In addition to all of the weapons in the Prototype Lab, which players are able to directly craft or earn via Supply Drops, there is another set of limited number of weapon variants in the QR-M5TR Collection.

All of the weapon variants in this collection can only be obtained via a Supply Drop or a Zombies Crate, and players can only equip these variants once they reach the level needed to equip each one.

  • rw

    pay to win? nah, this is call of duty pls

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s not pay to win and never has been.

  • Just waiting for all those kids that were saying bo3 wasn’t pay 2 win to come and justify this type of shit again…

    • Jon

      you poor thing. no one forces you to buy so quit bitching. BO3 p2w? seriously…LOL. Let me grab you a tissue kid

      • Duke of hazard

        Oh look, we found someone that has no shred of standards in a video game.

        • Jon

          And yet you are still here.

          • Duke of hazard

            That made no sense. Good try though.

          • Jon

            Oh look this kid is copying and pasting my comments. You are such a fanboy. I love you more and more everyday.

          • Duke of hazard

            Dude, you’re making less sense each reply. Me thinks you’re either a 12 year old or just a troll.

    • djml9

      If there isnt a distinct, insurmountavle advantage, it isnt pay 2 win. Pay 2 use different stuff =/= pay 2 win. If there are ar’s that do 1hk’s or something then thats a different story, although it would still be available to everyone.

      • Rawthentik

        What’s more is that this isn’t even P2W. It’s Pay for a CHANCE at getting something sooner than someone who doesn’t pay. There is already an avenue for getting supply drops that doesn’t involve dishing out cash. We can earn keys (which are used to purchase supply drops) by completing mission team objectives and from Daily Login bonuses (if it’s similar to the Beta…because in the beta you were awarded keys some days and salvage other days).

        • djml9

          Yeah. People seem to thibk that the mere ability to pay for anything makes it pay to win even though no guns in any game have been instant win guns. Anyone can outgun anyone else with any gun at any time. Ive never run into somone who was unbeatable because of a supply drop weapon.

          • And here they are!

          • djml9

            Sorry that i’m objective

          • Sorry that your standards fo a 60 dollar game are so low. Really, how are going to justify the ability to pay for objectively better weapons (weapon variants)? It gives you a chance to get them? All that says is that this is gambling… aimed at kids…

          • djml9

            You are not paying for objectively better weapons. You are paying for a chance to win different weapons that can also be obtained for free buy playing with the exact same odds.

            And when did i say it wasnt gambling? It is, and thats why paying goves you no distinct advantage. If you wanna complain about it being gambling, be my guest, but at the end of the day, it is not Pay 2 Win. Paying doesnt help you win.

          • I don’t know what else to call gun variants other than objectively better. Do you?

          • Craig Taylor
          • Craig Taylor

            I agree with your point that it certainly is not pay to win. However you are wrong, there are 16 weapons that can ONLY be gotten from supply drops. In saying that not one of these weapons would give an unfair advantage in a game and only 3 of them are epic weapons.

            If people had some patience they would look at what the best weapons are, earn the salvage and buy them. Sure it’s annoying if someone gets an invective or a flatline from a SD but that’s just the way the dice roll.

            People need to stop calling it P2W, it isn’t and if they think it is then please explain which of the 16 weapons are ‘oh so amazing’ lol

    • Gamerazor247

      But the SD weapons in BOIII weren’t OP to be even considered P2W, try again…

  • Duke of hazard

    Now they’re just milking the crap out of it. It’s like they have no shame.

  • yes please bring more of this into CoD I love P2W MMM *gargles Acti cum* XDDDD

  • YoungMurf

    Jeez they aren’t fucking about with the supply drops this year, game only released in one continent and they are already giving information about them. Fuck supply drops.

  • Rawthentik

    This isn’t P2W all you dumb fucks claiming that it is. At best this is Pay for a CHANCE to get something sooner than those who don’t pay.

    • Hellmetal

      pretty sure this line says there only available in supply drops.
      “All of the weapon variants in this collection can only be obtained via a Supply Drop or a Zombies Crate”

      • Rawthentik

        Yes. You can earn keys normally, by playing the game and completeing your mission team objectives (and possibly through daily login bonuses as I recall in the beta they awarded keys on some days and salvage on others) or you can buy them. If you could only get the weapons through micotransactions THEN it would be P2W.

        • Duke of hazard

          So explain people like me who played throughout the entirety of BO3 and not got a SINGLE GUN from supply drops.

          • Rawthentik

            RNG isn’t fair. Idk why people expect it to be. The only way one could even call RNG unfair is if it had a percentage tied to it and it wasn’t living up to that percentage in measurable tests. Like, say for example that they made it clear that you had a 30% chance to get a legendary variant from a Rare supply drop…Well, if you did a few tests with decent pool sizes and came to find otherwise, then you could legitimately say that it’s unfair. But, AFAIK, Activision hasn’t put percentages on their RNG…so no one can really call it fair or unfair.

          • Duke of hazard

            It’s clearly unfair. This is supposed to be a cosmetic only system. We already spent at least $60 for the game, now we got to pay unlock what should be unlocked from the get go? Why should I spend more money just to get a chance at something that should already be in the game for everyone to experience?

          • Rawthentik

            You don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to.

            You obviously feel cheated, but where is your foundation for feeling that way? It’s not like Activision or Infinity Ward promised that there wouldn’t be Supply Drop-only weapon variants…so Idk where you’re getting this “supposed to be cosmetic only”, other than from wishful thinking. Also, the last time the cosmetic only system was in play was in Ghosts, IIRC.

          • Duke of hazard

            “You don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to.” I don’t want to and I want the bloody FFAR and the PeaceKeeper. Your mentality is that because we don’t have to pay for it, therefore, it’s okay. So if I play NBA 2K17 and 25% of the teams are only unlocked through a random based system, and there’s a chance that I won’t be able to unlock those teams ever. how does that make sense?

            And plus these are variants. Unlike AW, the variants in IW are better than the base weapons because there are barely any drawbacks and they stack with perks. How can people not think it’s P2W?

          • TractorDrivingSOB

            A more fitting metaphor would be if you play 2k17 and a couple legends on each team were locked behind a RNG based unlock system. It doesn’t break the game, but potentially provides an advantage to the “haves” over the “have nots”.

            (And it ain’t 25%. Closer to 10, if that.)

          • Duke of hazard

            What should be a better system is that make the legends earnable and the RNG be based on something like better looking jerseys or stadiums.

          • TractorDrivingSOB

            But which system would allow for the company to make the most money off of it? Would more people buy a guaranteed cosmetic item, or a “chance” at a perceived OP weapon?

            The answer is simple. Fairness be damned, profits are what drive any business.

          • Rawthentik

            So long as it’s not Pay2Win, I have no qualms with the system. I’m content with not having the extra toys that may or may not enhance my experience. It’s part of life. We don’t always get what we want in life, but we can control how we handle it all. The Infinite Warfare System isn’t a deal breaker for me. With or without it, the gameplay is what I enjoy about the game. I suppose since i’m stuck with the system I choose to see it as an extension of the game’s life cycle. What happens when I max prestige and unlock all the non-supply drop camos and weapons? Well, I can continue playing for any supply drop exclusives that I don’t have if I so choose. Or I can quit the game and move on to something else. That’s on me just like it’s on you whether or not you’ll continue playing BO3 to get the FFAR and PeaceKeeper. You’re essentially trying to blame someone else for your personal suffering that’s brought on by your own desires. It’s not like they’re violating your human rights.

            Lastly, from a business stand-point, Activision and Infinity Ward want to profit. I don’t mind them profiting so long as it’s not pay2win. It’s not pay 2 win until they make the weapons cash-exclusive.

          • Duke of hazard

            “You’re essentially trying to blame someone else for your personal suffering that’s brought on by your own desires.” You practically just disregarded everything I just said. My point is that all the weapons should be there for everyone to use, that is they actually cared about their fans, but the fact that they put it behind a system where you may have to pay for another chance a getting them means they don’t care about the fans.

            “Lastly, from a business stand-point, Activision and Infinity Ward want to profit.” Clearly, that’s why MWR is in the picture because IW is doing terrible in preorders. The preorders are so bad that for the first time, Battlefield got neck and neck with them. That tells you that people are sick and how Activision is running things and what does the company decide to do? Did they bother to listen to their fans or did they let the money get to their heads again? I’ll answer that for you: It’s the latter because they did not bother to change the RNG system to cosmetic that the fans were hoping for. Instead they made it worse.

            When you attach a remaster of the Greatest Cod ever and that still isn’t enough to save your new game, that means you don’t bother to care what the fans want in that new game of yours.

          • djml9

            But thats doesnt make it pay 2 win. There are people who’ve payed money and also dont have any guns and there are people whove payed nothing and have them all. Paying =/= winning, therefore it isnt P2W.

          • Duke of hazard

            It’s not that it’s p2w, it’s the fact that it’s an unfair system. I wanted to enjoy the ffar and the peacekeeper mk2 but I will never have that chance. So the response is what? Spend money for a chance at getting it? It’s not even guaranteed.Unless it’s cosmetic, Why should I spend more money for a chance at getting something that should already be in the game?

          • djml9

            I never argued it was fair, but its nt pay2win. There really isnt anything you can do but hope. Paying wouldnt necessarily get you anything either. Theres no point in paying. Ive never bought a single supply drop with real money and i never will. I dont like supply drops asmuch as the next guy, I’d much rather buy the guns outright or get them in the season pass, but regardless, its not P2W and thats my point.

          • Duke of hazard

            Does not change the fact that it’s an unfair system.

    • TheShwantz27 (Brian)

      Pay to CHANCE to Win is even worse than Pay 2 Win…

      • Rawthentik

        You left out the “sooner than those who don’t pay” part. We have an alternative to paying, and that’s playing.

    • Dre

      I agree. If i could pay for an aim bot or some other piece of cheating hacker bullshit that is pay to win! Supply drop weapons is pay to get another fucking gun! Like there are not enough fucking guns already!!

  • Peter Griffin

    Fuck you Activision. And maybe Infinity Ward, too, because there’s no way they did not put their approval on this. I had hope for this game Infinity Ward! I had real hopes… *middle finger*

    Everbody knew it, saw it coming, yeah, but fuck you anyway, just because!

    It feels like another stab in the back. Or dick in your ass if you prefer. I would bet my MWR code (lol) the best weapons variants are gonna be those. Oh look, you can craft your own variants with scrap metal you earn by “just playing the game”, but wait, we forgot to tell you there’s gonna be weapon you CAN NOT craft, because we at Activision/Infinity Ward are a just a bunch of guys who like to add content to your game that a lot of players wont be able to experience…because RNG! Yay!

    Hell, I didn’t looted a SINGLE supply drop weapon in Black Ops 3 since it’s release! that’s crazy! I…I mean..There is litteraly 5-8 weapons I did not had the chance to experience (except by looting in on a dead player) because of RNG probabilities in BO3 are lower than those in Overwatch for 100 times the content in terms of number of items (which increase proportionally the difficulty to drop those).

  • Hellmetal
  • Duke of hazard

    The people defending this nonsense are riding that Activision D pretty hard.

  • destsicate

    This is a fucking kick in the teeth the one thing I really liked about this game was that the weapon variants could be unlocked by scrapping guns and salvage now they put this on us fuck you IW and Activision

  • XboxWon

    Boom. Just like that this game just became game of the year.

    A great decision. Many of the dislikes on the trailer were because we didn’t see any supply drop exclusive weapons – a staple in the cod franchise.

    Bravo Activision

    • I love you

    • Altered Vista

      I liked your comment, but I still regret my xbox one purchase!

      • Debrarbonner

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      • Asmodeus Dainichi

        i may buy xbox1 instead of the switch just for the killer instinct game

    • Mr.Blobby

      Wah wah wah. Activision made $1 BILLION so far this year from micro DLC’s. They are here to stay. Deal with it. Let people spend their money if they want to, what difference does it make? You are getting melted either way.

  • Stefan Lang

    Everyone really needs to stop acting like they didn’t know this was gonna happen. As I said before, this is an issue created by the community itself. Think of all the people that went out on AW and spent hundreds, thousands, on supply drops going for weapons. Why wouldn’t they have brought variants back so people could do the same exact thing they did in AW and BO3. Expect those CoD Points and Salvage to be up for sale soon. To Activision, this decision was best for business, as Triple H would say ? (Not in a sense of the players but Activision themselves)

  • Mario Rivera

    Of course they pulled a fast one on us, how else were we going to buy Supply Drops if we could actually grind for all the weapons we want… This is very deceitful bait and switch they pulled here. Lots of ppl wouldn’t have bought this game if they didn’t wait till post launch to reveal this.

  • Mitch

    According to Polygon you’ll be able to craft them at a later date (22:00)

  • TractorDrivingSOB

    Wow. If you go by the comments, the sky is falling – and the game hasn’t even released yet.

    Do I agree with this practice? Of course not. But you’ve got to be straight up morons to believe they wouldn’t go this route after its proven to be so successful (read: profitable) in AW & BO3.

    Besides, it’s an incentive beyond prestige to keep playing throughout the year. Not ONE OF you can tell me with a straight face that when you’re sitting at 28 or 29 keys in BO3 that you’re not excited as heck to finish the next round and open your new, shiny box.

    And it’s not like keys don’t come easily enough, in and of themselves (disregarding purchasing them monetarily). Anyone that played BO3 for a reasonable amount of time got SOMETHING at some point. If you didn’t, you’re either buying common boxes, only have 12ish hours on record, or are a straight up liar. I never got the ones I wanted (Garand and whatever the ammo-printing-lmg was), but God knows I got darn near every freakin’ useless melee weapon they released.

    Oh, and beyond all that… If you’ve got season pass, you’re getting 10 drops right off the bat. I’m willing to bet that at least 30% of us get a drop-only variant out of those packs without even playing a match first.

    If you think this is P2W, if it irritates you, if you think it’s unfair… Complaining is pointless. Activision/IW is too busy counting their cash to hear your petty whining.

    • joey

      “whining” is fair…ish. doesn’t bother me. “petty”? not so much. what’s that syndrome where hostages start identifying with their captors?

      i do agree that drops are here to stay. i do not agree that they enhance in any way our gaming experience. how much better would it be to be able to earn the weapons the same way we do camos n’ attachments? how would it not work for the company to simply release a new weapon every week or two? but yeah, never gonna happen. i was just thrilled that there is at least one major new FPS that doesn’t utilize drops. i’d appreciate recommendations of other games that don’t either.

      i do like weapon variants (that does NOT include the garbage nonsense in BO3). AW’s were fun (even though 70% went basically unused); IW’s look even better.

      • Rawthentik

        The syndrome you’re thinking of is Stockholm syndrome. I don’t see anyone being held against their will here, nor do I see how are they being forced to do anything they don’t want to do. If someone buys a game that promotes practices that they don’t approve of and then complain about it, it’s their own damn fault for supporting such practices by endorsing games like that. With that said, I think it was pretty underhanded of Activision to not announce a potentially deal breaking detail like this early on. No doubt there will be people who will want a refund over this detail. And now they have to go through the trouble of trying to get a refund.

        • joey

          i feel strongly about drops but not foaming-at-the-mouth strongly. it’s important enough to post about, but i wouldn’t skip the game because of them. quality of gameplay, on the other hand, could be a deal-breaker. i would never buy a game that performed like BO3.

          when it comes to “choices”, don’t get me started. 99% of you are not interested in the truth and frankly i don’t blame you.

          • Rawthentik

            Personally, I’m on the fence about drops. Like you, i’m more concerned with quality of gameplay.

          • TractorDrivingSOB

            FWIW, I think the reference to Stockholm Syndrome was a metaphor for us being “held captive” by these business practices, but growing so used to them that we accept them. If that’s what he was getting it, it’s a fair point.

          • joey

            accept and defend them.

      • TractorDrivingSOB

        True enough, perhaps “petty” was a poor choice of words. My apologies.

        • joey

          no need for that. i’m on our side. 🙂

    • Ronald95

      And who is to blame here? PEOPLE WHO SPEND REAL MONEY ON THOSE THINGS!! This is marketing. Microtransactions exist till today because people keep buying them. Instead of protesting against these things they buy them because it’s easier to do then going behind a company’s door and doing something about it. Touch guys on the Internet, pussies in real life!! I know, I’m not the one who tells you how you should spend your money that you have earned. But damn this need to stop.

      • TractorDrivingSOB

        I agree with you 100%. The funny thing is, before microtransactions, people were all up in arms against DLC such as map packs, Season Passes, and the like. I don’t like that concept either (not enough to boycott it), but I accept the reality that it’s here to stay just as the microtransactions are (which I do boycott, have never spent a dime on and never will).

    • Imventing

      you need to understand that its a 2 or 3 year cycle to make a game.. if they knew this setting of cod would plummet by time of preparing for its release then they wouldnt have made this shitty ass game.. and instead of giving us cod4 as backwards compatibility they remastered it to have a chance of increasing sales.. thats just my theory. bc im sure it doesn’t take years to remaster a game..

  • Brandon dodd

    Quit fuckin Bitchin when all u mfs know ur gonna buy the game anyway if ur not why the the hell are u on this website it’s all about call of duty please take ur salty asses on somewhere and go play battleshit

    • beamer

      Too funny. truth

    • Dre

      We are saying weapon variants in supply drops are retarded. YES WE ARE BITCHING AND NO WE WON’T STOP!!

  • Idk why people are bitching lol we all knew this was gonna happen at least we can craft some not them all being supply drop exclusive

  • Beast Mode

    i downloaded MWR and paused Infinite Warfare..ill play that some other day..

  • Is anyone surprised? I mean really, do you even know how much money Activi$ion made in BO3? Of course they’ll make this shit. Is it the end of the world? No. But it sure as hell says something about this shitty company.

  • Infinite Tears

    Infinite Warfare is officially DOA

  • TheHorror

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there it is! You know, i really wish people weren’t stupid enough to actually pay for this shit every year. If it wasn’t making Activision an ass ton of revenue, we wouldn’t be getting shit like this.

  • Rawthentik

    Some news for thought: The variants that are currently locked to supply drops will become craftable later according to a Polygon (mentioned around 22:00 minutes into the video):

  • Rob Melchor

    The community needs to stop buying this nonesence, only then activision will stop. Damn casuals!

  • Former

    Wow…the one redeeming factor of this game’s Black market system is ruined.

  • The sky is blue, the grass is green and Activision are cucks. Old news

  • jordanxbrookes

    Oh the irony when the picture lists a “Mo’ Money” perk for the Volk “Corruption” lmao.

    • Rawthentik

      That is pretty funny.

  • You’re all a bunch of bitches, failure of a community.

  • Johnny

    This is what happens when people defend Infinite Warfare as a great game. Get shafted jerks. You deserve it. If people didn’t buy the damn game Activision would have turned things around.

  • Sentinel

    Cash cow system is back, not surprised. Like I said before, unless something drastically happens this won’t be gone anytime soon.

  • Eddie Tupy

    im fine with it its only variant per gun

  • Lumis

    I was leaning on buying this, but not anymore. I stopped playing black ops 3 because of supply drop weapons. Thanks activision, you made me not purchasing this years COD much easier!

  • joey

    i got an epic smg (same gun as the ripper but the m5tr variant) that causes increased damage when you shoot players in the penis (or _____[-willow]). looking forward to reaching level 16 so i can do just that.

  • Batman

    CoD cock suckers incoming

  • Get a job

    I don’t see the issue.

    Can I earn the chance to get these weapon variants without paying ?

    – Yes, simply play the game and you’ll earn supply drops. Open the supply drop and you’ll have a chance to win.

    Can I buy extra crates?

    – Yes

    Is there a guarantee that buying extra crates gets what I want ?

    – No

    Is it ok to whine that I don’ have what I want, when I want it ?

    Sure – because you’re a special delicate flower 🙂

  • Craig Taylor

    You got a smart mouth when its just the keyboard staring back at you eh. Pussy!