Editor’s Note: Activision provided us with a review copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy Edition on PlayStation 4 system. 

I started playing Call of Duty with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. For me, Modern Warfare is my favorite Call of Duty series to date. I do not know what exactly it is about it that kept me hooked during those times, but it did.

It was clear from the start of this year that this year would be different. From the initial leak of a space setting to the reveal, fans seemed tired of the futuristic setting. Infinite Warfare had a very rough reveal with the reveal trailer now ranked as the #2 most disliked video on YouTube (although, yes, there was a dislike bots hit on it too). There has been a lot more hate thrown around this year, more so than I have seen in the last 6 years of doing this. We get the idea of the Call of Duty hate bandwagon that exists; it is there and will probably always be there.

This year is different again because of the setting of the game. In 2014, Advanced Warfare took us to the future; Last year, Black Ops 3 kept that trend up and took us again to the future.

And now, Infinite Warfare takes us there again.

Infinity Ward has taken us to space. It was teased, somewhat, when you look back at it. Infinity Ward explored the space idea in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ campaign but kept that game true to ‘modern times.’ You could tell that single mission was their exploration phase into what space combat with zero gravity would look like. In fact, in a recent interview, Taylor Kurosaki confirmed that the Infinite Warfare zero-g combat was started from taking the zero-g combat in Ghosts.

However, as an overall entertainment package, Infinite Warfare delivers a solid Call of Duty game. And with Modern Warfare Remastered attached on collector’s editions, there’s a ton for fans to enjoy this year.


We do not want to dive too deep into the campaign, as its best if everyone experiences it for themselves, but just a few notes on it:

The entire thing, from start to finish, puts a lot of focus on developing the characters from start to finish, instead of trying to put focus on a single character. You actually feel connected to each of the characters on your team. I think its one of the first titles I actually got emotional at certain points; many cut scenes and action sequences are incredibly designed. The emotional run in this campaign is just phenomenal.

For the first time in Call of Duty, players are tasked as the leader of their command. Lt. Reyes gets promoted to Captain as the game progress, and players take control of the Retribution. The Retribution is your main home base and is very lively. As the campaign develops, so does the ship. And, your attachment to crew on ship develops. Throughout the story, players get a chance to fight back and take back what the SDF took from us following the attack on Geneva.

One of the biggest downsides to the campaign, however, is the lack of development of the Kit Harrington’s character, Admiral Salen Koch, the leader of the SDF. You only get to see little portions of him, with majority of interactions via a video feed. It’s not like Advanced Warfare, where Kevin Spacey’s character was throughly developed and expanded. We barely get to know Koch’s past or his path to leader of SDF. And how his character arc developed was not exciting. There could have been a lot more here.

But overall, the campaign delivers. In fact, Infinity Ward has delivered one of the best Call of Duty campaigns to date.


There’s one central thought that comes to find when I think of Infinite Warfare MP: lack of innovation.

The MP experience is one that does not live up to the campaign’s. While the campaign fully embraces the zero-g, space combat, Infinity Ward was not willing to take it on in the MP portion. If you played Black Ops 3, this game is almost identical to it. Infinity Ward basically tried to take what was “good” of previous Call of Duty games and blend it into one.

But, it comes back to the point of innovation. When you pick up Infinite Warfare MP, you will not necessarily find something dramatically new. Many systems, features, and more feel identical to Black Ops 3.

There is something about Infinite Warfare MP experience that works: at many points, it is fun. While the experience does not feel new and lacks innovation, it is almost like a refined experience of what we have been playing for last several years. And if you did enjoy the last few Call of Duty games, then you might enjoy this too.

And it’s a dramatic improvement over Ghosts’ lack of polish. Here we can see the 3 year cycle providing some good polish and overall direction to the title.

There also appears to be in multiplayer an issue that some players are experiencing: lag compensation. This is something Infinity Ward is aware about and has been since the beta. At many points, it feels as if you “shoot first” but die instead of getting that select kill. This is something that other Call of Duty titles have experienced before, but it is noticeable for many in this game.


Sledgehammer Games first introduced ‘advanced’ movement in Call of Duty with the Exo Suites in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. These exos provided boost jumps, boost dashes, and more. Treyarch toned it down to a ‘chain based movement system’ in Black Ops 3, which still allowed double jumps and more, but it was more controlled and tight to maps than Advanced Warfare.

Infinite Warfare’s movement system, at Call of Duty XP, was identical to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. However, at launch, it appears Infinity Ward has slightly toned down the movement system overall, making it more controlled. Another big difference in Infinite Warfare’s movement system compared to Black Ops 3 is how limited wall running is, which is a plus. Some maps are not designed for the wall running, and the movement system at some points is not required.

We really want to see Call of Duty return to boots on the ground. We’re not there yet, but hopefully Activision brings us back to the ground in future releases.


Infinity Ward introduces a Combat Rig system in Infinite Warfare, which is basically Infinity Ward’s take on the Specialists in Black Ops 3.

The difference between Infinite Warfare Rigs and Black Ops 3 Specialists is that Specialists actually had personalities, felt different when playing with different ones, and provided a balance to the game. Combat Rigs have no personalities, really. They feel stale, and you do not really know that you changed rig until the meter lights up in the bottom with a new payload.

Another huge different between Specialists and Combat Rigs is that you do not have to risk throwing away an ability for a payload. In Black Ops 3, you picked between a weapon and an ability and could only use one in-game. In Infinite Warfare, players can use a Payload (which can be weapons or different abilities) AND equip a trait which stays active throughout the entire game. It is basically an extra perk all players get. You do not sacrifice anything to equip a trait.

It seems like Infinity Ward was able to find a balance with this system in game, but these rig characters do not really expand the gameplay experience any more than Black Ops 3’s specialists did. And, we think its time to go back to the original system without these abilities. Some of the abilities just feel unnecessary in Call of Duty.

What made the older Call of Duty titles great was the simplicity in gameplay.


Ah, yes. The infamous Supply Drops are back. We are stuck with them, at this point probably. In a recent investor call, Activision said in-game sales “doubled” in Call of Duty in 2016. In fact, Activision Blizzard (the entire company, across all games) made $1 billion in 2016 just from in-game content sales.

But if we have to have Supply Drops, Infinity Ward’s implementation is probably an okay version of it. It’s a combination of Advanced Warfare’s and Black Ops 3’s system with twists.

Supply Drops in Infinite Warfare can award players with the following:

  • Multiplayer Loot (calling card, customization gear, weapon camos, and more)
  • Weapon Variants
  • Salvage (the in-game crafting currency)

Weapon Variants are back. Instead of Advanced Warfare where weapons had straight up statical advantages, Infinite Warfare weapon variants gain extra weapon perks that bring advantages or additional stability to each weapon.

In Advanced Warfare, weapons variants could only be acquired through Supply Drops. Either earning drops as you play (which was a very slow rate…) or buying Advanced Supply Drops. In Infinite Warfare, weapon variants can be acquired in two ways: through supply drops or through crafting the variant you want. You can actually directly get the variants of the guns you want without the randomness of supply drops using the in-game crafting currency of Salvage, which is different than ‘Keys.’ However, it has come to light at launch that select weapon variants are locked to Supply Drops. Infinity Ward, however, has mentioned to some press that these weapons will eventually become craft-able as new weapons are added.

In Infinite Warfare, players earn Keys as they play. The more you play, the more keys you earn. You use these Keys in the Quartermaster to get Supply Drops. There are two Supply Drops; Common (10 Keys) and Rare (30 Keys). Salvage, the crafting currency, can be earned through those Supply Drops, through mission teams, and through login bonus. You, actually, do not earn Salvage through regular play time. This whole system weighs on how often you earn Keys and how much Salvage you get. It will probably take a lot of play time to get the best variants of weapons.

When Supply Drops can be bought directly (it is only a matter of time till they go up on sale for real currency), it might create unfair advantage since Supply Drops provide Salvage, which then can be used to craft weapons. Especially Rare Drops, which give Salvage more often.

It all depends on how Infinity Ward handles the drop rates and bonuses that players get.


Infinite Warfare is an overall great entertainment package from Infinity Ward. The campaign delivers; multiplayer, while it lacks innovation, offers rich customization and gameplay options; and of course, the game features the fun Zombies in Spaceland mode.

It feels like a repetition of what happened during Ghosts, really. The campaign is well thought out and explores incredible new ideas; a new take on a co-op mode that extends the gameplay further. But the multiplayer is not innovative. It always seems like Infinity Ward is scared and holds back on innovating in multiplayer. Ghosts did this too: they removed a lot of risky innovations from Black Ops 2 and tried to just hold on what they thought worked. They never take risks with multiplayer, and that causes it to feel stale if you already played previous Call of Duty games.

A really single way to sum up Infinite Warfare MP: If you liked Black Ops 3 MP, this game might be for you. It’s very similar to the core idea that Treyarch bought last year, and Infinity Ward has made an attempt to refine that, although some may prefer Treyarch’s approach. They are very similar in almost all aspects, but Infinity Ward embraces a new environments in maps and more by taking the game to space.

And if Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is not for you, the Legacy, Digital Deluxe, and Legacy Pro come with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Modern Warfare is one of my personal favorite games ever, and I am more excited than ever to be able to play this again. Activision has not announced the possibility of releasing Modern Warfare Remastered separately, if you’re someone holding off just for that.

If you’re looking for the best value this year for Call of Duty, the Digital Deluxe Edition delivers that: Infinite Warfare ($60), Modern Warfare Remastered (~$20), and Infinite Warfare Season Pass ($50 + $20 additional bonus), a total value of $150+, for only $100.

This is the first time in Call of Duty’s history we are getting two games at once. Play whichever you enjoy more. We plan on giving both a fair shot.

Score: 8.0/10


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      It was a huge story online, which caught the attention of everyone. People jumped on the trend of trying to make it the most downvoted video ever.

  • ScOott

    Sounds like a paid review if ever I seen one, it was only the other day u made out it had “potential” but u made out u wasn’t impressed after the beta…

    What about all the bulshit in the game, what about the gun fights? What about things that aren’t in the game after 3 years of development, it defo doesn’t feel like a more polished game of Bo3, this doesn’t feel like a totally honest reveiw imo…

    • It’s called a change of opinion and trying to stay neutral and fair.

      • ScOott

        No.. That’s not what a reveiw is… If you reveiw something you give your honest opinion… If I wanted to read an advert I would of read or watched a Fecking advert for CoD Infinite warfare

        • He gave his honest opinion and tried his best to stay neutral and fair while doing so and you seem to be upset by it lol

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            I’m not upset dude, just giving my opinion..

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            There’s no winning with him, ever. I have learned that after being here since Day 1.

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            U still can’t answer me tho can u, u left out issues in the game, big issues like lag comp, gave an unbalanced reveiw.. I thought after all these reviews u have given, u would of learnt to be honest with the people on here by now..

          • ScOott

            Actually i love all this, I’m far from upset,it’s been a while since I’ve actually got a chance to be in a article full of blind morons..

          • “Full of blind morons”, jesus you’re up yourself so much, self obsessive twat.

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      Paid by who? I’m not paid by anyone. I gave a honest opinion of my impressions.

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        I didn’t see that one coming…

        • Keshav Bhat

          Didn’t see what coming? Why do you think I was paid?

          My editor’s note makes it clear that we got a free copy of the game, just like majority of press, but this is my review. I have never been paid. Not sure why people keep asking that same stupid question.

          • ScOott

            I don’t know why u play this card all the time.. U know what I mean by now, ur in Activison pocket getting the game early, going to the events I don’t blame u for doing what u do, I’d be tempted to do the same for the privileges…

            Are u seriously telling me the game is an improvement from Bo3, that theirs not something seriously wrong with hit detection sometimes… And that it actually plays better than Bo3 in its current state? I’m sorry but I’ve played one hell of a lot of CoD and something is not right…

            I keep wanting to give it another go, but wife keeps wanting to play Bo3 n she kills someone n says to me, look they actually die in this game..

            N I can’t argue with that, n we end up playing Bo3.. Something is not right with the game n u haven’t said anything about it.. I’m not the only one experiencing problems…

            And that’s just my major problem with the game, I’ve read many many more problems people are having that I feel should be put in a reveiw..

          • Keshav Bhat

            I did not get the game early. My copy of the game arrived Friday, November 4. Not a day early. Why do you think I held my review till now? If I had game early, you would have seen review up at Thursday, November 3 11:59PM.

            And secondly, Black Ops 3 was also ok at launch, It got better with new patch and improvements.

            The issue you are experiencing on “shoot first, die first” is because of lag compensation issues that IW needs to work out.

            I think it’s better than BO3. I did not enjoy BO3 after a month of launch. I enjoy this more than I did BO3, but I am still playing MWR more than either of these games. It’s called an opinion for a reason.

          • ScOott

            So u admit lag comp issues.. That’s a pretty Fecking big issue to leave out of a reveiw.. I mean seriously wtf? No mention of this in ur reveiw? I’d go out n buy 10 copies based on ur reveiw… Love the game all u want wank all over it for all I care, but the reveiw isn’t accurate, so much praise and leaving out issue that can actually break the game for people is a piss poor reveiw..

            Like I said it’s more like an advert, not reveiw and I wouldn’t be happy giving someone that impression of the game, like theres nothing wrong, thats all I’m saying..

          • Keshav Bhat

            I added this part to the review above: “There also appears to be in multiplayer an issue that some players are experiencing: lag compensation. This is something Infinity Ward is aware about and has been since the beta. At many points, it feels as if you “shoot first” but die instead of getting that select kill. This is something that other Call of Duty titles have experienced before, but it is noticeable for many in this game.”

            As I have said, its not something new. I have seen lag comp in many titles, including previous COD games. MW3 had it bad too. Its fixable, but not a whole heartedly “game breaking” bug that effects every second. If it does for you, check your internet or talk to ATVI Support.

          • ScOott

            I appreciate you adding that, it’s defo not my Internet dude, I’ve never experienced anything like it in any CoD, not in Mw3 either.. And I play other online games perfectly.. It defiantly stops the game being enjoyable thats what I would consider game breaking..

            But hey, I’m glad u added what u have..

          • Khaled Hassan

            Well you should’ve mentioned the shoot first die first shit in the review !

          • Not necessarily no

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      So….when people talk about COD and give it a good and a positive review they are considered the so called “dick riders” and are bad. But when they say something bad and insulting, they are the best? Haters these days!

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        Ive got the game n play it, I know what’s good about it, I know what’s wrong with it and I know what need fixing..

        the article doesn’t address any of the issues the game has, if u can’t see any issues ur a Fecking moron,

        This reveiw is nothing more than an advert, if ur to blind to see it than fair enough..

        • Ronald95

          No your an dumb bastard here! You said Keshav’s review is paid because it’s mostly positive!! And these days good reviews with 7=>/10 are considered paid and wrong and bad reviews with 6=</10 are considered honest and right!!

          • ScOott

            U clearly can’t read, or don’t understand, he’s even admitted in a comment the game has lag comp issues, but fails to write that in his reveiw, I’m clearly talking to an activiison cum swallower, theres nothing wrong with liking and enjoying the game but u have to tell people the truth and not leave out everything wrong with the game at the same time, if u wiped the activison cum out ur eyes u might be able to see what I’m talking about..

          • I agree, ScOott just bashing peoples opinions/impressions as per usual.

    • BradyAlucard

      An 8/10 is not a paid review.

      • ScOott

        U don’t even have the game dude, an 8 out of 10 reveiw is considered pretty Fecking good.

        Giving it a 10 or 9 would look crazy fanboyish..

        Please don’t defend the game when u can’t possibly know the problems.. Wait till u get it, then speak to me about not paid..

        • BradyAlucard

          I don’t care that I don’t own the game yet, I care about facts, and an 8/10 although solid is not paid. Halo 5 must be paid because it holds an 84/100 on Metacritic even though it had an awful Campaign, the worst in the entire series and possibly even in FPS history. All I know is is that I’ll like it about as much as BO3 and I know about that game’s problems full-well. I’ll probably rage if I don’t keep a consistent positive K/D, especially since the game looks like it has a “shoot first and die” issue (even though that doesn’t matter). But I also heard that the hit detection is better than BO3’s so whatever, I’ll give it a chance.

          • ScOott

            Halo? U fecking hate xbox, don’t talk about a story u know nothing about, I know for a fact u have never play the halo campaigns lol..

            And I remember u always moaning about getting melted in Bo3! Lol I’ve never had a problem with Bo3, but if u struggled with Bo3 “melting” ur going to be crying like a bitch when u get this one…

          • BradyAlucard

            You can’t assume things about me just because I’ve criticized Xbox and Microsoft in the past. I already told you that I’d like a Scorpio once I can afford to have 3 consoles and I can afford to continue paying for online on 2 consoles. Halo 5’s Campaign simply sucked, this coming from someone who’s played most of the Halo Campaigns. Oh, wait, you wouldn’t know that because you merely assumed that just because I used to not be fond of the Xbox One that I haven’t played the Halo Campaigns. Needless to say I have since I owned a 360, plus I’ve played all of the Gears of War Campaigns except 4’s and owned 4 Forza games, Crackdown, Fable 3, Blue Dragon, Viva Pinata TPP, etc. I never even owned a PS3 but I did have a Wii. You can’t seriously say that spamming bosses and having a crap, false-advertised Campaign storylines are even remotely good.

            Yeah I did rave about BO3’s melty lag compensation, but it WAS better than 1’s and 2’s. It was mainly the SBMM (technically team-based matchmaking) or just sweats in general that did me in, but that really depended on the game. But what you *never* saw was me complaining about the core game, how it is fundamentally; a solid, smooth experience with mostly decent/good maps (even though I’ve complained about some launch maps and a few DLC maps).

          • Guest

            The guy Brady who says skill doesn’t matter and shouldn’t exist in gaming saying he’ll rage if he doesn’t have keep a consistent positive K/D? Interesting…

      • Khaled Hassan

        It looks so damn paid cz 8 is way more than it deserves with this fucked up netcode. I mean at the core if MP the netcode you fuck that up you broke MP simple!

        • BradyAlucard

          The MP isn’t being scored an 8, the full package is. Maybe Keshav thinks that the Campaign and Zombies are good enough to warrant the score than the MP is? When I think of paid reviews, I think of IGN giving AAA’s like Halo 5 a 10/10 for no reason, especially when things like the Campaign are terrible.

        • it’s a review of the whole game not just mp

  • Mick

    Good review. My opinion I would give it a 7/10. I agree that Infinity Ward is scared to take risks and they hold off on things.

  • Black Ops 2: 8.5
    Ghosts: 8.0
    Advanced Warfare: 7.0
    Black ops 3: 7.5
    Infinite Warfare: 8.0

    inb4 people bash my ratings.

    • Beast Mode

      you put ghosts before black ops 3?

      this post is irrelevant.

      • Another peasant bashing on someones opinions, because people can’t seem to have different opinions on a game and there’s have to be correct!!

        • Beast Mode

          Black ops 3 was way better than ghost you doofus..

          • Keyword in my reply was opinion, blocked.

          • Beast Mode

            well heres a fact…youre a doofus

          • ya boi

            Blocked for rating ghost so high

      • ghost didn’t have double jumping

    • BradyAlucard

      Nah, I won’t bash it, I’ll just give my ratings during their respective life cycles and as far as Shooter standards go:

      Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: 9.5
      World at War: 9.3
      Modern Warfare 2: 9.2
      Black Ops 1: 8.8
      Modern Warfare 3: 6.5
      Black Ops 2: 8.0
      Ghosts: 5.5
      Advanced Warfare: 5.0
      Black Ops 3: 8.5
      Infinite Warfare: 0 (don’t own the game yet)

      • Fair enough but I don’t think any Call of Duty title is anywhere near a 9, 8.5 at best.

        • YoungMurf

          Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is a definite 9.5 if not more imo with WaW right behind it or even level.

      • mw2: 9.5
        cod4: 9.2
        bo3: 7.5
        ghosts: 7
        aw: 6.5
        fixed it for ya

    • joey

      i’d put AW at the top, but that’s probably because it suited the style/pace of play (and freedom of movement) that i enjoy most. you can run with your gun barrel up. you can boost sideways. you can’t hide.

      wasn’t perfect, however. something odd started happening well into the game’s cycle (or perhaps that’s when i began to notice it). for whatever reason, it seemed that one entire team would enjoy the, uhhhh, “net code” (or lag comp or whatever) advantage over the other. i played enough games with different groupings of the same players to eliminate the ol’ “one team was just better” theory.

  • jacopo

    Good review .iw has really one of the best campaign in cod’s history

  • lunator100hd .

    The review was a total disapointment. Most of ppl in this site are hardcore funs who play cod for years, so i expected a more in-depth gameplay-based review (gun balance,maps flow, connection, hit detection etc) all i read in this article was a casual reviewer giving his opinion: good campaign, kinda good multiplayer, kinda good rigs, kinda good supply drops and thats it. Im not saying its a paid review but it dosent really help a lot. The main conclusion is that if you like bo3 you also like IW which is far from truth. There are so many problems in this game that make it worst than bo3. The actuall truth (THAT YOU MISSED) is that IW tried to imitate BO3 but most likely failed. Long story sort if you liked BO3 stick to that cause IW is a step back.

    • ScOott

      I actually feel sorry for anyone who reads this reveiw, who doesn’t have much money n goes n buys the game anyway, thinking there getting an improved Bo3 experience.. Because it couldn’t be further from the truth.. honestly such a terrible reveiw..

      • BradyAlucard

        What did Black Ops 3 score? Seems like somewhat of an improvement to me but I don’t have the game yet. I’m thinking for myself, and getting the game only because of the fact that it has Zombies, a solid Campaign, and MWR. If it didn’t have those things, I’d ignore it completely and wait until Treyarch’s next game in 2018. The Multiplayer is just the icing on the cake.

        • ScOott

          Zombies is actually pretty Fecking amazing imo.. I haven’t loved zombies so much since bo1 and can’t wait for the campaign, multiplayer is my jam tho and unfortunately that’s where it falls flat at the minute..

          • Zombies in spaceland brings back the fun in zombies bo3 was lacking

          • BradyAlucard

            IMO BO3 was fun all-around.

          • BradyAlucard

            2 and 3 were solid. But this is looking to be as good as Treyarch Zombies. You just can’t beat Neversoft.

          • tuby

            Have you already played cod mwr mp ? Because you said you never played cod 4. Di you like it more then infinite warfare ?I like both

          • ScOott

            I didn’t bother with CoD 4 cuz I read ttk was like ghosts n it’s the only reason I quit ghosts.. IW is good when the games running properly imo, if the netcode or what ever it is doesn’t improve I might have to give CoD4 a go if they ever release it for the people who own the standard version.. If not Bo3 for another year, get that level 1000..

          • Yo mumma.

            Was I the only one bummed out reading that comment ? Like no offence but how hard are you (or most people in the cod community ) so hard to please ? Like you really can’t find ANYTHING fun about it to the point where you’re willing to play an out dated game that isn’t even technically better than previous cod titles(also according to cod community ) instead of coming into with an open mind and focusing all your negative on the positives … ? Anyone tried this ? Raise your hands.

      • lunator100hd .

        Exactly! he mistakenly adviced ppl who enjoyed BO3 to buy this ”shoot first and die” mess.

        • Keshav Bhat

          That’s called lag comp, and its not something wrong with the game, its the net code.

          • lunator100hd .

            You are kidding me right?

          • Keshav Bhat

            No? That’s what the issue is. It’s how the net code and servers are compensating for lag, which is causing the random stutters you experience.

          • lunator100hd .

            This is serioulsy the most impactful aspect when we rate an online multiplayer game, you didnt say a word about this but you said again and again that bo3 and IW are identical, NO SHIT!

          • Keshav Bhat

            I said that they are identical in feature set because that’s the truth. They are identical in feature set, in rigs system, supply drops, movement, etc. Only difference you keep pointing out is lag comp.

          • PuddleOfStix

            Sure, Keshav, defend the connection issues, but don’t address anything else pointed out as wrong with the review. Top moderating right there, 5/7 would recommend this review to the world.

          • Keshav Bhat

            Sorry what? I did not defend connection issues. Also this is my opinion, can I not have an opinion?

            Also, what else did I say wrong?

          • jordanxbrookes

            For God’s sake Keshav. Didn’t you know you’re not allowed an opinion on the internet? This opinion piece is just totally wrong, smh. /s

          • Keshav Bhat

            I am more than happy to hear other people’s opinion, but people calling my opinion wrong… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • jordanxbrookes

            What can you do eh? Haha.

          • BradyAlucard

            You do know that Multiplayer isn’t the only part of the experience, right?

          • joey

            can you please explain what “net code” is? is it realistic to hope the problems with such can be solved, or at least improved upon?

            appreciate the site. i gravitate here many times daily.

          • idk how to explain it, but infinity ward said they’re looking at it so hopefully it means fix

          • joey

            i wonder if the difference in the quality of the gameplay between titanfall 2 and iw isn’t at least partly due to the differences in map size. perhaps if you reduce the size of t2’s maps by a factor of four and eliminate the topographical variety, some of the same problems would appear.

            on the other hand, the difference in the fluidity of the movement systems as well as the quality, the integrity of close-up multi-player/machine skrimishes are so extreme that perhaps it’s not the maps at all.

          • Keshav Bhat

            yes, it is possible to fix it. it just depends on IW & how much they dedicated to it!

        • Markdg23

          Shoot first and die first has been in cod for years, it happeneds and you should expect it to happened. Did You land every shot, is the other persons gun capable of 3 tapping up close, maybe ur router needs to be reset. Theirs a lot of things that go into why you win or lose a cod gun fight. Yes when the lag is present in this game it’s F’d but when ur running smoothly sometimes it’s operator error.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I thought it was a good read, until the final score was a 8/10. The game is definitely worth 7/10 at best personally.

        • BradyAlucard

          At least that’s solid enough to find it at least decent, I can respect that score. But we all deserve a 9/10 or especially a 10/10.

          • jordanxbrookes

            We’ll never get a 10/10 Call of Duty unless IGN are reviewing it LOL.

          • no mans sky was a 10/10 according to ign

          • jordanxbrookes

            No Man’s Lie is not even worth a piece of my nose hair, let alone worth a 10/10.

          • A friend of mine described it as fun to play for a day, i still laugh at him for buying the game lol

        • better than any Ign review lol

      • Markdg23

        You realize that a review is a opinion right? When this game launched its world reveal I said F that I’m not buying that garbage. I played beta and enjoyed it, so I preordered it. Yes the game has lag/frame rate/ net code issues but name 1 cod that has dropped in the past 10 years that didn’t have similar connection issues at launch. BO2 had terrible connections at launch yet ppl claim “it’s one of the best of all time.” Sheeple need to realize that just bc you don’t like a game doesn’t mean others won’t. Every time you buy a new cod it’s a risk bc theirs always issues at launch, but the reward is when you do get the right connection and the right lobby you go off and thats why we continue to buy cod every year. Don’t get me wrong I think it is a shitty business practice for them to launch games unfinished every year BUT I’m used to it by now, it’s part of every game that is created now.

        • ScOott

          I’ve been lucky n never experienced anything like this before, even bo2 people said it had a terrible launch, but I didn’t notice anything, this is the first game it’s been a real pain the ass, especially when a second person plays on split screen..

          • Markdg23

            Same here I’ve never been on the bad side of connection but I know ppl that have been and they refused to play the game for the first few weeks due to connection issues. Aside from connection issues, this game does have positives and innovations that ppl are looking past bc of lag issues. There are so many options and combos to run with your payload and traits, those are all new things that are basically like free perks. Weapon balancing seems much better than normal as far as ARs and SMGs go, haven’t used LMGs and ik shotties suck but that’s a bonus for ppl everyone complained about the Brecci is OP well shotguns suck in this game.

  • Beast Mode

    the “shoot first die first” issue this game has is on par with how bad it was in Black Ops 1…I dont think they can fix that in this game. I think that alone breaks Multiplayer. Its like youre being punished for having good internet.

    • lunator100hd .

      Unfortunatly the review above is nothing more than a casual opinion, ,the game has many technical issues.

    • BradyAlucard

      BO2 and 3 had that really bad too.

      • lunator100hd .

        Not 3.

        • BradyAlucard

          Yes, 3. I’m tired of unloading full clips into people and dying in 2 shots (I know that’s not the case but it feels that way). 3 definitely does have the best Treyarch hit detection though.

          • ScOott

            Lol there it is man. The comment I’m talking about.. I can hear it now.. the tears on their way.. I’m ready for the flood..

  • BradyAlucard

    Yeah, that’s not good enough. It’s a solid score, but we all deserve a 9/10 game. I appreciate this, it looks very fair and honest!

    • lunator100hd .

      Its not really 8/10 but whatever.

      • Former

        Lol…it’s his review, he can rate it what he wants. That’s like saying “You don’t really like the color orange”

        • lunator100hd .


          • Former

            What kind of reply is “whatever…”? Passive-aggressiveness gets you nowhere.

          • lunator100hd .

            I agree with you, its his opinion but for game that tried to copy another game and failed it should be actually lower.

          • Former

            You think it failed. He doesn’t, nor do I. Again, a matter of opinion.

          • BradyAlucard

            As I’ve always stated, they didn’t “copy” anything. They just had some inspiration. You fail to mention the other things that they added to the game (and no, I don’t mean Salvage). You can have whatever constructive, fair criticism you want, but it’s factually not a mere copy of BO3.

          • ya boi

            Blocked for acting like a Reddit baby

      • BradyAlucard

        The full package must be. Heck, even Metacritic agrees.

  • Khaled Hassan

    The netcode of the game is part of the damn game! No mention of the horrible game breaking ttk caused by the netcode. Absolutely disappointing review.

    • BradyAlucard

      Again, you know the Multiplayer isn’t the only portion of the game, right? What if the Campaign and Zombies warrant all of the positivity?

  • Element115Will

    “Dislike bots” i lol’d so hard there.

  • ToonToons22

    It’s a shame that this review does not cover the problems people have been seeing at launch, most importantly the faulty netcode resulting in people killing you before you have a chance to react.

    • joey


  • Quick question, does anyone else only get a certain 5-6 maps in specific gamemodes, I’ve been playing Frontline for several hours yesterday and have only got the same maps.

    • i’ve been stuck on frontier any game mode i go to frontier comes up first all i want is some mayday aka best map

      • Retaliation is the best map. I love the size of that map. Reminds of Resistance from Modern Warfare 3.

  • Why do people claim every good review is paid? i think it’s good i didn’t get paid lol. Only review i don’t take serious is IGN they’re all clueless

    • Keshav Bhat

      IGN gave Ghosts 9/10 right?


      • ICutOldPeople

        They gave it an 8.8.

      • something like that and they called no mans sky game of the year and look how that turned out

      • BradyAlucard

        Didn’t they give Halo 5 a 10/10? That’s the king of all smh’s.

        • ShadowMaster862

          Multiplayer is the best since 3 or Reach though. But the campaign was insanely lackluster. But I’ve been enjoying 5’s Forge and Multiplayer with the constant updates. (Some of these Forge creations are astounding!)

      • In hindsight, that review is on point. Many hated Ghosts at the time, but many have claimed it is now one of their favorites. You don’t always know what you’re missing until it’s gone. That’s what these last 3 COD’s have taught us. Ghosts was my favorite.

      • tarfeef101

        Hey man, opinions are valid as opinions. I personally loved ghosts. And at launch would’ve given it a 9/10 as well (-1 for many poor MP maps). The community killed that game, but I enjoyed it the entire year and still do.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Only reviews I truly take seriously are Angry Joe’s because he tells it like it is.

      • BradyAlucard

        He’s not the only one, though, and I’m personally not a fan of his tastes. But, yeah, I do like hearing what Joe has to say. I think we can all agree that the media should never be trusted.

      • I just watch gameranx before you buy to know what to expect and that’s why i didn’t get no mans sky thank God

        • jordanxbrookes

          Yeah that’s also a great place to know and understand a game before you decide to purchase it or not.

          • Louisertipton

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          • Connierhofstetter

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        • bobbiejsanders

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      • Angry Joe is the man my dude. I love his videos

      • Yo mumma

        haha that dude kills it

      • BudEagle

        i like angry joes reviews but sometimes there is a little too much opinion and lack of understanding in certain aspects. I mostly enjoy his reviews though.

    • I’m a guest yo..

      I hate that we get two legit gaming websites to go to for news (Gamespot and IGN) because IGN is so fucking clueless! Gamespot is great but IGN tends to be more on top of news as it happens.. I just wish they weren’t so fucking terrible at reviewing games and movies.. 9 times out of 10 I read their reviews and think to myself “why the fuck do I read this crap still?”.. so jokes on me I guess..

      In terms of this review… I felt like Infinite Warfare is actually better than Black Ops 3. Infinity Ward used BO3’s movement system and made better maps. Reducing the amount of wall running did, though, increase the number of people double jumping which is annoying as fuck.. The campaign I felt is one of the best, if not the best, campaign in all of the Call of Duty games..

      • and don’t forget the fun zombies and yeah whenever i see someone bring up an ign review they aren’t credible anymore

        • I’m still a guest yo…

          I haven’t gotten into the zombies yet.. wasn’t a huge fan of them in Black Ops 2, 3 or Advanced Warfare so just haven’t found it in me to try it out LOL.. will do, though!

          • zombies in bo3 i hated it was too complicated for lil ‘ole me lol

          • joey

            me too (though i had some fun playing the stalingrad installment; you could navigate in circular routes like keno in bo1, which is my fav). i’ve only played an hour or so of the new zombies, but so far it seems pretty fun.

          • ya boi

            I loved it at first but it’s just boring bo3 to be clear

          • I never liked any of it lol shadows of evil for example i don’t know how to do anything

          • ya boi

            I hate the o4 they are in almost everymap saying the same lines since waw

          • Ak74u

            The o4s are the best part of zombies tbh and really the best thing about zombies, to me they are my favorite characters and most of the zombies community can agree

          • ya boi

            Not when they are the same every map like in bo3

          • Yeah haha I miss the Shi No Numa/Der Riese era when it was all about surviving, unlocking doors and upgrading weapons. All the easter eggs and collectable pieces and transforming into a demon thing, it’s too complicated and I can never get into it

          • Ikr like i just wanna play zombies and enjoy myself not finding parts for some stupid shit lol

    • Force Buy Instigator

      One things for sure an editor was not paid to look at this review lol.

    • Markdg23

      This is for xbox1 users, it may work on ps4 as well but I haven’t tested it. When ur in a match and your lagging/frame rate is all sorts of messed up try hitting your home button then scroll down to other games or apps a few times really quick then go back into game and the majority of the time it will fix it. Kind of sucks we have to do this but it’s a temporary fix for ppl experiencing these issues.

    • Matt Sammataro


    • FCmania

      Because people hate IW as much as their parents neglected them as a child.

  • Rob Melchor

    Imo the Campaign and Zombies modes are top noch, you can really appreciate the effort that went into it.

    In regards to MP I guess they went with the “If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” approach following BO3. That’s fine but the graphics are a step back, it’s not pretty to look at. (BO3 looks way better) Lag compensation is frustrating to say the least, most of the weapons are bad (Design and function) and some variants OP af! MP rigs haven no character, no soul. At least in BO3 they did better with the Specialists.

    Campaign 9, Zombies 8, MP 5 = 7.3 overall score.

    • ScOott

      The weapons are good, it’s nice to have recoil back in CoD.. Bo3 laser guns all felt the same apart from man of war..

      • Rob Melchor

        Yes, the weapons feel different and that’s good. My concern is with some variants that make them OP. And the worst part is that they actually rub it in your face by telling you exactly what weapon/variant just melted you. xD

        • ScOott

          Lmao.. I wish we got salvage like in the beta, it takes way to long to get these good variants, I still only have a basic veriant.

          • true in the beta i had 3 legendaries and an epic lol the salvage we got were too much, but i like it this way so you won’t have all of it unlocked before January

      • you don’t have recoil with the fhr? hit me up with them attachments lol because the bullets go everywhere but where it’s meant to

    • Dre

      It sounds like you know what you are talking about. Fair judgement.

    • joey

      “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.”

      if the first “it” is activision and the second “it” is BO3/netcode/whatsoever made multiplayer so bleh, then that statement rings true IMO.

  • If you take this review seriously, hold this L

  • jordanxbrookes

    Now this is a proper honest review that for once I thought was worth reading. I’ve already given my review for the IW Campaign, which was a 7/10 with generally a lot of positivity around it. Campaign was definitely impressive, and some of the moments (which I won’t spoil) were very moving. Multiplayer however doesn’t even deserve a rating because it’s that bad. I could only play it for a minute, maybe less, before I just closed the game altogether and booted up MWR instead. And don’t even get me started on Zombies in Spaceland. If it was just the Campaign alone, I could’ve bumped my final verdict up to maybe an 8/10, but with Multiplayer and Zombies included, I’d say overall the game is a 6/10 at best. This is honestly the first time where I’ve been very disappointed with Infinity Ward. I can only hope their title in 2019 is a lot better than what we have here.

    • Former

      ZiS is fun as hell though.

      • Sentinel

        THE CLOWNS

  • Infinite Warfare’s MP would have been so much better and stand out if it embraced the zero G like the campaign did. Gameplay would have actually been different for once. Instead maps in space play just like maps on Earth. Like I said before, I remember very well on the first live stream on Infinite Warfare’s reveal, the MP guys said maps in space and other planets would play differently. Yet that’s not seen in the game or completely got removed. To me, that would have made my opinion of the game at least to an 7.5/10. But as it stands, it’s just at a 6.

    As far as zombies goes, don’t really care lol. Not Treyarch, so.

    Campaign is pretty good so far, only play through a few missions and I am really impressed with they have done with story and gameplay. However, campaign leaves me on blue balls on the zero G because i really wanted that to carry over to Multiplayer.

    Overall, it’s decent I guess, but I dont think it’s better than Black Ops 3. Then again, I can’t remember the last time Infinity Ward outdid Treyarch, so no different here.

    • Former

      “Not Treyarch, so”…So you have no scope of mind to accept another developer’s attempt at zombies. Noiiice.

      • It means I don’t really care because I dont think it’s gonna be good or nowhere near the same as Treyarch which is obvious. I played a few games, and I can’t get into it. So at least I tried somewhat. Anyway, it’s my opinion anyhow. Sorry it bothers you sooo bad

        Soo noicce try dude.

        • Former

          Not bothered a bit. It’s just sad that the majority of people disliking it are just Treyarch d-riders. ZiS is actually a lot more exciting and challenging than Treyarch. Really separates the good players from the bad ones.

          • Who really cares if people dislike it or not? If you enjoy it, then good for fucking you dude. Like honestly I couldn’t be more happy for people like who enjoy it. Eat it up for all I care. But me personally, Hence speaking for myself, It’s not for me. i don’t enjoy it. It’s not the same feeling. I’m a bit more conservative when it comes to Zombies and especially in Call of Duty. So obviously I’m gonna be a bit more picky. And it has nothing to do with good players and bad but okay lol

          • Former

            The challenge is surviving and training. Much harder than Bo3. Round 20 on ZiS feels like 35 on Bo3.

    • Aidan

      I’m not gonna lie, I cried like a little bitch at the end. First time a videogame has ever made me cry. They really did a stellar job this year.

      • Black Ops 2 has been the only game so far that’s made me a bit emotional, i dont wanna fully admit that but so far it’s been only been Black Ops 2. I’ll have to finish the game for Infinite Warfare to see if that does the trick.

        • Aidan

          It made me cry. Before that, I haven’t cried in something like, 7 or 8 years…Hate to say it, but I didn’t even cry when my Great Grandma died back in 2009. She was like, 100 though. In my defense, I never really connected with her.

          • It’s hard to cry when there wasnt much connection. I had a huge connection with my grandmother. She was honestly the only grand parent I like had in my life, when she passed, that was something else for me. But so far in the campaign in Infinite Warfare, I’m feeling it. Really love Ethan. Great character.

          • Aidan

            Ethan is my homie

  • Khaled Hassan

    402thunder402 will tell it like it is

    • CoDforever

      You mean the guy that shitted on bo2 all year for being “the worst cod multiplayer of all time” and then dickrided the shit out of it after ghosts came out?

  • Kozzi

    I really wanted to give infinite warfare a chance. I really liked the beta, but when the game released I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I still want to like it and still try it out every now and then but I’m just enjoying modern warfare remastered way more. campaign was very good though I give them that



  • Johtoboy

    Ghosts is better than IW, just admit it.

  • dust&cheese

    “However, as an overall entertainment package, Infinite Warfare delivers a solid Call of Duty game.”/ Sugar coating a free reviewed product. Yeah you tried to keep it balanced as a review by talking about lack of innovation, but this game is far from a solid COD.

    • FCmania

      How is this far from a solid game? Lack of content is something I agree with, but this game is nicely built.

      • dust&cheese

        which game black ops 3 or IW? they are the same game you know. or would you like to point out the differences in multiplayer that make them so unique to be their own game?

        • FCmania

          IW has the silent soldier archetype Infinity Ward is known for. The combat rigs have more customization, abilities and can be taken seriously, The game is set throughout the solar system, and focuses on the tech the soldier uses compared to the DNI in BO3.
          I can go on about this, but I doubt you really care at all given how you are hellbent on believing that this game sucks.

  • GinsuVictim

    The more I play, the more I’m enjoying the multiplayer.

    • I like the multiplayer, it’s pretty alright. My main problem with it is the lack of customization. Huge step backwards from Black Ops 3

      • FCmania

        I find that it has slightly more customization than Black ops 3. At least in create-a-class. The lack of gunsmith and paintshop, I can agree makes the game suffer.

        • I don’t see any depth in customization anywhere. There isn’t even an emblem creator. And yeah that’s what i was mainly talking about too. Lack of paintshop and gunsmith. They can take every idea Treyarch did, but couldn’t take the best ones like paintshop and gunsmith? Pretty backwards honestly

          • GinsuVictim

            IW has never had as much customization as Treyarch, so I unfortunately expected this.

          • I know but what I’m saying is if they were willing to copy everything that Treyarch did, why didn’t take two of their best features? It’s also why I always preferred Treyarch games over Infinity Ward. They go all out with customization

          • Jon

            which two features are you talking about

          • Ed

            Theres a spot for create an emblem in the menus that say coming soon.

          • Yeah, it’s there, but it’s not available when it should be. Even then, emblem creator doesn’t make up for the other things and is still a major step backwards

          • Ed

            Its never been something that interested me. I turned off user generated content in bops3 to make it less laggy, and honestly dont think it has a place in any game that is dependant on trying to make connections a more stable enviorment.

          • That’s cool, but i actually like having the freedom to customize my shit

          • Jon

            Just give it time. Changes are coming…..

  • FCmania

    Keshav, I noticed that you didn’t go into Mission teams within multiplayer. I like how these give more for the player to work for and help establish the setting that Infinite Warfare takes place in. Each of them also have different ideals to what the best soldier’s stragety is: Killing fast and well, Teamwork, The best technology, or Pure Efficiency.

  • Louisertipton

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  • Altered Vista

    Ghosts multiplayer was bae. This game is trash. Should have done some zero-g and interesting stuff. So boring. Zombies is the best part of this game. Not counting MWR

  • Professional Reviewer

    A site dedicated to Call of Duty, and Call of Duty alone reviews Call of Duty. I don’t even need to read it. I know what’s in there already. You probably throw around buzzwords like “revolutionary, epic, true next generation”. A review from you, the headline made me chuckle when I visited this site.

    • GinsuVictim

      Fuck off outta here!

    • Jon

      keep trolling kid

  • Still have yet to try MWR multiplayer due to this very strange issue I’m experiencing: my game freezes on the multiplayer menu. Activision support has no time frame on a fix and said there is nothing I can do to fix it myself… ?

    Enjoying IW, but definitely in the minority there lol. Good, accurate review.

    • GinsuVictim

      Which system?

  • Matt Sammataro

    Where is demolition in IW standard playlists! It’s only in custom games 🙁

  • I haven’t played IW and probably never will, but this was a good review purely because you were honest about how Infinity Ward basically did the same as they did with Ghosts. People can sugarcoat it all they like, but apart from the campaign, the multiplayer in IW (which is what COD is really about) is basically a slightly tweaked version of BO3.

    People keep complaining about Advanced Warfare but I still respect Sledgehammer for having the balls to take a risk and try something new, which doesn’t happen often enough in COD. Treyarch did the same with Nazi Zombies and look what happened… everyone else felt the need to add a horror survival arcade mode to their new game. The only thing they could’ve done to save COD for me was try something new, or move away from the future setting, and they did neither.

    Only problem I have with your review is how you spent the majority of it criticising the game and still gave it a 8/10 review after all the negative points. That and I still refuse to buy IW just to play MWR. If you made your core game more interesting then maybe I would’ve

    • Jon

      IW is well worth the purchase. Don’t let the reviews make your decision for you. I had my doubts as well even after playing the beta, but it has turned out to be a great game. Sure there are some things they need to tweak just like every other COD release. It is a lot of fun for sure.

      • The reviews didn’t help I admit, but I’d decided myself based on my history with Infinity Ward COD games and from the footage. After BO3 I’m done, Battlefield 1 is the change I’ve wanted for a long while so I’m sticking with that.

        I don’t doubt that IW would be fun, but I’ve invested too much time in BO3 to start over in a very similar game. I’ll hold out for the next one, provided it isn’t Advanced Warfare 2 or anything similar.

  • Tao

    I demand a single player expansion pack!!

    • Marc Grierson

      I demand dog fights for MP!!

  • AK97

    Completely ignored a third of the game?

  • Ball of Doody

    You missed a point about Advanced Warfare: eventually you could unlock some of the best guns (e.g. Obsidian Steed, Speakeasy, Goliath) by grinding thru some of the Master Prestige levels. Unfortunately that took quite a long time. We have a similar feature now with gun unlocks that happen as you progress thru team missions, but it is yet tbd if they are good weapons. Anyway, they could make a lot of people happy if they made salvage more quickly obtainable … but that would provide less incentive to buy $upply drop$ so that is highly unlikely

  • once again you do NOT touch on MP’s actual problems instead pegging it with “muh lack of innovation XD”

    Stop. Fucking stop. IW MP has the following problems and more:
    >SMGs shoot too fast
    >extremely low health threshold
    >killstreaks are garbage but cost too much score to earn
    >Ghost is broken
    >sound design is fucked, footsteps are almost inaudible
    >maps STILL aren’t designed with the epic advanced movement in mind
    >wallrunning is stunted
    >variants are inextricably better than their bases

    I’ll admit they fixed sniping; it feels almost like BO1’s sniping which is absolutely perfect. But the game is a copypaste cash grab which grabbed the worst parts of MW1-3, BO3, Ghosts, and AW and mashed them all together.

    • Ed

      How is ghost broken? Is it not working correctly? I know there are entirely too many things that let people see through walls. Or are you just partial to treyarchs version of ghost?

      Footsteps are actually pretty noticable on my headphones. As long as they arent using dead silence, i can hear them coming… but where is awareness in this game? Something to make footsteps silent, but nothing to make them louder? Kind of a bummer.

      I dont like a lot of the variants. Most of them just have useless perks.

      • Ghost is broken in that you slap it on and it is a persistent effect that guards against UAV without any catch which rewards campers insanely. I prefer BO2/3’s variant of Ghost, yet that isn’t why I call Ghost broken. I also think BO1’s version of Ghost is broken, just like Assassin (Pro) in MW3.

        I sporadically hear footsteps even with DS equipped. sounds come in and out.

        • Jon

          I have amazing sound with my headset and can hear them coming from quite a ways. The ghost feature doesn’t matter much to me in the game modes i play.

        • Ed

          Oh, so its not broken, you just prefer treyarchs version, gotcha.

  • Hunter

    I honestly really enjoy Infinite warfare. I despised the beta but ever since the game came out I can’t stop playing it and my view on it has changed a lot. I find it really fun, smooth, and enjoyable. It’s definitely better now compared to when the beta was released in my opinion. The streaks go ham in this game. We’ll have to see how the game ends up by the end of the year.

  • Ed

    Has anyone else reached prestige and permanently unlocked a combat rig? Its unlocked, but doesnt work for me. Shocker.

  • AbunchofZoMb1eS

    I completely agree with this score. Pretty great campaign (So far..haven’t got through it all with dividing my time between IW and MWR) ZiS is pretty fun, the multiplayer could have been way better but its still good. It’s Call of Duty, I don’t expect a 10/10 because sometimes the flaws make the game. Back in MW3? All those map glitches that made Infection so infuriatingly fun? I will always hold MW3 in a special place in my heart because I had some of the most fun in glitches and trying to get people out of them. MWR has a lot of “problems” but these are the same ones originally in the game, the one you folks wanted Remastered oh so badly. Yet it’s still freakishly fun because I can pick me up a classic MP5 and absolutely wreak havoc with it. It’s a good year for everyone I feel. We just need to stop nitpicking the small stuff, try to help Infinity Ward make adjustments, and help them make an even better game. It’s okay to voice your opinion and what you think, but instead of bashing, offer new ideas. It’s clear that the Call of Duty community has a very large voice and impact to these games.

    • Jon

      very well said

  • Picked up the deluxe edition yesterday and played the singleplayer all night.

    Start was okay but halfway through it because really shitty really fast.

    Oh well, atleast i have COD4 to play with until it’s the day before i can refund it.

  • Picked up the deluxe edition yesterday and played the singleplayer all night.

    Not going to waste my time with the multiplayer, played the beta.

    Start was okay but halfway through it because really shitty really fast.

    Oh well, atleast i have COD4 to play with until it’s the day before i can refund it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3100494b81ad6bd8645e8770391f751d1a2d993d4c91d713e4d4cdc5a046c656.jpg

  • Really pleased with the honesty of this review and highlights some of the issues and pros of the game which concern me.

    I was fairly sure I wasn’t going to get the game before launch, was swayed with the positive reception of ZIS and SP at launch but have now decided the lack of innovation and poor design choices (execution and quality of assets, movement is perfect – just don’t like the design) have lead – now the hype has died down – for me to decide not to get the game currently.

    If the DLC season for zombies looks promising, then I would reconsider; or if the game is on sale – because the content offering, including innovation, is not worth the price which games with infinite (get it) times the innovation share.

  • I’m still curious: why have they removed XP progression bar on the pause menu on multiplayer

    • Because Treyarch is the only one that does that

      • Good point, dont know why I thought other developers did.
        Cheers for clearing that up.

  • Hitman

    I’ve tried to enjoy this game…I really am. Started playing IW and man the ttk is ridiculous! just getting melted and all the lobbies are sweaty which doesn’t make it that much fun.It becomes a twitch shooter with no real skill. I know that Black Ops 3 hit detection was bad but at least their ttk was a lot better. I’m also getting quite a bit of lag as well which I don’t know why since my line is very good. I don’t have a real problem with the maps. What I have noticed is that the closer the opposition is, the ttk is a lot longer. I had a custom game set up with bots and that felt perfect. Added to that the earn rate is way to slow as well. The movement system in IW doesn’t feel right as well…maybe im just used to Black Ops.

    • Ed

      i think cod has been a twitch shooter with no real skill since mw2. Im pretty sure thats what theyre going for. I tend to enjoy these games when i dont get sucked into the chaos and slow down and play defensively.
      I agree with the earn rate.

      • Hitman

        so do I. With all the connection issues BO3 had, I still had a lot of fun playing. I’ve noticed that in IW, you have to play defensively or you will get melted. I will be going online tonight and giving it another go. I also just downloaded MWR as well so I want to see how that fairs with IW

      • Hitman

        Ok so I went back to IW and tried it out again. I was presently surprised how smooth it was. I connected my LAN cable this time and it felt like the ttk was just right. However I went into a few lobbies and the frame rate dropping was really bad. I had more fun this time around. MWR is pretty sweet too.

  • Connierhofstetter

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