It appears Raven Software has hidden an additional camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which has now been discovered by users.

The highest camo in game is called the Exclusion Zone camo. This camo is unlocked after you earn Regal camo for every weapon class in game.

SOURCE: @SliceOfLuke

  • Yo mumma.


  • Gamerazor247

    Soooo… Green Lava Camo? Totally. WORTH IT

  • Ugly tbh. Black Ops 3’s Dark Matter looked waaaay better than this.

  • Diego Diniz

    Infinite Warfare is the Worst…even Ghosts is better!
    I’m sad about this season…

    • lunator100hd .

      No Ghosts was worst, at the end of the day IW is a copy BO3, its somewhat fun but unispired. I mean at least you can run around having fun without dying by IEDs.

      • Diego Diniz

        IED’s was a pain in the ass…
        But playing Infinite warfare i have NO FUN getting a kill…

        • Filthy Prank’d

          Bruh… would you rather have M27 shit heads with thermal and silencers camping with your ass sprinting and dying at the same place, or would you die like you would in this game, similar to BO3? I know that IW has its problems, but I don’t find staying around in one place fun, or running around a big ass map and getting sniped from one place to another fun at all.

      • It absolutely bugs me how unispired the MP is in this game. It really shows Infinity Ward has no sense of middle ground or compromise.

        • UChief

          The team within IW that was responsible for MP did not do their job well. The Mp is almost a copy paste of bo3. There was nothing that was actually worth noticing. Now look at SP. SP had some amazing new things and is actually innovative compared to MP.

          • The SP was awful if you actually played it all the way through.

          • TheSkrillexKill

            What’s so amazing about the SP? I seriously can’t find anything great about it. Playing as generic soldier with even more generic soldiers (and a friendly robot that’s actually more interesting than the whole crew of the ship) is “amazing”? Also, the Jackal was pretty dissapointing because you only need to lock-on all the time and hold down your right trigger and repeat the same process.

          • I think he speaking of gameplay wise, and honestly I agree with him. The single player was pretty good and the gameplay was great. It embraced the zero G aspect and grappling onto enemies and snapping off their helmet or setting the grenade off is great. The fact that none of that carried over to Multiplayer is a missed opportunity to make multiplayer great in Infinite Warfare.

    • Chocobooo!

      You just suck at the game.

      • I’d hope your trolling

      • Diego Diniz

        no, im not! firts place every map! but the question is: WHERE IS THE FUN PLAYING THIS GAME??? get a kill feels like nothing…

    • BradyAlucard

      No CoD will be worse than Ghosts.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Advanced Warfare, ’nuff said.

        • BradyAlucard

          I don’t know about Advanced Warfare. Maybe because of Sledgehammer having the wrong priorities with SBMM and everything, but Ghosts is unbelievably campy. Infinite Warfare destroys both in every way though.

        • Atleast the SP was fun and the concept was new.

          Plus SH has effectively given out almost every SP weapon for free about now and all you had to do was play a single game during a specific week.

          IW is like the worst of Ghosts, AW and BO3 packed in for 60$.

          • Frank Rizzo


            Advanced Warfare was awful, but at least Sledgehammer tried domething new. Infinate Warfare is just a rehash of all the shitty parts of the last three games. The graphics in the PS3 version of BO3 are better than IW’s graphics. The sound in IW is the absolute worst in the series.

        • ToonToons22

          Advanced Warfare was only bad because most people who just started playing the game sucked at it.

        • Advanced Warfare wasn’t the worst COD game by a long shot. I don’t know how people can claim MW3 and Ghosts were better, just because god forbid they decided to change the game up a bit.

      • Hitman

        indeed…Ghosts was shit

      • aw was way worst

    • TheSkrillexKill

      Unpopular opinion, but at least I had fun in Ghosts using the OP gadgets and weapons instead of playing normally. Also, I liked some of the new concepts and features (even though they were poorly executed). In Infinte Warfare, there’s barely any fun in MP, because it’s a boring, shallow copy of BO3’s MP.

    • GinsuVictim

      I like IW, BO3, AW, Ghosts, and everything that came before them. All CoDs have their flaws, but they are all fun.
      (In my opinion, of course)

      • Eddie Tupy


      • Hitman

        Same here. At first it took me some time to get used to Infinite Warfare coming from Black OPs and the way I played…I couldn’t do that too much. I can say now that I am really enjoying IW a lot amongst its flaws.

    • Hitman

      Honestly that’s what I thought. But I gave it another go last night and this time I actually really enjoyed it…more than Black Ops 3 and I played that game for a very long time. Yes the ttk is quick but that made me more tactical. Learnt the movement system I can say now that im really enjoying Infinite Warfare a lot.

    • I’m sorry for your loss

  • djml9

    is it animated?

  • Emre

    There are not many new weapons.
    Most are old and reskined.

    • there is no new weapon they are all from the original

    • what are you talking about?

      there are no new weapons

      it’s a remaster not a remake

  • Eddie Tupy

    game is decent people are just salty cuz the business practices.

    • If you actually paid attention back then people did actually say it was the same. Stop twisting shit to fit your little fantasy narrative work because it’s not happening.

      • djml9

        He said they dont say it anymore

        • Because they aren’t the current topic anymore lol

          • Eddie Tupy

            umm cod4 remaster?

          • Ummm Call of Duty 4 is the game that changed the franchise and the only Call of Duty that truly innovative the series? How is Call of Duty 4 just another boots on the ground shooter when that’s the shooter that changed this franchise forever? LOL

          • Eddie Tupy

            you are using what i said to suit your needs and put words in my mouth.
            i replied with ‘ummm cod4 remaster’ because you said ‘they arent the current topic anymore’ not because of anything that happened earlier..

          • And you said why arent people complaining about those games arent being same and I said they aren’t current topic anymore where as Call of Duty 4 is the game that changed it all, like I said, not just another boots on the ground shooter

          • Hipsta

            Did you even play COD 1/2/3? The only difference between them and Cod 4 is the fucking weapon unlocks + killstreaks. How is locking a weapon behind an artificial level barrier innovative?

          • Perk system, kill streaks,customization..the entire system they presented was pretty innovating in 2007. Are you serious? Lol.

  • Kurisu

    Wish these camos were unlocked in private matches… ;(

  • M0987

    Apparently someone found weapon variants in the game I knew that the inspect
    button there for a reason

    • ToonToons22

      How was he able to find these? Also, is that a FAL in the first video?

      • M0987

        Datamined from the pc version and i yes that is a fal in the first video

        • ShadowMaster862

          Oh man. This makes me worried that they’ll infest COD4 with microtransactions.

          • M0987

            After the performance of iw in the sales deparment and the popularity of mwr they need to get a roi from somewhere.

            Activision is gonna Activision I suppose

    • djml9

      It could just be skins.

      • Haleyjesposito

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    • Shit faker than them ads saying bitches in my area looking to fuck.

      • M0987

        Yeah it was so fake that activision took down the video on youtube

        • lol you do realize anyone can be activision on youtube’s broken copyright claim system, right?

          • sam

            it’s real you twat, people have literally unlocked it

      • John Mark

        Is this fake too? Someone found a new shovel melee weapon in the game files:

  • lunator100hd .

    Can you refresh start in IW like bo3?

  • That camo looks like shit ngl