With the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, some users are experiencing issues with certain aspects of the game. Activision Support has posted documents with list of known issues for both the titles.

Infinite Warfare: 

  • Intro video after match — all platforms: Intro video keeps playing after every match. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the first post-launch patch
  • Players not receiving Season Pass bonus content — all platforms: One solution to this issue is cosing and rebooting the game two or three times, which should deliver Season Pass bonus content. Entire issue wil fixed in the first post-launch patch
  • Hitching in menus — Xbox One: Players are experiencing frame rate loss when navigating menus. This issue is under investigation
  • Players not receiving Spaceland — Xbox One: Some players are not receiveing the Zombies in Spaceland Pack personalization items. This issue is under investigation.
  • Pre-order bonus content not appearing — all platforms: Players were not receiving Bullethawk or Hellstorm pre-order bonus content when redeeming codes. Codes were returning invalid. Activision is currently investigating this.
  • Game crashes — Steam: PCs with an AMD GPU will crash after switching Anti-Aliasing to “Filmic SMAA T2X”. Every subsequent boot afterwards will crash. A Workaround to this issue: Players with AMD GPUs should not change to Anti-Alias until a fix is deployed. Under investigation
  • Game unresponsive on ALT+Enter — Steam: Using Alt+Enter to switch between Windowed and Fullscreen can sometimes make the game unresponsive. Activision is investigating this issue.
  • Incentives not redeemable — Steam: We’ve identified some issues with COD XP, Monster 2XP, and Retro Jackal incentives not redeeming on Steam. Activision is investigating this issue.

Modern Warfare Remastered: 

  • Infinite loading screen in Custom Match — Steam: The host of a custom match will experience an indefinite loading screen when the match ends if they lose WAN connection during gameplay. Issue is currently under investigation.
  • Performance issues in Campaign — Steam: Players might experience performance issues in 5 Campaign missions (Bog, Blackout, Shock and Awe, War Pig, and Safehouse) on PCs with AMD GPUs that meet minimum system requirements. Issue is currently under investigation.
  • Frame rate issues — Steam: The “Optimal Video” settings result in frame rate issues despite hardware meeting minimum system requirements. Issue is currently under investigation.
  • SLI and Crossfire optimization — Steam: The game is currently not optimizing power distribution with SLI or Crossfire. Issue is under investigation.

We will update this post as we get more info. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Activision Support: IW / MWR

  • Ball of Doody

    Regarding the issue of not getting the season pass content like the bonus supply drops, I’ve turn this fucking game on and on about 20 times. What a bunch of fucking bullshit

  • TMZ Censored Me

    I guess that means I should wait before entering my codes for season pass/bullethawk content until it gets fixed.

  • imRapids

    Damn, sounds like this game runs like crap on PC

    • It does bro I have a gtx 950, fx8350, 12gb ram and get 80 fps on normal texture settings and all the other shit off. On max prob. 20~

    • TheSkrillexKill

      Even people with insane specs have big issues on PC, and what’s even funnier is that the PC port is just a poorly done PS4 port.

    • RdJokr

      Just MWR. IW runs like a dream, except the frame rate lock and all.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Infinite Loading screens now available in supply drops.

  • MWR: After you finish a game, the game glitches out and you can’t select anything or even exit the lobby. No buttons work basically. I had to restart the game.

    • Kenon Dawson

      I have yet to be able to play a single game on MWR. Every time I go into the multiplayer menu it doesn’t allow me to select xbox live or anything else for that matter.

      • Aldo

        Try a system reset. I had a similar problem on Ghosts and this fixed it. Turn off your Xbox One and unplug the power cord for 2 minutes then plug back in and load up.

        • Kenon

          I’ve tried absolutely everything including picking up another new copy and nothing works. On a positive, there were a few people online complaining about the same issue so I’m not alone.

  • RaideR

    Private Match: Cant invite recent players
    We cant indicate who the host is
    cant close the lobby
    Arent able to make personal bans
    Cant chose teams before match starts
    Random disconnections when connecting to match

    • Ethan Sluga

      add one more: no adding more slots in the create a class menu, or pick 10 system, meaning you can’t really costumes your guns as much as the last games that had this system.

  • Triton

    Xbox One:
    When the clantag is unlocked and Im going to insert letters… the game freezes completely and the only way to get out of the screen is to back to Xbox dashboard and force quit the game from the menu and then restart the whole game.

    • Alexander N25

      It did the same for my friends and I in this game and in BO3. Just type a lowercase letter and then erase it and type what you want.

      • Triton

        I cant type anything. It instantly freezes.

  • Berzerk Games

    I’m glad I’m not the only one getting a error that my code for the bullethawk camo is invalid

  • Algoh

    So they’re aware of the frame rate drops in the menus but what about in-game? Lol

  • Lac

    Please add the ability to view ping/latency on PC version scoreboard

  • w

    i like how im missing all of the DLC even though I paid $100

    • djml9

      Only $40 of that is for the dlc (or $20 if you count MWR as $20). And anyways, theres almost no day 1 dlc to be missing. At most, youre missing 2 skins.

  • Qaotik

    Infinite Warfare: LAG

  • TheShwantz27 (Brian)

    The invite system on the Xbox One doesn’t work…not surprising since it didn’t work in the “beta” ahem I mean demo.

  • joey

    there’s a funny error in hardcore. when a player is wounded but survives, his grunting continues until he dies (since in HC you don’t heal). poor dude sounds like he’s at a sperm bank suffering and suffering as he tries to produce but just can’t.

    • FCmania

      I couldn’t think of a better analogy than what you just wrote.

  • Mick

    Lmao. I did say I wasn’t going to buy this game and I ended up buying it anyways because I’m a jackass, but honestly it’s not even that bad. Tonight I was beasting! I went 66-12 on one of my Kill Confirmed games. I noticed that it’s a more polished finish from the beta and it plays very smoothly. One thing I finally noticed was that leaderboards are not in the game yet. So does that mean our stats will not carry over? Or will it be automatically updated once it’s released?

    • Former

      They’ll be carried over, I believe. Glad you changed your mind and bought it. Not sure if you’re into zombies, but you should give it a try. It’s a ton of fun.

      • Mick

        Believe me, Zombies was the one thing I was really hyped for. Since we have never seen Infinity Ward’s take on it before. I also heard it’s a good way to farm keys or salvage, one or the other can’t remember lol.

        • Former

          Yeah it’s definitely a less rage-inducing method of getting keys. Also, my friend and I found an exploit last night. If someone is in a private match (let’s say round 15) and you join them, you will get the same amount of keys from that match as if you were in the entire game. It’s a bit cheap but hey.

          • Mick

            I’m all about that! They key drop in this game is ass! Nerfed from the beta if you ask me! So that’s cool to know thanks for that.

      • Partyin’ Pete

        I didn’t expect Zombies to be anything special, but I immediately found it to be a ton of fun. Unfortunately my download speed sucks and my game isn’t finished, so i haven’t played MP yet. Zombies seems like it has a good year ahead of it though

        • Former

          Oh for sure. I’m having a blast and I’ve yet to even use a wonder weapon or do any Easter Egg steps.

    • jt3z

      Yea i know the game has gotten a ton of hate but its decent for me so far. Not sure im gonna play it the whole year tho with so many other good games out, but ill play it a few months at least.

      • Mick

        I mean literally, it’s so easy. It feels and plays really smooth. I honestly love it more than Bo3 because the hit detection is just right (though I do stop short sometimes thinking I killed an enemy when I really didn’t.) I suffered so much with the hit detection on Bo3 and that was one of my biggest gripes with that game. Infinity Ward actually took the feedback seriously because I haven’t been running into a lot of snipers like in the beta. I did play Frontier last night and there were snipers as usual, but there was like 2 or 3 of them and they ended up switching to AR’s and SMG’s because I was using the jamming grenade on them xD

        • James

          I completely agree with you Mick, all they need to fix though are the FPS drops and everything will be solid. I was afraid of what might happen when the game came out and overall impressed. As you mentioned the hit detection is better than Black Ops 3, but I have noticed at times though it still has minor issues. Those will come second of course, they do need to fix the FPS problem on Xbox One. Other than that the hate that I was giving it when it first was announced, man did I judge a book by its brother. Far better job than Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3.

    • mike

      shut up you pudding “Tonight I was beasting! I went 66-12 on one of my Kill Confirmed games. I noticed that the silver spoon was slipping out my ass and my arse was clutching it so tight it actually transpired through my game” the game sucks you suck piss of back to halo you tit.

      • Jon

        its ok Mike. I wouldnt play either if i was as terrible as you.

      • Lauraaheffner

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      • Mick

        Lmao someone’s got something stuck far up their ass ?

    • Yvonnejfritz4

      Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !hm92c:
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      • Nick Doonan

        fuck off with your spamming shit.

  • Eddie Tupy

    ESSENTIAL: FPS uncap. 120FOV+ optimize frame drops, add ping value in scoreboard.
    BONUS: server browser, mods support.

  • One thing I noticed is that there is no combat record. I can’t check my stats on my K/D, or my W/L ratio. I want to be able to see that.

    • xDutchlink

      There is indeed no combat record, but you can see your stats in your after action report when you have finished a match. It is under performance.

    • ScOott

      You can check all that, someone told me how to do it yesterday, I just can’t seem to find any other stats, like score streak and gun stats,all they seem to have is KD win/loss ratio and spm

      • You’re a lifesaver, I thought they m issed a crucial feature (no K.D’s and shit like that), still missing the good ol’ classic combat record showing us stats for everything tho.

  • Khaled Hassan

    Ttk in iw still an issue

  • Jurrién

    If you buy it for PC then you HAVE to play with controller! Playing with the mouse is just a pain in the ass. It feels like they force you to play with the controller. I was hoping that the mouse movement would be like MW3. Just directly responding and fast. But it is just like BO3.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      What do you mean? Last CoD I played on PC was BO1 and it didn’t feel too bad. You mean like mouse acceleration and stuff?

      • Jurrién

        Yeah exaclty, if you’ve played BO3 on PC you maybe knew what I meant 🙂 BO1 was good mouse support

    • Matthijs vd Poel

      Just be sure to disable vsync because at 60 fps it indeed is unplayable with mouse. But with 90 fps I rock in this game (with the mouse)

      • Jurrién

        I tried controller (is kinda cool) but when I switches back tot the mouse and by disabeling vsync it all works, kinda

  • AleCaputo97

    My Win/Loss ratio is fucked up. Every win i get i also get a loss.. So it’s impossible to have more than 1 of W/L Ratio lol

  • Bdotson1984

    I know it’s a remaster, but the M16 needs a nerf to at least a two burst. 75% people using it and it’s annoying to be one by everyone camping behind a head glitch with it

    Fix it, just about done with this franchise

    • SGCStylezZ

      This is the way they will get people to iw 😉
      they most likely won’t do it because this was just the way the game was back then, great memories coming back right!

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Welcom to CoD4. M16 stopping power and MP5 jugg, you’ll learn the counters homie.

  • Bdotson1984

    Also these are not true dedicated servers. I’ve already seen multiple games end because the host left

    • djml9

      Theres a mix like always

      • Bdotson1984

        I’ve yet to see one then. Lag every game. And I’m a network engineer and have my connection optimized better than most businesses

        • Partyin’ Pete

          My connection has ben complete ass every game of MWR today. My average ping is somewhere between 40-60ms and other games are fine. Maybe it’s just server load, but I didn’t think P2P would be affected this much.

  • Helen Cossio

    Where is my redeemed bullethawk pack? I cannot find it when I play so how do I access it?

  • mike

    I have mouse acceleration

  • Helen Cossio

    How do you change you rig in Infinite Warfare?

    • reamerb .

      The top of create a class.

  • Isaac Borgo

    On Xbox One my MWR personalization rewards are not calculating progress in many cases. For instance the calling cards and emblems that unlock for last stand kills show I have zero when I have actually gotten many of these. Does anyone know a fix for this?

    At first I thought it was by design with different reward trees opening up at particular levels, but if this were the case they would probably indicate it somewhere.

    • zack

      Yeah I noticed the same thing, On xbox1 too.

  • Wreckage

    The knifing is also glitched on MWR

  • ccrows

    MWR – If they could just add ping bars and make the scoreboard slightly larger it would be perfect!…

    • Partyin’ Pete

      100%! Also, I can’t seem to mute people in-game on PS4.

      • Tayler Hammond

        You hit start, then go to Mute Players, and do it that way. Since it uses the AW engine, you have to mute people the same way you did in AW.

        • Partyin’ Pete

          Oh, okay. Thanks!

  • Mitch

    In IW whenever I select a Perk 1 Perk the slot for a second Perk 1 Perk automatically opens, meaning that if I can only use 9 points unless I don’t use a Perk 1 Perk at all. All my loadouts have this problem, even the ones I haven’t unlocked.

  • Matthijs vd Poel

    Since I disabled vsync the game (MWR) runs so smooth! I really enjoy it and didn’t have any performance issues (i7 4790k + GTX 1080). Only little issue is that in the main menu I get 100% GPU usage resulting in high temperature but that’s only in the menu. M16A4 is a little bit OP though.

    • Vendetta Bruh

      dude i get that too i have no idea what it is i heard the menu res is glitched and stuck at a 4K res or something

  • Carbon Copy

    Loving the game but out of all my friends I seem to be the only one experiencing these issues. 1 constantly watching the wolverine and pick a rig intro without being able to skip it and 2 cannot customise and characters even though I have helmets for them.

  • Idk if it’s just me but is anyone finding themselves playing the same 5-6 maps constantly? Idk if some maps are out of rotation for specific gamemodes or what? But I’ve tried multiple gamemodes all day and are getting in the same 5-6 maps O.o


    how about not being able to see other players’ combat records

    • We’ve not been able to see other peoples combat records for a few CODs now, we can’t see our own (all stats)

  • Josh

    There is also an issue with split screen in MP and zombies. Player 2 does not recieve keys, salvage, or mission team progress. Hopefully they fix this soon 2 cause I play with my son 75% of the time. Didn’t have this problem in any other cod game. I’m not sure bout PC but the problem is there Xbox one and PS4.

  • Partyin’ Pete

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s connection is complete garbage 95% of the time. Anyone?

    • thisgamesucks

      your not trust me

  • Cris

    When I decide to join a game on multi player. My weapons do not appear. All my classes are set up but my player just starts of with his hands. Any ideas to why?

    • Cris

      I’ve tried resetting my game my Xbox switching lobbies uninstalling and reinstalling the game online but nothing

  • SlurpAH

    One glitch that i have every time I try and get into a game of MWR multiplayer it keeps crashing and cannot connect

  • TechaGek.

    I can’t be the only one to have had the MWR PC Campaign cutscene volume bug? If you set the game volume really low like 5%, the cutscenes still play at 100%. It’s annoying as hell, I have to take my headset off every time they play as it’s truly deafening.

    • Will Keetley

      I have the same problem. What I would suggest would be to turn the volume to 100% then go to your actual audio manager on Windows and turn down the whole application volume.

  • Spencer Chamberlain

    Disappointed to not see any mention of how broken the audio for enemy footsteps is on MWR. That desperately needs to be addressed.

  • lawgone

    It’s not giving me credit for my gun stats toward banners and such.

  • Bane

    keep on having connection issues even after restarting my router…

    • Pulsify

      The game itself has framerate drops which could be what you are experiencing. There also are random lag spikes so if you have a decent connection it s not you bud.

  • Andy Webb

    Things I have noticed about the game.
    1. None of the original game faults were fixed ( bad spawns and such )
    2. Bullet penetration seems to have been exaggerated, bullets travel through multiple walls when they should not.
    3. Sounds… enemy footsteps can’t be heard unless running and even then, not until very close. In the original I could hear people walking across the map even people using dead silence could be heard when close enough.
    4. Serious lag at the beginning of some maps rendering the game unplayable for a few minutes. ( this maybe due to a player in the match that not download the shaders prior to playing for the first time, or changing their gfx settings and not deleting and re-downloading the shaders )
    5. Hackers already… I am one of the last people to accuse anyone of hacking, as I have played online games for 20 years now and I know that people can be “that good” , however when a person gets 100% headshots for an entire map and when called out on it can’t hit shit in the next map, something is up.

  • Damhirsch

    I bought the MW Remastert addon in the cod iw menu today. If I start mw remastert it says “put in cod iw disk ” but its allready in. What can I dooo?????????????

  • B_roberts

    Has anyone had there game look very pixelated but with vertical lines instead of boxes and the color is kinda washed out that’s the only way I can describe it… my husband returned the game and got another one but it’s still do the same thing… he’s playing it on a brand new Xbox one… I’m more of a PlayStation person so I have no clue how to help him… any info would be greatly appreciated
    thank you !