Modern Warfare Remastered has a camo that is higher than the Gold Camo, images from the in-game menus have confirmed.

If you complete unlockΒ Gold Camos for every single weapon in each class (ARs, SMGs, etc.), you will unlock the Regal Camo for that specific class.

This higher-ranked camo unlock is very similar to Advanced Warfare’s Royalty camo, that was unlocked after Diamond.

  • Overachiever


    • L for log off you unoriginal cunt

  • Overachiever

    Pretty sure Diamond beats that camo. Is it just me?

    • jt3z

      Diamond camo sucks ass anyways.

      • Overachiever

        I disagree, Diamond camo on an M16 RDS… Lemme cop that πŸ˜‰

        • jt3z

          Meh dont like it at all. Hell Gold looks way better

          • Overachiever

            Nickle plated…. πŸ˜€

          • TheGriinch

            how many times do we have to say this kid. you’re not original or cool. you need to stop wasting mommy and daddy’s money before they start beating you. Hell that might make your life better

          • Overachiever

            I could beat you in a 1v1. Nuff said.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            BO2 had the best gold camos imo. And BO1, hell, I just like the gold and black theme, not just a weapon dipped in liquid gold.

        • TheGriinch

          youre like 12 kid. I don’t know why you’re online trying to act cool. Do your parents know that your online?

          • Overachiever

            You’re completely unaware that I’m 17 & I’ve actually been in the community since WAW. Don’t act like you know who I am. I buy my own video games.

          • Overachiever

            My picture was taken 2 years ago buddy.

      • Kozzi

        black ops 2 had best diamond

  • Hitman

    cant wait for the new Metallica album lml -_- lml

    • javynavarro137

      lol same brother

      • GHOSTClergy

        Agreed my fellow brethren m/

  • Rob Melchor

    That’s a carpet camo LOL

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Hoping there’s some bumpmapping when it’s actually on the gun, otherwise we might as well buy matching drapes

      • Debrarbonner

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  • W1LL1AM04

    What do you get if you unlocked the Regal camo for all your weapons? Super Regal?

  • Sentinel

    I think they should have a mix of black & gold camo.

  • to those on pc, the port is pretty bad, hope they come out with a optimization patch soon and nvidia updates drivers

  • zack

    I bet some nerd out there has all these unlocked already.

    • Connor Thomas