire louise

      raven was only stress testing the servers

    • The Gaming Revolution

      The early gameplay is from some glitched accounts. A few accounts have access to the multiplayer for some reason, so if you join the game of someone who has the glitched account, your account will become a glitched account aswell, allowing you to play. Anyone who joins you from thereon will be considered glitched aswell and will be able to play. So if you can find someone with the glitched account then you can play early, but your account currently isn’t able to play. You’ll just have to wait until friday.

      • [EV] BLISS

        No lol, your account doesnt become glitched lmao, its just people playing in private lobbies, you join them and and it lets you, but as soon as the game ends it makes you update again and it wont work until you repeat again

      • Khaled Hassan


    • Sol Malus


  • Eric H

    looks sick

  • TheAdversary

    I don’t really care about the overall details of the emblems, but really? Again with the skulls?

    • I and a lot of people like it

    • The Rabid One

      They could have used the many faces of Kermit the Frog

      • TheAdversary

        It’s already gotten to the point where weird, silly shit is the norm. I probably wouldnt care for more than a single post about it.

  • Activi$ion

    No hate, but why does almost every prestige icon on COD have something to do with skulls? The 10th could be a skull, just one of them. They are going to ride that prestige icon skull trend shit till the wheels fall off. Black Ops 1 prestige icons was lovely! (Shout out to Black Ops 3 for letting us choose our own icon after hittin 10th!)

  • Berzerk

    Looks dope

  • jordanxbrookes

    I must be the only one who liked the skulls as Prestige emblems back in Ghosts. I’m liking these so far. No stupid OTT bright coloured icons, just a simple design with slight increasing changes as you go higher.

    • TheFlashFamilyDead

      gtfo of here. you were literally complaining on the other article. Hypocrites

      • jordanxbrookes

        So I’m a “hater” if I say anything negative about CoD, but I’m a “hypocrite” for saying anything positive about CoD? How about you gtfo of here?

        • TheFlashFamilyDead

          yes, yes you are you piece of shit

          • jordanxbrookes

            Keep crying kid.

          • Altered Vista

            Tell us how you really feel

          • criticizing something and later praising it is part of life buddy we’ve all done it

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      • Partyin’ Pete

        Believe it or not, you don’t have to just blondly and completely love or hate ALL of something.

        • jordanxbrookes


    • Same i like things simple

    • NoVa Adrift

      But we still have yet to see the others I agree and lets hope this stays the same just a simple skull design through all rhe prestige maybe not all but maybe the appropriate ones if you catch my drift

    • tmlp103

      I agree, If you look back every call of duty sense mw2 has at least 3-4 skulls in it, smh. Infinity Ward does a good job of making emblems and characters actually somewhat realistic. Not saying 3arc makes bad games but there emblems look like they were pulled out of a coloring book

  • thejuani21

    Me he desanimado. ya no me lo compro

  • thejuani21

    No me gustan. Me desanimo??

  • TonyMonterey

    Steam is letting me pre load COD:IW right now.

  • The 2nd skull looks like megamind. Who’s with me?

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Max presrige icon Confirmed

  • Prestige 2 sucks too lol

  • Jon

    They are by far the best we have seen in a few years. sXeGreatness I see is still being the crying ass pussy boy he always is. Go troll some other game that you are actually going to play. LOL .

    • You know, I don’t often do this, but I’m just gonna have you catch this block. I know what you’re doing and honestly your tactics are so 2011. I think we are all a bit too old for trolling. So unless you get funny, get muted, kid XDdddfdddd

      • Jon

        Lol…….sorry didn’t realize it was that time of the month for you already…….do what you need to do kid…….everyone knows you are just a keyboard warrior who likes to make fun and complain about everything……then deletes posts when he realizes he can’t even remember his own lies and bullshit and doesn’t want to sound like a hypocrite… Please please mute me fetus……..thank you…

        • Hmm I was interested in what you had to say, glad you confirmed my decision lol. I dont like blocking people, but might as well from an unfunny cunt like you. Have a good day, kiddo lol.

          • Jon

            Lol…… I win

          • Duke of hazard

            Since when did acting like a kid means you win?

          • Jon

            Look Mr. Hillbilly himself has a voice….go ahead impress me kid.

          • w

            nobody is falling for your shitty trolling

          • Jon

            sXeGreatness does. He is currently writing my memoirs for me.

          • Duke of hazard

            Well shit you know you remind me of myself. I remember when I thought it was cool to act like how you’re acting.

            Then I grew the fuck up.

          • Jon

            I am sure your parents are proud!!

        • Partyin’ Pete

          How is your Period key not busted yet? You even type like an 11 year old edgelord

          • Jon

            See now that comment had some thought behind it. I enjoy reading comments that have some substance in them. Very well said young man…..

  • RdJokr

    Ehh… Looks too simplistic. I mean, simple isn’t a bad thing, but when you compare these to Treyarch’s or Sledgehammer’s, this doesn’t look like there were efforts put into it.

    • 3arc make theirs too much and this is good keep it simple

      • Partyin’ Pete

        I agree. I don’t like having to pull out a magnifying glass to figure out what’s going on in an emblem

  • Tayler Hammond

    They look as basic as MW3’s 11-20th.

  • Sentinel

    Detailed, just like Infinity Ward does it.

  • I actually kind of like them. A lot of the time when they shrink down those over complicated prestige icons you can’t tell what they are, but you can always identify a skull. Not bad at all.

  • YoungMurf

    Simple, yet effective. I actually really like these prestige emblems.

  • Rob Melchor

    They look alright.

  • Brian

    Terrible. A 5 years old kid could make better icons.

    • [EV] BLISS

      These emblems look better than bo3

      • No they don’t.

        • [EV] BLISS

          Yes they do.. No lie at first when I saw 3rd prestige for bo3 I thought it was a transformer lol….

          • gangsta

            transformers are cool though

          • Partyin’ Pete


          • I liked the BO3 prestige emblems. At least they popped out. 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, and 10 i thought were really good.

      • w

        lol! Good one “[EV] BLISS”

  • Gurshaan SIngh

    to me they look sick as fuck. I don’t know what you haters saying?

  • Fegasaruasγ…€

    I wonder if Prestige 10 / Master prestige (max level) emblem would be the one like MW2’s prestige 10. Would be awesome.

  • wjaj

    where is prestige 2? You guys ok over there at charlieintel?

  • Tsaki

    Wow zero creativity. Infinity ward at its best