EuroGamer has posted their review of Sony’s upcoming new console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. The new PS4 Pro is brings 4K gaming to the current generation market.

The new PlayStation 4 Pro launches November 10 worldwide for $399. Three Call of Duty games will be supporting the PS4 Pro at launch, including Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Black Ops 3. Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered support the PS4 Pro out of the box, while an update will be released for Black Ops 3.

EuroGamer’s testing has revealed that Infinite Warfare on PS4 Pro has been upscaled using checkerboard to 2160p. EuroGamer says these upscale provides “provide some remarkable results for a box with limited GPU power compared to the latest and greatest PC graphics hardware.”

Modern Warfare Remastered, on the other hand, has only be rendered up to a 1620p resolution on PS4 Pro. However, the reason the developers did not go all the way up is because they actually have made the game maintain a more stable FPS. In many intense moments in the game, where a standard PS4 might drop FPS to about 48FPS from 60, the PS4 Pro version holds tight at 60FPS. “You are getting more performance and increased image quality,” says EuroGamer.

The image above shows a scene where that dip occurs; a standard/slim PS4 will fall to 48FPS due to graphic intense scenes, but the PS4 Pro is able to maintain its 60FPS rendering.

SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Truth be told I barely noticed the drops in frame rate in the COD4 SP and MP seems almost entirely stable. I’d like to see how the image quality is improved for 1080p.
    One thing they mentioned is that non-patched standard PS4 games get zero improvement. So it seems like this thing turned out to be pretty worthless if you already own a PS4. I’m still mulling it over if I should get it but it’s looking less and less likely. Hopefully Scorpio isn’t as big of a disappointment.

    • This nigga

      I feel like that Microsoft will take thier time and effort into the Xbox one Scorpio and be worth it instead of rushing into like Sony did with the ps4 pro.

      • BradyAlucard

        How was the Pro “rushed” in any way? Because it’s affordable? I’m pretty sure the console’s rumors were perceived as early as last year and the codename was only leaked this year, so how does that make it rushed? Both consoles are going to be worth owning, and if Scorpio is $400 next year (I have a feeling it will be) then that’s just the icing on the cake. We should all be happy.

        • AlphaPoppy

          With the leaked specs I can see M$ doing $500 no less no more

      • Triton

        This nigga is right.

  • Not really hyped for the console now, will stick to my original PS4 till at least next year

  • Sentinel

    I would wait till PS NEO

    • AK97

      I thought this was the Neo? They just changed the name

      • lunator100hd .

        PS4 NEO=PS4 PRO

        • Hello, my name is _______

          I’m almost positive he was being sarcastic.. very hard to tell when you cannot actually hear the person but this seems like sarcasm.. or he’s fucking dumb.. which surely no one is that dumb.. right?

  • Aceshigh87

    Inb4 People complain that the PS4 Pro “can’t do 4K” without realizing that 2160p is the native resolution of modern “Ultra-HD” TV’s. Televisions don’t do true 4K, why should the consoles?

    Edit: And yes, I know it’s upscale and that’s still not perfect. I just mean that I’ve seen a strange number of people who think that 2160 and 4K onna TV are different.

    • Isaacx123

      What do you mean by ”Televisions don’t do true 4K”?
      You know that 4k is 3840*2160p right?

      • Aceshigh87

        UHD is 3840×2160, that’s what resolution 4K TV’s do and is exactly what I mean by not true 4K.

        Full 4K in the film world is 4096×2160 although that is extra wide so it’s not the 16:9 people have gotten used to. Maybe that’s just a filmmaker quirk though and I over-estimate how much people pay attention to resolutions.

        • Isaacx123

          3840×2160 is true 4k, 4096×2160 is cinematic 4k, two totally different things.

          • Aceshigh87

            Like I said, I’m a filmmaker. To me cinematic 4K is true 4K but the everyday consumer will never experience a difference so fair enough.

            I added some extra shit that made it come off too serious. I was mostly just kidding around because I’ve seen way too many people online reviewing 4K TV’s and complaining that it isn’t 4K because it’s 2160 even though that is 4K.

            Frankly it’s poor marketing IMO. 1080 everyone knows is the vertical resolution so I think when people think 4K they expect 4000 to be the same; not the horizontal resolution.

  • BradyAlucard

    I thought MWR’s Pro resolution was 2880×2160? How is it 1620p if that’s over 1800p (3k)? Oh well, I’m fine with this because I don’t think I’m buying a 4k TV or even a Pro anytime soon.

    “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster gets a resolution boost to circa 2880×2160 on PS4 Pro. This works out as 125% lift in pixel output over the standard PS4’s 1080p”

  • Rob Melchor

    If you already own a PS4 then buying a PS4Pro is pointless. Sony went full “Activision” on this one.

    • Sean Fisher

      Sony didn’t make this for people who already own a PS4. They made it for people who don’t have a PS4 and for people that have 4K TVs that they want to take advantage of.

      • Connierhofstetter

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    • Vittorio D’Antuono

      It makes sense if you own a 4K TV. Also, as most if not all games coming out in 2017 will start to take real advantage of the PS4 Pro hardware, it’s not that pointless of an investment. Games will start to look and feel limited on the standard PS4 while developers will be targeting PS4 Pro hardware. (e.g. GT Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and more).

  • Codean

    So many people keep mentioning that pro is not worth getting if you already have a PS4…

    Tell that to the people who have 4K HDR TV’s.

    • Aceshigh87

      For people who have that and have the money to upgrade, there is probably a benefit.

      To 90% of users who don’t have a 4K TV or the money to burn it isn’t a huge benefit over the current PS4 so it’s not worth the investment.

      • Codean

        Just seems like a lot of those 90% are doing a bunch of complaining because they don’t have latest and greatest.

        Pushing hardware forward allows gaming to advance faster which is a good thing for the entire gaming community.

        • not everyone can afford the latest and greatest dude

          • Codean

            What’s your argument here? People aren’t being forced to buy a PS4 pro to continue being able to play new PS4 games, so what are people actually complaining about?

            If it’s not a usable upgrade to you, don’t buy it.

            If you can’t financially afford it, don’t buy it.

    • Jesse Colts Lafantaisie

      It’s not really worth it. It’s upscaling to 4K your 4K TV already does that the only difference is HDR. They gotta have something to compete with Xbox Scorpio and the PS4 Pro is not it so yes its not worth it and you will see that in the future.

      • codean

        You really don’t have a very good understanding of what the PS4 pro is capable of. There are in fact games that will be running at native 4K. That’s already confirmed. Other games will at the very minimum receive higher resolution than 1080p. As for HDR… standard PS4 does it too, so saying that it’s the only difference is completely wrong information.

        As for the Scorpio… that’s over a year away with no mentioned launch date or pricing. Pretty much a non factor where we sit right now. I’m sure it will be great when it does release. But then by that time PS5 will likely be announced for 2018 and the whole speculation bs of comparing to something that doesn’t yet exist can start all over again.

        • Mario Rivera

          I rather invest that $400 towards a different platform like a gaming PC, nintendo console or maybe even a xbox instead of buying a beefed up version of a system i already own. Even with $2400 worth of graphics horsepower AAA games and 60 fps is a big challenge, dnt get your hopes up about native 4K too much. Go watch digital foundry’s in-depth testing of ps pro games on YouTube so you can come down to earth a bit. Games are sweating to break 2K resolution.

          • jt3z

            I find it funny how all these kids thought they would be able to play native 4k on AAA titles at a decent fps for only 400$.

          • Melissa Voorhies

            With the new update, the Pro does play Native 4k now and it looks amazing on my tv!

        • The Rabid One

          I don’t think Sony is in a position to divide the fan base more by announcing a new console in only 2 years. Sony has to make money on the development and creation of this new console. 2 years is not enough time, to cut themselves off at the knees.

          • Cody

            Segmenting your customers isn’t ideal, but losing your customers to Microsoft would be worse for Sony after clawing back this generation. If they want to stay relevant after project Scorpio is released, Sony will have to announce something close to the launch of Scorpio and then bring it to market a year or so after that.

            Excited to see what both companies bring to the table this next go around!

          • Mario Rivera

            Sony didn’t claw to come back this gen, they were already on top before this gen started. Officially they have beat Microsoft in every console generation they have faced them in so far. Few ppl seem to know that by the end of 2012 PS3 surpassed the 360 in sales despite the 360 having a 1 year head start, inflated sales figures due to consumers constantly replacing defective consoles as well as the PS3 shooting themselves in the foot for its first year and a half on the market. Once they brought down the ridiculous launch price and starting pumping out high quality exclusives left and right it was only a matter of time. While its not the only reason, the PS3 finishing off last gen the way it did is a very big reason why the PS4 had so much momentum coming into this generation.

        • Melissa Voorhies

          With the HDR, u also need a tv thats bright enough, pretty much need close to 1,000 nits of brightness.

    • Cat hunter

      real gamers play on monitors lol

      • Codean

        True! Want to buy my 1080p benq so I can upgrade?

      • Marc Grierson

        “real gamers” anyone that is a “real gamer” wouldn’t be trying to segregate a community through mindless slander 🙂

        • Cat hunter

          I own a ps4 and a Xbox, I’m diverse enough lol

    • Mario Rivera

      You gonna spend another $400 to play upscaled versions of games you can already play? I wish i was able to throw away money like you can haha

      • Cody

        You throw around the word “upscaled” as if all a PS4 pro is only capable of taking a 1080p signal and putting it up on a 4K display… that there can only be 1080p or 4K native and anything in between is not an improvement. I completely understand that there will be very few games that will run native 4K, as even you stated that a $2400 gaming rig wouldn’t have an easy time doing it… so why shi t all over a $400 console that is trying to make the best of what it has to give gamers a better experience if they decide to purchase it. Games that are actually designed with the PS4 pro in mind will show a much bigger difference than the few games that were patched as an afterthought that we have now.

        People spend tons of money upgrading their pc’s with more ram, better graphics cards, bigger hard drives… how is this any different? Or should we judge the guy who has a gtx980 and upgrades to a 1080 as harshly?

        • Mario Rivera

          I didn’t say a $2400 PC, I said $2400 in GPU horsepower alone, If you don’t couple those SLI Titan XP’s with a expensive CPU, SLI supported overclocking friendly motherboard, RAM, cooling system and SSDs that $2400 GPU investment is going to bottleneck hard. How is this different than upgrading your PC parts you say? Ummm… you are buying a entirely new machine instead of just adding a extra GPU, HDD and/or RAM stick or two on to what you already have.

          Most people smart enough to build a PC intended for longterm use are also smart enough to build it so thats easily upgradeable without having to swap out any hardware in the future. They just want to be able to add on to it without throwing away money they previously invested. Also I’m not shytting on the Pro at all, its a amazing machine for $400 and if you don’t have a PS4 yet I highly recommend it. However If you do already have a PS4, the difference isn’t nearly groundbreaking enough to buy a new version of the same machine.

          Take that $400 and invest it towards a platform that offers a entirely different selection of exclusive titles like a PC, XB1 or Nintendo Switch. Or just ride it out and save that money for the next generation of consoles. With that $400 i can score a ps3, 360, vita, 3ds and maybe even a WiiU on top of that give or take 50 bucks. Thats alot of great non-ps4 games I can have access to alongside my existing PS4. I rather do any of those options above than waste money just for the ability to play games i can already play just fine.

          For the most part we are just talking artificially upscaling to 2K/4K. Those upcoming ”Native” 4K games wont be anything of AAA quality, they probably wont even be 60 FPS either. Uncharted 4 is sweating hard on its 1440p (2K) upscale on just 30 FPS right now.

  • GustavKrasser

    They really fckd us over by puttin’ out the PS4 slim for $299. So they made it difficult for the PS4 user to sold his console for a good price so we can get the PS4 Pro for a couple bucks extra.

    • Codean

      Maybe blame Microsoft for coming out with a $299 Xbox one s first?

      • Triton

        Sony f*cked up by themselves.

  • Buruck Obuma

    Looks worse to be fair

    • Louisertipton

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  • Cat hunter

    why in the hell would you even play on a 4k tv with its slow response time, ill stick with my standard ps4 and monitor.

    • Codean

      Input lag is much more important than response time.

      There are a few 4K hdr tv’s that have pretty good input lag numbers. However, there are zero computer monitors that have HDR… perhaps next year they will catch up.

      • tarfeef101

        Someone doesn’t watch CES/Computex. There are HDR monitors now. Just hard to find and expensive is all.

    • Mario Rivera

      Even PC gamers with high end graphics cards tend to opt for 1440p/1080p displays with high refresh rates. 4K gaming still has a very long way to go.

    • *shits pants*

    • Milos Marjanovic

      amen!! i could never go back to a tv for gaming, ill stick to my entry level office benq monitor which is cheap as hell. 1s grey to greay response, and 10ms input lag. compared to 100ms input lag of a tv

      • Cat hunter

        I play on the BenQ rl2755hm, I will never go back to a TV again

  • ben wills

    Upscaled to is not running at….

  • Eddie Tupy

    PS4 PRO is worth ti if you think it is. I dont have a ps4 so im getting one but even if i had one id sell it and get this one. im a PC gamer mostly so i want to have the best i can cuz im not hard for cash.

    If you really care about gaming youd get the best you can get

    • bobbiejsanders

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    • Marc Grierson

      “if you really care” would the same apply to a TV then – if you really care about visuals do you own a 8k £10,000 TV? No, no you don’t. Calm down dude its cool that you game on a PC but for the price of a pro and a 4k TV vs the price of a PC and a 4K TV we both know what the better choice is.

      • Eddie Tupy

        ‘If you really care about gaming youd get the best you can get’. i guess i should’ve said afford instead of can get. i dont know why people think im not ‘calm’. Also never said anything about buying 4k or that PC was the better option.
        You might want to change your minds voice of other people to something more optimistic instead of the pessimistic one you use for people saying stuff you dont agree with..

        • Yūma Kuga

          Bruh. PC gaming is cheaper than console gaming.
          For consoles, tack on another $60.00+ per year for that Internet paywall, also console games are more expensive because the devs have to pay royalties. Console controllers are very expensive as well, on PC even a keyboard bought 10 years ago might function. Backwards compatibility is virtually limitless on PC, recently the dolphin emulator added every single GameCube game to their library. PC has many more exclusives than both current gen consoles combined, whether they’re FTP or simply because the consoles can’t handle the sys req. PC is getting PS4 exclusives through streaming, and ‘Xbox exclusive’ is changing to ‘Microsoft exclusive’ (that includes the PC). Consoles bottleneck your internet download and upload speeds. In many cases, console game servers are not dedicated servers. If a part of your console breaks, you have to send it in or replace the entire console- if a part of your PC breaks, you aren’t out of all your money. Services on PC like steam have to compete with one another so we see lower prices, generous game return policies, etc.

          I digress. Give me one advantage consoles have over PC.

    • Mathijs Boonstra

      this is the saddest thing I have read all day good job

  • bre

    I might buy this just to maintain 60 fps