A new playlist update has gone live earlier this morning in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

This new playlist update fixes a bug where players who prestige would have their stats reset on the leaderboard. It’s now okay to prestige, and you will no longer be reset on the leaderboard.


    Thank you Raven!

  • lunator100hd .

    But can you see stats of other players in a lobby?


      go play bo3 if u wanna spy on ur enemys … who cares u got better stats ur penis is bigger … kids these days

      • lunator100hd .

        Hahahaha, you sound like savage but im pretty sure when you see high kd players you run like a pussy, so many faggits deny that stats matters, unfortunatly this is not the case so you can kiss my ass.

        • Acadius Alexander

          I used to be proud of my stats (W/L ratio mostly) but then I realized that what counted was my GPA because the real world doesn’t care about my K/D ratio, women don’t care and you can’t put it on a resume.

          • lunator100hd .

            You are right but still stats matter in cod and you know it.

          • Acadius Alexander

            Fun matters to me.
            I’m not pro and I will never pretend to be pro. In fact, what got myself and my team noticed for Friday Night Fights (a show back in MW3 sponsored by Activision) was the fact that we had fun and worked well as a team. I say this because if you were to look at our overall stats, they weren’t impressive. Well, our win/loss was really good.
            We laugh at those players that lose in Objective games but still go on about their stats despite LOSING. I suppose it’s the only thing they have going on in their lives. ?

          • Acadius Alexander

            If it makes you happy then good for you but don’t judge others that don’t share your same frame of mind.
            Personally, I play games for fun. I don’t pretend to be pro or will ever be.

          • lunator100hd .

            Nah im not pro either, i play the game casually even if i have 3kd.

          • AA Watcher

            I don’t look at other people’s stats to laugh at. I look at them to know what I’m going up against. Just a habit (not that I back out if I see someone with good stats. Just want to be prepaired from the start. I do like some competition. Fairly balanced lobbies are the most fun even if I end up losing)

  • Ronald95

    Does anyone else think that maps in MWR are a bit too bright? Maps like crossfire and ambush. I have to turn down brightness cause it’s bad for my eyes!

    • They look fine to me.

    • Shantzonpoint

      They aren’t overly bright to me but the dust, smoke, and general haze of the maps is a little to heavy in my opinion. It seems like you can see better on one side compared to the other in many cases.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I feel like the contrast is a bit much, but some maps definitely look quite bright for the eyes.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Crash gives me sunburn

  • TheHorror

    I’m going to get shit on for saying this but fuck it, MWR is nothing special whatsoever. M16 one shots all day long, never ending helicopters, sweatiest lobbies of any COD game iv’e ever played, Jugg/Last Stand bullshit, etc. It’s still cool to play for nostalgia purposes, but i had a feeling it was going to be over hyped like this.

    And yes, ive played every COD since COD4.

    • [EV] BLISS

      I don’t know, I feel like people are trying to rush in this game. You gotta camp, you gotta know the spots. SO FAR IM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME, I can’t put it down, I love it, its still in my top 2 best cods. Im prestige 1 right now, and Its so DAMN FUN!! You guys have to change your play style, this isn’t advanced warfare or bo3, this is the legendary cod 4. And it’s possible to do good, I have a kd of over 2.05+

      • Exactly this ^ Call of Duty 4 isnt some twitch shooter boosting around everybody wins type of game. You actually gotta be careful and have some tactics

        • Edward

          Careful and campy are two different things, I want this game to play with the pace of black ops 2. The issue is entirely with the maps they cater to people who only ever use the m16.

          • Except this game never had the pace like Black Ops 2. If you’re looking for that in Call of Duty 4, you’re playing the wrong game. It’s not Black Ops 2…lol

          • MW2 was a quicker pace than COD4, Hoping they eventually do a remaster of that one too (minus the nube tube one man army..) I’m actually liking the slower pace and different style of it and i’m loving that if I feel like fast paced game play I play Infinite warfare, If I want slower paced and simpler I play MW, and If I want to die on spawn and spend most of my time in a map sscreen I chuck in Battlefield 1.

          • AA Watcher

            That last part though lol

        • Yvonnejfritz4

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      • TheHorror

        Im not doing too bad, my K/D is just over 1.5, i just am not feeling the campy style. It’s adapt or die when it comes to playing old COD games in general. Im not saying MWR is bad per say, i just see it as a cool bonus for this years’ COD. I can’t get too excited over a game that iv’e played many times in the past.

    • This isn’t a run and gun type of game. This game actually requires thought process. You can’t just pick up a gun and just destroy the lobby. You need to think before making a move. Anticipate your enemies movements. Know what guns work for what maps. That’s the problem with these new games. They’ve made it so easy for everyone that they’re used to having the game hold their hand for them. This game is not THAT game. This game brings back the skill factor CoD used to have. And this is from a guy who’s been playing CoD since #3 and had a KD of 3.7 in BO3. Don’t play this like these new games.

      • UrMum

        Ewwww… You think KD makes you good Gtfo of here.

        • I don’t lol. I say that for the kids who think I’m saying this because I just suck at these games or whatever. I could give 2 shits. I honestly don’t know how or why I have a KD like this. I just play the game by myself lol

      • TheHorror

        I played COD4 like 9 years ago when it came out, i understand how the game works. I just don’t think it’s anything that great. It’s also not a matter of if i do good or not either, iv’e been doing decent overall, i just haven’t been having a lot of fun with it. It is what it is.

        • Everyone has their own tastes. Nothing but respect.

          • TheHorror

            Thank you for the civil response that shit is rare as fuck on here lol

    • Sexy Mcgee

      That’s not even half of its problems. People complained about this stuff since launch of the original, I guess everybody forgot how horrible this game can be because at the time there was nothing like it.
      Though, personally, I never thought the M16 is as OP as some claim.

    • zack

      Just takes a while to get used to. All the guns melt. The g3, m4, m14, ak47, mp5, p90 are all great. Snipers are op too. It’s just a melty game in general and requires a different style. I was getting shat on at first too lol

    • Eddie Tupy

      You explained exactly what vanilla cod4 is… This is why i like the newer ones, at least people are encouraged to run around more

  • Mick

    I still haven’t played MWR. So thankfully this is fixed.

  • ya boi

    I love dis game

  • Saint123q

    I agree to a certain extent. MWR doesn’t seem exactly the same, but ive only played it for a little bit. Give it time guys. Don’t forget we lost boots on the ground since AW…we are all used to it lol. Give it a chance to get used to it again you’ll end up loving it

  • I only play MWR, I have not even installed IW and I’m in no hurry to do so ^^

  • Keeganator

    I’m enjoying COD 4 so far. My KD is 1.56. Its a pretty good start for someone that only played single player back when the game came out a long time ago. Honestly I think it is funny when people complain about juggernaut, Stopping power, or last stand. The game takes strategy, and good aiming. I haven’t downloaded Infinite Warfare but I played the beat and it looks like a good game.

  • This nigga

    Meth is good

  • scrotesmd

    Played a few games, last stand , triple grenades no counters to stuns , soo many annoyances to list its a total camp fest myself included…. Are people actually enjoyingit? Personally I think it would be great if they fixed things and made it balanced!

  • Jack

    The update was TO LATE to fix not resetting leadaboards!! I prestiged and my leadaboards reset and can’t even go back to where I was , someone help !?!?

  • Rhys

    MY STATS RESET!!! I prestige on modern warfare remastered and my stats reset! Why?!?!? This was after the update too!!!!

  • Kerry K

    I started my love affair with cod with MW2 so I’m rusty with MW and although I think I finished the campaign on the 360 I didn’t play much on multiplayer. It s a progression and I like the jumping action of the new games.

  • kslay