The all new PlayStation® 4 Pro is available now worldwide.

PS4 Pro provides players with enhanced playing with support for 4K and HDR gaming, providing vivid details and high quality textures.

In regards to Call of Duty, Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Infinite Warfare all support PS4 Pro on Day 1. For Modern Warfare Remastered, the game renders at 1620p and provides a much more stable FPS experience. For Infinite Warfare, the game renders at 2160p. There’s no info yet on Black Ops 3’s new resolution.

If you are planning on buying a PS4 Pro, look out for this logo on game box arts to see which game is enhanced for PS4 Pro.


All current PS4 games will run on the PlayStation 4 Pro. In addition, players are able to transfer their saves to the new console via backups or LAN connection.

For more details, visit the PlayStation site here and check out their FAQ here.

PlayStation 4 Pro retails at $399.

  • Sam cobin

    When is the Xbox counter coming out?

    • TheSkrillexKill

      Summer 2017 probably

    • ShadowMaster862

      Scorpio? Apparently Holiday Season 2017.

    • Holiday 2017 is the supposed release date, so a year from now. Kinda pointless to even talk about it at this point. it’s like telling someone not to buy the new iPhone when there’s a new Galaxy coming up the next year.

  • Ronald95

    So PS4 Pro is literally PS4 with a better graphics card? Or something more?

    • Assist King

      Graphics and more memory

    • RdJokr

      Better CPU, and maybe more memory? Yeah, basically a hardware upgrade like how PC does. Except you don’t pick and choose parts.

      • Kashaveli

        And better wifi & network. The graphics are even better on Full HD 1080p too not just a 4K

    • Pretty much.
      CPU is clocked higher and has 1GB of extra RAM.

      If you didn’t know this by now then its probably not for you. It’s mostly for new owners or those with 4K TVs.

  • Ball of Doody

    Nah, I’m waiting on the Xbox Scorpio based on the anticipated specs.

  • If you have a PS4 already, don’t buy this. It’s only a graphics upgrade. Nothing more.

    • Slothigans

      Plus you’ll need a 4K tv that had HDR.

      • William Hendarto (Lance)

        Or not, because even if you don’t have one you’ll get extra performance

        Just buy a PC if you already have a PS4

    • kia0525

      Was planning on getting a pro but got a good deal on a standard ps4.

    • Edtek

      Bought 2 white Ps4’s just before the slims came out and im more than happy because Ratchet and Clank and Crash Bandicoot, I don’t want to get a whole new set up for 4k upscaled version of a console that is decent already. Besides i usually play multiplayer on the Xbox, so ill wait to see what scorpio has to offer.

  • pro is just better graphics and memory plus you need a 4k tv so don’t go buy it blindly lol

    • You don’t NEED a 4K TV. The PS4 Pro connects just fine to any HDTV in your home.

  • Rob Melchor

    Pointless if you already own a PS4. Spend the money on good headsets instead.

  • Cody

    $399 for a PS4 pro. Trade in at GameStop is $150 for a standard ps4. So for current users, $250 gets you 500gb more storage, 1gb of more ram to run the user interface, a new controller, improved graphics/resolution, and a warranty…

    Is it really that bad of a deal?

    • Depends on the condition of your PS4. Don’t let them scam you my nigga

      • Cody

        Do I have your blessing if I also have a 4K hdr tv?