On social media and Reddit, Infinity Ward developers have confirmed some of the things that they are currently working on bringing to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

  • Mute All But Party Option
  • Infected mode is coming, in final testingAdded in Update 1.04
  • They plan on rotating in and out many game modes, including S&R, All or Nothing, and more
  • Fix to increase Points Per Kill in Free for All from 50 to 100Added in Update 1.04
  • Adding Leaderboards and Combat Records
  • Working on fixing the frame rate issues on Xbox OneIssue fixed in Update 1.04
  • Looking into issue where split-screen players not earning rewardsIssue fixed in Update 1.04
  • When you die in-game, they are working to add the kill feed and enemy player card instead of  blank HUDAdded in Update 1.04

As more info is revealed, we will update this post. 

SOURCE: Reddit, Twitter (1, 2)

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  • BradyAlucard

    Oh wow, I appreciate that they’re listening and that updates are fast. It took BO3 a month or two in-between patches, but to be fair that’s probably because the patch notes were kind of on the longer side.

    • Qaotik

      The first patch for advenaced warfare was exactly one week from its launch. So this isn’t anything out of the ordinary

      • BradyAlucard

        Treyarch also made a patch pretty early on I believe. But this is considering the fact that we just got an update for the issues with the beta so it’s very much appreciated.

  • Gnar

    I like how they dont address everything thats shit with custom games

    • Aidan

      I wish I could save custom gamemodes :

      • ya boi

        Robot you da real mvp

        • Aidan

          Hell yeah

  • Ronald95

    It’s unfair that I have to pay 120€ just so I could play MWR. I don’t like IW! I’m literally getting a refund and will wait for MWR to be sold separately. I’m a patient man and in the meantime I’ll be playing BF1!

    • Triton

      I agree with you, but I cant wait that long to play MW.

      For me MW is the main game and IW is the preorder bonus.

    • Aodhan

      If you’re really a patient man then why did you buy 120 euro right away instead of waiting for it? Kind of silly though…

    • Inb4 mwr will only be got by buying infinite warfare

    • Dante

      You may be waiting for a loooong time. You can’t play MWR without having IW disc in your console.

  • Brad of Duty

    I can’t believe the Xbox one frame rate issue wasn’t fixed in initial testing for the game, it’s horrible and they should be ashamed of themselves for not caring to fix it because the Xbox doesn’t have exclusivity

    • Paul

      Stop complaining the game will get fixed

      • AnEternalEnigma

        Fuck off. This attitude right here is why things launch broken in the first place. “Stop complaining, they’ll fix it.” How about fix it before the fucking game launches?

        • lol no game can be perfect

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Your mom isn’t perfect.

          • Lol idk why but i laughed so hard at that. My mom definitely ain’t perfect though

          • Jon

            I thought she was wonderful

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          • Kian

            unfunny and definetly unoriginal

          • Sexy Mcgee

            Thank you for your resume.

          • Kian

            good one, seriously

          • xo0motivater0ox

            that is true, but the evolution of gaming has caused many companies to use “DLC” as a way to launch an unfinished game. I mean business wise, it’s a damn good way to see projected sales and consumer response before further cost is put into it’s development. I remember getting a game in my childhood years without ever needing to worry much about it being unfinished or broken, you got exactly what you paid for. However, in today’s time. Not only are we sold incomplete games, but they’ve managed to convince the consumer to additionally purchase “DLC” to obtain the intended complete game, MOST of which is already on your disc without you even knowing. Point being, when I buy a supreme pizza for delivery. I expect it to be exactly what I wanted, not a plain pizza that I’m forced to wait for each additional topping to be brought individually. SMH

          • FTWandTMZ

            That’s a great analogy with the ?.

        • AA Watcher

          The problem is that Activision puts a lot of pressure on Infinity Ward to release their game on time. It’s just like how BF4 launched because even though DICE said the game wasn’t ready EA still wanted it to be released. We can’t blame all of this on Infinity Ward. Of course they want their game to succeed while Activision only cares about money.

        • Thomas Neo Anderson

          Preach. When paying full price for a product we are entitled to quality. Stop being an apologist moron for billion dollar companies who screw you over after you pay full price for a product. You are basically giving them your money and they are giving you a shitty product in return and then apologising to THEM for it being broken, thats utter moronic idiocy, grow fucking pair of balls and stand up for your consumer rights!

        • call of duty 845

          hahahhaha is so true cmon infinity i paid 89 euro!!!!

        • Matthew

          Best comment I have ever read

        • FTWandTMZ

          I 100% agree with you man. They took 3 f#cking years to get this abomination out. This thing should have been fine tuned and go off without a hitch. Have you noticed that the CoDs that they only spent one year on sh!ts all of the ones that they spent 3 years on. Its down right pathetic! They really should be embarrassed.

    • XboxISdead

      Xbox is just terrible nobody gives 2 poops about it

      • Ethan Sluga

        you seem like someone that would say that

        your name?

      • PlayStationIsAlwaysDead

        At least our Live Servers don’t go down every month.

        • When you make 2 guests accounts to argue with yourself

        • XboxISdead

          Wow i got someone so mad they made that sn? Hahahahaha have to love little kidshahahahahaha

        • XboxISdead

          Do you always get so mad? So what happen you were playing some xbox came on here and seen my comment and was like well gosh darnet nobody is going to talk about xbox like that i will show him hahahahah live servers hshahahahahhah

    • I play on xbox. I see no frame rate issues. Perhaps it’s because I play on the one s which has slightly better hardware (not much but still).

      • Game of Phones

        Do you play on a tv or monitor? I would guess most people notice frame drop on a monitor.

    • DeicideHD

      I can’t believe you’re complaining, you probably said some stupid crap when Ps3 kids had complaints of slow/no support or fixes, well now that xbox one is an expensive paper weight, and a newer more expensive paperweight is coming out, you can enjoy slow patches, slow support, and basically a dimly lit attitude toward the consumer.

    • Ronald95

      1.2 million people playing MWR on PS4!!

    • Leo

      The frame rate issue is caused by party chat. It’s a Microsoft problem not Activisions. Use discord or skype if you want to be in a private party.

      • mattias800

        Then why do I have it when I play the single player campaign, alone?

  • YoungMurf

    Can’t wait to Infinity Ward add Infected to this already awesome game! A lot don’t seem to like it, but I really think it’s a great game so far. It’s keeping me from playing MWR, which is the real reason I bought the Legacy Edition.

    • Me too I enjoy it although there are a few issues, first COD in years I’ve been able to play all day.

    • Filthy Prank’d

      I just hope there are more loadouts than just the shotgun. That shotgun when playing in Infected was just trash, although every shotgun in this game is bad, but I actually like it that way when I don’t use a shotgun. Also, All or Nothing! 2nd favorite mode in MW3 and I can’t believe it’s back.

  • ScOott

    The first day of IW full game was actually pretty decent, but now its gone back to being an unbalanced mess, I don’t know if it’s cuz people have managed to unlock the better weapons now or what, but the feeling of getting melted n it taking longer to kill someone than it does to die is defo back..

    • Makkiez

      I think that’s because those who got a season pass where given 10 Rare supply drops, giving them a chance on already obtaining rare/legendary weapons.

      • Danny Dietz Jr

        I have better variants and I’m being melted by commons or people with no variants at all. 95% of the time I shoot the guy first and I’m the one dying. I even prefire when I see him on the radar and i still die. Takes me a whole mag to kill a guy when he can kill me in a few when I started shooting first. This game is just infinite bullshit

    • lunator100hd .

      Ok then, fuck it, im buying titanfall 2 tomorrow.

      • ScOott

        Yh I would, till its sorted out, I’d take Titanfall all day..

      • titanfall 2 beta wasn’t any good, but it’s your money so who am i to say anything lol

        • lunator100hd .

          Why wasnt any good?

          • It’s all down to taste and opinion but yeah fuck EA and all their games lol i’ll still get battlefront 2 though because i’m a sucker for anything star wars related

      • Vikerii

        I have TF2 and am enjoying it a lot. Campaign is fantastic too.

        • Dick Fart

          Team Fortress 2 doesn’t have a campaign ya dingus

          • Vikerii

            Titanfall 2. We’re talking about Titanfall 2. Where do you see anyone mention Team Fortress? Are you really that stupid? Or do you just play the part?

      • jordanxbrookes

        Titanfall 2 is great. Campaign was really good with the Titan & Pilot bond, the puzzles & the boss battles. Multiplayer is still solid and fun to play, although Map Hack and Ticks are super annoying, but at least Respawn are going to nerf them soon. Overall a solid game to play.

  • Plan on rotating in and out gamemodes? For god sake just put them all in and leave them alone.

    • why? so they’ll be deserted lol. I like the idea of rotating especially the modes that tend to be less populated

  • Thomas Neo Anderson

    Shouldn’t have been released in this state.

    • BradyAlucard

      What state? Sorry, I don’t have the game, I’m genuinely curious.

      • Thomas Neo Anderson

        XB1 version is literally unplayable. Frame rate tanks to single digits, hundreds of people affected, no fix from Infinity Ward yet, no one knows what causes it. Single player and multiplayer both affected. Modern Warfare Remastered doesnt seem affected however.

        • Emre

          What are you talking about i play iw everyday without problem.

          • Thomas Neo Anderson

            So your single, isolated experience accounts for the entire world’s does it? Wake up.

        • Kai.

          “No fix from Infinity Ward yet” The game came out 2 days ago? And don’t reply with “But it should of been fixed before it was released” Just give it time. Most people aren’t having these problems

          • Thomas Neo Anderson

            Check the subreddit, there’s hundreds of people in there alone reporting the same issue. Hardly an underwhelming minority of people. Should never have been released in this state, especially considering the fact many of us paid well over £60 for the game, some would have paid double depending on what country they are from. Games should work at launch. End of discussion, if you disagree why are you even following Jim Sterling as he certainly doesn’t forgive broken or botched releases. Stop being apologists for corporations, they are not your fucking friends.

          • XboxISdead

            well should of never got a xbox junk

          • Thomas Neo Anderson

            I have xbox, ps4, and PC. I dont give two shits about your pathetic little fanboys war, fuck boy. I could buy it for any system i want as im not a fanboy moron who limits his gaming exposure to only ONE company out of some misguided deluded sense of brand loyalty. I only got it on xbox because all my friends have xbox live and i refuse to pay for two “pay to play your console games online” subscriptions (which in 2016 should be free like on pc).

          • ya boi

            But that’s Reddit all they do is bitch

          • I always thought Reddit was full of apologists.

          • ya boi

            Sensitive baby’s people who don’t understand what an opinion is

          • That’s Reddit for ya

          • Thomas Neo Anderson

            Yeah god forbid people who paid full retail price for a product that doesn’t work as promised complain about said product not working AFTER the dev themselves asked said customers for more information to help them fix said catastrophic problem. Yeah its just reddit users being whiny bitches. *rolls eyes*

          • ya boi

            Go back to Reddit

          • Thomas Neo Anderson

            Go back to taking it in the ass by companies.

          • ya boi

            Ass to mouth all day boi

        • Former

          My friends from Ohio both have terrible server lag every day, yet I’m in a different state and I never get it. I think it’s location based, for sure.

          • XboxISdead

            it is you connect to the server near you

          • Former


      • xbox players are having frame rate issues and iw said they’re working on it

    • Zarky

      The game is fine for me on Xbox…. God knows what everyone is crying about

  • Robin Edströmer

    Splitscreen ps4, second player isnt gaining any progress in keys nor mission team xp/rewards.

    • XboxISdead

      Your a smart one huh? Did u even read what the article said?

  • Khaled Hassan

    The ttk too fast

  • David D

    Where is Search and Rescue! Please add it with leaderboards

    • lunator100hd .

      Nobody wants that.

    • ConorGamingzHD

      I knew S&R was coming since there is a challenge to win 5 games. Demolition is also a challenge.

  • Why are there less game modes in Infinite Wafare compared to BO3? I don’t get that and also, where the hell is Drop Zone and Infection?

    • Aidan

      I think they had to temporarily take out Infection because of the glitch in the beta where the non-infected appeared on the infected team, and while the infected couldn’t kill the non-infected, the non-infected could kill the infected…If that makes any sense.

    • working on them both, i just hope they make infected a no boosting mode

  • Psychomaggot105

    So a mute all feature that should’ve been in from day one, infected tweaking ok, rotating modes sounds good, adjusting score for ffa (what’s so hard copy and paste),leaderboards/records why wasn’t those included?, and split screen not ranking up?

  • [EV] BLISS

    Why don’t they have double xp for MWR? It’s launch weekend… Are they doing it so that people can move from MWR to infinite warfare??

    • GinsuVictim


    • MW2R

      I haven’t even touched IW MP yet

  • E3han

    Fix the campaign mission select after unlocking and finishing the game, I finished the game and now I can’t select the mission I like. Infinity ward, fix this

    • Marc Grierson

      Can’t you select it through the menu before starting resuming the game? That works for me.

  • armyk

    I can’t believe how horrible UI and all experience from IW is.
    No arena in the game. Everything looks grey and depresing. UI horrible and too square. Custom game support horrible, can’t save your own rules, can’t select team, not even map icon, just a name of it. They introduce so many granades and variants to ban them in competitive, like wtf? This game is pay to win, there is so many people running variants which you will never get with this salvage rate. Invitation? Are you fucking serious? We get another popup to send invite? Why to make it easy as it was in BO3?
    I have never seen so much wasted space just ugly gray pictures with not even 1/4 of content while in lobby or menu, it is so boring.
    I mean BO3 was good, nice to watch (graphics) and pleasant to play, IW lacks all of that! Even the feeling when you kill someone, you are not actually sure if you did or not… Huge step back compared to BO3. The worst part is that it looks and feels like Ghosts and is put in AW era, they combined the worst games of franchise to make the ultimate worst game of the franchise.
    I have to say eventhough I was not fan of jetpacking, BO3 made it good and when I can judge BO3 now it is the best MP in past 4 years of any cod.
    That was it, I had to say it.
    Now I am ready to go back to MWR, which is awesome in all ways…

    • jt3z

      MWR is overrated af. Not a big fan of IW but at least the entire team in every single game is not camping. Thats all MWR is, is a camp fest with M16’s

      • Aidan

        Did you play the original CoD 4?

        • Kobrah

          I didn’t (and therefore am not judging the game clouded by nostalgia and/or rose tinted glasses) I agree with @jt3z and am honestly enjoying IW more than MWR personally

          • I fail to see how Modern Warfare is overrated in any way shape or form.

          • They’re used to the game holding their hand. That’s the problem with these new CoDs. The skill factor has gone out the window these past couple of years.

          • Duke of hazard

            MWR is more tactical, while IW is jet pack/wall run frenzy. It’s amazing how there’s an easier way of telling the difference between a new school jet packer and an old school player.

          • ScOott

            My first multiplayer experience was bo1 and while I prefer bo1, bo2 and mw3 to Bo3 and IW I’d still rather IW sort their game out and play that for a year over CoD 4, hell I didn’t even buy CoD4 cuz I have no interst in it..

          • Aidan

            MWR does seem a little lacking in content, which surprises me because I played that game when it came out. Guess I’m just spoiled.

      • armyk

        Yeah if you were expecting BO3 play style you will be dissapointed. However, the COD4 was slow and more camping game, so I think the remaster does what it should do, bring the exact same game with new graphics.

    • Kurisu

      I agree with the part about custom games. Literally non existent…

  • Sexy Mcgee

    “Fix to increase Points Per Kill in Free for All from 50 to 100”
    I didn’t even notice. And I wondered why it was such a longer grind compared to other CODs in FFA.

  • Ethan Sluga

    they need to fix the mission select thing in the campaign, i completed it, but i cant select the missions i want to replay. they really need to fix this

  • jt3z

    Up the score for kills in Dom to 100.

    • This right here. Don’t know why Infinity Ward took a step backwards with this one. I wish they also brought back neutralizing the flag again.

  • They can’t even copy and paste properly. These are fundamental basics missing from a AAA, supposedly experienced development team with Activision behind them that should have been available at day fucking one.

    Sack them all and hire a new team. IW pieces of wank.

    • Kobrah

      What fundamentals are missing? Can you elaborate?

      • I mean there is one simple feature like the emblem creator missing. Instead we’re getting at a later date. What’s so difficult about putting in a feature that’s been in CoD since 2010?

        • Kobrah

          Yeah, I noticed that too. Are they brining it back later? I hadn’t heard that

      • Leaderboards? Combat records?

        Did you even read the article? Lol

  • Tayler Hammond

    Add the ability to save custom games and restrict certain things in private matches. It’s very hard to play GB matches when you have to manually tweak the settings every single time.

    • Kurisu

      THIS!!! I have been asking for this ever since I first booted the game and tried to setup a private 2v2 snd with friends!

  • Duke of hazard

    Spawns……………The SPAWNS.

  • So I decided to give the game another chance and started playing at a different, slower pace and so far it’s been more enjoyable. I just anticipate where the enemy is going to be and I aim down the sights a lot more than I did in the beginning. Let’s see how far I can go with this game. It’s still not better than MWR or BO3 though. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Yeah, that’s how I see it. Infinite Warfare isn’t better than BO3 and obviously not better than Modern Warfare. But the state it’s in now, it’s alright. It’s nothing more or less to me. If had something different or actually made the game felt unique, it would be a better game.

      • Aidan

        You’re on xbox one, right? Are you experiencing any issues with lag? Every so often my game will have a fit and I’ll teleport across the map, or my game will freeze for a couple of seconds mid-combat. It only happens to me on IW, not MWR or any of the other games I have.

        • Yeah I’m on Xbox, and I experience lag every now and then. It’s nothing too bad or consistent for me to say it’s completely laggy i suppose. Just off my experience so far.

    • Dre

      No bruh. You got it backwards. Trust me I thought the same but IW is a game that rewards rushing!!

  • Khaled Hassan

    Somebody mention the fucking insane ttk ffs

    • ScOott

      IW has a Fecking insane ttk..

      • Khaled Hassan

        Well they need to fix it! Or give us a heavy duty playlist

  • ScOott

    LOL https://www.destructoid.com/a-game-about-driving-tractors-is-more-popular-on-steam-than-call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-397758.phtml

    Farming simulator is more popular than CoD IW… Wow.. Crazy times

    Might trade my Copy in..

    • YoungMurf

      Yeah the PC player base of CoD was never really high in terms of numbers, but with that said, this is still quite embarrassing for such a massive franchise.

    • curi0us

      To be fair, you’re cherrypicking on the PC version.

  • Marc Grierson

    I have been pleasantly surprised by IW after all of the flak it has been getting I thought it would be terrible – it’s not, It’s actually a really great game imo. I’m finding myself gravitating towards IW multiplayer than COD4 (although I fair better in COD4 lol) but I love the maps and guns in IW!! Sticking someone with a spider grenade is awesome when it latches over their head haha!! I’m having much more fun than in did with BO3 (I hated BO3’s maps to be honest) and the campaign is leagues ahead of any cod in the past good few years – No spoilers but the end credits jesus Christ that was roughhhhhhhhh.

    • Hitman

      You literally said every word that I was thinking of IW. I think its a good game and I too am gravitating to IW more than MWR. BO3 was a lag fest mess after a while and became cringy with the win poses etc.

      • Dre

        Even with the kids streaming Netflix i get no lag! Thats quite amazing! B03 had shit connections!

        • Hitman

          That’s good! Yeah I got really sick of the frame rate drop and lag issues for BO3. It just was never addressed but they added more rubbish DLC.

  • joey

    multiplayer. is. just. crap.

    it makes me cringe to write that – to mean that; it’s the last thing i want. the game plays disgustingly similarly to BO3. SO MANY DEATHS COME WITHOUT CORRESPONDING ANIMATION. example: i’m wall-running with a clear view of an unoccupied doorway ahead. suddenly, there’s the sound of a weapon firing and the SIMULTANEOUS flicker of the screen announcing my death. only then does the game deign to reveal the image of the opponent that shot me FROM THAT FREAKING DOORWAY. i never had a chance. this is typical.

    moving on – wanna know what AW did right? the gung-ho perk allowed you to run with your weapon barrel raised (which is a realistic ability, is it not?!). that is HUGE because otherwise, one is forced to leap around non-stop to have even a chance at neutralizing the inherent advantage enjoyed by opponents crouching in corners, head-glitching behind garbage cans, lying on their man-titties, their gun barrels raised and ready.

    i’ll give the game this: the bells & whistles are fantastic, and i’m a bells & whistles guy, so that’s no small thing. love the variants and camos. so many of the weapons are fun to use. that’s really the only thing that has me hanging on to my COD existence by a thread – particularly since i took a chance on titanfall 2, which ANNIHILATES infinite warfare quality-of-gameplay-wise. i’ve had games of t2 where i’ve been trounced, beaten, dominated, but you know what? i still had fun. more importantly, i’ve never felt cheated – that my shots weren’t registering, that i didn’t have a fair chance. i get killed by players who were quicker on the draw, whose aim was more precise. i know that’s the case because i was able to see it happen. can you guess why? BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS ANIMATION CORRESPONDING WITH WHAT’S GOING DOWN, CHARLIE BROWN.

    i’m hopeful that things will improve on the COD front. i’ll leave it at that.

  • Aceshigh87

    The fact that a lot of these things weren’t in the game from the start is honestly ridiculous. This was IW’s first take on a 3 year cycle AND they didn’t have last gen to worry about. What excuse could they possibly have for launching it without a Combat Record, a proper HUD with the killcam, a mute button, and proper frame rates.

    I’ve been around the block a few times with CoD launches, I know the games are not perfect on launch, but honestly these aren’t new features that are broken. These are core things that have been in the game for years that were left out; even after having a “beta” where they were mentioned.

    Also, it’s not mentioned here but a daily bonus of 10 salvage is insulting. Even with the season pass I only got 20 so that’s 1/10th of the CHEAPEST thing I could do with it. How generous.

    I’m not one to bag in CoD every year, I’ve enjoyed at least pets of them all since CoD 4. But honestly this game doesn’t feel complete or polished in the slightest.

  • Royer

    Is anyone else having an issue with not being able to customize your RIG….I’m on PS4 and did the digital download and still can’t customize

  • Haary


  • boomsticks

    Ummm why the heck does the rig not grab the wall when ypu wallrun ? Fix itttt

  • What you looking at?


  • Dre

    3 years was not enough time to do this?

  • brad of duty 1

    when will they fix the 10 daily salvage. it used to be 1000 per day in the beta. how could they mess that up

    • I think that’s how it’s mean’t to be otherwise you’ll be able to unlock everything within a few days, although 10-50 is still really weak n low

  • Unclecoon

    Can they fix not being able to change classes in between rounds or access the menus

  • darren

    Need to be able to quit out at the end of a match. Too many times I’ve been put into a match that had 10 seconds left, and I gotta sit thru the whole post match bs? Losing match bonuses can stay, just let me the fuck out!!!!

  • Sgc_silverhaze

    I dont get why so many on this board are complaining how bad cod has become. The game is fine, its not as good as black ops 3 or other cods ( my opinion) but its a good game.
    The beta had allot off bad feedback and i think they fixed it all,the movement is better, graphics and fps is alright on ps4.and havent got any disconetions or lags since release.
    If you really hate it why are you on this board and not on a board for battlefield or something..

  • OffMeMeds

    Fix the problems with lag compensation the inconsistencies are relentlessly destroying this already badly reviewed video game for me.

  • David Giza

    Stop complaining about Infinite Warfare isn’t fixed or is not going to fix this cause they don’t care the game. This same issue was in Call of Duty Ghost and yah did the same thing there stop crying. The only thing they need added is invite Party from Recent Player list and they don’t have this on the PS4 I don’t know if Xbox One or Pc Has it as well also Pc doesn’t have stuff the Consoles have like Search & Destroy.
    other than that STOP CRYING LOL

  • David tapping

    Could anyone help me or give me any information about when then leaderboards will be put up