A new playlist update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare went live on November 12th on PS4 and Xbox One, which brought many fixes to the Zombies mode.

It also activated 2XP in Zombies in Spaceland for Solo and Custom Games, alongside Public Matches, for the rest of the weekend.

  • Bang Bangs recoil reduced
  • Trail Blazers damage buff
  • Health tweaks to the Brute
  • Arcane attachment damage buff
  • Various fixes to the Alien boss fight
  • Misc bug and exploit fixes
  • Allow player to do exquisite quest before end of UFO EE
  • Pause Spawning briefly when reviving from Afterlife Arcade in Solo Mode
  • Fortune Cards Ordered by Rarity
  • Fixed the Boombox exploding damaging the speaker in the DJ quest
  • Melee Improvements
  • Various UI Fixes
  • Reduce Max Ammo Cooldown
  • Attachment selection fixes with certain Prototype Weapons
  • Various fixes for using certain combinations of perks, cards, and weapon attachments
  • Fortune Cards are consumed if players leave a match before it ends
  • Leaderboards were incorrectly summing scenes instead of posting highest Scene, this will be posting properly now.


  • Nice!

  • TheToughLuck

    Is it just me, or is anyone else mad that camos don’t cover the full gun now? It pisses me off how my once beautiful pink EBR-300 looks like dog shit because its mostly black. Some guns barely have spots for camos also, which makes my Bullethawk camp not look good on any weapons anymore like it used to. I really hope they change it back because that was one of my favorite things about the game. If they don’t change it back, they could at least have it cover a little bit more of the gun so my gun isn’t mostly black when i put a camp on it.

    • BradyAlucard

      I thought that the common camos were too poorly-textured to take up the entire gun. But Solar and Black Sky are fine.

    • Peter Griffin

      Actually, i don’t even know why they did this in the first place? Does that mean the game wasn’t finished?
      Why not implement an individual option to choose if we want to have the full cover version, or the version we have right now. Some weapon/camos do look great with the new update, but some others, eeeerm…not so much.

      The R.A.W. looks terrible now with a camo, while on the other hand, the Mauler, or the RPR Evo looks even better.

      We should also have an option to get rid of the default camo of the COMMON, RARE and LEGENDARY variants. I hate the purple one, and the blue doesn’t looks very good either (it’s like a bad blue tiger camo). I’d like to have my Karma45-Kismet looks like the default one, not with shiny purple triangular camo. :/

      • TheToughLuck

        I wish we could get an option because these old faded camos make my guns look like absolute trash

      • Altered Vista

        I wonder if it was a bug seeing that they flipped which guns get fully covered in camo and which only cover part the gun, and traditionally only the rarest camos fully covered the gun…in say Ghosts or MW3.

    • camos aren’t means to cover the whole gun it’s stupid and look like a toy. Overwatch gold camo doesn’t cover it all and other games too. I for one like it so stop complaining they won’t change it back

      • Just because you like it doesn’t mean others don’t, if he wants to complain, that’s his right you do so.

        • and just because he doesn’t doesn’t mean other don’t like it lol. He has the right to complain but I’m saying they won’t change it

        • Nancygcantu

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      • skeetshootin

        Guns look like toys? Yeah almost every fake fucking gun in this game looks like a toy. Game sucks.

        • Lol fr my opinion is so gay

          • skeetshootin

            Yep, you said you don’t like toy guns yet, that’s every gun in this game.

      • Filthy Prank’d

        Honestly, all we need is an option to turn on/off camos giving full coverage for the weapons. Some weapons don’t look as good as it would being either fully covered or barely covered. Camos ARE suppose to cover the whole gun, what’s the point of being a ghillie sniper if your sniper isn’t covered with the color of your suit? Some people prefer camos fully covered, and some don’t, so if IW wants to fix this, they need to give us both options.

        • Mario Rivera

          I was just going to say most of this but good thing i read your comment beforehand. You can’t really argue with others about aesthetic preferences so I just say give us the option to have camos cover everything as well as just some of the gun. That way people like me in the cover it up camp are happy as well as everyone that thinks otherwise.

        • Sexy Mcgee

          Yeah, I find that I need that diamond camo to cover the entire gun when I’m skulking around in Scrouge Mcduck’s vault.

    • OuyaMasterrace

      Yeah at least make it an option for people there want it to cover the whole gun, and then people there like it how it is now.

    • the change is a good thing, but I’m also with you that something is missing. i liked my blu resin EBR.

  • Andrés Palop

    i like it…

  • So for some reason, I decided to try the MTU lag fix for the PS4, and now this game is waaaay more enjoyable than before. My shots are actually connecting and I’m finally able to play how I used to play in BO3. I’m getting 30+ kills, barely deaths and enjoying the game a lot more because of this temporary fix.

    • how do i do MTU lag fix for the PS4

    • UChief

      What number did you put MTU on?

      • 1450

        • Mario Rivera

          Did you just blindly set your MTU without testing you connection? Standard default is 1500 for a good reason as its ideal for most people. 1500 doesn’t work best for every1 so its important (and very easy) to properly test what highest possible number works best for you. Look into putting your console in a DMZ too if you really want to improve connections as well.

          • Yeah I tested it.

          • DEMOLITION12

            lol shut up with your disinfo

          • Mario Rivera

            I would lash out at you but I fully realize that ignorant folks say dumb things… Do some homework before disrespecting people that are actually taking the time to share correct information with you. The MTU is the size of your packet transmission, my 1500 MTU is transmitting more data at a time than a 1450 MTU. Lets think of MTU like a shopping cart for a sec. If you have a large load of things that you need to transfer, the large shopping cart is going to get the job done in less trips than a small shopping cart. This is why its important to be as close to 1500 as possible without packet loss. For me and most people with modern routers I can run a MTU of 1500 without any packet loss whatsoever, some people might need something around 1492 or 1488 for no packet loss but something like 1450 is most likely too low.

          • DEMOLITION12

            unironically using the word “ignorant”. lol ok cuck boy

          • Mario Rivera

            You just keep replying with low intelligence responses lmao. Its a waste of time to try to have a logical conversation with you

    • joey

      yeah, it really does seem to help. i still miss sledgehammer’s stability/fluidity, but at least this easy adjustment renders the game relatively playable.

  • Khaled Hassan

    They fuck up the entire game with the netcode no one bats an eye they change camos the comments section loses its mind! Who cares about bull fucking camos while the foundation is messed up!?

    • lunator100hd .

      Tmartn and the crew do.

  • Edward

    I played once realized that they used multiple power switches and then quit, I’m currently waiting for DLC 1 and hopefully they at least get the power right


    at least the leaderboards thing wasnt intentionally