Infinity Ward has posted the update notes for the Day 1 patch for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The day one update includes the items listed from the feedback Infinity Ward got from the beta, and the following:

  • Recently met players list is disabled as we track down a bug
  • Combat Rig Weapons\Ability earn rates tuned based on Beta Metrics
  • Clamping max player speed when stacking Perks\Traits\Gun Perks
  • Buffing Killstreaks based on Beta Feedback (THOR, APEX, Bombardment, RC-8) – Mentioned in previous notes above.
  • Small reduction to SMG movement speed
  • Film Grain reduction for MP
  • Miscellaneous fixes to gamemodes, medals.
  • More weapon balance coming soon

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Weezyswag

    Fuuurst 😀

    • “Fuuurst” to get blocked, bye.

      • Weezyswag

        Whats ur pb retard?

  • Weezyswag

    Long night is comin’

  • Kozzi


  • Bryan Lapierre

    The patch download is taking me so fukin long to install… Does anyone have the same issue as me ?

    • Jacob

      It made me redownload the entire game…

    • jt3z

      nada updated for like a min and i was playing

  • Mayday=large map i’m complete

    • w

      wut? that shit is small. it’s designed basically like combine. are you being cheeky? or did u type the wrong map?

  • Sksks

    How do I know if I have installed day one DLC? I am playing tho.

  • djml9

    Theres a bug in hardcore mode where sometimes theres still a HUD.

  • FoxyTheDankPirate

    Anyone else on xbox one who doesn’t have season pass but you bought it with the collection?

  • Guide the comp gamer

    I downloaded IW but literally have no desire to play it. Im just waiting for MWR lol

    • Floyd Bennett

      You’re an idiot, lol mwr was live since nov 3rd at 6am

      • GinsuVictim

        Ever think maybe he’s on Xbox or PC?

      • Jon

        Floyd Bennett sir you an idiot

        • Floyd Bennett

          Way to call some an idiot while using horrible grammar lol. You’re truly intelligent lol.

          • Jon

            Clearly you just didn’t understand the sarcasm in my comment. It is just further proof how much of a nit you really are kid. We still love you though.

          • Floyd Bennett

            Right, because poor grammar and spell equals sarcasm. Lmao, nice try though.

      • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

        2 words. sewer-side <3

      • Guide the comp gamer

        Shut the fuck up I was saying I was waiting on it to download dipshit.

        • jt3z

          MWR is even worse nothing but kids camping non stop. Playing DOM and no one and i mean no one would jump on a fucking flag. All they fucking do is CAMP. MWR is so fucking overrated its not even funny. May have been fun when it came out but it has not aged well.

          • Kobrah

            I thought I was the only one to dislike MWR. I never played the original and have no rose tinted glasses to look back on that game with and am honestly enjoying IW WAY more!

  • I’m furious at the fact most of these gamemodes have respawn timers, I’m not playing to be competitive, I’m playing for fun yet you’re boring me with these respawn counters

    • Kian

      Complain, complain, complain… just shut the fuck up

      • This is my first complaint out of 2, don’t speculate that I just complain about a game that I’ve been defending since the majority of the community here was hating on throughout the beta.

        • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

          i agree with you. just ignore that salty motherfucker

    • djml9

      Hardcore doesnt so its all good

      • Guest

        I haven’t played this game yet (unfortunately I have to work haha) but in previous games yes, some hardcore gamemodes do in fact have timers. I’ve been exclusively playing hardcore mode since [email protected] and its always been that way. Kill Confirmed does not have a timer and in a few games (not all) Capture the Flag didn’t have a timer in hardcore (of course hardcore CTF wasn’t in all games).

        • djml9

          I meant TDM. Some cods have timers on hc tdm, and others dont. IW doesnt so im happy.

    • Filthy Prank’d

      Don’t know if anyone have this bug, but whenever I choose a different loadout after I die, it takes such a long time for me to respawn.

      • Ye same here

      • Kobrah

        I haven’t noticed it

        • Filthy Prank’d

          Also getting a bug where second player splitscreen isn’t getting keys, Salvage, or Mission Team experience. I just hope IW patch things up because this is just launch, we would think that many things would be fixed already.

          • Kobrah

            IW confirmed they are working on a fix for the split screen issue

          • Filthy Prank’d

            That’s good to hear, I play with my brothers and friends most of the time and this helps since I either get no keys, or they don’t.

  • Also to add onto that, these maps are disgusting, the beta ones were the only “decent” ones, the whole “taking us to different environments and planets” thing is bullshit, the map structures/layouts feel/look similar.
    Looks like they put more effort into outside the map (the landscapes n shit) than the actual maps and are trying so hard to keep with the theme of the game being out of space, would of been nice to have more maps similar to that Farm one (Throwback i think?),

    Gunna give myself more time to “try” and get use to these maps, but it’s literally been me camping to get a good K.D the last two games.

    Still a fan of the game, but really struggling to enjoy these maps, literally the only thing frustrating me apart from the respawn timers/counters in the gamemodes that never use to have them and the fact we don’t have Infected, Dropzone as they stated we would.

    • djml9

      i feel exactly the opposite. The beta maps were the worst of the bunch, imo. Im really liking the map design in this game. I went 36-8 running around.

      • Think the beta maps were ok, but the maps that come with the game are ridiculous. But at least you see the positive side of it :p

        • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

          i just play the 24/7 terminal an i dont even like it as much as i did the old one

    • Jon

      I have to disagree. I have enjoyed the new maps at launch.

  • Eddie Tupy

    please add FPS uncap for PC and real dedicated servers please. NO p2p shit.
    Also console sucks…jk

  • Where is the public match demolition ??????

  • lifelngjazzfan

    how about you fix the LAG????!!!!!!!

  • jt3z

    Streaks still need a buff. Also spawns are downright bad, almost as bad as AW for getting shot in the back lol