It’s Call of Duty time!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered* are AVAILABLE NOW worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! If you are getting the game at a retailer, many stores in celebrated with midnight launch; for digital purchases, both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered are now unlocked to play.


*Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, at launch, has only 10 MP Maps + Campaign Mode. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is available only with purchase of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy, Digital Legacy, Digital Deluxe, or Legacy Pro Editions. More info here.

If you experience any issues or need additional support, please reach out to Activision Support on Twitter or check their site for details.

  • Guide the comp gamer

    Time to change my location to New Zealand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

    • Oooh we got a bad ass over here!

    • YoungMurf

      Won’t work unless New Zealand is the region you bought the game.

      • BradyAlucard

        How about digitally? (I died a little saying that)

        • beamer

          Didn’t work for me on Xbox one

      • Stephan M Geltz

        I live in Texas and changed my ps4 to a new Zealand time zone and I’m able to play now.

      • Guide the comp gamer

        Im playing MWR rn but ok bud.

    • Weezyswag

      Won’t work buddy… isp location

      • Guide the comp gamer

        im on the game right now but ok

  • blackburnt7

    does this mean the MWR servers are online?

  • Schwartz

    Anybody knows when the reviews goes online?

    • i respect you for knowing elpresador

    • BradyAlucard

      Nope, but Activision better hope for a higher Metacritic score than BO3, roughly 86-90. CoD 4 and MW2 all have 90+ scores and Titanfall 2 has an 89 (90 on Xbox One). Crazy.

      • Logic Chief

        A rating means nothing to me atleast. The content you get for $100 this year alone makes the game a 120/100 meta score.

    • Rorke File

      Everyone is waiting on the one of IGN, that one has going to have a lot of hate I think.

    • TheSkrillexKill

      IGN just posted their single-player review, and in a nutshell they’re not impressed. Repetitive gamplay, the plot is muddled and they are some issues with the HUD and stuff.

  • [EV] BLISS

    Guys Im in the UNITED STATES EASTERN TIME (TO play just join a community, then join someones session, then you will be put online, after that you can search for public games!!!!)

    • Diego Diniz

      IW or MWR???

      • [EV] BLISS


    • Hunter

      I just tried doing that. It didn’t work for me.

      • NICKNAME

        ON PS4?

        • Hunter

          Yeah on ps4

      • [EV] BLISS

        For ps4 ? It works for me

    • Stephan M Geltz

      All you have to do is change the time zone of your ps4…

  • Hydra

    says the game will be released of the 5th for my steam i’m in australia

  • Weezyswag

    If i preordered the game in the us store but im in France, the game will still unlock at midnight or at the same time than the us?

  • RdJokr

    Ugh, still gotta wait like 3 hours for Steam to unlock the game. Oh well, at least it’s not midnight at local time.

  • Rob Melchor

    Seriously considering calling in sick to work tomorrow LOL

    • Logic Chief

      I didn’t have a physics lab last Friday so now tommorow we will have to make up and do two labs. So yea I could afford to miss 1 lab but not two. 🙁

    • Hitman

      I actually got an email yesterday from Activision and point one was…Call in sick.

      • Debrarbonner

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    • Just Great

      I used 80 hours (10 days of pto)

  • Sergio Saccar

    In many stores in my country you can get the game 7 days before the launch,and it happens every year with cod

  • Moh C

    Fix the f***** spawns in shipment

    • Former

      The map is like 10 feet long and you expect spawns to be functional. LOL

  • Activi$ion

    Europe, when?

  • Diego Diniz

    I have 32 years old. You call me an “old school” COD Player. Played all of them since COD2. But seriously talking, after play MWR I think play newests COD games like BO3 and INFINITE warfare is not that bad! Kind miss somethings like QuickDraw, Flack Jacket, Semtex (sticky lethals) and More than 3 streaks …

    • Rob Melchor

      Guess that makes me a 36 year old “Veteran” COD old player. That aside, I find boots on the ground kind of slow for my taste. The movement mecanics in AW were insane, BO3 ok and with IW the got the right balance.

      • Stephan M Geltz

        I agree, I’m 36 and love the faster stuff…..been playing mwr today and it’s soooooo slow….I’m like wtf are these other clowns complaining about, these newer cods are pretty good….you get better at the older ones just playing them.

        • beamer

          I’m 50 and been playing all the way back to when “Pong” came out. Have several online friends older than me!

      • MaRico Spikes

        I’m 36 , I concur

    • Kozzi

      hell I’m half your age and I actually like Infinite Warfare. I think it gets more hate than it deserves

  • Commander Wolfe

    Well, this is going to be a problem. The Gamestop I pre-ordered at isn’t open that long. They close at 9PM.

    • Lollipop

      Sucks to be you I guess.

    • Aidan

      Wouldn’t they stay open for the launch of the game? My Gamestop does.

      • Commander Wolfe

        It’s in a mall.

        • Aidan

          That blows. I was able to pre-order mine at my local gamestop, but when I was a couple of cities away, I won a $75 Gamestop card, and I went to the nearest one and paid IW in full. Couldn’t you buy it at a different Gamestop since it’s all on your account?… Actually, nevermind. I’m only now realizing that it’s the following day and you could go get it right now if you wanted to…Just keep that in mind for future games.

  • Logan

    Midnight launch tonight! Haven’t been to a cod midnight launch since MW3! So hyped!

  • 12 AM needs to get here fast. I’m just gonna chill, plug in my earbuds listen to music while playing Modern Warfare Remastered. Gonna be so fun to play that again

    • At level 13 and already bored of it being so fast and hectic.

      • Aidan

        …MWR or IW?

        • MWR, IW downloading rn

          • Aidan

            If MWR is too fast for you, you shouldn’t even bother playing IW

          • I like IW and MWR

    • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

      I triggered the mwr Reddit sensitive bastards

      • Howd ya do that?

        • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

          Had an opinion

          • Oh yeah that’ll definitely trigger the reddit community

  • Alex

    Infinite Dog shit has been released in Australia… IDGAF

    First time in a long time, I didn’t got to a midnight launch.

    Go to Work/School CID isn’t worth it anymore

    • Aidan

      That’s nice

    • RdJokr

      Good for you. Now move along so the rest of us can enjoy the game.

  • Abhishek Jain

    chutiya game

  • MWLegend

    First review is up and it’s a 6/10 which is a good start. Good and fair review too. Anything around 5-7/10 will be great for Infinity Ward and the community.

  • FCmania

    I guess it takes more than two nukes.

  • Jim86

    IW campaign is impressive so far but the MP maps are awful and it feels like a cheap BO3. It seems generic as hell and the movement is more clunky than fluid. I just can get over how poor the maps are though and none of them have flow or inspired design. The aesthetics are really drab too. Gameplay is pretty dull too. Campaign is very good though so kudos to the developers for that but multiplayer is weak and I can’t see any longevity there sadly.

    • dust&cheese

      have fun paying an extra $50 for more shitty maps 🙂 also hope you enjoy your reskins black ops 3

  • Oscar Ljungdell

    when does it come out in Sweden?

  • Melee Maniac

    what bout in steam

  • destsicate


  • Group_935

    A game that is going to do terrible in sales. I just hope they release MW by itself.

    • Sentinel

      People and their fucken conclusions.

  • FCmania

    So, ive watched most of the Infinite Warfare campaign. It’s as good as the Modern Warfare trilogy.

    • jt3z

      Yea the campaign looks awesome imo. MP isnt as bad as i thought it would be but after two years of boosting meh.

  • YoungMurf

    Damn is it good to be playing CoD4 all over again, really puts what happened to this franchise over the years into perspective.

  • marFLEXINtinez

    Soooooooooo I’m playing it now. And I’m in Michigan!

    • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

      I think you mean the best state in America

      • marFLEXINtinez


      • jt3z

        No since you have Detroit that automatically puts you in second to last place with last being the garbo state of CA where i live 😉

        • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

          Pistons over warriors in 4

          • jt3z

            More like Lakers 4-0 over Cle

          • Edward Richtofen Adolf is bae

            Thank god your not a gs fan but let’s be real nets over warriors in 1