Well, it looks like Supply Drops are making their way into the Zombies mode this year!

Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland features “Zombies Crates,” which are Supply Drops for Zombies mode. These Supply Drops are unlock-able using Keys, the same currency from multiplayer.

Just like MP, there are two tiers of Zombies Crates available: Common and Rare. They go for 10 Keys and 30 Keys, respectively.

Zombies Crates provide two random items and a pack of three Fate and Fortune Cards. These random items include Salvage, the same crafting currency, weapon variants, camos, and more. You have a better chance of earning Rare Fate and Fortune Cards by getting the Rare Zombies Crate.

The difference between MP Supply Drops and Zombies Crates is that MP Supply Drops does not let you earn the Zombies Fate and Fortune Cards. Other than that, it appears to have same items across the board.

The Keys are also the same currency you earn in MP, allowing you to get Supply Drops or Zombies Crates.

Thanks @CarbonMeister! 


  • RdJokr

    Oh boy… I thought something like this might happen. Now they’re bleeding the damn supply drops onto Zombies.

    Still, if MP doesn’t have any items that Zombies can’t unlock, then I might as well dump all my keys onto this.

    • Ronald95

      Supply Drops are gonna kill this game just like they did kill Black Ops 3!!

      • Jon

        killed the game? Really? Keep on hating kid.

        • TractorDrivingSOB

          What y’all are missing is – this implies to me that keys will be able to be earned in Zombies as well, rather than in BO3 where they had a separate currency. If they can be spent for Zombies, it stands to reason they can be obtained in Zombies.

    • it’s easy to get keys so it’s aight with me



  • Gamerazor247

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO *insert PogChamp* Damn you Corporate Commander!!

  • Zac M

    Not gonna lie, I like this system, and I literally never purchase CoD points or Liquid Divinium or anything like that. I just play a lot and have the Season Pass, which which does provide you some nice little bonuses every few months. Also, like I said, I have NEVER paid for a micro-transaction in CoD, yet in BO3, i currently have 6 or 7 perkaholics, all just from playing a lot, so it’s really not a gimped system. It’s literally there for impatient people who wanna be good right away.

    • Sgc_silverhaze

      Same here. I like the supply dropd it keeps things intresting… Only the impatient peolpe buy cp

  • FoxyTheDankPirate

    Just checked but this mode is easier for getting keys noahj got to round 20 and he got 11 keys which you can also use in mp


      Even though I see the key thing as BS being able to to use them across both modes actually makes sense.

    • Filthy Prank’d

      If that’s true, then I might as well play Zombies a lot, and I’m fine with that too since it looks interesting. I can’t wait to see what IW have in mind with their zombies mode.

    • BradyAlucard

      Really? Oh wow, that’s awesome.

    • clayton copper

      Yeah but think about how long it takes to play a zombies map until round 20 vs a mp map for maybe 3 games

  • Timothy Andrews

    If the keys you earn work for both modes and you earn keys faster in Zombies I’ll just farm keys for multiplayer. Simple.

    • Debrarbonner

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  • imBATMAN

    I think i misunderstood but do you only get cards from this?

  • Astronaut

    I don’t know how to think about that as someone who only plays the Zombies mode in Call of Duty. On the one hand it’s cool to unlock camos and weapon variants but the thing is that I will never use these, because I never play multiplayer. I wish we could disable camo and variant drops and only get cards.

    • You can use the weapon variants in zombies. I’d grind for the Legendary weapons with the “Roll the Dice” gun perk, because 75 kill streaks give you a free random perk. Some Epic variants are pretty good too, like the Erad Cerberus (gives you an under barrel shotgun), R3KT (turns gun full auto), and the Ripper (increased RoF for the Evo)

  • Former

    This is literally the same as Liquid Divinium, so I’m not sure why people are so appalled by this.

    • Sentinel

      Yep, it is.

    • tarfeef101

      Not quite, there was no mechanism to convert divinium into cryotokeys. That’s what people care about. Personally I give 0 fucks.

      • Former

        So it’s even better than Liquid Divinium, then.

        • tarfeef101

          At the very least more useful. If it is better depends on whether or not that’s a good thing to you.

  • “Well, it looks like Supply Drops are making their way into the Zombies mode this year!”

    Exciting huh, CI?

    • Qaotik

      It sound alike they’re saying it with sarcasm

    • It’s pretty exciting tbh. No need to play mp to unlock weapon variants to use in zombies now

  • Sentinel

    Zombie hardcore player have a way to earn keys faster than multiplayer mode. Nice that you can use them across modes for the least.

  • RapperStatus420

    Does anyone know if they will have the Daily Activity log in bonus like the beta too get keys and so on?

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      It is there, but it acts iffy sometimes.

  • missing_trigger

    It’s me or you can use weapon variants in zombies?

    • You can, but you have to unlock the guns by zombies level progression to customize them. They also have an interesting system where all attachments are unlocked, and you earn attachment slots by leveling your gun up instead of unlocking the attachments themselves. I honestly like it more than BO3’s system

      • missing_trigger

        I mean multiplayer weapon variants

        • Patrick Matthew Barahona

          If you unlock a variant in zombies, it goes to multiplayer and vice versa. But Rare and onwards, they have different stats. The multiplayer variant will be more suited to multiplayer, while the zombies variant will be more suited to zombies. For example, I got a legendary Banshee in zombies. It was a zombie variant, however it also unlocked the legendary variant of the Banshee for multiplayer at the same time. So you can technically unlock all weapon variants for zombies AND multiplayer just playing zombies or vice versa. I love this system.

  • dust&cheese

    i have no idea why i even check this site anymore. maybe cause i wanted to see if IW failed or not. in my books; yeah, it did. I’ve read so many comments of people boycotting this trash. this will be my first COD which will be unpurchased. this game is going to look like battlefront in a couple months after everyone boycotted their asses.

  • BradyAlucard

    Yeah, these are essentially Liquid Diviniums from BO3. We all knew this was going to happen in some form.

  • Ak74u

    Wow now they’re ruining zombies with supply drops infinity ward is destroying zombies and what it was. I tried escaping supply drops by only playing zombies and now they put them in zombies. Fuck infinity ward

    • I am a zombies player at heart, have been for many years. This system is better than what Black Ops 3 did by far. The main problem in BO3 was that zombies players had no way of earning black market camos, playercards, and icons for emblems. IW making the keys cross-gamemode solves that problem. We don’t get stupid things like Rig customization items in zombie crates, only cosmetics, salvage, and F&F cards. It’s an amazing system that still let’s us zombies players participate in weapon crafting and acquiring cosmetics usable in zombies without having to touch multiplayer

      • eYeKeepsitReal

        100% zombies player here and we have opposite problems lol. Cosmetic things like what you listed does nothing to improve gameplay. I’m actually annoyed all that BS has made it’s way into zombies and we have to use keys on it instead of just unlocking them by leveling up as in BO3. It slows down progression and adds little value. I don’t want to play dress up with my character. Things like weapon tags are such a joke because no soldier would put a “keychain” on their weapon lol. Infinity Turd had 3 years to bring us something good, but instead we got
        Advanced Snorefare 2 with the movement mechanics of 10yr old MW1, and
        the graphics of COD1. Thank God IW has bombed so much that we’ll be getting new BO3 content soon! ZiS even makes ZNS seem like a fun map now.