PlayStation has announced that from November 4 through November 5, if you buy a PlayStation 4 Slim and get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for free.

This is available in North America. The PS4 Slim is available for $299. In addition, PlayStation has confirmed that if you buy the PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle, which is $299, you can get Infinite Warfare for free with that bundle.

Pick up the new slimmer, lighter PS4 for $299.99 USD / $379.99 CAD at select retailers in the U.S. and Canada from November 4-5 and you’ll get a free copy of Infinity Ward’s latest addition to the Call of Duty series (check with your local retailer). And if you pick up the Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle, you’ll get the new slimmer PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for just $299.99.

SOURCE: PlayStation

  • Beast Mode

    Can they get a HD Blu-Ray too?

    ? Im jk

    • Slothigans

      Haha. But seriously, if anyone one is smart and in the need for a new console, Black Friday will probably give you the best deals.

    • BradyAlucard

      You savage.


    The game so good they had to give it away…….

    • Ball of Doody

      LOL I was going to say the same… due to the insanely low pre-sales, they must be anticipating a huge surplus inventory this season.

      • Dre

        I’ll bet you won’t be seeing a player count either!

        • Ball of Doody

          LOL yeah they will hide it out of embarrassment

          • Smayo

            If half of all the players who pre ordered on xbox one is still around at Christmas time, it will have the same player count as Bo2 atm on X360…

        • BradyAlucard

          Obviously the games have been selling well, so there must be another reason for not showing player count. Or maybe they really are ashamed of the Multiplayer numbers? I’m sure it’s higher than most games but it really begs the question.

      • Kevin Deng

        During most of BO2’s life cycle the player base was from 100,000-200,000.
        When MWR’s servers were online on Monday for 5 hours, 110,000 were playing at the same time. You would have to be on your PS4, have it preordered, and be up to date every time. Not a lot of people fill that requirement and 110,000 still got online. Also, not a single site says IW is having bad sales. The source that you got that from only tracks physical preorders and the site says Infinite Warfare had more preorders than BF1 and Titanfall 2 combined. If we count digital preorders, that number gets even larger because Digital Deluxe and Digital Legacy are currently the best editions to buy for IW.

        Even PC, the worst platform to play COD has Infinite Warfare as it’s 3rd best selling game right now

    • Eddie Tupy

      everythign you say here could be said the same for uncharted 4

      • kia0525

        If I’m not mistaken, UC4 came with it’s own special edition console and wasn’t given away for free til the slim came out.

  • Element115Will

    LMAO! Are they gonna count those “free” ones as part of their sales as well? What a joke. They know its horrible they have to give it away for free.

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    PS4 Pro feels as a waste of money, since I dont really care much about graphics. I woulde got a PC with a controller if I cared much about graphics. Off topic but you know, Sony leeching money.

  • I would also like a free Ferrari, also all my taxes paid for and also some plastic surgery on my willy because my mother says that my willy is very small for a young chap like myself.
    Thank you Santa.

    • Dre


  • Jonsey

    This game wouldn’t be worth people’s time even being free! 4 hour campaign and the worst MP ever – the current Infinity Ward are a shame to the name and should be disbanded. They also counted the Ghosts next gen upgrade copies as one sale and that game still sold less than 18m with both old and new gen combined. Infinity Ward need as much help as they can get offloading their abysmal games so don’t be surprised if this goes F2P at Christmas.

    • Battlefield 1 campaign is like 2 hours long I think, and it’s still fuckin amazing, what’s wrong with a 4hour campaign if its good?

      • Jonsey

        I finished the campaign in one sitting earlier and it’s terrible. Linear, boring and a copy and paste of all the other recent ones. It’s even more generic than BO3 and that’s saying something. I’m about 4 hours into War Stories on BF1 and that is on another level of immersion, emotion and sheer quality.

      • BradyAlucard

        The fact that it’s a waste? No replay value, just play it once and you’re done. That’s not how a current-gen Campaign should be.

        • Kevin Deng

          Literally every current-gen campaign is that unless the only game mode is the Campaign/SP.

          • BradyAlucard

            Yep, and that needs to change. Just because there are multiple modes, it doesn’t even remotely excuse anything. It’s a AAA game, so the experience needs to be equal (well, that implies that they ruin the other modes in order to make the SP, and we definitely don’t want that, so I guess I mean equity in this situation). I’m not asking for much, all I want is an RPG-like progression system like BO3 and more incentives on replaying the Campaign, Infinity Ward had a great start with side-quests though.

      • Kevin Deng

        I know right. How could it be worse than BF1’s story when the Campaign is being developed from people that worked at Naughty Dog?

    • Slothigans

      Lol ok. Still getting the game. If people want it they’re gonna buy it.

    • BradyAlucard

      Since they put so much care into the Singleplayer, I think it’ll be a bit longer than recent CoD Campaigns, maybe roughly the same but added time with the optional side-quests.

    • Jon

      You are funny. Better look at the sales numbers again. Ghosts sold 27M copies combined. Keep on hating and drinking the juice kid

      • BradyAlucard

        He’s obviously a CoD hating Battlefield troll. I don’t mind it, I actually find it quite funny. You can see where he made things up considering how they were described so vaguely.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      4 hour campaign? Have you played it?

  • Ronald95

    Can someone please tell me why people consider Infinite Warfare to be P2W? Because it has supply drops?

  • zack

    “Buy a ps4 and get cancer for free”

  • Gamerazor247

    Or… not buy Call of Duty at all for the next, Hrmm, eight months or, just wait ’till Black Friday… or, you know, ascend to the PCLoserRace, is always an option.

  • zack

    Infinite warfare summed up in one emoji… ?

    • Ronald95

      All I see is a square!

  • Ronald95

    SO let’s say IW will be a failure! Then they will decide and sell MWR as a standalone! What next? People gonna play MWR for a long time while hoping that Sledgehammer and Treyarch both deliver a boots on the ground COD in WW/Vietnam/Cold War era and make community somewhat “happy”? And hope that the beloved Raven remasters another COD and get praised for being the best?

    • BradyAlucard

      Pretty much. I don’t think there’s any possible way for them to disappoint me with Campaign and Zombies, but if the Multiplayer’s bad, then at least we have MWR to go to.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Sounds about right. I personally enjoy IW, but I would love a return to Boots on the Ground. I heard somewhere that they’re finished with hyper-futuristic settings for the next iterations, but I’ll believe it when i see it.

    • I mean, yeah.

    • Eddie Tupy

      they wont be happy. people jsut want something different than what exists and when it comes out they want something different yet the same. Been going on since cod4

  • Activision Shareholder

    If you don’t own a PS4 already going straight to the PS4 Pro is the better deal.

  • Khaled Hassan

    But after the beta fixes the game should be somewhat decent

    • Smayo

      Nothing can fix this game, no matter how many fixes they put out.

      playing this game will give you the same feeling as opening your Christmas present on Christmas morning and finding a dead puppy inside…

      • Who the fuck shit on your cornflakes

        • Yo mumma.

          Santa … apparently .

      • Drank Bleach

        Lmao great analogy!


    Sales are so low they have to give the game away for free lmao! Can’t believe people are paying activision top rate to buy a game they don’t want to get to play a game they do which is a dated remaster! People just need to accept CoD is dead instead of hanging on to an illusion that it’ll be good again. It’s over kids..

  • Smayo

    This is going to hurt Ps4 sales…. better wait to buy on Nov. 6 so you’ll don’t waste precious space on your HDD…

    • Kevin Deng

      They aren’t inccluding MWR. Also, IW is only 55Gb, so that’s only 11% of the PS4’s HDD space.

  • Xbox 360>PS4

    I feel sorry for Sony as not only so they have an inferior machine with weak specs but they have CoD exclusivity now the franchise is dying. I am so happy and privileged that I was part of the 360 generation with MW2 and BO1 when the franchise was godlike. Now Sony and Activision are reeling in desperation, they have to bundle it for free just to try and sell copies and consoles which are in dire decline.

    With the PS4 being so underpowered now and all the big COD Youtubers hating Infinite Warfare; it’s quite a sad demise really. Just so glad I was there when Microsoft, the Xbox community and the real Infinity Ward made Call of Duty so good back in the day. Feel bad for PS4 players not ever experiencing that quality ever. Good times!

    • lol ik ur a troll but ur bare stupid in saying “PS4 players not ever experiencing that quality ever”

      All that happened was xbox got DLC early, lol.

    • lunator100hd .


    • Beast Mode

      Classic comment lol…

  • Rav

    Really guys? They decide to be decent and give it away without additional costs and yet the community is laughing at them for doing so. Honestly, this is a really nice thing they are doing. You guys can only see the negative side of everything, and if you guys were not so biased you would actually see this is a kind thing they were doing.

    • Duke of hazard

      First they include MWR, now they say the game is Free is you buy PS4. They didn’t have to to do this with the previous cods because they sold well. This is clearly another desperate move.

      • Diego Diniz

        Bundles are pretty normal.

        • Duke of hazard

          With bundles, the price go up just a bit. This is saying that you could buy the ps4 at base price and IW is free, no extra charge. Yes, this is a better deal than a bundle but this is a desperate move.

    • Call of Duty

      The negativity in the cod “”””””””””community”””””””””” makes me sick.

      • Siftblade

        Why is community in quotes? It’s still a community whether it’s positive or negative.

        • Hollyledwards2

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    • Diego Diniz

      Agree 100%

  • The9tailedgamer

    Ps4 slim?

    And why can’t we get the pro and get it for free too??

    This is why I’m getting iw and pro for Christmas

  • Drasadex
  • All the people that bought the ps4 slim bundled with infinite warfare…rip

  • Fegasaruasㅤ

    This hinting MWR separate release?

    • GinsuVictim

      Where did you get that?

  • Aidan

    Apparently the IW campaign is “astonishing” (according to someone on Reddit)

    Now I’m excited.

    • RdJokr

      Thank God, somehow I still managed to avoid spoilers, even on Reddit. Got only about 9 hours left until I get to play the game for myself now.

  • Johnny

    Lol Infinite Warfare is a total flop.

    • GinsuVictim

      This is about moving PS4s, not Infinite Warfare. PS4 has lost to Xbox One four months in a row. This is an attempt to recover.

      (This is merely a statement based on facts, not some fanboy bullshit.)

      • Johnny

        Who cares about Xbox One. I was talking about the game. They have to get rid of it somehow.

        • jt3z

          Its a flop when it hasnt been released yet? Love that logic.

          • Johnny

            It has been. Have you been under a rock? People have early copies of it already.

          • GinsuVictim

            How does that equal a flop at this point?

        • GinsuVictim

          The topic is PS4 giving away IW with console purchases, which is about moving consoles, not the game.

  • Eddie Tupy

    they do this for every cod

  • Sentinel

    Call of Duty is great, is the community that really sucks. I always have the mute on in lobbies ’cause out of 10 players in the lobby. Only one is chill and cool to chat. The rest are just plain hostile for no apparent reason. I was playing Titanfall and everyone was cool and friendly as fuck.